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Chapter 28 (END): Life is Gorgeous.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


After saying goodbye to Haimer, Huo Nai led Xie Yan to change his identity first. He felt that his original identity was a bit unlucky and had to change his fate. Xie Yan had to follow him.

Changing his identity, re-implanting the chip, Xie Yan got rid of the other’s identity and lived with his own name. The marriage registration was very smooth, which made Xie Yan feel it was unreal.

Xie Yan was taken to capital star. The imperial palace was very big, and the greenery was also good. Xie Yan enjoyed it for a while, and felt it was very boring, so he moved some soil and started to plant, putting the ingredients in the right place.

The embryo growing in his body was taken out and put into an artificial womb. Xie Yan was able to watch the growth with a novel perspective. He thought that this way would not delay the life of both partners.

Huo Nai was so busy that he didn’t know what he was doing. Xie Yan didn’t ask much. He was a happy saltfish.

People on STAR Net soon found out that their Queen had obviously changed places. They couldn’t help gossiping and asked the blogger whether they had made money recently. Xie Yan replied with a smile, “I hope you’re lucky. Now it’s not bad!”

He thought that he should have a housewarming dinner. He planned to make a rich dinner to show his joy at all the fruit that had been borne.

It could be considered…a new beginning.

That evening, Xie Yan received a message from Huo Nai. [Pay attention to your safety tonight, and look at the stars if you are interested.]

Although they often exchanged information, Xie Yan had never received such a ‘romantic’ message from Huo Nai before. If Huo Nai said so, there must be a good show tonight.

He put his recliner on top of the glasshouse. Under him were hundreds of flowers in bloom, red, green, blue and purple, all gorgeous. They were encased in an automatic and advanced greenhouse.

The reclining chair was very comfortable, and it also had its own massage function, so as not to lie down for a long time and make ones muscles atrophy or become rigid. If it wasn’t for Huo Nai who came to take him away often, Xie Yan could stick on it like brown sugar Huo Nai tore him off the chair every time.

Walley made a cup of fruit tea for him. All the things on the planet of Murdo had been moved here. They were pieced into Huo Nai’s life.

Now he was drinking tea and lying there watching the night sky.

The evening on capital star was blue and purple, the principle was not clear, but Xie Yan liked this color, making him feel like he was in a dream. During the star embellishment, it was bright. It was like a clear stream with precious stones of various colors, which people wanted to get out.

Several of them were unexpectedly bright.

Outside space, close to thousands of large military starships approach the capital star.

Huo Xiao’s last chance was to fight back. Careerists never left a way for themselves. Huo Xiao, standing on one of the ships, was ready to carry out his plan with the ambition of success. However, the starship had not yet reached the atmosphere of capital star, when Zhu Que, Huo Nai’s mecha, appeared in front of them.

According to the information that Huo Xiao received before, most of his subordinates were not here, so he chose this time point for the raid. But he knew in a flash that he was wrong.

Zhu Que incarnated as a spear, and shuttled between the stars unstoppably. The figure was like a ghost. Under his fingers, the energy engines of three star ships exploded.

In a flash, the night market was like day.

Zhu Que, manipulated by Huo Nai, was very fast. Those huge starships couldn’t even turn around. The collapse of the energy systems lead to the collapse of maintaining the internal environment. The soldiers who were ready to go had no time but to put on their space suits so as not to die in the space environment.

Just for a moment, the whole fleet was in chaos.

Huo Nai returned to his original position. In front of him, the silent explosions had become the most gorgeous fireworks.

“It’s called ‘please enter the urn and finish it all at once.’” Huo Nai whispered the words he had learned from Xie Yan, and thought it was quite appropriate. His eyes were shining and his voice was cold. “You shouldn’t underestimate the power of Zhu Que.”

It was a pity that Klein died and Zhu Que became the only finished product. There were few people who could control Zhu Que. But it was not a bad thing. If there were more mecha like Zhu Que, the whole star system would become the arena of careerists.

As far as his eyes could see, his fleet came from afar, sweeping the battlefield.

At this time, Zhu Que let out an, “Eh?”

Huo Nai’s look was the same as before. Anyway, Zhu Que was such a character and his personality constantly changed and adapted. 

“What’s up?” Huo Nai asked him.

“I can’t believe that I still have a stone from when Klein exploded.” Zhu Que suspected he had Alzheimer’s, “It’s pretty.”

The stone was handed over to Huo Nai by a robotic arm. It was a deep blue stone, less than the size of the nail, but it still had some weight to it.

Huo Nai looked at the stone and thought of its use. He said to Zhu Que with a light smile, “Confiscated.”

Zhu Que: “¥ …… & ¥ #% …… # ……”

“Let’s go home.”

Xie Yan saw an unprecedented fireworks show. On the planet, it was second only to the stars feast of the universe itself. In such a gentle environment, Xie Yan slept again.

