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Chapter 127: Guy was so Brutal

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Oftentimes, something like ‘privilege’ was considered quite righteous.

Because the main thing going for it was that its moral principles would shift with the changes in both parties’ privilege, so what was stability anyway? Can you eat it?

Therefore, at a time like this, the Qi clan’s Second Young Master — who once abused his privilege to its absolute limit because of his status and identity — suddenly discovered that it wasn’t useful anymore. Qi TianCong couldn’t help but feel cold sweat start to bead his forehead when he looked at Ye Huang’s smiling but cold eyes.

The situation right now was already completely out of bounds from what he had anticipated. What made him feel dejected and ashamed was that, when facing such a situation, he didn’t have the faintest idea what he should do to resolve it. He could only deliberately lift his head and say, “You guys can’t be like this! That is extremely rude behavior towards me!!”

After being said too many times, words like that seemed powerless. The smile on Ye Huang’s face also gradually dimmed, revealing an expression that looked more like a sneer. “Second Young Master, even though I truly want to treat you courteously, my first priority is ensuring that I will not be screwed over by someone. After all, I’m the one overseeing this Southern Trade Fair, so if something like cheating — which has never happened before — happens now, never mind having no manners. If I, Ye Huang, lose face, then the person who made me lose face can forget about keeping their pitiful excuse of a life.”

A terrifyingly gloomy aura exploded from Ye Huang’s body as he spoke, and Qi TianCong couldn’t help but take a step back, face pale. This person, compared to his ‘big bro’ who always viewed him as nothing, suddenly carried a much blunter, unconcealed killing intent, making Qi TianCong shiver uncontrollably.

Nobody told him that this guy was so brutal, ah?!

“Second Young Master, I hope that you won’t force my hand. It’s best if you provide proof yourself. The sun has already set, and it’s about to be time for dinner. Even if Second Young Master can wait, or isn’t hungry, that might not necessarily be the same for everyone else.”

Everyone could hear the threat and discontent in Ye Huang’s voice. The cold sweat on Qi TianCong’s forehead also grew even more prominent. Under such pressure, Qi TianCong finally couldn’t bear it any longer and said, throat dry, “I… I’m going to find my mother…”

“Oh, you can do that, but before that, Second Young Master, are you admitting that the amount of money you have on you isn’t enough to satisfy the price you shouted out?”

Qi TianCong jolted when he heard that. He seemed to take in several quick breaths before he finally nodded. “I really… didn’t prepare enough—”

“Cong-er! What are you saying?!”

Yuan JingYa’s sharp voice suddenly came from outside the hall, carrying some resentment with it. Qi TianCong gave a start, and his eyes immediately lit up. Yuan JingYa was here, so did that mean he could continue competing with Jin Yu?! As a result, he seemed pleased as he looked at Jin Yu.

“Mother! Why are you here? I was just—”

“Enough, Cong-er, just stop talking for now.” Yuan JingYa’s heart was full of resentment as she looked at this son of hers, who didn’t have a single tiniest bit of her caution. He had received the best education and treatment ever since he was young, so he clearly should have become an outstanding king worthy of everyone’s envy. Just where did it all go wrong? Why could he only act pleased with himself and be so arrogant, without the slightest bit of self-knowledge and careful deliberation?!

Today, if she hadn’t sent a quick-witted bodyguard to tail him, the Qi clan’s reputation might have been thoroughly disposed off by Qi TianCong!

The matter with the crown earlier at the collector’s shop was still making Qi Yunxiao angry. If Cong-er caused trouble here, Qi Yunxiao might finally lose it and toss the two of them out! Thinking of that, Yuan JingYa’s originally ashen face gained some fury to it. This was all the fault of those two bastards!!

“Mother? I—”

“Boss Jin, this is the first time my son has participated in such a convention, so there are many rules he doesn’t know about, and it’s also easy for him to be led astray or swindled. So if Cong-er has caused offense or made any mistakes, I hope that you won’t fault him too much for it. How to say it… after all, since you’ve both experienced different things, Cong-er is still too naive.”

Yuan JingYa looked at Jin Yu. Her words seemed to be submissive, but one could instantly detect the parts that weren’t right if they dug a little deeper.

Jin Yu lifted a brow. “Madam, what do you mean by that? I beg that Madam makes herself a little clearer. This is the first time your family’s young master is attending the trade fair, so can this not be my first time attending either? And if anything happens to your son, then it’s because he’s too ‘naïve’; in that case, aren’t you trying to say that me, Ye Huang, and Bailu are all treacherous, conniving people?! Madam, is distorting the truth your specialty or what? What happened earlier with the crown and the Qi family still hasn’t been fully sorted out yet, yet your young master purposefully raised the price against me, wanting to cheat me, despite not having enough money. Tsk tsk, how come I remembered that before the Second Young Master, there’s still a First Young Master?”

