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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu, “!!!”

Was this what he thought it was? An item that allowed him to travel through time and space? And a double version!

Ning Chu stood up in a flash and Wuuth immediately looked at him sideways, “What’s wrong?”

“I…” Ning Chu excitedly grabbed his arm, “I think I can go home!”

Although the description of the device made it sound like it was for tourist transport… There was no other usage or precautions, but the game’s products were always guaranteed, and this was a legendary hidden item.

“Home?” Wuuth’s expression froze slightly.

Ning Chu had never mentioned where he came from, let alone told Wuuth where his home was.

Before returning to Dragon Island, Ning Chu had only said that he had no family, and now he was suddenly so happy, it was as if he had finally found a way to go home… 

“Right!” Ning Chu nodded his head vigorously, “If I’m not mistaken…”

Wuuth didn’t say a word, even though he knew Ning Chu must have a past, he had already classified Ning Chu as a dragon, so suddenly hearing him mention his home, he still couldn’t help but feel a bit lost.

How long was Ning Chu planning to return? For a few days?

Will he suddenly disappear without a trace, like he did at the beginning?… 

Wuuth subconsciously held Ning Chu’s hand firmly and immediately dismissed this thought.

Ning Chu went over and over the lines in the item details, but there were no other hints, and no customer service to turn to, so he couldn’t be completely sure. The only way to verify this was to use it directly… This thing shouldn’t be disposable, right? Even if it was disposable, he could come back, right?

Ning Chu was torn and decided to leave the item alone first, he at least had to be well-prepared in case he crossed directly after opening it. He reeled in his excitement and opened the other hidden item.

【Name: Dragon Island Managing Assistant】

【Classification: Tool】

【Rarity: Legendary】

【Use: Buy supplies, drop food, clear wasteland… Highly intelligent and highly functional managing assistant, which truly allows fully automated management of Dragon Island, and can also develop three management plans for you to choose from based on the current monetary balance and the condition of each Dragon Island!】

Ning Chu’s expression changed slightly. These two items were originally bundled together, right? That was why he drew them all at once.

He clicked use and the item was opened and a message popped up: 【Thank you for using the Dragon Island Managing Assistant! It will take a little time to install, please check the system page later】.

The prompt disappeared, and the installation progress bar appeared in the upper right corner, showing that it was in progress.

Then let’s see how this item worked first, then find the right time to take Wuuth along with him… 

Ning Chu turned off the game, his eyes regained focus, and noticed that Wuuth’s grip on his wrist was a little tighter.

When he turned his head, Wuuth moved his lips, wanting to say something.

Ning Chu was also apprehensive at this point, he still had to ask Wuuth if he was willing to go back with him. If he could really return to his original world, where everything was different from here, and there was no magic, he wouldn’t necessarily like and adapt to it.

But if he didn’t take Wuuth with him, he… didn’t really want to go back by himself either. He had been in a car accident and had crossed over so long ago that he didn’t know what had happened afterwards, and perhaps he had been killed in the accident.

He wanted to visit and check it out, but he only had nostalgia for his previous world. If he really met someone he knew, he still had to consider whether to show himself.

They stared at each other, and Ning Chu spoke first, “Cubbie, do you… Do you want to come back with me?”

Wuuth’s eyes lit up for a moment, seemingly in disbelief, and then he immediately replied, “Yes.”

His unhesitating answer made Ning Chu relax and smile, “That’s good.”

“But,” Ning Chu added, “I’m not sure if it’s possible yet, so I’ll have to try it later.”

Wuuth continued to nod, “Okay.”

He hugged Ning Chu and couldn’t help but reaffirm what he had just heard, “You’re taking me with you… to your home?”

“Yes,” Ning Chu looked up at him, “if I don’t take you, who will?”

“I thought…” Wuuth started to say something, but fell silent midway.

Probably it came so suddenly that he wasn’t prepared for it, so when Ning Chu mentioned going home, he always felt that he was abandoning Dragon Island for good.

Ning Chu didn’t pursue the question, as he cupped Wuuth’s face affectionately, “Also, my hometown is very special, and there’s no magic there.”

