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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

(Addis note: Hey guys, sorry for no releases last week, we had RL issues to deal with. We were going to spleen this chapter into two, but because we missed two releases last week, it’s going out as one mega chapter. Thanks for reading this novel and staying around on our site.)


There was the sound of something heavy hitting the ground accompanied by someone coughing and choking on blood. “A’Qing…”

Even though Chu WuQing couldn’t see anything, he knew that it was Su BeiCi having fought her way in all by herself. Unfortunately, no matter in this life or his past life, Su BeiCi had never been nearly as strong as DanTai ZiYan!

Though Su BeiCi could suppress the ShangYuan disciples’ array and destroy all those artifacts, but unless DanTai ZiYan gave explicit approval, there was no way she could get into the other’s well-guarded immortal’s abode.

Chu WuQing felt his heart jump, that was SuBeiCi’s voice!

“DanTai ZiYan.” His sword pressed against the other man’s neck. Even though countless attempts had taught him he wasn’t able to hurt this bastard no matter how hard he tried, the sword in his hand was the only dignity he had remaining. “Let her go!”

“Let her go?” The hints of a smile surfaced in the other’s grey eyes, so gentle, it could melt anyone caught in that gaze. His slender fingers flicked the tip of the sword, and he licked his lips. “A’Qing likes her that much?”

“That’s right.” For the first time, Chu WuQing’s cold gaze grew warm, ever so sweet. “She’s a good girl, of course I like her. My father would also like this daughter-in-law. DanTai ZiYan, you will pay for what you’ve done today.”

The sword was gripped tightly in DanTai ZiYan’s hands. As he tugged on it, the green vines pulled Chu WuQing into DanTai ZiYan’s arms. He struggled furiously to no avail. DanTai ZiYan lowered his head, able to taste the tempting scent unique to Chu WuQing’s body. He stretched out his tongue, licking the shell of Chu WuQing’s pretty ears and took his earlobe into his mouth, biting it lightly. “You’re mine. You can only be mine.” The sound of the young man’s embarrassed anger, the barely suppressed sobs, his misted and hateful eyes… all of it could so easily draw out the dirtiest, darkest desires within a man.

“QingQing, it’s you who seduced me.” DanTai ZiYan’s bright eyes darkened, tearing off Chu WuQing’s clothes.

“My dear, don’t you want to see that person?” He stroked the smooth, silky skin of Chu WuQing’s cheeks, as if touching the most precious treasure in the world. Yet, it was accompanied by a violent and aggressive assault, like a raging storm.

“DanTai ZiYan!” Chu WuQing cried out shrilly, “What the hell do you want!”

DanTai ZiYan chuckled. “All I want is for you to promise to never leave me. If so, I’ll let you see Su BeiCi everyday if you want.” He pulled Chu WuQing’s hand over his heart, on his chest so that he could feel the thud of life vibrating under his fingers. “A living Su BeiCi, too.”

“I promise.” Chu WuQing frowned. Even though he didn’t trust DanTai ZiYan, he didn’t have any choice but to agree.

The second day, the fog slowly dispersed, and the true form of the immortal’s abode was revealed to Chu WuQing, including the thin, haggard Su BeiCi.

Su BeiCi’s gaze was solemn, and those once beautiful, bright eyes were completely blood-shot. His entire form seemed grey and dying.

“A’Qing, I know you’re here,” Su BeiCi cried out over and over again as he reached out towards empty air. “Please, give me a reply!”

It was clear that she had seemingly lost the life in her body because she was so desperately searching for him.

Chu WuQing hurriedly stood. They were in the same space, yet it was like Su BeiCi couldn’t see him at all or figure out where he was. All the other could do was wander around this area aimlessly, feeling the air to try and look for him. In those hands held a token, an item for emergencies left by the only Nascent Soul of this world before he had left.

This item held a good half of a Nascent Soul cultivator’s cultivation. Once triggered and made to erupt, it was comparable to the attack of a Late Stage Nascent Soul cultivator!

But, this was only provided he could actually find Chu WuQing.

