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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Wuuth looked at the compartment Ning Chu just entered, because Ning Chu said he would come out of it later. Ning Chu wasn’t there, so he didn’t know what this human wanted, and he didn’t know how to answer. Probably as a side effect of crossing different worlds, Wuuth, like Ning Chu, could understand the language here, but not what it meant.

In the past, if someone approached him for some reason, he wouldn’t bother, just walk away or wait for the other person to back off. Now the situation was different, since he was in a completely different world, everything around him was a mystery, and magic no longer existed.

More importantly, he didn’t want to give Ning Chu any trouble. Wuuth didn’t make a sound, his expression looked like a refusal, so the girl’s expression gradually tensed up, as she awkwardly smiled, “Sorry for disturbing…”

Wuuth could understand this sentence, and then the girl left on her own, and he looked a little more relaxed. Just then Ning Chu finally came out of the changing room, he changed into a light-colored short-sleeved shirt, leaving his original long pants on.

Wuuth immediately got up to meet him and followed him every inch of the way.

Ning Chu stood in front of the dressing mirror and saw that the clothes fit well, so he picked one for Wuuth and told him to change himself. Wuuth took the clothes and stood still but didn’t do anything. Ning Chu took one look at him and knew what he was thinking. There were still several customers in the store, and the shop assistant was standing not far away. If he went into the dressing room with Wuuth, it wouldn’t be good if they noticed.

He lowered his voice, “I’ll wait for you at the door.”

Ning Chu said as he led Wuuth to an empty changing room, watched him go in and close the door, then he knocked on the side of the door to indicate that he was outside.

Without magic, Wuuth honestly took off the clothes Ning Chu had insisted he put on before and put on new short sleeves. He quickly changed and opened the door. Ning Chu was still in the same place, with a smile on his face, “Ready?”

The two of them went to the checkout with their new clothes, and in addition to the ones they were wearing, Ning Chu bought several more sets in the same size, and the shopper packed them for him one by one, including the previous ones, while curiously asking questions, “Are you mixed? The color of your eyes is so special.”

Ning Chu was looking at the calendar placed on the desk, and seemed to be in a daze.

Now, five years have passed since his car accident. The speed of time in the two worlds was obviously different. Ning Chu quickly returned to his senses and met the gaze of the shopkeeper, replying absent-mindedly, “Yes.”

He took the bag with the clothes and dragged Wuuth away.

After changing into seasonally appropriate clothes and feeling much more comfortable, Ning Chu planned to hail a cab and find a hotel to stay at first. The cars on the road were driving by, and Wuuth was obviously a bit repulsed by them, since the exhaust fumes from the cars were very unpleasant to him.

After standing on the side of the road for a while, Ning Chu proposed, “Why don’t we just take a walk?”

Wuuth didn’t like cars, so they wouldn’t take one. Although he didn’t have a map, he might be able to find hotels and hostels along the way.

Wuuth had no problem with that, “Okay.”

On the way, Ning Chu continued to introduce to him the function and purpose of each store, which was actually the same as the streets in the town in the other world, but with a different layout.

Halfway through the walk, Wuuth suddenly asked, “What’s WeChat?”

Ning Chu was stunned, “WeChat?”

He remembered that not long ago in the store, he had just come out of the changing room and saw a woman walk past Wuuth, but he didn’t pay attention to her at that time. Ning Chu quickly guessed and his expression was subtle, “Someone asked you for your WeChat?”

He looked like he wanted to laugh but held it back, while Wuuth was expressionless, “Yeah.”

Ning Chu followed up, “And then what? What did you say?”

Wuuth slowed his pace and hesitantly replied, “Nothing.”

He didn’t know if he was doing the right thing, and Ning Chu’s reaction made him even more nervous. But Ning Chu smiled and said, “It’s okay, if someone asks you that question again, just tell them… that you have no WeChat.”

Wuuth nodded solemnly, and after a while asked, “Mixed blood… What’s that?”

He was like a curious baby, asking Ning Chu about everything, but he seemed a little more relaxed compared to staying silent when they first arrived. Ning Chu patiently explained, looking around as he walked, and finally saw a hotel in front of him. He used the currency to exchange a lot of money, enough for them to live here for a month. Renting a house wasn’t easy nor suitable for the short term, so staying in a hotel was more reasonable.

