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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


He has instinctive, but above all instinct, he liked and desired to pursue. Jiang Ci was not good at dealing with strong feelings, and he knew he would return to the original world after completing his mission, so he could not respond.

“I will not stay here forever.” Jiang Ci did not mention the other world; he couldn’t mention the other world. He tried to make the other understand, “Someday, I will go to a place where you won’t be able to see me anymore.”

Jiang Ci said this to make the Black Dragon not to continue to feel the instinctive and passionate affection for him, so that when he left, the other person would not be sad.

Noyce blinked gently. What would be the place he couldn’t see?

No matter where in the world, this Black Dragon thought he could go there.

Noyce was still looking at Jiang Ci, and he asked, “Is it a place that’s invisible to me?”

It did not exist anywhere in this world.

Jiang Ci nodded.

The Black Dragon lowered his eyes slightly, “I can’t follow?” Immediately after asking that, he whispered, “What will it take to take me away with you?”

Such a question made Jiang Ci feel a little guilty for a moment, and it sounded as if the Black Dragon had been thrown away. Even so, Jiang Ci said, “You can’t follow.”

Normally, Noyce was very submissive to Jiang Ci, but this time, he didn’t respond. Jiang Ci thought he had succeeded in making the other man understand, but after that, he noticed that the Black Dragon seemed to have become even more attached to him.

He would try to follow him and watch him more closely than before.

As planned, Jiang Ci went back to Arsène first, and the Celestials who knew he was back were eager to show him the beautifully landscaped city. Among all the territories that Jiang Ci had seen so far, Arsène was already the most prosperous one, with magnificent scenery and artistic aesthetics, making it hard for people to not be amazed by it.

Not only in this world, but also in the original world of Jiang Ci, it could probably be classified as a work of art.

“Since you’ve been away for a while, surely some work that only you can do has piled up?” Jiang Ci faced the silver-haired Celestials standing next to him, “If there’s anything like that, go ahead and get busy.”

Luci didn’t leave, answering quietly, “There is very little of it, and there is nothing that needs to be dealt with urgently.”

The whole operation system of Arsène was already quite complete, and without the natural disasters, even without Luci as the administrator, it could operate normally for a long time.

Jiang Ci, after hearing this, was no longer persuading him and continued to stand on the terrace overlooking the city. The Celestials had built a more beautiful city for him, and Jiang Ci was moved by the sight.

Not only to the Celestials, but also to the four races he had met so far, Jiang Ci could feel something from each of them that touched him.

Jiang Ci blinked subconsciously as he looked out at the raindrops that were suddenly falling. “It’s raining.” 

The rain fell without warning, not a gentle drizzle, but a very menacing and rapid rain that had a tendency to get heavier as soon as it came. Since Jiang Ci came to this world, he has experienced mostly good weather, but at most he has seen a light drizzle, and this was the first time he has seen such a heavy downpour.

Jiang Ci didn’t like rainy days, and especially with heavy rain like this, along with the sound of thunder, he would feel down. After all, the night Jiang Ci heard his parents arguing when he was little and realized that he was not loved was such a rainy night.

As if sensing his mood, the Black Dragon on Jiang Ci’s shoulder made a low sound from his throat, and Luci asked him, “Don’t you like this kind of weather?”

To the two people who were watching Jiang Ci, the change in his mood was quite obvious.

In his expression, Luci could see that the shallow curve on Jiang Ci’s lips, which was always curved up, was slightly low, so he asked him this.

Jiang Ci didn’t deny, he just hummed.

Luci looked at the sky, “If you want to see a sunny day, I can make the rain stop.” 

Jiang Ci shook his head, his eyebrows softening again, “There is no need to use your ability on such things.”

If he wanted a sunny day, Jiang Ci could make it happen himself, but he didn’t want to deliberately control the weather, as that would destroy the natural cycle.

It was not unacceptable anyway.

Jiang Ci responded this way, and Luci did nothing.

The rain was very persistent and did not stop until the evening.

Jiang Ci was sitting on his bed, holding a pillow with his chin resting on it, quietly listening to the sound of the thunderstorm outside the house. On nights like this, Jiang Ci could not easily fall asleep.

He would usually just sit there until he felt sleepy. Before long, however, he saw Luci enter his room.

Jiang Ci was obviously surprised. He called out to the other in a questioning tone, “Luci?” 

He felt that he was being watched, and the silver-haired Celestial who was watching him gradually approached the bedside.

“I want to stay here with you,” Luci said. 

Jiang Ci didn’t say anything for a moment at first, and finally, he nodded his head very gently.

Luci stood by the bed at first, but after a few moments he leaned over and took Jiang Ci into his arms without asking, then he closed his wings behind him and gathered Jiang Ci into the space he had created with them.

It took Jiang Ci a few seconds to realize that the pure white wings that surrounded him seemed to have blocked out the outside world, making the sounds of rain and thunder no longer sound so clear in his ears.

Jiang Ci knew that it was more of a psychological effect, but at this moment, perhaps induced by a sense of reassurance and companionship, Jiang Ci unconsciously relaxed his body.

Luci kept his position so that Jiang Ci could lean on him, and he waited until Jiang Ci fell asleep before he began to adjust his position. The feeling of holding God could not be ignored, whether it was the other’s body temperature or the sound of his breathing, it was stirring the nerves of the Celestial administrator.

