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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After Josh and Wuuth left, Ning Chu was the first to rush back to the dormitory. He pushed open the door and made sure that all four dragon cubs were safe and sound in the room. It seemed that they hadn’t been found by Josh, so Ning Chu relaxed a little and turned around to lock the door first.

“Aowu!” Third Cub flew over anxiously and told Ning Chu that Wuuth had left with a human just a short time ago.

The other dragons had heard what Josh had said at the door, but they weren’t sure of the situation, except for Third Cub, who remembered.

Wuuth went out two days ago, he looked like he was in a bad state, then asked a question, but when he came back, he only said that he killed a few people, not mentioning anything else. When he heard what another human said just now, Third Cub immediately understood that Wuuth must have taken revenge for Little Five. He killed the Church people, and now the Church was looking for him.

With Wuuth’s strength, Third Cub wasn’tt worried that something would happen to him, not to mention that there were three adult dragons in the room, in addition to the young Little Five.

He was afraid that Wuuth wouldn’t be able to control  himself… and would accidentally kill these people, revealing his identity. Third Cub had spent the longest time with Wuuth, and knew that although Wuuth had been practicing in the human world for a while, his temperament was still that of a dragon’s, and hadn’t changed at all.

He was often very stubborn, and wouldn’t easily change his perception and act. Little Five died and he didn’t want to hurt the innocent humans then, and would never do so. But now he striked against the Church people with impunity, fearlessly leaving traces… So if he wanted to kill someone today, no one could stop him.

Third Cub was a bit worried, what if Wuuth was exposed? If the humans found out that a dragon could take the form of their kind and blend in… 

Hearing Third Cub mention the Church, Fifth Cub shrank back, inexplicably a little scared. She wanted to burrow into Ning Chu’s arms, but Ning Chu was still listening carefully to Third Cub, so she didn’t want to disturb him. Fifth Cub turned her head to look around, but Second Cub and Fourth Cub were right next to her, so she felt relieved again.

Recognizing the words from Third Cub’s mouth, combined with Wuuth leaving with Josh, Ning Chu learned what Wuuth had done after he and Second Cub left, and frowned, “Did he kill Wighton and the others?”

He remembered that there was an elder of some sort called Wighton, with a red bird by his side, his contracted beast. If Wuuth couldn’t wait to strike near the Academy, perhaps there was some kind of trail left behind before the Church came straight to the dean.

Ning Chu sighed silently, Wuuth’s dark talent was too rare and easy to recognize.

Wuuth was still a bit impulsive and could’ve waited for him to return, since he was able to use the four magical talents at will, to ensure that the Church couldn’t find the culprit. Ning Chu thought about it and decided to go over and take a look. Seeing that he was also leaving, the little dragon cubs were eager to follow.

Second Cub was the most exuberant, flying around the room, “aowu!” Fighting? He was the best at that!

“You can’t,” Ning Chu was the first to reject him, finally choosing and taking Third Cub with him, “San San will come with me, while Er Er and Xiao Si stay home and take care of Little Five.”

Second Cub reluctantly stopped and squatted by the bed to watch Ning Chu hide Third Cub’s tiny body in his jacket. He hung his head and looked at his neck hair thoughtfully.


Third Cub said that Wuuth was taken to the conference room at the same time as the students were leaving class, and Ning Chu asked several people, before finding the “conference room” sign on the floor below the instructor’s office. There was no one nearby, so Ning Chu quietly approached the door to hear if there was any movement inside.

A muffled bang sounded from inside the door, and Ning Chu and Third Cub both got nervous.

In the conference room, Wuuth’s face was blue, “You called me?”

He entered the meeting room and sat down for Josh’s sake.

Josh said, “I’ve brought him. My student hasn’t been anywhere outside the academy all this time, he’s just been in the dorm reviewing his homework!” The rest of the instructors looked sideways, but Josh didn’t change his face, “Do you have any more questions?”

The Church elder looked at Wuuth and gestured for his subordinates to come forward and ask questions.

The questions were simple, such as whether he had seen Wighton, where he had seen him, whether he had left school in the last two days, etc. Wuuth wasn’t very good at lying, and his answers were very short, mostly “no”.

He thought to himself, It’s a shame Josh and the other instructors are still here, otherwise how could he be sitting here patiently listening to these people talk.

The Church elder sitting across from him suddenly asked a completely unrelated question, “I heard that there’s a very mysterious student in your school who’s gifted with fire. Not only is his strength equal to Wuuth’s, but they are also good friends.”

At the mention of Ning Chu, Wuuth’s complexion sank, “What’s it to you?”

One of his subordinates said angrily, “What kind of attitude is that…”

The Church elder raised his hand to silence his subordinates and smiled, “The Church is about to recruit new students, that’s why they pay more attention to young people with outstanding talent, don’t misunderstand.”

Several instructors heard his meaning and were a bit surprised, while Josh said in a daze, “You mean, you want to take…”

The Church had the best magical resources, and it was the dream of many magicians to serve in the Church.

At this moment, Wuuth understood what the Church elder meant and his face became even worse, “You think you’re worthy of him?”

The subordinate just now slapped the table and stood up, pointing at Wuuth, “Do you know who you’re talking to?”

The smile that had been hanging at the corners of the Church elders’ mouths slowly faded at this point, and their eyes were cold.