When he was more familiar with the environment, he would show Wuuth around a bit.

Entering the hotel, Ning Chu took out two ID cards and handed them to the front desk, with some apprehension in his heart. The ID card was of course purchased from the game, Ning Chu himself entered the name, while the number and address was automatically generated. The game guaranteed that there wouldn’t be any problems with the materials produced, and they would just destroy everything after the return trip.

The currency exchange money could be used, so the ID card should be used as well… right? If they didn’t have ID cards, he was worried that they’d have to sleep on the street. As for his former place, it was probably long gone as well.

Ning Chu was very hesitant when choosing a destination to visit after crossing, and finally chose a place farther away from his former city. In case he had long been a dead man, appearing in his original place would instead cause trouble. Sure enough, his choice was correct.

Ning Chu rented only one room, and since there was no problem with the ID card, soon a room card was handed to him. The hotel was large and nicely decorated. The two of them took the elevator upstairs, and Wuuth looked at the small enclosed space in front of him with a hesitant face.

“This is an elevator,” Ning Chu took his hand and squeezed it, “It’s like a… like a teleportation array.”

The elevator closed its doors and moved slowly upward, decorated with mirrors on all sides, making Wuuth uncomfortable. Where would a teleportation array look like this? It looked like some kind of torture spell. They finally arrived at their room, which had a clean and tidy environment, and a fairly comfortable bed, so Wuuth finally relaxed. He put down the backpack he had been carrying all the way and surveyed every nook and corner of the room.

This world gave him a wondrous feeling, obviously there was no magic, but there were many things comparable to magic. Ning Chu found slippers to change into and was about to call Wuuth when he turned his head and saw him pick up a box of merchandise on the cabinet and inspect it carefully.

When he saw what Wuuth was holding, Ning Chu blushed, took the box out of his hand and put it down, clearing his throat, “Are you tired after walking for so long? Rest for a while.”

They weren’t able to use magic, so they had to rely on their physical strength, and all that walking made Ning Chu sweat a lot. On the contrary, Wuuth didn’t seem to be affected too much.

Wuuth’s eyes retracted from the small box, “Alright.”

With the sweat on his body, Ning Chu wanted to take a shower and then consider going out for a walk when the evening was cooler. Or they could just rest at the hotel today and have dinner there.

When Ning Chu grabbed the bathrobe in the closet, a hand reached out next to him to take the other one, and Wuuth’s voice rang out, “Come with me.”

It wasn’t like the two of them had never washed together before, so Ning Chu explained to Wuuth in detail on how to use the things in the bathroom. Ning Chu ended up soaking in the tub and sitting on top of Wuuth. As he kissed Wuuth, he intermittently said, “It’s still early…”

It was still bright outside and he resisted a little, but even now, he was still not as strong as Wuuth. Wuuth didn’t say a word as he tried to help Ning Chu prepare as he had done before, but there were no pills here, much less any magical elements. He gradually became impatient, but his movements were still very gentle, and his other hand smoothed Ning Chu’s spine.

Ning Chu’s face grew red and he couldn’t help but say, “Outside… There are things that can be used.”

The curtains were tightly drawn, so Ning Chu casually wiped the water stains with a towel and exited with bare feet. He asked Wuuth to open the box so he could show him how to use it. The first day they arrived in the new world, they were doing this, half of which he initiated, and Ning Chu buried his face as Wuuth nibbled gently on the back of his neck.

Wuuth asked in a low voice, “Why was this here?”

It was like a hotel, Wuuth knew that, but the hotels he had stayed in didn’t have anything in the rooms. That was why when he first came in, he was interested in the various boxes and other items on the cabinets. Ning Chu blushed and said, “This is normal…”

Wuuth’s eyes were mysterious as he picked Ning Chu up and lifted his wet forehead hair, “You were the one who brought me here.”

Ning Chu’s face turned even redder, Wuuth seemed to be saying that he had led him astray, so he stammered and changed the subject, “I… I want to take a shower again.”

“Okay.” Wuuth answered, and lowered his head to give him a kiss on the lips.