“A’Qing, please speak to me. I can save you and take you away from here.” This token was from a private deal between him and a Nascent Soul senior. Something Chu WuQing didn’t know about, because the requirements for triggering it, apart from making it erupt, was to offer his own Golden Core as a sacrifice.

As he spoke, Su BeiCi activated the token, using it to produce the aura of a Nascent Soul cultivator. The entire immortal’s abode seemed to grow restless and agitated, and Su BeiCi’s enchanted robes even began to crack!

This kind of activation could only last ten breaths with his cultivation. It wasn’t long before the aura disappeared. He licked the blood from the corner of his lips and muttering. “QingQing, can you feel it? If you do, please respond.”

So that was why!

Chu WuQing immediately understood why DanTai ZiYan would make him promise something like that. It was because Su BeiCi didn’t come in here to die, but instead actually had the ability to get him out.

“I’m here!” Chu WuQing called out desperately. He wanted to walk forwards to let Su BeiCi touch him, but the fog reappeared and layers of lotus flowers welled up from beneath his feet, vines and branches growing out rapidly.

“A’Qing, you didn’t behave.” DanTai ZiYan suddenly appeared behind him, tightly embracing him. More and more vines crawled up Chu WuQing’s body and bound him, like countless hands touching him and peeling away his clothes. “You care so much for that person… you really break my heart.”

“No, you can’t!”

Not now! Not in front of A’Ci!

Chu WuQing was only a step away from Su BeiCi, trapped in this illusory realm, but it was like being a world apart. They couldn’t reach each other at all.

And below, DanTai ZiYan was still deep inside his body.

The man’s body covered him, muttering into his ear over and over again, “You’re mine, only mine.”

“WuQing, WuQing…”

Day after day, like a never-ending nightmare.

All the way until three months were up, Lin Yi fully inherited the legacy he received and the lower realm opened up again.

Only then was DanTai ZiYan forced to release Chu WuQing. After all, his cultivation was enough to allow him to do whatever he wanted in the lower realm, but it was nowhere near enough to fight against the powerful cultivators outside, like the Clan Head of the Chu Clan.

Once everyone left the lower realm, they were shocked by what they saw outside.

The powerful and respected Late Soul Transformation stage Chu Clan Head and the patriarch of the Artificer Lineage of the ShangYuan Sect, a Void Comprehension cultivator they couldn’t even dream of meeting… they were all waiting outside!

It was because of this that no one dared leave. After all, with these elites of the cultivation world still here, how would they leave first? In any case, wasn’t this a juicy piece of gossip? It was obvious all this had to do with Chu WuQing! Wow, would the Chu Clan and the ShangYuan Sect start a fight here?

To everyone’s shock, Chu WuQing returned in DanTai ZiYan’s arms.

The young man seemed to hold Chu WuQing ever so carefully, gentle like he was holding a fragile treasure, but Chu WuQing was the only one who knew how much strength DanTai ZiYan was using. He was unable to struggle at all, locked in the other’s embrace. Even though he wanted nothing more than to kill the other, he was forced to appear in front of everyone in such a humiliating state.

DanTai ZiYan didn’t show any fear when faced with the curious gazes of the crowd. He wanted everyone to see just how close he and WuQing were.

After putting Chu WuQing down, DanTai ZiYan knelt before Chu HuanZhi and said, “Father-in-law, please give us your blessing. I and WuQing have already consummated our marriage.”

The entire crowd went into uproar because of these words. Everyone else had come to the lower realm for the treasure and inheritance, but DanTai ZiYan had ulterior motives under that!

Before any of them could muster their desires to gossip, an inexplicable presence descended, the powerful aura like the presence of the heavens, oppressive and making it hard to breathe. They fell to their knees in submission.

They were too afraid to even look towards Chu WuQing, their desire to gossip crushed.

There was the sound of a sword slicing through the air, and darkness devoured the dawn, a massive sword striking down from the starry skies!

“Clan Head Chu.” Then came a powerful voice that held the power of countless eras past. When this voice was heard, the kneeling crowd felt as if they had been encased in ice, their blood and their very souls frozen. It was like time itself had stopped.

Time no longer existed!

The earth trembled, and then the immense sword above disappeared, the night sky vanishing and returning to day.

The two powerful, soul-shaking presences also dispersed. Everything had returned to normal.