Wuuth’s palm gradually gathered black mist ready to be fired, his eyes showing killing intent, “I don’t need to remember your names.”

It was a great insult to Wuuth that they would even try to get him to join, and these people, too, had their minds set on Ning Chu.

The mentors sensed that something was wrong, and Josh tugged at Wuuth’s sleeve, “There must be a misunderstanding…”

“Misunderstanding?” The Church elder got up, his tone not as gentle as before, “The students taught by your institution are really disappointing.”

The subordinate at the back of the side sneered at Wuuth, “It may not be too late for you to kneel down and confess your mistake to the elder and beg for forgiveness.” As soon as the words left his mouth, it was as if he was choked by an invisible force, gripping his throat with a horrified expression, “What the hell… Cough, uh…”

A circle of black magic elements appeared at his neck, and then with a crack, his neck was directly broken by the force and he fell to the ground. The sudden change of events shocked everyone and they looked at Wuuth who was sitting steadily in his chair.

Wuuth’s face was expressionless, “Say that again?”

Sensing that the situation in the conference room was getting out of hand, Ning Chu was in a hurry and simply opened the door. The door was unlocked, and even though he was prepared, Ning Chu was still surprised to see the scene inside the room.

Wuuth was fighting with a man, and there were several people lying around the table, looking like they had already lost their breath. A few other instructors were slumped over the table, uninjured, probably unconscious.

Wuuth was in human form at the moment, and the dragon’s power was slightly restrained, so the Church elder was able to hold out against him for a while.

Ning Chu’s appearance caught both of them off guard, and Wuuth frowned, “You…”

Wuuth turned his head and hit the elder with a ball of magic in the heart, he was smashed against the wall and blood poured from the corner of his mouth.

Wuuth withdrew his hand and faced Ning Chu with a completely new look, his eyes fluttering, “How did you get here?”

He really didn’t hold back. Ning Chu quickly looked at the scene in the conference room, speechless, “You…”

Wuuth’s gaze went to the few instructors at the table and explained, “I didn’t kill them.”

He only used his dragon’s breath to put them into a temporary coma so that he wouldn’t be prevented from striking.

The Church elder who had fallen to the ground was still breathing, struggling to reach into his arms, but Wuuth noticed, and struck him with another blow that killed him. Neither of them saw that the thing that was in the Church elder’s hand was a small transmitter with the button at the top already pushed.

Ning Chu pulled Wuuth away, trying to get out of here, “Why are you doing it right here?”

If he wanted to deal with these people, couldn’t he wait until after they left the school? What if they were seen here?

Wuuth let Ning Chu pull him, “Didn’t you say you were leaving the academy?”

He was thinking that since they were leaving, there was nothing to care about, and no one would know them outside after they left. Ning Chu turned around and opened his mouth without saying anything.

Third Cub couldn’t help but look up from Ning Chu’s jacket and meet Wuuth’s eyes. Both of them were silent at the same time, and the atmosphere was slightly stagnant. Ning Chu turned his head and dragged Wuuth to continue walking, and as he walked around the corridor, Wuuth was the first to speak, “You really know.”

“Know what?” Ning Chu asked knowingly and gave a soft hmph.

This floor of the conference room wasn’t usually visited by anyone, and the commotion just now hadn’t been noticed. Ning Chu planned to go back to the dormitory and take the three remaining dragons with him, so that he could leave the academy before anyone realized.

Halfway down the stairs, there was a sudden noise of footsteps. With no place to hide around, Ning Chu had no time to take Wuuth and change directions, and collided with the people coming downstairs.

There were seven or eight people in the iconic silver robes. Ning Chu adjusted his expression and looked down trying to pretend he was just passing by. As he passed by several people of the Church, someone twitched his nose keenly and smelled the scent of blood on Wuuth.

His face flushed, and stood in front of the two with his magic staff in his hand, “Wait.”

Ning Chu was still holding Wuuth’s wrist, and could vaguely feel the tightness of his body and the gathering of the magical element.

Oh no.

I don’t know if the commotion would be less this time.

The stairwell was flanked by a small, narrow balcony with trash cans. A breeze suddenly drifted in through the window and tended to grow stronger. Ning Chu heard the sound of trembling and fear; not from Wuuth beside him, but outside the window. He turned his head to see a huge dragon covered in yellowish brown and white scales appearing outside the window, its large body only showing a small part through the window.

“It’s… It’s a magic dragon!”

“How can a magic dragon appear here…”

The Church congregation no longer cared about Ning Chu and Wuuth, some backed up and tried to escape, while others clutched their magic staffs and tried to attack. The dragon opened its mouth, and the hurricane wind swept around Ning Chu and Wuuth and swept the rest of them up, smashing them against the wall.

Ning Chu closed his eyes and opened them again, but the dragon was still in front of him. Outside the building began to become noisy, as the others in the Academy must have seen the dragon as well.

At this moment, the dragon lowered its body shape and revealed a pair of black eyes from the window. At the same time, two baby dragon cubs, one purple and one green, emerged from the dragon’s thick white neck fur.


The author has something to say: 

Second Cub, a very dog-like dragon


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Hero Second cub!!

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Had Wuuth ever considered that breaching the Church from the inside, might have been a good plan?
The Church is amazingly arrogant though.
Now everyone will know what’s taken place though.
Hoping they get away.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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I want to bury my face in Er Er’s neck fluff so bad…

Thank you for the translation!

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