Yuan JingYa’s expression immediately became extremely sharp with Jin Yu’s words. Her nails dug into her palms, extremely painfully. She stared steadily at Jin Yu for a while before her entire body seemed to deflate. A bitter, pitiful smile appeared on her face. “I still request that Boss Jin shows mercy. Cong-er definitely didn’t have any intention to cheat you. He definitely was led astray by some evil person before this, and that’s why he made a mistake. Moreover, in such an occasion, I’m sure that anyone who’s somewhat brave will get too excited at least once. Even though my Cong-er is a little overbearing, his heart is still very good. He has thirty million funds in his name, but because of the crown matter earlier, he felt that our Qi family had wronged the descendants of that crown, so he split ten million worth of his funds to give to them, and also gave my dead soldier’s family ten million. So now, that’s why he is so anxious, to the point that lost control for a little.”

As she spoke, Yuan JingYa reached out and rubbed Qi TianCong’s head, a helpless smile on her face. “You ah, always making mother worry. Now, quickly go and acknowledge your mistakes to Boss Jin and big brother Ye Huang, and then buy that item for twenty million and send it to Boss Jin as compensation for our wrongdoings. Mother will help pay ten million for you, so you mustn’t anger your father when we get back.”

Jin Yu felt disgusted watching that. How come Qi TianCong was clearly the brat who was scheming and wanted to viciously screw Jin Yu over, but now with Yuan JingYa’s twist to it, it made Jin Yu seem like a wily old fox who was bullying a kind-hearted baby? Looking at the expressions of the observers nearby, tsk tsk, needless to say. the destructive power of beauties pretending to be pitiful was truly too powerful. But even if the destructive power was extremely great, that wasn’t the case for everyone. What’s more, the only reason Yuan JingYa suddenly backed down was because that was the only thing she could do in such a situation. Twenty million purple coins wasn’t a small number. From a certain standpoint, for the Qi family, that twenty million might be able to serve a critical use — the latter half of the Deer Pursuit convention saw price increases by the ten millions. Twenty million could determine who the item belonged to in the final critical moments.

“He he, Madam, you are truly a warm, caring mother. But I don’t know if Madam has heard of this saying before: where there is a kind mother, there is a useless son. Never mind how the matter with the crown was brought about all because of your Qi family in the first place, it was only inevitable that you should compensate; if it weren’t for that dead soldier who came out at the end of his own volition to bear responsibility, I’m afraid Madam wouldn’t be so relaxed in dealing with this matter now.” As he spoke, Jin Yu smiled. “In other words, Madam, don’t embellish the compensation and repentance that you should’ve done in the first place and make it into your medals. The disparity is much too big. And Qi TianCong first said vicious things to me before purposefully raising the price, knowing he didn’t have enough money, and wanted to cheat me. That isn’t a problem that can be resolved just by apologizing. But since Madam has personally come out, then I can’t be too disrespectful. As long as the Second Young Master bids for that lifelong custom-made beast comedy movie using thirty million purple coins, this matter will be finished. In any case, the last one to yell out a price was the Second Young Master, I’m not planning on increasing the price any more.”

Jin Yu’s words were a little lazy and a little chilly. But truly, each and every one of his words were reasonable, making Yuan JingYa’s brows continuously twitch. She really did detest the man standing before her. Ever since she met him, everything that should’ve happened very naturally always ended up with twists and turns. The final outcome was always something she didn’t want to happen. It was like this person was purposefully here to foil her, she really wished this person would go die already.

But no matter how vicious Yuan JingYa’s gaze was, Big Boss Jin still looked unaffected and calm. Shan Bailu even rolled his eyes. Aiya, if you have the skill, then come hit me ah! If you don’t, then shell out the money!!

Thus, Yuan JingYa’s original plan didn’t work. The observers began to look like they were rejoicing in her misfortune, and she couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath of air. Yuan JingYa said to Jin Yu with a cold expression:

“Since Boss Jin insists on forcing me and my son, then we have no choice but to concede. But I hope that Boss Jin remembers that our Qi family’s people cannot be humiliated whenever you wish!”

After saying that, Yuan JingYa waved her hand and told people to go pay the thirty million bill. Simultaneously, she dragged Qi TianCong firmly out. Just when they were about to leave, Jin Yu suddenly spoke. “Oh, actually, if we were really being nitpicky, I can also be considered someone from the Qi clan. So, what will you do if that’s the case?”

The entire hall descended into an awkward silence. Yuan JingYa and Qi TianCong also both abruptly stiffened, and Qi TianCong was cursing ‘you shameless bastard’ in his head! But because of the current situation, he couldn’t say it out loud. But besides the bigshots and wealthy people who were stunned speechless by JinYu’s words, Boss Qi — whose expression was dark the entire time in the VIP lounge — finally brightened like the spring wind. A certain three who were sneakily eavesdropping from outside also burst into laughter.

“Speaking of which, this guy looks really familiar. Is it possible he isn’t human?”

“Hey, now that you said that, I also think he’s not bad. He looks pretty good too… hey! He can joke around and he has money!!”


“Let’s kidnap him for marriage?”

The red-furred one and the white-furred one look at the iceberg-like fellow, and they immediately shivered. Since your facial nerves are paralyzed like an iceberg, and you have emotional problems as well, is everything just dead in you! Kidnapping for marriage! Kidnap your sister ah! … if anyone’s getting him, we are, not you!!

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