On one side, in the transparent artificial uterus and the blue liquid, the little man clenched his fist, turned over uncomfortably, stretched out his arm, closed his eyes, frowned, and soon stretched out again.

As if they were connected,  Xie Yan also made the same action. He stretched out his arms and legs. Maybe the lounge chair was comfortable but there was not enough room for him to play. He snorted and rolled over to sleep.

Huo Nai looked around and wanted to laugh. He went to pick Xie Yan up while Zhu Que moved the baby to the bedroom. Xie Yan was scared when he felt himself being lifted, but when he smelled the familiar smell, he chose not to open his eyes and went to sleep.

Huo Nai was watching him at the bedside. Xie Yan’s spirit was very relaxed, which made him feel warm and comfortable with strong mental strength. He watched for a while, chose to take a bath, dried himself and lay next to Xie Yan, holding his partner.

The reassuring breath diluted the shadow of death and he slept all night.

Xie Yan was woken up by the heat. The physiological response of a man in the early morning was naturally known. Without turning his head, he felt a hairy head. Huo Nai’s hair was very black and coarse, which was very consistent with his characteristics.

“Morning, you’re hitting up against me.” Xie Yan was so lazy that he reached out and tried to move Huo Nai away. His hand was caught by Huo Nai, who kissed the back of his hand. Xie Yan felt itchy, curled up slightly, and did not retract.

“I’ll mark you when we get married.” Huo Nai whispered in his ear.

Xie Yan chuckled softly, in a soft voice, but there was a certain temptation, “Why don’t you do it now?”

Huo Nai held him for a while and kissed him. He couldn’t help but let go of his red and slightly swollen lips. He frowned, sulking on Xie Yan’s shoulder and said, “No, I’m holding back.”

He may have come back early last time but he wanted to have all his calculations ready. He wanted to spend a few days and nights without getting out of bed! 

Xie Yan didn’t know his ambition. If he did, he would definitely choose to kick Huo Nai out of bed and threaten him with one sentence: ‘We need sustainable development and we must never use all our resources to catch fish. To achieve both the number of times, but also quality!’

Before that could happen, Huo Nai became famous for the first World War of Kele. The capital’s extraterrestrial space solved the opponent cleanly, which let people know of his ability. Facing the hall, the center of power began to shift. The old emperor left the affairs to his son, who became the emperor and began his life.

After Huo Nai took over, the reform of the Chefs Association was put on the agenda. He wanted Xie Yan to carry out the reform, but Xie Yan didn’t care about it at all. At last, he was named a consultant to assist in the reform.

It was not a day’s work for monopoly to change into openness. There was a lot of work to be done from planting, transportation, storage, sale and finished products. During this period, many forces were involved, and many aristocratic families participated. Originally these aristocratic families tried to resist, but after seeing Huo Xiao’s fate, they immediately changed direction.

The power to define dishes, serial numbers, dividends and so on had been directly cancelled, and the function had been transformed into publicity. The people of the Chefs Association now needed to become famous by virtue of their strength, or build their own brand and open chain stores.

This was a thunderclap in the sky for the Chefs Association that ate the dividend of monopoly power. But for those who had been suppressed, ignored and wanted to spread the food culture, it was great news. They applied to open stores and establish brands, forming a wave of innovation, truly bringing food culture to the ground and benefiting hundreds of billions of people.

People no longer indulged in the STAR network, virtual culture was good, but they also needed to go out occasionally to enjoy the fresh air, enjoy different things. The Star Series Tour initiated by delicious food had become a popular Star Tour. Even Xie Yan couldn’t help but feel moved.

But he couldn’t leave at this time. Huo Nai’s succession ceremony was coming soon.

It turned out that the baby’s birth happened to be on the same day as Huo Nai’s grand ceremony. The baby was a male Alpha and he was strong with no problems.

That morning was a time of chaos, but the sun was melting and the temperature was just right. It was the spring of all things.

Huo Nai joked, “Father in the morning, emperor at noon, husband at night.”

Xie Yan held his mouth together, like a duck, or a handsome duck.

He couldn’t help laughing. Huo Nai leaned over to block his lips. Xie Yan was used to kissing like this and liked it very much, which made him feel gentle.

Xie Yan could only take his baby to the ceremony. He kept talking to his son in his heart: you must hold your bean face, don’t cry! Don’t cry!

The ceremony would be broadcasted live throughout the galaxy Empire, and the masses could finally see the real face of the crown prince. Even if he was active in the STAR network before, he had always been active with a mosaic and didn’t want to show his face.

Xie Yan watched him go to his throne, take the scepter that symbolized the top power, with a solemn expression, he looked far away and took an oath. Those words, Xie Yan didn’t hear a word, but suddenly, he felt Huo Nai’s loneliness.

Huo Nai’s eyes swept all the people below and smiled when he saw Xie Yan. After the rain, the world was amazing.