Though they didn’t see it directly, everyone knew what had happened. Chu HuanZhi had been enraged by DanTai ZiYan’s words, and the Soul Transformation powerhouse had actually attacked a Golden Core stage junior!

However, while Chu HuanZhi’s cultivation was high, the ShangYuan Sect Elder was at Late Void Comprehension stage, at the top of the entire cultivation realm and only a step from ascension.

The Chu Clan Head’s attack had naturally been easily neutralised by the elder.

“Clan Head Chu, though I don’t know what occurred within the realm, this is between these two juniors. You’re a Soul Transformation stage elite cultivator. It isn’t appropriate for you to attack a young Foundation Establishment stage junior like that.” The Void Comprehension patriarch seemed calm and composed on the outside, but inside, he was shocked. Neutralising Chu HuanZhi’s attack seemed like an easy matter, but it wasn’t nearly as easy as he made it look. He had interfered without any preparation, and it had cracked his meridians.

Was this really the strength of a late Soul Transformation stage cultivator? He had never seen anything like this… after all, he was only a step away from ascension.

The difference between Void Comprehension and Soul Transformation was even greater than the difference between Soul Transformation and Nascent Soul. This was a difference between relying on the Path of the world and having the Path of the at one’s fingertips to use as they wished. Many people had heard of prodigiously talented Nascent Soul cultivators defeating Soul Transformation cultivators.

However, a Soul Transformation cultivator defeating a Void Comprehension cultivator… that had never happened before. This gap wasn’t something that prodigious talent and control over spiritual energy could make up for.

It was like the difference between a mortal and a true immortal. It was two completely different worlds.

“Daddy,” Chu WuQing called out. “Don’t, you don’t need to do this for me. I will kill him myself. I’m your son.” DanTai ZiYan’s power roused Chu WuQing’s competitiveness and battle lust. He wasn’t someone who could only live under his father’s wing.

If he relied on his father to take his revenge, then that was no different from his previous life! In his past life, he had struggled, barely surviving, under his father’s protection due to his destroyed cultivation and body. He was practically a useless, living corpse, devoid of dignity with no future to speak of!

But now, he was different.

Chu WuQing straightened out his clothes, shaking his wrinkled sleeves and walking to stand in front of DanTai ZiYan.

Even though there was a heavy veil over Chu WuQing’s face, the crowd still found it hard to shift their gaze away. Not just because of curiosity about what was to happen, but because of the powerful and elegant figure he cut.

This hard to explain elegance seeped into every movement and word, striking their hearts.

No one noticed while Chu WuQing was in DanTai ZiYan’s arms, but now, standing tall, he shone bright like a diamond.

 DanTai ZiYan stared obsessively at Chu WuQing, but the light in his eyes slowly went out. “Even with that veil that hides your visage, QingQing is still the center of everyone’s attention… hm? There’s always so many people who are trying to steal him from me.”

Chu WuQing’s white boots stopped right in front of where DanTai ZiYan knelt and he said coldly, “Listen here. I’ll pay you tenfold for all the humiliation you inflicted on me in the lower realm. I, Chu WuQing, in death or in life, have nothing to do with you, DanTai ZiYan.” He smiled , turning around without any emotion. “As for what happened between us… It was just sex. So what? I’ll just treat it like I got bit by a mad dog.” And who would become partners with a lowly dog?

Chu WuQing’s words enraged all the people who were from the QingBo Higher Realm. They wanted to kill this arrogant, ignorant person who dared disrespect a member of the ShangYuan Sect!

A dog? Who did he think he was? He was nothing but the son of a clan head of a small clan in a middle realm. He wasn’t even the successor. 

Yet, there was a Soul Transformation cultivator here and their Void Comprehension patriarch. Those two didn’t say anything, so no one else dared speak either. They endured it, but they didn’t hide the rage in their eyes.

A Golden Core Zhenren* even thought that this would be a great chance for him to stand out and get in the patriarch’s good books, and thus said, “Little ShiShu! A real man doesn’t need to worry about whether they have a wife or not! You’re the only successor to the patriarch and have gained the approval of a true heavenly immortal! There’s no need to run after some vulgar and uncultured man from the lower realms. He’s not comparable to you, not only in terms of family background and talent, but also the future available to you. When you achieve your path and ascend, he’ll have already become a pile of dirt, his life running out long before then with his cultivation at its limits!”