A faint trace creased between Wuuth’s eyebrows, “No magic?”

A continent like that… there was such a backward place? There wasn’t even magic. Wuuth felt strange, but didn’t say anything more. He caressed Ning Chu’s back and said, “Okay.”


In the afternoon, the Dragon Island Managing Assistant was finally installed. There was an icon on the main page of the system, and when Ning Chu clicked it, he was almost dazzled by the various settings inside. This tool could indeed do everything as written in the description.

Each kind of good in the mall could be even set to how often to buy and where to use. There were so many things and so many settings that the management scheme given by the assistant was particularly long, and Ning Chu spent the afternoon debugging it himself.

All the dragon islands had been basically opened, a few dragons could go around again to bring back some ordinary dragons until the dragon islands were filled up, and various supplies were put in at a fixed time according to the number of dragons.

The assistant could even set the coordinates to be modified every once in a while. The location had ten presets, beyond which they would be randomly transferred. With food and coordinates out of the way, Ning Chu didn’t need to worry too much about anything else, as the group of magic dragons would take care of Dragon Island.

After setting it up, Ning Chu tried it out for a few days.

There was a lot of uncertainty in traveling through time and space, and he had to make sure that Dragon Island would function properly during his and Wuuth’s absence so that he could leave with no worries. After confirming that the managing assistant was working well and without any problems, Ning Chu called the little dragon cubs and told them that he and Wuuth were going back to his home.

The squad of dragons said they wanted to go too.

If he could, Ning Chu would like to bring Dragon Island with him, but reality didn’t allow him to do so. He sighed, “My hometown is so far away that I have to use a spell to go back, and there are only two places in the spell.”

When Ning Chu said this, the little dragons shut up, since they all knew who the one remaining spot was for.

Fifth Cub was very upset and asked Ning Chu when he would be back.

“Well…” Ning Chu hadn’t thought about it yet, when he suddenly thought of the “honeymoon” written in the item usage and hesitated, “A month.”

A month should be enough time.

Before using the interdimensional shuttle, Ning Chu also prepared some clothes that didn’t look too different from modern people’s. The currencies of the two worlds didn’t match either… When it came time to crossing over, Ning Chu was worried and prepared psychologically before he clicked to use the item.

Maybe he should bring some gold coins with him. Although he wasn’t sure if the gold in both worlds was the same substance, it could always be exchanged for some money… 

However, after the item was opened, Ning Chu realized that his worries were superfluous.

【World Selection】

【Currency exchange】

【Material Purchase】


It turned out that the game had thought of everything for him… Currency exchange could directly exchange the game balance for money from the other world, with a small service fee charge, and the supplies were clothes and supplies that could be purchased in advance. There were even indigenous illustrations that provided a reference on how the locals dressed in each world.

Ning Chu flipped through the catalog and saw all kinds of strange clothing, but the locals didn’t look too different from ordinary humans.

He flipped back further and saw two familiar words.

【Planet Earth】

Ning Chu was so excited that he pulled Wuuth and realized he couldn’t see the game panel. He took a few deep breaths, bought two sets of simple style clothes, and exchanged some of his currency for money.

Wuuth didn’t want to wear the clothes, he could make the same ones himself, but was forced to wear them by Ning Chu in the end. Ning Chu also bought a backpack and brought a storage bag as well, but didn’t put anything in it, everything was placed in the backpack.

It was written in the notes that each world had its own way of functioning and characteristics, and there would be some restrictions in order to avoid corruption and damage. The specific restrictions weren’t mentioned, in case you went to another world where everything about magic could no longer be used, he had to prepare in advance.

He hoped that Wuuth could still maintain his human form after crossing… 

Ning Chu was very thoughtful, or rather he was very nervous, afraid that something would go wrong. He made sure that he had prepared everything he could before he clicked on the world selection.

After choosing the world and the approximate coordinates, Ning Chu paid 20,000 currency.

After he finished paying, two prompts popped up in front of him.

