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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Gwyndolyn


“Jenas? Jenas, wake up soon.”

The only light in the quiet room was dim. The girl looked a little confused at the moment, but she didn’t seem to care about it. Instead, she carefully strolled from the corner to the side of the room, then lowered her voice and cried.

“… Miss Ellie.” After a while, another man’s voice came from the room. It was Jenas, the one Ellie had called for.

“Are you all right?” Beautiful blonde hair was scattered over his shoulders, and Ellie looked anxious as she asked, “Can we get Maka out of here, and then we’ll try to get out of here?”

Maka was the name of Jenas’ contract beast, which was a fierce black bear. The strength of the contract beast was, in many ways, proportional to its owner; thus it could be seen that Jenas was not weak.

If he summoned his contractual beast and combined his spiritual strength, it would not be impossible for him to take Ellie out with him.

“No.” Jenas, however, tried to move his body, shaking his head and his wrists behind him where his metal ring encircled his hand. He said, somewhat depressed, “This is the Omega area… And a unique stone called magnetite, is fastened around my wrist. It’s used to block the use of mental strength, and will interfere with the brain.”

Once the psychic was disturbed, he was likely to lose control, which may harm Ellie instead. Although everyone had different degrees of resistance to magnetite, he had seen people who could completely resist magnetite, but he… His resistance to magnetite was very weak; at this time, his use of mental power would be 100% reduced.

Moreover, he was too familiar with the methods of those people; even if they created movement within the stillness, the guests would never find them. Jenas’ eyes flashed when he thought of it.

He did his best to escape and then cast aside all his identity to carefully guard Ellie’s side. He did not realize that this had not escaped their eyes and was what had put Ellie in such a predicament.

It was precisely because they had fought side by side that the group knew better than anyone how weak his resistance to magnet stones was. They were so confident that they put the handcuffs on him and left him inside.

“Can we also rush out, as long as we create a commotion, the guests outside will surely find us? I don’t believe I can’t beat so many guests, in this whole meeting hall!” Ellie was still young. She was not old enough to understand Jenas’ anxiety at the age of sixteen. She could only wrinkle her nose and continue to say, “And if you don’t address it quickly, it will become more dangerous.”

He was a little dizzy, Jenas thought, but at this point, he could not say it, so he lowered his voice as gently as he could. “I’m all right. Wait a second. I didn’t see the Marshal at the meeting. If he wasn’t there, that means he would have found something wrong with the venue.”

When Ellie heard Jenas’ words, she immediately wiped her lips and looked very unhappy with a slightly green face. “He won’t come. Today is the third day of his trial with the Divine Realm. He must have met his fiance and he won’t care about me.”

“Ellie…” Jenas felt the dizziness getting stronger and stronger, but he had to work hard to suppress his nausea. Then he continued to whisper comfortingly, “The Marshal, he’s very kind to you. Even if he doesn’t come, he’ll send gifts. Weren’t all the gifts he gave you in the past years your favorite gifts?”

“No!” Ellie clenched her fist as if she had been pricked by a sharp point, and her mood was instantly agitated. “My favorite gift is from brother Xiao Bai, not him! If it weren’t for him, everything would not have happened. If it hadn’t been for his brother, Xiao Bo, what fiance did he go see? Brother Xiao Bo paid so much for him that his life was gone. Why was he able to live in ease?!”

When Jenas heard the familiar name coming out of Ellie’s mouth, his nose turned sour, and his mind flashed through the figure that he had seen countless times, the one that was almost engraved in his heart. It took him half a day to grit his teeth and calmed down forcibly, whispering Ellie’s name.

At this time, the voice of a man who looked stable and robust was unusually gentle. Soon afterward, the little whimper of a girl came from the room.


Chen Bai used to be in the industry, using famous little words to describe it, he was called a secret agent, but the business seemed to be a bit more than the agents, and the nature was relatively skewed. Before Myron picked them up, they were just like a gang of domestic killers.

But in a word, Chen Bai was much more sensitive than ordinary people because he had done such a job before and he knew more about certain things than Mike, the herald who had been with Marshal for half a year.

For example, in the newsletter just now, the “Death Star I” they were talking about, after Mike said it, but Chen Bai was quite sure of everything.

The so-called Death Star I was one of the secret projects launched by the military department several years ago, which was the traditional brain interference technique. The project was initially discovered by special forces heading for hunting in the Omega region. On a planet in the corner of the mysterious Omega region, spiritual power could quickly get out of control when spiritual power was close to it.

Dr. Einbergen was very young at that time, but his mentor was very excited about the news. He persuaded the coalition government for a long time and finally got a stone from the planet.

This was the magnetite.

After that, for a long time, the coalition government kept the project confidential. After all, it was a stone that directly affected people’s spiritual power. Imagine if the other side took out only one stone on the battlefield, it would make the whole army fall into a melee. What would that scene be like?

