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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


Mike said, when it’s cold, Heinz will crawl into the bed himself.

Chen Bai didn’t know whether or not Heinz would crawl into the bed when it’s cold, but he did know that Heinz would take off his clothes when it’s hot.

Chen Bai was a light sleeper. Combine that with an unfamiliar environment, he woke up immediately when Heinz moved. Then, he just watched the Marshal performing a stripshow in the dark, who fell back to sleep after that, completely ignorant of other people’s feelings.

He took off everything. Chen Bai could clearly see the thing that had escaped the confines of his underwear in the dark, which led him to become paralyzed for exactly five minutes before he regained his wits. Heinz, on the other hand, was still sleeping soundly.

Compared to Heinz who had considerably better quality of sleep, Chen Bai couldn’t sleep again after watching that ‘performance’. He spent half of the night meditating with his eyes closed. The exact moment the eight hour countdown of the genius system beside him reached zero, Chen Bai opened his eyes and rolled out of bed, not wasting even a second.

Originally, Chen Bai planned to leave a note for Heinz and directly go back to the teachers’ dormitories. After leaving the bed, he discovered that the door had indeed been unlocked, then borrowed Heinz’ bathroom to wash up, leaving enough star coins to pay him back for the water fee and also the cost of a new toothbrush. However, he saw another line of words when he reached the door.

[First day of wedded bliss: the first to get up has to make breakfast for the other~ to start a new life, a delicious breakfast will make you feel good.]

He reached out his hand. Of course, the door was locked again…

… Why does this system like to put reminders on the door? Does it know he will leave immediately?

Chen Bai looked at the words with a stiff complexion. Even though his temperament was usually as calm as water, now he couldn’t help but feel a slight ripple.

He was already past his psychological limit by sleeping with Heinz on the same bed last night, and now he had to make breakfast… Chen Bai grew up with many interests and talents but not cooking, and he had absolutely no talent with it.

So, why does the first to wake have to make breakfast? What if the breakfast turned cold but the other still hadn’t woken up? Was he expected to wake him up? They say the early bird gets the worm, but why does the early riser have to put forth such painstaking effort?

Chen Bai furrowed his brow. He couldn’t help thinking back to when the Alliance government picked the Divine Realm back up for the genetic matching program. They had agreed to add some more user-friendly settings after a wave of protests. While Chen Bai walked by he got bored and put in an agreeing vote. So… this was what the government sees as user-friendly?

Chen Bai hadn’t finished mulling over this before he heard a loud “Thump-!” coming from the room. A series of panicked footsteps followed after that. Chen Bai, interrupted by the sound, turned around to see Heinz who had just ran out of the room.

The latter had obviously just woken up, looking a bit dazed, but also as if he was anxiously looking for something. When his gaze landed on Chen Bai, he became blank for a second. All of a sudden, Heinz pulled himself together, even with his body naked he stood up straight, and his facial expression also turned… cold.

“It says here to make breakfast,” Chen Bai finally relented.

“Mn,” Heinz dully responded, adjusting to a very cold and detached attitude.

“… do you want to eat?” Absolute dark cuisine.

After Chen Bai said that, he could obviously feel Heinz’ body turn stiff for a moment, and he wasn’t sure if it was his imagination… but he could almost feel Heinz’ face temperature rising…? Did Heinz instinctively lose hope for his cooking skills?

“Make it.” He must have sensed wrong. Heinz had replied with a cold voice again and turned back to his room.


Seeing this, Chen Bai silently let out a breath. He already had a Young Master Mani at home, it seemed like he’ll have a new Master here as well from now on.

Chen Bai, who put back down the coat in his hands, leisurely walked into the kitchen. He stepped up to the prep area and looked into the refrigerator, wondering what to make for breakfast.

Plain boiled fat meat? Fried crunchy meat patty? Egg-centered meat?

With Heinz’ size, he should be able to eat a lot of meat, right? It’ll be better to put more meat, Chen Bai thought without any expression on his face while looking inside the refrigerator.


Compared to Chen Bai who immediately went into character choosing ingredients, Heinz sprawled onto the bed the moment he got into the room, his ears reddening while buried within the covers.

His wife was making breakfast for him!