【After the return time, you need to wait 356 days before using the interdimensional shuttle again.】

【The journey is for two people, please choose your companion within three minutes.】

When Ning Chu tried to hold Wuuth’s hand, the system indicated that the selection was successful.

A few moments later, a door appeared in front of the two.

Wuuth, carrying his backpack, asked for the first time, “Is this… a teleportation array?”

When did Ning Chu get this done? He didn’t even feel any fluctuation of magical energy.

“Sort of…” Ning Chu said ambiguously, stepping forward and gently turning the door handle.

A white light emanated from the door, making it hard to see what was on the other side. Ning Chu took a deep breath and pulled Wuuth in with him.

The white light was so blinding that the two of them raised their hands in unison to block it. When the white light faded, Ning Chu opened his eyes and saw a wooden bench with a green area behind it.

They were here! The interdimensional shuttle automatically selected coordinates where no one was, to prevent being bumped into living people when appearing out of thin air. Ning Chu looked around and found that they were in a park.

The sun was at its peak, and it was probably lunchtime. Ning Chu led Wuuth away, and saw several people passing by one after another. The weather was hot, and everyone was wearing summer clothes, while Ning Chu and Wuuth were wearing thick sweatshirts and long pants, so they could feel the heat after a few steps.

Ning Chu raised his hand to block the sun, “Are we wearing too much…? Let’s go buy different clothes.”

Wuuth kept surveying the surroundings, heard a response, and the next moment suddenly clutched Ning Chu’s hand, “Wait, my magic…”

When Ning Chu mentioned the heat, he wanted to use the magic energy to cover both of them, so as to isolate the nearby high temperature, but found no response inside his body.

His magical energy had disappeared.

Ning Chu had guessed that this might happen and hastened to reassure him, “It’s okay, I can’t use it anymore either.”

He pulled Wuuth to the side of the road and lowered his voice, “We don’t have magic here, and they haven’t heard of it.”

Before coming here, Ning Chu tried to explain to Wuuth, telling him that he was from a different world and that everything back home was completely different from what he knew. However, Wuuth didn’t have the concept of crossing over, and didn’t understand much, only thinking that Ning Chu’s hometown was very different.

Only now did he realize how different it was… 

But with Ning Chu’s reassurance, Wuuth quickly calmed down, “Okay.”

Ning Chu squeezed his hand, “Don’t worry, just listen to me.”

A few girls, students judging by their age, walked by them, and they kept glancing sideways in Ning Chu and Wuuth’s direction as they passed.

Wuuth didn’t look back at them, but still saw in the glance of his eyes that they were wearing very little, with most of their arms and legs exposed. He frowned, “Okay.”

Walking through the park, Ning Chu first found a clothing store and tried to change out of his clothes.

There were more and more people around, and Ning Chu and Wuuth were dressed differently from the current season, and they were very good-looking, so many inquisitive or curious eyes were thrown at them.

Ning Chu whispered to Wuuth to explain what was in front of him, cars, traffic lights, crosswalks and so on. Wuuth was quiet throughout, occasionally responding, seemingly expressionless, but actually shocked by what he saw. He wasn’t one to show strong emotions easily, and when he followed Ning Chu to a completely new place, he hid his confusion and nervousness very deeply.

After entering the clothing store, Ning Chu picked out an outfit and went to the dressing room to change first, leaving Wuuth to sit outside on the couch and wait for him.

Not long after Ning Chu left, a girl approached slowly with a cell phone.

“That…” She blushed a little and gathered her courage, “Can I add your WeChat?”

Wuuth raised his eyes to meet hers, confirming that this person was talking to him. But what was she talking about? Adding what? Wuuth was silent for a long time, and the atmosphere gradually became awkward.


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November 16, 2022 11:58 am

Omg Wuuth must be going 😧 crazy! This is going to be nuts😂❤️ thank you, can’t wait to see what happens next😏

November 17, 2022 12:19 am

The reference to Wuuth’s surprise at women with a lot of exposed flesh didn’t surprise me.
Didn’t take long for Wuuth to draw attention; they must make a striking pair.
Hope their visit is a happy one, but that they return to Fifth cub and the others.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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