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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The sculpture was made of clay with earth magic, and it wasn’t easy to collapse, since it was built very strong. Second Cub was happy for a while and wanted to bring the sculpture back. It was a bit far away, but it would be nice to put it in front of the house, where it can be seen every day. It used a wind blade to cut off the bottom of the sculpture and carried it back slowly in mid-air.

So before dark, all the dragons noticed the sculpture in the doorway, and so did Ning Chu. The features on the neck of the sculpture were so recognizable that it was immediately clear who it was. Second Cub was crouching with his head high and the Seventh Cub beside him, so everyone knew that Seventh Cub had given him a sculpture, and that he had made it himself.

This showed that Second Cub’s magic talent was also very good, and it really was a dragon he built!

Ning Chu, however, had mixed feelings. The first time Seventh Cub learned to use his magic was for fun. He and Sixth Cub were the last dragons to hatch, and they had several older siblings to take care of them at birth, so it seemed like a good idea to raise them to be free and relaxed… 

During the day, he talked to Second Cub, explaining how he should be restrained, or at least not take Seventh Cub to bully other dragons. While Ning Chu was squatting next to the sculpture for a long time, Seventh Cub thought he was admiring it and flew over in a hurry. He scratched Ning Chu’s pant leg and climbed up, so Ning Chu got up and took him into his arms, “Little Seven is amazing, he did a great job.”

In fact, after removing the ring of neck hair, no other features could be seen, and some places were crooked and deformed, but the little dragon cub always had to be encouraged.

“Awoo!” Seventh Cub tilted his head rubbing Ning Chu’s palm, “Wooo…”

“He said he would make one for you,” Wuuth’s voice rang out from behind, translating for Ning Chu, “but it might take longer.”

“There’s no rush,” Ning Chu stroked the head of Seventh Cub, “Little Seven likes to play with this, so you can make whatever you want.”

There was mud all over Dragon Island, so he could play with it any way he wanted. Next to the sculpture, Second Cub and Third Cub were staring at each other.

Second Cub, [……]  

Third Cub, [You won’t thank me? I taught him.]

Second Cub’s eyes were resentful, [I can teach too.]

Third Cub glanced at Seventh Cub still being held by Ning Chu, [He’s not really your own, I can also be Little Seven’s godfather.]

This comment re-angered Second Cub, so the two dragons soon fought again. They knew to stay away from the sculpture on the ground so as not to accidentally break it. Ning Chu saw this scene and helplessly withdrew his eyes, then carried Seventh Cub into the house and took it back to sleep.


This time the coordinates of the random transfer were farther away, and it took several days to get there, and there happened to be a town not far under. The ingredients and dried food was running out quickly, so when they arrived with Dragon Island, Ning Chu took Wuuth out of the island and went to the town to buy more things. They didn’t bring other dragons with them, and flew down quietly on the back of an ordinary dragon.

Wuuth told the common dragon to go hide nearby and wait for their return, while Ning Chu fed the dragon some food by hand.

The town wasn’t far away, and after walking forward for ten minutes or so, he saw a passerby. It had been a long time since he had visited the human world, so Ning Chu planned to walk by slowly and leisurely. Neither he nor Wuuth wore masks or facial disguises, since they weren’t afraid of being recognized.

After about half an hour of walking, they saw the entrance of the village in the distance. It was probably more appropriate to call it a town. This town wasn’t large, but there were many people coming and going at the entrance.

Ning Chu had written a shopping list, but he wanted to check out all the stores along the street, because he wanted to check what else he needed to get in addition to the ones on the list. He was responsible for buying, while Wuuth was responsible for putting it in his storage bag and carrying it all with him.

When he passed a flower store, Ning Chu stopped. The game’s mall also had flower seeds for sale, but the variety was too small, and most of them were practical, so their flowers weren’t very pretty. The area in front of the residential area was very empty, they could tidy it and make a small garden or something… 

As he was thinking about it, a strange middle-aged woman suddenly walked in front of them and looked at Ning Chu with a surprised expression, “You… are…”

Wuuth promptly shielded Ning Chu behind him and took a step back, his eyes alert.

The middle-aged woman came back to her senses, then carefully looked at Ning Chu’s eyebrows, then hurriedly apologized, “Sorry, sorry. I’m sorry, it’s me who mistook this person…”

Ning Chu pulled Wuuth back and smiled at her, “It’s okay.”

After the middle-aged woman left, Ning Chu pushed open the door of the flower store and wanted to bring some flower seeds back.

Wuuth, still concerned about what had just happened, asked in a whisper, “That woman, do you know her?”

There was a time when Ximan of the elves also mistook Ning Chu for one of his people, but this time it was different, Ning Chu was certainly human.

Wuuth didn’t know what was considered similar in appearance, the dragons mostly identified each other by scent, which never failed, but humans could be mistaken for each other, was there really some kind of connection? In all the time they’ve been together, Wuuth has never heard Ning Chu mention his family. He was born from a dragon egg,  but where did Ning Chu come from?

Ning Chu shook his head, “I don’t know.”

He moved closer to choose, and Wuuth followed, asking, “Could it be that you’ve met before and now you don’t remember?”

Ning Chu’s footsteps stopped, as he turned his head with a serious expression, “No, I… have no family here.”

As for the family of this body before he crossed over, he had heard Bowen mention that only a mother was still in his family. When Ning Chu was earning money from the arena in Crow Market, he tried to gather information, but all to no avail. He didn’t have any address or way to contact his family, and his closest classmate, Bowen, didn’t know where Ning Chu lived or what his mother’s name was.

Ning Chu went to the surrounding towns and asked around, but no one knew him or had heard of him. He didn’t tell anyone about it either, for fear of exposing himself. And his old world was mostly impossible to go back to. Even if he had the chance, he wouldn’t want to leave Wuuth and the group of dragons here, so he just accepted that he had died in a car accident at that time, and he no longer existed there.

Ning Chu’s slightly depressed mood was noticed by Wuuth, and he felt that he shouldn’t continue this topic as he took Ning Chu’s hand, “Okay.”

The two of them bought flower seeds and went back. The town mostly had stores with almost no place to hang out or play at, and the area wasn’t that big, the flower store placed at the end of the town. After buying a lot of flower seeds, Ning Chu was in a good mood and quickened his pace on his way back.

The common dragon was still waiting for their return, and when no one was around, the two of them got on the dragon’s back. Ning Chu gave some seeds to Fifth Cub so that she could plant them according to her own preference. Fifth Cub’s talent was suitable for raising flowers and plants, so she happily accepted them and returned to the house with a small bag of seeds in her mouth.

After packing up his things, Ning Chu went into the game, and before he exited, he made a ten-in-a-row draw. Since Seventh Cub was drawn, he hadn’t drawn anything above normal quality, let alone a dragon egg. So he didn’t have any hope at all, but just did it as a routine.

The magic array slowly rotated with the currency invested, and then several prompts popped up.

【Secret Item*1】

【Secret Item*1】


Ning Chu, “……”

After that were all ordinary items, but he didn’t have the patience to check them and opened his backpack directly. Two secret items were lying in the compartment of the backpack, and Ning Chu opened the first one to inspect.

【Name: Interdimensional Shuttle】

【Category: Item】

【Rarity: Legendary level】

【Use: Bored at home? Want to find a place to be alone? Don’t know where to go on your honeymoon? The interdimensional shuttle will solve all your problems. (Double version)】


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