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Chapter 24: Earth Pulse

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The cockpit space was not small, and the style was simple and hard. However, there was a cloth bag hanging on the wall with several flowers in it. The color matching made Xie Yan think of Van Gogh’s painting {Starry Sky}, which was blue, yellow, deep and light. The painting {Starry Sky} made people feel the distortion and depression of the world, while the flowers of the same color system were inserted in one place, which made people feel vigorous.

Huo Nai looked around Xie Yan and adjusted the travel mode to transparent.

Xie Yan couldn’t help holding his breath.

There was only a faint blue light all around. Zhu Que was like a jellyfish living in the deep sea. Xie Yan and Huo Nai were small molecules in the jellyfish, looking at the outside world. It was a very quiet, very lonely feeling. At this time, he felt light, his feet drifted away from the floor, and the gravity system was shut down.

This floating feeling was very strange to Xie Yan. His attention was unconsciously transferred to it, controlling his hands and feet to make him look like a paralyzed person. He tried so hard that his nose began to sweat.

Huo Nai took advantage of it, used the force of the wall, floated to him, held his shoulder, and smiled, “Do you think it’s fun?”

Xie Yan nodded, calmed his breathing, and said, “It’s fun.” He looked into Huo Nai’s eyes. “Do I look childish?” Even weightlessness could be fun.

The smile in Huo Nai’s eyes was like boiled sugar water, sweet, “How can I think that? In fact, I like to play like this when I’m alone.”

“Floating in space?” Xie Yan asked.

“I feel like I’m in the universe, and the universe is me.” Huo Nai’s expression changed, “A lot of things that are difficult and troublesome float away.” 

“Mayflies in heaven and Earth, a drop in the sea…” Xie Yan suddenly thought of these two sentences.

When Huo Nai heard this sentence, he was stunned. Although he didn’t understand it at first, he savored it carefully. This sentence expressed his feelings that he could not express all the time. He couldn’t help but ask, “Is this what you think?”

Xie Yan shook his head and couldn’t help laughing, “No, this is what one of our big poets on Earth said.”

“Have you met him?” Huo Nai was still interested in Xie Yan’s past. Xie Yan was like a dense fog. The more you study, the more you were captured in the fog. It was more interesting to know what kind of scenery he would see once the fog dispersed.

“No, no, no, we have been separated by more than a thousand years. It’s just his things have passed down in many ways.” Xie Yan thought, maybe he could ‘revive’ Earth in many ways.

As long as culture was remembered, then a civilization would not really die. He felt that he had infinite motivation.

They had arrived at to a solar system. This was the outer edge of the galaxy. The stars were sparse and the light was dim. But Xie Yan just felt odd, because he was familiar with this place before. Many documentaries shot this ‘dark blue dot’ from different angles. Carl Sagan, a famous astrophysicist, suggested that Voyager take pictures of Earth when it left the solar system. That picture was very famous.

In that picture, the earth was such a faint blue dot.

Now it had changed.

Zhu Que’s speed was very fast. Its movement was space jumping, so it could be reduced to inches. Huo Nai was the strongest person in the whole Galactic Empire and he controlled Zhu Que to shuttle between meteorites, and in a blink of an eye, they arrived at Earth’s atmosphere.

“Looks like a mud ball.” Xie Yan couldn’t help whispering.

“Want to go down?” Huo Nai asked.

“Isn’t it hot down there?” Xie Yan hesitated for fear that Zhu Que would become a baked Zhu Que.

“Zhu Que can bear it.” Huo Nai said this and the two men went to the surface of Earth through huge clouds. Xie Yan watched it with astonishment in his eyes.

Huge cracks opened in the continent, scarlet hot magma burst out, winding on the cooled gray rock, smoke rose, and the whole earth seemed to be dying of serious injury. Meteorite attack, crust tear, magma eruption, ocean evaporation, water vapor around the whole earth, temperature rise, in this case, almost no living things could survive.

