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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“!!!” Ping Mo immediately exploded. Four claws and paws flung out to break free, but Pei Yutu first pressed him down, then turned the whole cat over, as he buried his face in the cat’s soft, fluffy belly, rubbed, and kissed loudly, before he sighed, “Long time no see. I missed you.”

He couldn’t touch the humanoid Instructor Ping, but he could touch the cat all he wanted. Pei Yutu took Ping Mo in his arms and rubbed him. Ping Mo’s face was deformed, not to mention his butt and tail, and he was struggling and cursing, “Meow, meow, meow, meow!”

Pei, you’re fucking done!

Pei Yutu didn’t understand cat language, but he knew Instructor Ping very well and pinched his balls, “Little thing, you’re cursing at me!”

Ping Mo, Fuck!

Pei Yutu was satisfied with the long-lost cat’s balls, finally put Ping Mo down and happily went to take a bath. He left Instructor Ping laid out on his back on the floor with his four paws and belly facing the sky, covered in tequila-smelling pheromones and stinky sweat from Teaching Assistant Pei’s night run. Ping Mo felt dirty.



While Instructor Ping was thinking angrily about his cat life, Pei Yutu had already come out of the shower, having washed off the sweat from his workout, and now had a fresh mint body wash smell mixed with a faint scent of tequila. His short hair was dripping wet, but it was still hard and thick,which proved it was never very obedient. It made him seem more and more like a prickly porcupine. At the moment, because it was still damp, it temporarily obeyed a little, and together with a set of home pajamas, it smoothed out Pei’s fierce soldier temperament, and left a relaxed home atmosphere. Ping Mo was in a momentary trance, as he thought about how the scene was quite warm, and it overlapped with his fantasy of retirement life.

However, Teaching Assistant Pei quickly shattered Instructor Ping’s beautiful fantasy as he pulled out a laser pointer, “Little thing, mew, mew, mew. Let’s play with this!”

Ping Mo, “…”

Instructor Ping lay on his back on the floor, and forced himself to ignore the laser pointer.

However, the point of light seemed to be very easy to catch. After he became a cat, he was more or less affected by the nature of cats, so he really wanted to pounce on the point of light, ah!

By the time he reacted, the whole cat had already rolled up, bowed his waist, swung his tail, leaped and pounced on the back wall, which caused Pei Yutu to burst into laughter.

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha! So adorable!!”

“!!!!” Ping Mo, “Meow, meow, meow!”

God damn it!

Instructor Ping was so angry that his white fur hackled. Unfortunately, his cat form was too cute, with a pink nose and big eyes. Even his paw pads were a soft pink. So although his fur hackled and he made a threatening sound, he wasn’t scary, but rather like a soft, sticky, gooey ball of fur.

He huffed and puffed and pointed his butt at Pei Yutu, and buried his round head in his paws, and, well…he looked even rounder.

Teaching Assistant Pei simply threw away his laser pointer, and was unable to resist poking his fat, fluffy, round butt with his hand. “What’s wrong?”

Ping Mo jerked his round head out, tail up, and made a threatening sound.

Now that he knew the truth, it was impossible for him to be cute like before and ask for petting. Not in his lifetime. However, Teaching Assistant Pei wasn’t threatened at all. Instead, he slapped him from his round head to the tip of his tail, and his tone was almost spoiled, “Just being cute!”

Ping Mo was almost pressed to the ground by this rough petting technique, followed by a pointed finger from Pei Yutu. Before he could resist, the big hand skillfully scratched his chin, then went from chin to belly, with moderate force and reasonable rhythm, which was actually quite comfortable.

Ping Mo gave in to his cat’s instincts. After a few minutes of hard work he was relaxed on all fours, and had spread himself out into a cat cake and let Pei Yutu do the “horse-killing chicken” for him 1, and couldn’t stop purring in comfort. In no time at all, he was so happy that the tip of his tail waved gently.

Forget it. Take a shower, and look at the watch. A second of comfort was a second of comfort.

