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Chapter 6: P

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


In the past, White Dragon Xue Moxibustion didn’t know much about ‘ethnic differences and disagreements.’

As a child, there were only two kinds of creatures in his eyes: the white dragons and the enemy. Later, he and his brother, Frost Thorn, learnt a lot of things, such as human habits, Frost Giant’s terror… It was not until he met the silver dragon, Ren Yun, that he found that there were many residents in this huge world that he was not familiar with.

For example, he saw other real dragons and fought against turtles in the sea; he encountered ghosts wandering around the underground treasure, and fought against rattan monsters that could stretch out their tentacles.

And the pub where he is today was the most amazing.

On a snowy night, Ren Yun took him through a rime forest to a village near the ice sea ferry. It was called “a very bad time” in winter.

“You know, the Garden pub is famous,” Ren Yun whispered. “A lot of bards have come here to find inspiration and even love. They eulogized it and told the world about its magic. So I want to show you.”

Xue Qiu looked around curiously. He found some interesting phenomenons.

For example, a waitress was a half-orc elf. It’s the first time he’s seen an elf! This hybrid was the child of an orc or an orc and elf, with orc tusks and strong physique in proportion to an elf’s length, as well as an elf’s characteristic apricot eyes. They are not a single race, but a cruel joke of fate.

The half-orc elf hostess was dressed in a red dress and a leather vest made of fine workmanship. In addition to her bulky figure, she had quick hands and feet and a smile on her face, which was the same as that of an ordinary tavern hostess.

Most of the garden taverns are acquaintances, so it’s not surprising to her that some first-time guests (such as Xue Qiu) stared at her, and she didn’t care at all.

This was not the most bizarre – the hostess’s mother was the tavern’s landlady and musician, a blonde elf; and the waitress’s stepfather was a human, who owned the pub.

In the tavern, there were two black-skinned singers, two female elf sisters, and Tauren and orc bodyguards at the door. Among the guests, the half goat lovers were whispering in the corner. At the table in front of the small stage were two mercenaries, one half Orc and one half elf. They are said to be half brothers. In the other corner, there was a girl with brown hair. Her head was like a bony horn. According to Ren Yun, she was actually a half-dragon with green dragon blood. Three young dwarfs came up and brought her wine. They clinked glasses and laughed.

The guests chat or raise their glasses. On the stage, zorgee and blonde elf musicians bring wonderful songs to the guests. After a while, the half-length dancer stepped onto the stage with his head high and danced to the song.

Xue Qiu was dazzled. It wasn’t just the wine and music that surprised him, but the incredible atmosphere in the pub.

“Do you like it here?” Ren Yun asked softly.

“Well, I like it. Ren Yun, everything you know is wonderful! I like everything you like.” Xue Qiu said seriously.

Ren Yun smiled, and the orange fire in the tavern glittered in his hair.

“It’s like the most beautiful dream here,” Ren Yun said. “Humans and elves laugh, orcs make halflings sit on their shoulders, dwarves laugh and talk to other people, Zhuoer is used to the bright lights, dragons can sit down and watch them, and no one needs weapons…”

Xue Qiu frowned and looked at Ren Yun seriously, “Ren Yun, did you remember something sad?”

“No, what’s the matter?”

“In the past, whenever you were a little sad, you would have this expression,” Xue Qiu reached out and nodded at the corner of Ren Yun’s mouth. “You smile when you are particularly happy, and when you are not so happy, the radian of your mouth is not the same, and the eyes look different.”

Now Ren Yun really laughed and said, “Okay. In fact, I really have nothing to be sad about, I just thought of my childhood.”

“When you were a child?” Hearing this topic, Xue Qi’s eyes suddenly brightened. If he was in the shape of a dragon, he would erect his tail and shake it slowly. He imagined “when Ren Yun was a kid”, he must have been a very smooth and lovely little silver dragon.

“When I was a child, the priests taught me a lot of things,” said Ren Yun. “In ancient times, the soul of the king of the silver dragon was blackened and degenerated into a magic dragon. The other dragons and elves united to fight against it, and blood stained the land and the sea… Later, on the land, the silver dragon fought with the red dragon many times. The green dragon drove away the forest residents, and the frost giants and the white dragon kept fighting until now… “

He glanced at Xue Qiu, since it was frost giants who killed Xue Qiu’s brother, Frost Thorn.

