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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


There was a desire to possess God, an unholy blasphemous desire for God.

Order and reason could not suppress this desire, and when Luci closed his eyes now, his thoughts were of Jiang Ci being gathered into the space created by his wings, whimpering and sobbing in the small space dominated by him.

Even now that he was awake, Luci could not suppress this thought.

Jiang Ci, who had called the other’s name, waited for a while without a response, and was ready to call again, when he was gently embraced by the silver-haired Celestial in front of him once again.

Jiang Ci was stunned, his hands were still hanging at his side, accepting the hug in a passive posture.

Sometimes weakness and dependence were very frightening, even if they only appeared once, it could change a person’s behavior afterwards.

If it was before, Jiang Ci would have done something, but this time, he continued to remain passive.

There was no difference between passivity and acquiescence, and such acquiescence was only satisfying for Luci for a brief moment, and then it backfired, tempting the deeper possessiveness in his heart.

In the end, it was Luci who let go on his own accord, and aside from the faint tilt of his brow at this point in time, there was no sign of being seduced or tainted with love.

“Are you going to see the other two administrators next?” Luci asked. “Arsène can function without me here for a while, I want to stay with you.”

Jiang Ci could only nod his head in agreement to both statements.

Receiving the permission, Luci continued in a soft voice, “Then I will go and finish the rest of the business now.”

Jiang Ci gave a muffled reply.

After answering, Jiang Ci thought Luci would leave the room, but he heard him say, “You haven’t done that to me for a long time.”

Jiang Ci first reflexively thought about what ‘that thing’ meant, and when he remembered that it meant kissing, his expression suddenly became less natural.

Jiang Ci said, “That’s not something you can just do.”

The last time he thought a kiss would solve the problem for good, Jiang Ci did so with his eyes closed.

And Luci lowered his eyes again and asked him, “Then why did you do it casually to me before?”

Jiang Ci listened, a moment even wanted to deny with a sense of immediacy.

“That is… well…” Jiang Ci rarely encountered difficulties in organizing his words.

I haven’t thought about how to explain this, Jiang Ci thought as he heard the other party say, “This kind of thing, you did to me twice before.”

Jiang Ci was dumbfounded, a fact he could not refute. He was trapped, and for a moment felt as if he was really in debt twice, “Then what do you want to do for compensation?”

Luci looked at him, “As long as you allow me to do this to you.” At the end of the sentence, he added, “Twice.”

Jiang Ci was speechless.

This is to get even twice for one person? Jiang Ci thought and nodded his head in hesitation.

Luci moved closer the next second Jiang Ci nodded, and then kissed the corner of his lips.

It was gentle, and the whole process seemed quite natural, and before Jiang Ci knew it, he was backing away.

Luci’s expression didn’t change much, as though the kiss was really just him asking for compensation.

After it was over, Luci went to take care of the rest of his business, as he had said, while Jiang Ci was surrounded by the sudden beeping of the system’s alarms in the room.

The system mainly wanted to express that it couldn’t look away. Accepting the truth was not easy for the system, and it numbly stated, “What will happen to this world is not known,” The system kindly reminded, “But dear host, you are going to destroy it at this rate.” 

Jiang Ci huffed and puffed, not wanting to face the system’s sharp words.

The room was now empty except for him. Jiang Ci touched the corner of his lips where he was just kissed, and there was a strange feeling in his heart.

Slowing down his breathing to suppress the strange feeling, Jiang Ci began to think about which of the two remaining races he was going to go to first.

These two races were Merfolk and Machines.

The territory of the mermaids was, of course, deep under the sea, while the main city established by the robots was said to be in the northern continent in a perpetual winter environment.

The deep sea was actually much less affected by natural disasters than the land, and although some disasters did occur in the ocean, they were far less frequent than those endured by the land.

When it comes to the control of magic, human beings have always been considered the weakest of the six races, but this actually did not include mechanical life. Because mechanical beings were completely unable to use magic, they simply did not have the ability to sense the dark elements. Even so, this race was not weak, they themselves were the most powerful weapons.

Arsène was closer to the northern continent, so Jiang Ci did not take long to consider and decided to follow the principle of proximity this time.

After staying in Arsène for two more days, Jiang Ci set off on his journey.

Why the northern continent was called the realm of eternal winter, Jiang Ci realized it after arriving. From the moment he entered the edge of this continent, the endless wind and snow enveloped Jiang Ci’s vision.

Although these winds and snow would avoid Jiang Ci when he was in the uncovered outdoors, the temperature was still cold.

Jiang Ci had the power of god in this world, but his body was still a normal human being, so it was only natural that he would feel cold in the middle of winter.

There was no shortage of ways to deal with it, gathering some fire elements nearby, but before Jiang Ci could do so, the Black Dragonling that was on his shoulder flew with its wings to Jiang Ci’s hand and breathed into it, and then spat out a little Dragon breath to warm his hands.

For Jiang Ci, this Black Dragon controlled his power very well, this Dragon breath only let Jiang Ci feel warm, but definitely did not burn him.

Jiang Ci couldn’t help but blink and reached out to hug the young Dragon, touching its Dragon wings, “Thank you.”