In the evening, Ning Chu ordered dinner through room service to his room and asked for a map of the area. He wrestled with the idea of getting a cell phone, but finally gave up; he had cash on him and no one to contact. Besides, it had been five years since he had crossed over, and Ning Chu had thought about calling his old school to ask how things had gone since then.

When he turned his head to look at Wuuth, the thought was dismissed. He shouldn’t care too much about the past. The notes on the interdimensional shuttle also said that he couldn’t disrupt the world at will, and that they were just visitors. He just thought of it as bringing Wuuth back this time, as a belated honeymoon trip for the two of them.

Ning Chu had one last question. When the hotel delivery man brought up the dinner, he called out to him, “Hello, can I ask you a favor?”

He asked the delivery man to search for the game Dragon Island on his phone. After crossing over, the game interface in Ning Chu’s mind wouldn’t open, leaving only a small line of countdown in the corner showing the time they had left here.

The delivery man took out his phone and shook his head after a while, “There’s nothing.”

The delivery man was young and usually liked to play various games himself, but he had never heard of this Dragon Island that Ning Chu was talking about. Ning Chu thanked him and closed the door with a puzzled expression.

So what did he play before?

Thinking back to the beginning, the promotional page of Dragon Island seemed to pop up inexplicably, and he spent his summer vacation alone in a rented house during the time he played, occasionally mentioning it to his classmates and friends, but in the end the topic always died down. Perhaps it was the game Dragon Island that made him cross over, and everything he used to do while playing the game was actually happening in another time and space.

Ning Chu cupped Wuuth’s cheek and lamented, “It’s a good thing I collected all of the icons as soon as I started the game, otherwise I wouldn’t have you.”

Wuuth didn’t understand what he said, but habitually responded, “Yeah.”

The next day Ning Chu woke up early and checked the map to see what places they could hang out and play at.

Wuuth didn’t like cars, so it was best to be within walking distance. Ning Chu looked around and found a large amusement park. He took Wuuth out and went to a roadside stall for some wontons. Ning Chu whispered, “I wonder if I can bring back some specialties.”

They wouldn’t be able to eat noodle dishes like dumplings and wonton stew when they returned, and making their own skin was too difficult for Ning Chu, a half-hearted cook, to do.

Wuuth’s portion was served without chili, and he ate it slowly and methodically, leaving only a little soup at the bottom of the bowl.

After eating breakfast, the two of them went to the entrance of the amusement park.

Today was a weekday, so there were few people inside, just some adults with children playing. Ning Chu cheekily bought two adult tickets, and once inside, he set his eyes on the roller coaster. He tugged on Wuuth’s sleeve, “Do you want to try that? It’s very exciting.”

Wuuth, however, was a bit distracted as he surveyed the various rides nearby and in the distance and said, “That one is a bit like the one on Dragon Island.”

The small amusement park built by Ning Chu on Dragon Island had many things that were very similar to the one in front of them. For example, the slide, the big round swing that kept turning, but this place seemed more worn-down. No wonder Ning Chu spent so much time playing in the playground when he first became a young dragon.

Meeting Wuuth’s gaze, Ning Chu raised his hand and touched the tip of his nose, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

The look in Wuuth’s eyes now was like… He was looking at a little dragon cub, who he was going to catch and fly away with the next moment. Wuuth didn’t answer, just looked towards a building in the distance, “Let’s go there.”

He remembered Ning Chu used to like to lie down in the semi-enclosed dragon nest, picking up the rattan ball to play, so he looked around, and only that building was somewhat similar. The surface of the building was painted black, and the door sign had two words written on it: Haunted House.


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November 17, 2022 5:00 pm

Oh boy😱 a haunted house! Might be a bad idea. I can see Wuuth attacking displays to protect Ning😂🥰

November 18, 2022 3:22 am

I liked this chapter; NC didn’t get ridiculously embarrassed with Wuuth (I understand those feelings, but he’s been with Wuuth so long now, that unless something sexually explorative, it just seems wrong).
NC’s care of Wuuth and telling him he’s glad to have him, was lovely.
Hope the Haunted House survives…. luckily Wuuth has no magic!
Thanks for translating and editing.

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