“In the age of the elves, who are not yet able to destroy each other’s palaces, and the dwarfs, who are not yet able to destroy each other’s palaces, will not stop. I haven’t seen any of these. When I broke out of the shell, the knights were loyal to the princess who was a mage, and they would never kill each other again; the dragons also made a pact and would not easily fight each other; dwarfs and humans went out to take risks together; elves came to the city to do business or teach crafts. What a peaceful place I live in, compared with the times that the mourners of the fog have seen and experienced.”

Xue Qiu listened carefully. He couldn’t quite imagine the picture, but he knew that the past was terrible, like the bones of frost in a cave, and it was very painful.

“It was not very peaceful,” Xue Qiu said after some thinking. “It’s clear that we’ve met a lot of hateful guys. It’s not special peace.”

Ren Yun nodded: “Yes. Out of the gate of the garden pub, the outside world is much crueler than here. I’m glad I’m not the silver dragon of the dragon war, otherwise I wouldn’t know you. In the past, even if the silver dragon knew a white dragon, they would only be enemies. “

Xue Qiu looked carefully at Ren Yun, “When you first saw me, we were enemies. That time you even sat on my stomach and said I cried…”

“You were crying.”

“Absolutely wasn’t!”

Ren Yun took a sip of sweet wine and reached out to rub Xue Qiu’s milky white hair.

“If we, I mean you and I, were born a few hundred years later, maybe it’d be better.”

“Why?” Xue Qiu found that Ren Yun was very talkative today. At first, he didn’t care. Now he’s more and more sure that Ren Yun was wrong.

“How much I want to see my parents,” Ren Yun raised his face, the golden fire in his eyes trembled. “If only they were alive right now.”

Xue Qiu began to cry in his heart: God, what’s wrong with Ren Yun today? He not only talked a lot, but also said more and more sad things!

“I’ve never met them,” Ren Yun continued. “The priests and Halberd said that they were heroes and died in a battle. In fact, I don’t even know their names or miss them… I just feel very happy and calm now. How much I want to share these with my favorite dragon — “

With that, Ren Yun put his arm around Xue Qiu. He was very strong, and Xue Qiu struggled to wriggle for a long time before lifting his face from his shoulder socket.

“Ren Yun, although I love to hear you…” Xue Qiu carefully touched Ren Yun’s long hair. “But, you don’t seem to be right?”

Ren Yun didn’t answer. The strength of his arm gradually loosened, and the whole body leaned completely on Xue Qiu.

After discovering that Ren Yun had “fainted”, Xue Qiu panicked and yelled. Half-animal elf hostess rushed to ask, and then went to her mother and stepfather.

The elf looked at Ren Yun and whispered to Xue Qiu, “Honey, what is he?”

“It’s Ren Yun.” Xue Qiu answers.

“I mean, what race is he? He’s not an elf.”

Xue Qiu bit his lip in embarrassment. Ren Yun said that you can’t expose your identity.

“You have to tell me,” the musician urged, “he can’t get drunk with just a little sweet wine, but he looks like he’s drunk.”

“But I can’t say it!” Xue Qiu replied solemnly, “If someone knew he was the silver dragon, it would cause unnecessary disturbance!”

The owner and his wife looked at each other and tried to smile.

The hostess nearby said quickly, “No wonder! This sweet wine contains lavender honey. The silver dragons can’t smell lavender for a long time, let alone eat it. It’s like the strongest wine for them.”

The owner’s husband and wife arranged rooms for Xue Qiu and Ren Yun, while the waitress helped Xue Qiu to help Ren Yun in.

Xue Qiu was very grateful to them, although he didn’t understand why they can be so sure that Ren Yun was the silver dragon

Maybe because of being “drunk”, Ren Yun’s temperature was a little high today, and not Xue Qiu’s favorite cool temperature. But Xue Qiu didn’t care.

He was as close to Ren Yun’s body as before, slowly reviewing and thinking about what Ren Yun had said.

It’s a little hard for Xue Qiu to fully understand those things. But he knew he would understand one day.

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