Anyway, right now he was just a kitten that could be pushed down with one finger. The possibility of finding Pei Yutu to settle accounts was almost zero. He had to wait until after he became human again.

The next afternoon, Pei Yutu arrived at the training site on time with the cat in his arms. Since the military skills competition was approaching, the recent training hours were lengthened. When he arrived at the training site, Instructor Ping jumped onto the balance beam, squatted, and gazed at the students.

The military skills competition had been a tradition of the four military universities, including the AMTC, for many years, and was crucial to the students’ overall grades, scholarships, and if they got a good ranking. It could even be a doorway to a popular position in the Military Ministry after graduation.

Although Instructor Ping couldn’t personally instruct, he could carefully observe, see where each student’s weak points were. When he returned to human form, he would come up with a few sets of programs according to everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, then the group training should take half the effort.

Unknowingly, Ping Mo no longer felt that he was sent to school to ‘take care of the children’, but had really taken on the role of a teacher, and sincerely hoped that the students could have a good future.

However, now that he was serious about this small group of hairy children, in between training sessions, he took advantage of Teaching Assistant Pei not paying attention to him to run out to get petted by the students. 

“…” Instructor Ping felt that he really needed to make sure that no one else knew how he acted in his cat form!


Meanwhile, on Taiping Street, inside the Wind Chimes Bar, a team of uniformed alpha men who wore explosion-proof goggles burst in. The captain gave an order to quickly block all the entrances and exits of the bar.

The alpha team was well-trained, orderly, and loud, so they weren’t the same as the police officers who usually came to clean up the bar, as they scared the waiters into the backyard then searched for the second boss.

Although the Wind Chimes Bar was Ghost Ear’s property, Ghost Ear himself was invisible, and rarely returned to the main star, so it was always the second boss who was in charge.

The second boss was forty years old, with a flat head and tall. He was wearing a tight black T-shirt which made his beer belly startlingly visible, the gold chain around his neck was thick as a thumb, his eyes were a little red, and when he talked you could still smell the fermented alcohol, stinky and sour. It was like last night’s hangover hadn’t yet woken up.

“Officers, we are a serious business. While activities in the bar occasionally lead people to have drunken sex, that’s also human nature, and we have nothing to do with it, ah.”

An alpha with a blaster, “Who told you it was pornography?”

If it’s not pornography, it’s a serious problem! The second boss was so scared that he was half frozen.

The man in charge opened his mouth, “Call your boss to come out.”

The second boss swallowed his saliva. “I’m the boss.”

The leader was still wearing explosion-proof goggles and a uniform hat, so his appearance couldn’t be seen, was actually someone known. Cheng Cheng.

“I mean Ghost Ear.” Cheng Cheng said.

When the second boss heard that name, he completely panicked, “He, he, he, he, he has not returned to the main planet for a long time, ah!”

Cheng Cheng didn’t have the patience to waste words with the second boss, and only said one word to his men, “Search!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the well-trained team members rushed into the interior of the bar.

“Hey, hey, hey! How can they just search? Stop them! Stop them!” The second boss barked orders at his own waiters, but would anyone dare to stop them?

A few moments later, a team member returned to report, “Captain, the first team–“

Cheng Cheng interrupted him, “Call me Vice Captain.”

The team member paused, as he remembered their Team Leader Ping who had been transferred. He sighed in his heart, changed his words as well as his heart. “Vice Captain Cheng, the first team did not find any trace of the target.”

“Report! The second team has no trace of the target.”


When the second boss heard that Ghost Ear was not there, his heart also settled down. His elder brother was worthy of surviving in the extraterritorial world. When he smelled something wrong, he ran faster than a rabbit!

Although this bar was Ghost Ear’s property, it has nothing to do with black business. To put it bluntly, this was Ghost Ear’s long-prepared way out of the business.

However, just as the second boss had breathed a sigh of relief he saw the Vice Captain point at him as he gave the order, “Take him away.”