【How handsome! He looked at the people very happy!】The people who watched the live broadcast screamed.

Huo Nai didn’t care about this. After leaving the scepter in the custody of the person around him, he went down the steps, naturally grabbed Xie Yan’s hand, pushed the incubator and said, “Let’s go?”

“Where?” Xie Yan asked.

“I’ll show you the Galactic Empire.” Huo Nai left Zhu Que and took Xie Yan directly away from the scene.

All the people were in disorder first, then there was chaos in the army. Your Highness’s live broadcast was not long enough! Also you need to answer the questions from the netizen. You’re not close to the people! It will have an impact on image building!

However, they soon found that they were wrong, because Huo Nai had a live broadcast of the whole galaxy roaming, with Xie Yan by his side. The people watching the live broadcast almost covered all the people of the whole galaxy empire.

【How come I feel that our highness is a little familiar, as if I have seen him somewhere? 】The STAR net crowd began to make the sound of goldfish.

Many people immediately began to look for it. Some people had a good memory, and finally turned to the video of Delicious Galaxy. After the Chefs Association became the yellow flower of yesterday, these things were covered with dust. At this moment, they fished them out and saw the sky again. When they saw Xie Yan and his highness Huo Nai in the corner, they were silent for a second, and then erupted.

【OMFG!!!!!! It’s Queen!!!!! 】

【What is the relationship between them?!!】Huo Nai fans and Xie Yan fans screamed, they asked a lot of questions, but the client blocked all of them and didn’t answer their questions.

The STAR Net general netizens saw these two people’s roaming and gradually pondered.

【It couldn’t be… Is it a honeymoon? 】Detective Conan was online.

【Why do I feel like I’m eating dog food? I’m going to eat too much. I’m going to kick over this bowl of dog food. [Heartless.jpg]】

The Milkyway had a history of 10 billion years. Even if a person has spent his whole life there, one planet a day, he couldn’t set foot in every corner of the Empire. Fortunately, Zhu Que had enough energy to make a transition. The two people went around, their little treasure baby also enjoyed the first day of life traveling around the universe with this kind of action.

However, the little guy was very noisy. After a long time of tossing and turning, he had a drink and went to sleep. At last, the husband and husband had personal time.

“Xie Yan,” Huo Nai suddenly called his name.

Xie Yan turned around, “Hmm?” There was a sound, and then he saw Huo Nai kneeling on one knee and pulling a blue ring out of his pocket.

He was too shocked to be surprised, and then Huo Nai became one, two, then three.

Zhu Que’s metallic color faded and the top half was transparent, just like a crystal ball. The background was a star, dragging eight planets.

“I will take your hand, from your hometown to my hometown, from spring to winter, from life to death.” He tried to be calm. “Baby, marry me.”

The stone inlaid on this ring came from when Xie Yan arrived when the annihilation weapons were used in another place that caused a star to explode ahead of time. Zhu Que grabbed the core at the moment when he left space.

The lifespan of a star was eternal for mortals.

“I will.” Xie Yan’s eyes were fogged over.

On the left, Xie Yan could see the earth surrounded by meteorites, but there were signs of life. On the right was his new son, and his lover was in front of him. His life had never been so complete.

Though the God of death lives forever, living was gorgeous.



The author has something to say:

Xie Yan: This is a story from {Queen} to true queen.

Let’s end the story here. I’m not good at elaborating on many plots, so I won’t repeat them anymore. Some say that it was too fast, but I’ll write what I want to write, bury what I don’t want to write, and get the MC married with a prince. The story will stop at the most beautiful moment.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays All!

Three extra chapters to the end of this novel were part of your present!


Let us know in the comments if you guys liked this cute and fluffy cough food porn cough novel and we will see if we can find more like it. Remember to comment on our novel chapters or leave a review and rating on Novel Updates (HERE), it encourages us to keep translating!

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Sue R
May 24, 2021 10:38 am

The ending come unexpected but it was good. I quite like your way, not dragging and excessive amount of wording. Simple plot but still enjoyable a little less in romantic interactions but warm enough to feel love.
Thank you to all for your hard work, as a reader I really appreciated.

July 4, 2021 10:37 am

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Author, you wrote the story perfectly!!! Not too short or too long. Complete with no Plot Hole.
And no Conflict between MC and ML.
Perfect Novel does Exist. 😭❤️


March 1, 2022 8:18 am

This was fun, a nice mix of elements
Thank you so much for translating! <3

May 17, 2022 12:08 pm

AAAAAA TYSM FOR TRANSLATING. although there are some things im confused from the translation, i ended up thinking my reading comprehension is somewhat declining so everything is fine.

THE REVELATION NEAR THE END WAS A BIT SUPRISING. ive never thought his identity would ended up like that BUT ITS A GOOD REVELATION.

im an avid reader of exr and i could say that ALL OF UR PROJECTS ARE INTERESTING AND WORTH READING. never failed to amaze me.

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