For the sake of people’s stability, or anything else, at least until now, the coalition government had not publicly acknowledged the existence of magnetite. Magnetite used on the Gar stations, causing soldiers brain interference, was attributed to ‘fatigue and lack of practice.’

But, in the vast universe, there were indeed some things that were inherently incompatible with spiritual existence. Although not publicly recognized, the Federal Government and the Academy of Sciences had not abandoned this area of research and called it the “Dead Star I” project.

The Marshal himself, who received the communication, seemed calm and at ease.

On the other end of the communication, it was a strange sound as the person had changed their voice, “I will only give you twenty minutes. If I do not see all the information about Death Star, I will interfere with the brain of the hostage. Then I will play the whole process on all the screens across the Alliance making all the people watch the incompetence of the military.”

Chen Bai stood behind Heinz, just at the point where Mike could not fully see him. He put his arms around his chest, and his wrist strap recorded the sound. Mani was doing an audio analysis.

Although Mike couldn’t see Chen Bai from his point of view, Chen Bai could catch the expression on Mike’s face. For example, when the other person spoke of brain interference, Mike’s expression turned stiff.

Brain disturbance was something every mental person couldn’t be afraid of. What kind of actions a person who had their brain disturbed did was uncontrolled. If they could control a strong mental person who had a disturbed brain, what he may do was not within the scope of expectation at all. Whether it was suicide or homicide, anything was possible. Too many people had the ability and could be among the guests. Whatever choice they made, they would surely become a piece of sensational news. At that time, even the government had been trying to conceal it, and the mental disturbance would be exposed immediately.

“What, what Death Star I… And what does brain interference mean?” Mike’s eyes widened. He had never heard of this before. Brain disturbance could already be done. And even if the other party had such a healthy spirit, could so many guests be controlled at the same time?

“Twenty minutes.” 

Chen Bai touched his chin and squinted at the time given by the other party.

“Kureya’s on her way.” As Heinz spoke, he lowered his head and looked at the message on the screen. “It’ll be about five to ten minutes.”

Even though he didn’t understand how things had developed to this point, Mike couldn’t help asking, “Marshal, Marshal, you need to get that thing and… exchange?”

Heinz was silent for a moment. After turning his eyes around to look at Mike and Chen Bai, he took back all the electronic screens he had just released, neither acknowledging nor denying them. As the light on the watch went out, he rushed to Mike, “Take care of Xiao Bai, wait here for Kureya, I’ll be back in a minute.”

After Heinz had said this, he turned around without looking at Chen Bai and then left the place until the Fire Beacon slowed down and disappeared from Chen Bai’s and Mike’s eyes.


“I…l I don’t understand anything?” Mike looked at the direction of the Fire Beacon disappearing and felt puzzled. What Death Star I? What brain manipulation? No one could do this and Major General Kureya would be there soon even though they had no time to find a way to break through. Why did the Marshal make such a silent compromise? He hadn’t even seen the whole venue, and he didn’t know too much about it. Why did things go directly to this point? Mike felt as if he had suddenly been caught in some strange whirlpool. How could he begin to understand everything tonight?

Mike had his confusion written on his face, but Chen Bai remained indifferent. Not until Heinz had been gone nearly two minutes, did he hear Mani’s voice.

“Sound analysis is finished, big black is right.” After a lot of talking, a sound was transmitted to Chen Bai’s wristwatch. “I’ve seen it in the system information just now. The procedure of signal fluctuation is the same one that I detected in the underground trading market this afternoon.”

This sentence was like a brick in Chen Bai’s heart. He found out that the guests were under control and he roughly guessed the accurate information. The original silent person against the wall suddenly took a step forward.

“Chen, Mr. Chen…” Mike was not used to calling out to Chen YiBai. After thinking for a while, he said, “Did you hear anything just now?”

It was only then that Mike realized that Chen Bai had stood so close to him.

“No.” Chen Bai smiled at him, and his voice was so comfortable that he couldn’t help closing his eyes. “There was no sound at all.”


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June 23, 2021 7:49 pm

Interesting! I wonder what Heinz figured out that he went out there?! CB is so diligent, I can see how he is Heinz equal for sure!

June 24, 2021 4:44 am

So, those behind this hijacking, are the same group Chen Bai was after earlier and are hus misson.
Jenas seems to have once bee connected to them, but wanted out.
Besides Death Star 1, is Heinz who they want?
So happy to get this chapter; thank you! 🤗

January 19, 2022 5:14 am

I’m sorry but am I the only one who thinks the translation is little jumbled? I don’t mean any offence, translator nim. Thank you for your work.😍

March 21, 2022 10:27 pm

Oh! So their mission target appeared here? Chen Bai’s target is actually targetting Heinz? Interesting.

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