“Mmm.” The Black Dragon in hatchling form let out a soft purr as Jiang Ci stroked its wings.

The Dragon’s breath was effective in dispersing the cold, even if only a little bit; Jiang Ci also felt like the surrounding temperature was not so cold.

He just put his hands together and rubbed them lightly with each other, and then spread them out to breathe at them. The Black Dragon noticed that he felt cold, so Jiang Ci had to realize that he was being very attentive to the other.

Because he was coming to the northern continent, he knew that the wind and snow here were long, so Jiang Ci did not let Noyce fly with him this time, but let this Black Dragon, who must follow him, ride with him in the airship.

After the airship traveled through the snow and wind for about half a day, they arrived at their destination.

A cold city where all the buildings seemed to be made of special dark metal, some of them so high that at first glance they looked like they were plunging into the clouds, the city stood still amidst the endless blizzard.

Except for mechanical life, no race would choose to build a city in the northern continent.

Their survival here was basically the same as being isolated from other races.

The city did not have any entry barriers, because usually no outsiders would visit, and if there was enemy infiltration, it was the other side who needed to worry.

All mechanical beings could be connected to the same data network, so as long as one robot found the enemy, it could upload the data to share so that other fellow robots instantly knew the presence of the enemy.

And after that, what awaited that person would be a terrifying barrage.

Discovering God was, to a certain extent, the same thing.

Jiang Ci stepped into this city and the first creature he met was an R-class mechanical being.

The R-class referred to the model of this mechanical creature, which had the appearance of a giant robot with the weakest performance in the race. And above the R-class, there were N2, N1 and S-class models of mechanical life which had human-like form, so conceptually, it could be said that they were humanoid weapons.

The robot with a cold exterior faced Jiang Ci, its eyes lit up with a warm blue light for a moment, and then a sound that might not have any real meaning but did express joy rang out from its vocal parts.

“Dun, dun…” A constant, rhythmic sound echoed through the cold winter.

And at the same moment, other robots throughout the city that received the shared data stopped what they were doing, and the R-class models all showed the same reaction in place as this one in front of Jiang Ci.

After a long time of data updating, this was the first time they have recorded data about the emotion of ‘joy.’

The Class R robot could not speak, so Jiang Ci thought about it and said to it, “Can you take me to your administrator?”


The robot made a sound again.

Jiang Ci was about to follow it, but as soon as he took a step, he was suddenly taken and sat on the arm of the giant robot and was carried forward.

Jiang Ci’s eyes widened slightly in surprise during this process, but he didn’t move around after sitting down.

“Thank you.” Jiang Ci said in a warm voice.

Jiang Ci’s voice caused the robot to slowly flash the blue light that lit up its eyes again, and it smoothly carried Jiang Ci to the location of the city’s central hub.

Many mechanical beings in human form were moving around here, and they all reacted by standing still for a while when they saw Jiang Ci with their own eyes.

The databases of individual robots would react this way when they were hit too hard in a short period of time.

“Is your administrator in there?” Jiang Ci asked one of the nearest robots to him.

Noai didn’t connect to his database for a few seconds, and only after he finally connected properly did he immediately nod, “Yes. But the chief is still in a deep sleep,” he quickly added.

Jiang Ci raised his eyes, “Deep sleep?”

“Yes.” Noai answered seriously, “Since the war with the other races ended seventeen hundred years ago, the chief fell into a deep slumber.”

Worried about Jiang Ci’s misunderstanding, Noai explained again, “This whole city is a mechanical creation, and if there is a problem with the operation of the city, the chief will break out of his slumber, so he did not give up his duties as an administrator.”

Jiang Ci looked to the closed metal door, as huge as a wall, with a rather elaborate pattern carved on the door.

“This door… there is no way for us to get in.” Noai looked at the door with difficulty, “There is the most core construction space of the city center hub.”

Jiang Ci exhaled calmly and walked to that door; he was about to reach out to touch it, but his hand did not have time to lift. The door slowly opened for him.

The humanoid machines around him who saw this sight all froze again as they watched Jiang Ci walk in and could only stay outside together and wait.

It was not a place they could enter.

Jiang Ci walked into this specially constructed space, and at the innermost part, he saw a sleeping creation.

The administrator had silver hair similar to Luci’s and was also very handsome.

Luci gave the impression of indifference, while the administrator in front of Jiang Ci gave off a cold feeling even when he was sleeping.

—The real humanoid weapon.

Seeing similar silver hair, Jiang Ci couldn’t help but think about the color of the other party’s eyes; if he remembered correctly…


Jiang Ci searched his mind for memories, and just as he was about to come up with an answer, a pair of golden eyes met his own suddenly.


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I don’t really know how to imagine this Machine race so my best guess is something like Shrike from Mortal Engines but maybe a bit more lifelike, with silver hair and golden eyes 😍
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Another male lead has entered the scene. 😍

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The class R robot that Jiang Ci rode reminded me of the Tak Zerg from this novelists other novels.

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A machine version of a Sleeping Beauty? Thank you for the chapter!!!

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There’s also an arc in The King’s Game (same author) with machines and if I remember correctly the ML in that arc also has silver hair and golden eyes.

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