Luci did not intend to go to sleep because he was aware of Jiang Ci’s displeasure with the rainy night. He wanted to eliminate the things that Jiang Ci didn’t like, and if he didn’t change the weather, keeping his wings around the other and isolating other things was also a way to do it.

The night seemed to be relatively long, Luci just hugged Jiang Ci and did nothing else, but while hugging, unexpected things started to happen. Luci felt his wing being touched from the inside, not just stroked, but kissed as well, in a delicate caress.

Luci had to pull back his wings a little to expose the young man, who was not fully enclosed in his arms, and in looking at him, Luci watched as the young man approached and kissed his wings again.

This had both visual and tactile provocation, and Luci remained motionless, “God…?”

As he said before, kissing wings was a very effective way to provoke Celestials, more so than anything else, and Luci was no exception. The silver-haired Celestial’s eyes were downcast, and his handsome face remained indifferent.

But now, as if to deliberately shatter the perfection of this work of art, Luci watched as Jiang Ci smiled at him and then came back to kiss him on the cheek, gently kissing him from the edge of the cheek to the corner of his lips.

After all of this, the young man warmly called his name, “Luci.”

It was probably this last act of calling his name that caused the silver-haired Celestial, who was a perfect creature, to have a blemish called desire. Luci cupped Jiang Ci’s jaw and lowered his head to kiss the soft lips that had just been teasing him.

The young man being kissed accepted without any resistance, showing an indulgent attitude, and even then reached out to stroke the wings of the Celestial in front of him. This was not just not refusing, but completely actively provoking.

The youth stopped clenching his teeth so that the silver-haired Celestial kissing him could mingle their tongues at will, and the latter explored the inside like a territorial patrol. The Celestial doing this was far from indifferent; Luci’s face was instantly light and his heterochromatic eyes were full of passion.

The God in front of him was still smiling at him, and it was like an invitation to allow him to do more, which made it impossible for Luci to get out of this state of being outside of reason.

Jiang Ci had succeeded in seducing the Celestial.

Luci’s flawlessly handsome face was marked by two opposing emotions, stained with desire unfit for a perfect creation.

Aloof, but at the same time clearly in love, it was difficult to look away from him.

Luci’s feathered wings re-encircled Jiang Ci, he pressed Jiang Ci underneath him, and Jiang Ci was resting on his wings.

It was a dark space for Jiang Ci, where he was meticulously kissed on all parts of his body, and at first the experience was as gentle as a gentle breeze and rain, but then his whole world shook violently as the Celestials’ advances and retreats dominated.

Luci heard the youth’s faint breath and the occasional whimper in the small space, but even when he did, his wings remained closed around him throughout the night… 

… until daylight came.

When Jiang Ci woke up, he remembered that he had fallen asleep against Luci last night, and his eyelids jumped suddenly. But if he were to do it again, Jiang Ci felt that he probably would have made the same choice because of the momentary dependence on that kind of stability.

Living independently too early, Jiang Ci could not remember what it was like to be dependent on someone, and now his heart was a little messed up.

Is it possible for people to be weak?

Jiang Ci had never had a negative answer to that question, but he found himself doing just that last night.

Jiang Ci’s small movement after waking up made the silver-haired Celestial, who was holding him with his wings, opened his eyes. Luci retracted his wings, and when his colorful eyes met with Jiang Ci’s, Luci clearly distinguished between dream and reality.

Seeing that the Celestial’s expression seemed a little different from usual, Jiang Ci called out to him, “Luci?”

The call overlapped with the dream, causing Luci’s vision to sway uncontrollably. Luci looked downward, and without responding, he silently gazed at the youth before him. He had blasphemed in the dream… even though it was just a dream.

Only now did Luci realize it clearly.


It was only now that Luci truly understood the degree of disrespect and longing he had for the God he was gazing at.


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January 29, 2021 10:32 am

Wait so it was a dream? OwO

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

January 29, 2021 12:09 pm

Okay, I got tricked. I was getting all excited! 😭

January 29, 2021 4:01 pm

How will JC take responsibility for Luci?He CAN’T just install a replacement God and disappear. To create an eternal creature, make it fall irrevocably in love with you and then leave him alone forever? That’s too cruel.

JC will have to stay or figure out a way to export Luci out of the game.

Maybe he can create a mate for that dragon while he’s at it!

January 30, 2021 2:59 am

I thought Jiang Ci OOC just now. But turns out it is Luci’s dream. So, puberby hits Luci quite hard in the face😳

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February 9, 2021 1:22 am

Wow and here I thought it really happened. 😳😲 Now, appointing a new god and leaving doesn’t seem to be an option anymore.

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March 22, 2021 12:42 pm

Luci’s dream is way more interesting than JC’s unintentional (how is it unintentional? Does he have a brain injury?) leading on of the other characters. JC is really starting to annoy me 😤 Start enjoying it or tell them to pack it in ffs! 🤣 it’s not that difficult ❤️

August 7, 2021 9:11 pm

Truly hard for the system to see all of this unfold and possibly slowly unfold in the worst direction 😂😅 //jiayou system

September 8, 2021 3:09 am

A dream feel so real😲😲😲😲

November 24, 2021 8:16 pm

The celestial had a spring dream. Haha! Welcome to the world where naughty dreams really do exist…

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