“That’s right.” That was when everyone around began to quietly mutter among themselves. “I hear this Chu WuQing is also cultivating a Greater Path, and is a single root prodigy, but what’s that compared to DanTai ZiYan? Added together, there’s more than thousands, maybe even more than ten thousand single root prodigies across all the realms, but someone who can ascend only appears once every five thousand years. If it wasn’t for Master DanTai having a thing for him, he wouldn’t even be worthy of being a concubine.”

To them, DanTai ZiYan who gained the approval of a heavenly immortal, who they wanted to get into the good graces of and pull to their side even at significant costs, was sure to ascend.

A small, insignificant prodigy like Chu WuQing who might be able to get to Nascent Soul or even Soul Transformation and become the cream of the crop in a realm was nothing compared to someone who could ascend and share in the longevity of the very earth and heavens themselves.

Hmph, being so arrogant with that tiny bit of cultivation? When Chu WuQing’s cultivation stagnated and he became unable to advance, his life coming to an end, then he’ll truly realise the difference between an insignificant prodigy like him and someone who was truly blessed by the heavens.

Then, Chu WuQing would surely regret everything he had done today. By then, he wouldn’t even have that beauty of his that drew him so much attention. There was no way he’d be able to get back DanTai ZiYan who he had humiliated again and again then.

“What a fool who doesn’t know what’s good for himself.” The crowd, who had originally been curious and interested from seeing Chu WuQing’s elegance and wanted to know what kind of beauty was under that veil, all started looking down on him with disdain and mockery.

No matter what kind of beauty, it was all a waste with such ignorance and stupidity.

DanTai ZiYan’s expression had been dark since Chu WuQing walked over. Only now did it start lightening up, a hint of warmth appearing.

Just when the Golden Core cultivator and the other members of the crowd thought that DanTai ZiYan had finally realised he could do better, and the Golden Core cultivator said that Chu WuQing would regret his decisions, DanTai ZiYan suddenly smiled.

Like the first thaw in spring, light breaking through the clouds, he grabbed Chu WuQing’s sleeve with a handsome and stunning smile. “That’s right, A’Qing, but you’ll be bitten by this dog for the rest of your life.”

The Golden Core cultivator’s face went green and everyone else looked on with their mouths open in shock. None of them had expected DanTai ZiYan would say something like that! They had thought Chu WuQing would beg their ShiShu to not cancel the engagement, but clearly it was completely the opposite!

Chu WuQing’s face also went green, but no one could see his expression under the veil. All they could see was his fingers trembling with rage as he pointed at DanTai ZiYan. “Shameless!”

“Because I love you.” DanTai ZiYan’s smile grew more and more gentle. He held himself with pride and arrogance, and it was only when it came to Chu WuQing that he would put his pride down, and his eyes would fill with tender love. “If love is shameless, then I’m willing to be shameless forever. Since WuQing is determined to break off the engagement, then I’ll wait to fight you at the ShangYuan Sect. If you can beat me, then you can break the engagement.”

He lifted the hem of Chu WuQing’s robes to his lips, placing a gentle kiss there. His eyes were filled with sincerity. “Don’t worry. To make sure that you can only marry me, I won’t hold back.”

“Hmph.” Chu WuQing didn’t want to keep talking to this madman. He sliced off the hem of the robes with his sword and walked away, speaking to Chu HuanZhi, “Daddy, let’s go now.”

Even abandoned so resolutely like that, the deep emotions in DanTai ZiYan’s eyes didn’t fade in the slightest. He continued kneeling there like a statue, gaze fixated on Chu WuQing as if he wanted to devour the other.

It had everyone there seething with envy.

“Why? They’re different and incomparable as the clouds are to mud, yet he doesn’t even get angry when someone as insignificant as dust on the ground discards him like that… even continuing to love a fool who doesn’t know what’s good for himself?” The crowd couldn’t help but murmur.