In the long five billion years, the earth has gone through five annihilations. Life had been derived from nothing, brilliant civilizations have been born, and now everything had become nothing.

Zhu Que was collecting Earth’s information, comparing the information in the database in the past, and was surprised to say, “Eh, the temperature of this planet is declining, there are signs of life activity!”

Xie Yan immediately looked at the virtual screen, which compared the information of Earth in the past and the information of the present. The temperature indicated on the line chart was still declining. Although this trend was slow, it was a good phenomenon. And the signs of life were bacteria with very simple structures that survived by breaking down sulfides produced by volcanic eruptions.

At that moment, Xie Yan seemed to hear the earth pulse.

He couldn’t help laughing, and his mouth turned up. “Let’s go.”

Huo Nai felt that he had no such feelings of silting up, and felt that he was in a much more relaxed mood.

Xie Yan lived in his heart unconsciously.

Back on Murdo, the East had become white.

Xie Yan’s feet returned to the ground, and Huo Nai stood at the hatch and looked at him.

“Thank you for today.” Xie Yan went back and looked at Huo Nai. Though it was getting light, he said, “Good night.”

“Good night.” Huo Nai left with a smile.

This night was like a dream.

Xie Yan didn’t stay out overnight for a long time. At the beginning, he was so excited that he didn’t feel sleepy when lying in bed. He was still a little hungry so he took some candied fruits he had made and ate them. When he was full, he began to feel sleepy and fell asleep while lying in bed.

It was very comfortable to wake up naturally every day. After waking up, it was almost dusk. Xie Yan had a feeling of not knowing what was going to happen. He logged in to STAR Net, read the information that Huo Nai sent him, and finally decided to apply for the Imperial Military Academy.

Every department of the Imperial Military Academy was excellent. The history department was the best in the whole galaxy. In addition, the whole Galactic Empire had been peaceful for thousands of years. The army played many roles and even archaeology was their vanguard. Xie Yan found it interesting to know about it.

He could go there and meet many interesting people.

It was not easy to enter the Imperial Military College. As the best school in the Galactic Empire, the Imperial Military College was famous for its very low enrollment rate. This school was the cradle of the stars, which many people couldn’t dream of entering.

But Xie Yan was not afraid. He was a fighter in his last life. Although he looked like a salted fish, he was not really that salty.

When he had a goal, he began to write a plan. The interstellar test was a computer test so he didn’t need to go to the capital star. However, there were no reference materials, no remedial classes, and it all relied on school education and self-study. Xie Yan had several classes but felt that they were teaching too slowly so it was not as good as self-study.

It was not that he looked down on the people of the stars. He didn’t know why but he could look at many things only once and remember it immediately. He was really afraid of himself as he was learning. 

Xie Yan, “…Am I floating?” He guessed that this might be related to this body. The cerebral cortex of this body was extremely active, and while he had no memory of many things, it was all right. Xie Yan couldn’t help but guess the cause. But biology, especially the future biological science, was his death area, so he didn’t guess anymore.

If he had a chance, he could explore the reasons. Anyway, the people of the interstellar world could live hundreds of years by repairing themselves. They could learn from each other all the time. They would know one day.

During this period, he still didn’t treat himself badly, because he was highly disciplined and efficient. He studied eight hours a day, and his life beyond eight hours was still in accordance with his previous habits. Exercise, pick food, record video. But because there was not enough time, the live broadcasts stopped.

He couldn’t live broadcast and study! That was distracting.

Fans were always keen and wailed when they found the duration of the live broadcasts were shorter. Fortunately, there were also videos to satisfy their appetites.

All they had to say was that Queen’s skill was getting better and better!

As everything went smoothly, Xie Yan found a sad thing: he seemed to be getting fat.

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It is fat, right… there won’t be some weird jump to pregnancy from having no cavity (or whatever the term was).
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Don’t give up cooking though! Your fans helped get you wealth and notoriety.
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