Last night he had faintly noticed Chen Bai beside him, and took the chance to hug him tightly while unconscious! When he couldn’t find the other person after waking up in the morning, he almost thought it was a dream until he saw him at the entrance hall!

The emotionally excited Marshal rolled a bit on the bed, then jumped down from it. He simply put on a shirt before opening the electronic screen.

Originally he wanted to look at the book Thomas had recommended, but then he saw that Thomas had left him a message. He seemed to have heard about what happened at Ellie’s birthday banquet, and after expressing some sympathy, he left a website address.

What was this?

Heinz clicked on it confusedly then entered a pinkish website.

When he first saw the general color palette of the website, Heinz was completely shocked. It didn’t suit his style at all! What was Thomas thinking with that brain of his? But when he carefully looked through the names of the posts on the website, his attitude turned serious all of a sudden.

[Successfully chased my wife with the help of the forum guru, and she agreed to bond with me three months after that. I’m completely choked on my emotions.]

[I think the guru’s book 365 Ways to Get the Female You Like was very effective after reading it. My wife isn’t going to divorce me. I’m so happy!]

[My wife didn’t really like me. After leaving several comments under the forum, I’ve finally got the author’s reply themself! Now that we’re a harmonious couple, I’ve come back to thank the guru!]

[Seeing how effective it seemed, I also want to seek help from the forum guru…]


All kinds of posts were here and there on the website. Heinz’ eyes lit up, and he began papapa typing on the light screen. Although Heinz used to skip class often, he had still passed his Alliance language test. Combined with his years of experience churning out reports, Heinz quickly used his refined language skills to describe what happened from last night until this morning, clearly yet obscurely.

The number of users online on this forum wasn’t very high in the Alliance, with only about one to two thousand users online at a time. However, the reply rates were really high, as no more than one minute after Heinz’ post, all kinds of replies appeared below.

[Although the system requires him to wake up before you to make breakfast, you should still go over and care about him!]

[No no no according to ‘Chasing 365’ you should be cold and detached at this moment!]

[You should make sure your wife can cook. If they accidentally cut their finger you need to give them a band-aid with a very aloof expression. Thinking about the scene itself is excellent! Your wife will definitely fall in love with you!]

Several more replies popped out below in a flash. But Heinz didn’t examine them, his gaze focused on the three words “cut their finger”.

Cut their finger?

Cut their finger…

Cut their finger?!

Alarm bells rang in his head as Heinz quickly sat up from his chair and walked out at a brisk pace. Even at this time he still adjusted his facial expression while walking out of the room.

He must look cold and detached, not like he was only there to be concerned about him, and then emit a little bit of gentleness…

Bang- a soft noise was heard when Chen Bai turned to put a bowl on the table just as Heinz entered the room. Chen Bai looked up without any expression on his face, and said, “You’ve come out. It’s done; eat.”

Looking at the bowl he just put out, it contained plain water which no one knows if it’s completely boiled, with two crispy meat patties on top. There was also a pile of meat at the bottom from who-knows-where, and as though there seemed to be not enough greens, two pieces of vegetable were thrown in and floated on top of the soup.

“This is… breakfast?” Heinz, who was just worried about whether or not his wife would accidentally cut his hands, turned stiff. At this moment, he felt that his worries were all for nothing because Chen Bai probably didn’t use a knife at all while making this breakfast!

“Mn,” Chen Bai nodded, his voice light as he added, “The taste should be not bad.”

This is the one time where he put the most seasoning materials, so the taste must not be bad. Chen Bai thought.


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July 8, 2021 3:53 pm

Wow. That’s a whole new level of not knowing how to cook! 😅

But it seems like he didn’t burn it, so it’s fairly impressive, actually! 😮🤭😂

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July 9, 2021 2:42 am

Considering that the object of chasing isn’t a woman and that the advices seem comletely wrong… well good luck to the both of them.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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So funny. Looking forward to more!
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Funny chapter lol enjoyed CB trying to escape and Heinz running over concerned but with a cold expression. CB couldn’t sleep after the strip lol CB at least made the breakfast and didn’t complain, hopefully it’s good lol ❤️❤️

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Chef Bai said that it’s not too bad so ML better chock it up and eat it lol XD

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Lol, if you can’t cook, you can always make sandwiches and fry a few eggs.

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