The second boss immediately quit. “You can’t arrest me! I am a law-abiding citizen, even if I have been fined by the pornography office, there have been no major offenses. Our business license, business permit, tax registration…all three certificates are complete! Even if you suspect Ghost Ear, it has nothing to do with me! I don’t want to go with you, I want to apply for legal aid!”

The alpha holding him whispered a curse, “You know the fucking law.”

Cheng Cheng wasn’t in the mood to listen to his nonsense, and said coldly, “This is an E Group operation. We only listen to orders, we never need evidence. Someone seal his mouth!”


When Pei Yutu saw the two suitcases in the foyer, he caught the cat and beat its ass, causing Ping Mo to curse and “meow, meow, meow” all the time. Where did he get the nerve to see the ‘evidence’? Since the T-shirt was in the pile of clothes, he remembered, then came back to provoke him!

Teaching Assistant Pei had his own ideas. He had agreed to stay for a long time, but Ping Mo hadn’t touched the suitcase. Was he determined to take the bag and leave at any time? So when he saw the two boxes, his heart was aggrieved. As a fierce man, the way Teaching Assistant Pei vented aggression wasn’t in the natural way, to cry, but to give the culprit a beating out of anger.

However, he couldn’t really beat the kitten. Kitten Ping’s fat cat body, thick hair and meaty buttocks would be nothing. Besides, once Ping Mo was human again, he would have no chance to get close to him so he might as well take this opportunity to mooch.

Anyway, Ping Mo wasn’t aware he already knew that he was a cat.

Pei Yutu couldn’t help but think of how Instructor Ping refused to tell him that he was a cat because he would lose face, so Pei could only eat the dumb loss every time. Pei Yutu couldn’t help but want to be happy, and his heart was a little itchy. When could he pet the real Instructor Ping?

As it turned out, people were not allowed to make wishes, because maybe one accidental wish would come true.

The little kitten, who had somehow been slapped twice, was puffing up his fur and had turned his back on Pei Yutu. In the next moment, he was suddenly gone. Ping Mo had already felt the change in his body’s pheromones a few minutes earlier, and had a premonition that he was going to turn back into a human.

According to Instructor Ping’s character, the ‘big change’ was something he absolutely refused to let others see, but today he was angry. Pei knew he was a cat, but he used a laser pointer to tease him, and most importantly, he dared to hit him!

Ping Mo felt he couldn’t wait a minute longer. As soon as he turned back into a human, he had to beat him up!

So, Teaching Assistant Pei watched the cat disappear, and the next second, a naked cat-eared boy appeared. In addition to cat ears and a long tail, Instructor Ping’s body did not have a single wisp of anything to hide behind, and because his back was turned, his white buttocks were prominent with a clear, red palm print. That was Teaching Assistant Pei’s work.

“Fuck!!!” The visual stimulus was so great that Pei Yutu almost didn’t catch his nosebleed when he saw Instructor Ping turn around and walk over to him.

Pei Yutu froze in place and felt for a moment that he wanted to try again to see if he was dreaming. Then he saw the pretty white cat-eared boy swinging his fist violently, his fist wrapped in a strong wind.

Teaching Assistant Pei’s nose bled in the end.


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Translator Notes:

  1. “horse-killing chicken” is read as ma-sha-ji aka massage. LOL


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Drielly Sena
Drielly Sena
September 3, 2022 8:46 pm

Honestly, Ping Mo is already making me angry. All he needs to do is argue that he always wanted to be with a woman to complete the cliché. I’m for Pei Yutu. Too much patience to chase this wife. I don’t know, I wanted to see Ping Mo suffering from Pei Yutu’s rejection to stop being silly. But Pei Yutu has less self-love than I do when I read anguish novel… In short, ML is looking for suffering.

September 4, 2022 2:53 am

These two really need to talk it out more!
Thanks for translating, the T/N and editing.

September 4, 2022 5:50 am

Thank You for the new chapter (。’▽’。)♡

February 11, 2023 1:46 pm

Lol. The ending made me laugh

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