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Chapter 7: Q and R

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


Today is the seventh time that Xue Qiu has followed the adventurers into the underground ruins. He is quite familiar with the way of fighting in narrow passages. They successfully found the wounded trapped by the mechanism, and found a strange scene in the deepest stone chamber underground.

A pair of broken skeletons scattered on the stone chamber door, the bones had been inlaid with precious stones, the bodies were also covered with a thick robe of gold thread. There were some daily necessities and ancient books in the stone room. The “bed” made of stone is filled with various faded blankets, thick cushions and quilts.

“The Lich Aristepp, betrayed by an apprentice, died at the hands of outsiders,” Ren Yun looked at the bones and sighed, “No, you can’t say ‘died’, he’s not alive. This was more than 100 years ago. I didn’t expect that the trap mechanism in the ruins would still be working.”

While people were busy taking care of the injured and locating other missing persons, Xue Qiu curiously went deeper into the stone chamber and observed the exquisite tea sets on the table and the heavy bedding on the bed.

“The book says that the Lich doesn’t have to eat…” Xue Qiu found that there were not only tea sets in the house, but also a complete set of molds for making cakes.

“Not really. But they are all masters of magic. There is always a way to pretend to eat.” Ren Yun said.

“They don’t need quilts either…”

“In fact, they don’t even need a bed at all.”

Xue Qiu looked at the broken bones in bewilderment, “So why are these here?”

“Because it’s comfortable, I guess.” Ren Yun grabbed Xue Qi’s hand and stopped the little white dragon from taking pictures of the hundreds of years old moldy and thick bedclothes.

After this exploration, Xue Qiu became interested in feather quilts. At first, he never covered himself when he was resting. Of course, the form of a dragon was impossible, even if it was a half-elf shape. After all, he doesn’t have the habit of using quilts at all, and he’s a white dragon; he likes the chill very much.

Now, he asked the owner of the hotel for two more sets of quilts and three soft cushions. He piled them all on a small bed and rolled around happily.

“What are you doing…” Ren Yun looked at him in tears and laughter.

Xue Qiu got out of the quilt and said happily, “It’s like the inside of the cloud I imagined!”

“You and I have flown inside the clouds, and you know what it feels like.”

“I decided to forget the thunder and the air currents, and instead to imagine feathers as real clouds.” Xue Qiu twisted and turned on the quilt, which is the dragon’s habit of flapping its wings and wagging its tail, but now he had no wings and tail.

Ren Yun smiles and walks over to lie beside him with a “poof” sound from the soft quilt.

“Mn, I’ll feel it, too.”

“Haven’t you ever covered yourself?” Xue Qiu asked in surprise.

“No, why does a dragon need to cover with a quilt?”

Xue Qiu rolled, buried his face in the soft quilt, and said in a stuffy voice, “One day in the future, I will become the famous, great, most powerful and most intelligent white dragon. At that time, I will educate many young dragons. There are all kinds of dragons…”

Ren Yun looks at him, curious what he wants to say.

Little white dragon continued, “Then, I will teach all the dragons to cover with quilts!”



In the past, he was always looking forward to his elder brother’s guidance. In front of him were two small half-blood dragons, a mixture of red and green. They were very strange in appearance and ugly in color. It is estimated that most dragons will not like such hybrids.

But Xue Qiu is different. Looking at the little brothers, he thought of himself and his brother Frost Thorn. What’s more, he has been looking forward to becoming a mentor. Now that the opportunity is in front of him, how can he let go of it.

Three days ago, an adult half-blood dragon came to Ren Yun and said that he wanted to entrust the two cubs for a few days. He also said that he needed Ren Yun’s help.

At that time, Xue Qiu watched curiously as the strange adult dragon landed on the grass – about the size of a blue dragon, with pink scales of varying depths, and carrying two soft brown earth things on his back.

As the adult hybrid dragon and Ren Yun came together to discuss business, Xue Qiu’s attention focused on two young children. Their scales were soft and gray, like two ugly little lizards, huddled together, watching warily.

“The two little ones are the hybrids of the red and green dragons,” Ren Yun later said. “The secular name of the adult half-blood dragon is ‘Hu Shui’ and he’s the temporary guardian of the little ones. He brought some news. I have to leave with him. Before I come back, you’ll live in this mountain range and help us look after the two hybrids.”

Xue Qiu thought many things were very strange, such as why the pink dragon is called ‘Hu Shui’, and why there were so many mixed blood dragons.

“What dragon hybrids are the lizards?” Xue Qiu asked.

“Don’t call them lizards,” Ren Yun touched Xue Qi’s hair, “…They can be called that in private, because they are a bit like each other. But remember, don’t say that in front of them or to Hu Shui.”

Xue Qiu nodded solemnly, and Ren Yun continued, “The two little guys are called Earth lumps and stones. I know it’s a casual name, it’s said that their parents took it before they abandoned them. You know, half-blood dragons are usually orphans and it’s not easy to survive. They were lucky to meet Hu Shui, because Hu Shui himself had a similar experience, so he adopted them. Mr. Hu Shui is a hybrid of red and white dragons.”

Xue Qiu looked shocked. He had seen the old red dragon of Frost volcano, and heard many terrible rumors of this race. He found it hard to imagine that a long time ago, there was a descendant of his own race with the red dragon.

“Why are all red dragons…Red dragon and white dragon, red dragon and green dragon…”

“It’s not uncommon. I’ve heard about red dragons and humans,” Ren Yun said. “Dragons of different races are not so strange together. You see, we’ve been together for a long time.”