It was only when Chu WuQing got into Chu HuanZhi’s carriage without even glancing back that DanTai ZiYan looked away, sweeping his gaze over the crowd.

He was only at Peak Foundation Establishment stage, but his gaze was like a bolt of lightning that erupted in their hearts!

When this gaze landed on the Golden Core stage cultivator from before, it grew even more intense.

It made the Golden Core cultivator feel like the very mountains themselves were pressing down on him. It wasn’t something he could take with his meagre cultivation… Little ShiShu was far more terrifying than he had been when he had left the ShangYuan Sect to come here!

It had only been three months? Was this the power of someone blessed by the heavens themselves?

“So long as A’Qing and my engagement hasn’t been broken, we remain partners in cultivation. Wang Yi, you dare be disrespectful to your senior’s partner? What kind of punishment do you think you deserve according to our sect rules?” DanTai ZiYan said coldly, without showing a hint of mercy.

It was only then that the disciples of the ShangYuan Sect snapped out of seeing the other so humbled and emotional. The young patriarch was still that cold, lofty young patriarch. He had never changed, not to these outsiders at least.

Wang Yi paled, looking towards the patriarch for help and hoping that the patriarch would stop DanTai ZiYan’s absurdity.

He had done all this for the dignity of their sect and the young patriarch, after all!

He couldn’t believe he would be punished for someone like Chu WuQing. Someone from an insignificant little clan, who had nothing but his face going for him and no special talent to speak of, someone who they could find anywhere.

But the patriarch didn’t even look at him.

It was only now that Wang Yi felt despair.

“Hm? So not only do you disrespect your senior’s partner, but you also want to disrespect your senior as well? Did you forget our sect rules?” DanTai ZiYan said coldly. “Take him away.”

Wang Yi regretted everything now. Why did he seek that momentary pleasure from verbal spite? Chu WuQing’s place in DanTai ShiShu’s heart was far greater than he had imagined. It was enough to not only have him put down his pride, but also his sect.

If he had known, there would be no way he’d have made himself stand out like that. He’d even be willing to beg Chu WuQing with DanTai ShiShu.

Wang Yi was terrified at the thought of the punishment he was about to receive, throwing aside his pride and dignity as a Golden Core stage cultivator to kneel down and beg, “ShiShu, I’m sorry, I was wrong! Please, I’m willing to apologise to him.”

DanTai ZiYan didn’t even spare him a glance, letting him cry and beg without reacting.

He had only ever given his care and love to one person.

As for others, they were no different from the grass, trees or air around them.

“That’s right,” DanTai ZiYan suddenly turned his head around. “There’s one thing you were wrong about. I should tell you that WuQing isn’t just a single root prodigy. In the hidden realm, my wife WuQing obtained the inheritance of a heavenly immortal who cultivates and controls the spatial law. He himself is someone who has broken past the limits set by the heavens to achieve a perfect foundation establishment.”

“Ha, like the difference between clouds and mud?” DanTai ZiYan coldly looked at all the people who were standing around to watch. Under his gaze, the Foundation Establishment and Golden Core cultivators all hung their heads, trembling. DanTai ZiYan even dared to punish a Golden Core Zhenren of the sect because they disrespected Chu WuQing. Irrelevant people like them were nothing, but none of them dared run.

Seeing everyone trembling with fear, a hint of warmth and amusement appeared in DanTai ZiYan’s cold gaze. “Indeed, everyone here is nothing but dust on the ground compared to me and WuQing. Yet dust beneath our feet still dares talk about the moon in the sky in such ways?”


Many of the prodigies listening in from afar were shaken by DanTai ZiYan’s words. The top clans of higher realms who had yet to leave also paused in their steps.

The inheritance of a heavenly immortal? Perfect foundation establishment? Was what DanTai ZiYan said real? If so, as soon as Chu WuQing formed his core, he would be the number one Golden Core cultivator in the cultivation realm. The approval of a heavenly immortal DanTai ZiYan received was only a symbol of future possibility, but perfect foundation establishment and the inheritance of a heavenly immortal… So long as he didn’t perish in his path to glory, Chu WuQing’s ascension was set in stone.

Spatial law… the law of space and time… that was truly the greatest, grandest Path!


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