Xue Qiu nodded. Ren Yun’s words sounded very reasonable, but he always felt that something was wrong. Based on Xue Qiu’s perceptual ability, he never figured out what was wrong.

After Ren Yun and Hu Shui left, Xue Qiu took care of the little brothers for the time being. They were still very young children and couldn’t transform. Xue Qiu taught them for a long time but was unsuccessful.

“Clod” was the elder brother, and the “Pebble” was the younger brother. They always rubbed together, and their eyes were a little afraid when they looked at Xue Qiu. This made Xue Qiu in a good mood: first, as a dragon, he enjoys being awed by others; second, he finally has a dragon smaller than him.

At noon that day, there was a sudden thunderstorm in the valley. Xue Qiu shoved the two little things back into the cave and stood by them.

Thunder and lightning made the two little dragons tremble, and Xue Qiu stretched out his wings to cover them. Ren Yun had done this to Xue Qiu before, and comforted them with the appearance of an adult.

“You are a great dragon.” – although it looked a little ugly, a dragon is a dragon. Xue Qiu didn’t say the second half of the sentence, “how can a dragon be afraid of thunder and lightning? You know, the silver dragon can walk in the clouds in the sky, the blue dragon can spit out lightning, and the red dragon can spray out a large range of flames that are more terrifying than lightning! Green Dragon… “

What did green dragons spit? Xue Qiu couldn’t remember for a moment, so he simply changed the topic, “The dragon belongs to the sky and can control the sky! We are not afraid of anything. “

“I’m afraid of the golden dragon…” The older brother ‘Clod’ shivered.

Xue Qiu thought about it for a while, and didn’t know if they had also seen the Golden Dragon Halberd. He said, “Mn I’m afraid, but it doesn’t matter. You are the children of the red dragon and the green dragon. When you grow up, you will be much bigger than me. You will become very fierce.”

“Really?” The younger brother ‘Pebble’ asked, “Your wings are so big that they can cover us. Uncle Hu Shui has bigger wings and can even carry us on his back.”

“Of course,” Xue Qiu recalled what Ren Yun had taught him about dragons. “You two will be even bigger than the pink Hu Shui!”

After a while, the thunderstorm was over, and there was the fresh smell of rain in the air, just like the smell of Ren Yun.

Xue Qiu left the cave with the two children and looked up at the sky after the rain.

“What is that?” Asked the little brother with one voice.

At the middle of the mountain, there was a semi-circular band of hazy but gorgeous colors, ranging from red to purple.

“I know what that is!” Xue Qiu was excited, and now it was a good opportunity to “reflect the sense of the elder”.

He told the two children to wait in the distance, turned back to the cave, temporarily formed a half-elf body, and searched through Ren Yun’s books. He found a book on magic, not a book to teach people to use magic, but to help ordinary adventurers understand magic.

When he came out, Xue Qiu turned back into a dragon, lifted his neck and tightened his wings.

“What you see is very dangerous,” he said seriously. “There are seven colors of things, all of which are some kind of magic. It was developed by the Human Mage. It has a strong protective effect and is lethal to invaders! They can block arrows, prevent spitting, and insulate from magic attacks. If you want to rush hard, you will be burned, broken down by lightning, corroded by acid, poisoned and petrified… “

The two little things looked at the things in the sky in awe, and then looked at the “learned” white dragon. They listened very carefully.

“Only a few magics can eliminate it, and if you don’t know these spells, you can’t do anything about it. Look, we are far away from it now. Fortunately, it is far away! If we get close to it, children like you two will be blinded immediately by its light… “

“Xue Qiu, what are you doing?”

Ren Yun’s voice came from the forest behind him. “Are you scaring them?”

“No, I’m just explaining.”

Xue Qiu turned around and Ren Yun and Hu Shui came out of the forest.

Now Ren Yun was elf-like, and Hu Shui had turned into a human. The reason why Xue Qiu recognized him at a glance was his pink hair.

Xue Qiu was very happy to see Ren Yun finally come back. Ren Yun has taken him through many corners of the vast world and taught him a lot of knowledge, such as the description of the rainbow wall in the book just now.

Hu Shui walked up to the two brown dragons, reached out his hand and stroked their heads, and said gently, “Dear boys, don’t listen to the little white dragon. The white dragon is not familiar with the temperate climate. He’s talking about a kind of magic, but that thing in the sky is not magic. It won’t burn and no one will blind you. In fact, it’s beautiful, and if you like, I can even try to get you close.”


“Of course. However, it’s not as beautiful as it is from afar. We can try it.” Hu Shui restored his dragon shape, and said,” The sunlight refracts on the water vapor in the air… ” He took his two brothers up the high slope and prepared to take off.

Seeing that two little dragons forget him, Xue Qiu was a little depressed. However, he was more shocked that the hybrid Hu Shui even wanted to fly close to that terrible thing!

He thought, only Ren Yun can stop them! When he said that he was worried, Ren Yun laughed so much that he had to support himself on the tree trunk with one hand.

“It’s just a rainbow!” Ren Yun continued to smile and said, “Haven’t you seen a rainbow? That’s not a ‘Rainbow wall’! “

“I… It seems that I haven’t seen one before…” Xue Qiu said dully.

Ren Yun walked into the open space and returned to the silver dragon form. “Well, let’s fly over and have a look, hmmn?”

The white dragon and the silver dragon flew in the sky after the rain, with diamond like luster reflected on their shining scales.

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