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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn


“Take me home.”

Chen Bai had heard before that when a person dies, some important memories would flash before their eyes. He wasn’t sure if it was real or not, but if it was, then this sentence might appear in there. 

It was what Heinz said, not now, but fifteen years ago.

The first time he met Heinz must have been fifteen years ago, and Chen Bai was only seventeen then. He was different from Heinz, born alone and impoverished, abandoned when he was still young. Chen Bai grew up in a welfare agency until he was adopted at age thirteen.

Unlike Heinz who was born into an aristocratic family and naturally confident, he was more like a small blade of grass that was stubbornly growing while leaning under the shade of a wall.

At that time, Heinz’ existence was like a sun in his eyes. 

Ellie had always said, if it wasn’t for Heinz, he might not have walked this path fifteen years ago, and he might not have become a secret agent for Berkeley. That’s why she had always held so much hostility towards Heinz.

But Chen Bai thought he had already made his choice. His teenage sentiments for Heinz were distant. Moreover, whether he chose to take his place on this path fifteen years ago or risked everything by rushing towards Pisaka area three years ago, both memories were completely wiped from Heinz’ mind, which seemed to be a sign that those sentiments would always remain distant like this.

The memory from three years ago was even deleted by Chen Bai himself.

“Miss Ellie was just taken back by her second brother.” Kureya’s voice interrupted Chen Bai’s thoughts, carrying an unconcealed hint of laughter. At the side, Mike also lowered his head, trying to hold in his laughter. If it wasn’t for fear of waking up Heinz, he might have already laughed out loud by now.

That’s right, Heinz.

When this guy saw Chen Bai coming over, he had suddenly grabbed Chen Bai’s arm saying that he felt dizzy, then promptly fainted the next second. This series of motions happened so fast it was like a scene in a performance, not taking more than three seconds.

What did this guy eat while growing up? His body was really heavy, and the grip holding onto Chen Bai’s arm was also really tight. If Chen Bai wasn’t completely certain that this guy had actually lost consciousness, he would have suspected that the other was merely pretending.

“Since the Marshal isn’t conscious, the Fire Beacon will have to stay here.” Kureya said, not showing signs of helping Chen Bai with Heinz’ weight, only having moved a small stool over for Chen Bai to sit on.

“I’ll let you all arrange it.” Chen Bai touched the bridge of his nose somewhat awkwardly. He had never liked being intimate with anyone, not for so many years. He had to endure it earlier because of the reporters. Calculating it now, it seemed as if he had had a lot of contact with Heinz today.

He kept consoling himself, thinking that later he’d help Heinz onto someone’s mech, then he should be free to go back to the teachers’ dormitories… Aldia’s public dormitories have a nice environment; Mani was there the whole day.

While the dream was perfect, reality was different.

“Mn, later Mike will send you both back, then the rest will have to trouble you.” Kureya said seriously but did not receive any acknowledgement from Chen Bai’s mind at all.


Trouble who?

Chen Bai was still sitting on the small stool Kureya had moved over, his chest supporting a head. Chen Bai suspected Heinz being at least 200 jin (about 120 kg), and the former held a rather frozen expression.

Kureya stared blankly upon noticing such an expression. She reminded him in a soft voice, “En… because today is the third day. The Divine Realm has rules, and since we weren’t sure what your address was, the system was installed in the Marshal’s house…”

“He’s already like this,” Chen Bai tried his best to let his ugly mask maintain a normal state and block the heat of his face when considering the image. “Do we still need to continue?”

Can’t this system be more user-friendly? Moreover, having a system beside you while you’re with your partner… Isn’t it awkward?

“I’m not very clear on the whole thing,” Kureya’s mouth stretched; she’s still a single female! “But you should confirm with the system at night once you’re there. It’s probably a necessary procedure.”

It wasn’t like Kureya couldn’t understand Chen Bai’s awkwardness. He and Heinz had just met, and not even a few hours later, they both had experienced a major kidnapping and then were required to sleep in the same bed. It was a bit demanding. But the Marshal’s current condition could help them resolve the awkward tension…

Chen Bai probably thought of the same thing. He looked down at Heinz, who was still sleeping on top of him, and exhaled softly.


He silently sent a message to Mani, saying that he wouldn’t be going back tonight. Since Mani could always go to the Alliance Bank to get money, Chen Bai would betray his conscience by not giving him anything for dinner.

Yet Chen Bai regretted it one minute after sending out the message. He took out ten thousand from his meager eight million, anxiously waiting for a reply from Young Master Mani, then immediately attached an apology to send it back.

Who knew that after two minutes, Young Master Mani didn’t bother him about it, instead lazily replying,

[The sky will rain and a mother will marry. Go, I won’t keep you.]



Mike sent Chen Bai and Heinz to the latter’s usual residence. Most of the time, Heinz didn’t live with his family, which was also currently one of the unsolved mysteries in the Alliance. But right now, Chen Bai didn’t feel like taking a look at this mystery himself.

After Mike took Heinz to his front door, and still in the entryway, he put the person on the ground in a smooth motion. Then he gave a bow to Chen Bai and promptly decided to walk away.

“Wait,” Chen Bai quickly called, “You … are only carrying him here?”

Before the door could close, Mike heard him and replied with a blink, “Yup. In the past, I’ve always left him here.”

There was a past.

Chen Bai looked down at Heinz lying on the floor, who currently didn’t look like a Marshal at all, and couldn’t accept that he had to carry Heinz to his room later on his own. Not that he couldn’t withstand his weight, but more that they would have a lot of physical contact, and Chen Bai couldn’t really accept that.

“So he usually sleeps here for the night?”

“No, he probably crawls back to bed when it’s cold.” After Mike said this, he completely ignored Heinz, said his farewell and walked away.

Crawls back to bed… when it’s cold.

It’s short, but Chen Bai caught onto the key information here. So he decided seriously to sit on the steps to wait for Heinz. He turned off Heinz’ home heat control system, politely thinking that since the master is at the entrance, the guest shouldn’t go in. Then, he sat at the side, scrolling through entertainment forums that had gotten popular with his news again that day, while waiting for Heinz to crawl back to bed himself.

Ten minutes.

Twenty Minutes.

Half an hour.

Chen Bai took a glance at the Marshal who shivered slightly in his sleep, turned off his screen with a sigh and stood up.

To be honest, Heinz’ weight really wasn’t much of a pressure to him. But Chen Bai still thought about it for a long time before he hoisted the other man up, forcefully supporting half of his shoulder with a hand so that their area of contact was smaller.

Heinz’ house wasn’t large, seeming to have only one room. Chen Bai only saw one anyway, the decor all cold grey and black, then decided to walk in.

After hefting the body into the room, Chen Bai threw him onto the bed and wrapped up the leg sticking out with the blanket. Then, he threw a rough glance around the room, spotting a mechanical setup near the headboard of the bed.

Even though he hadn’t been married before, he had still seen other people’s Divine systems. Chen Bai turned it on, pressing both his and Heinz’ finger on it briefly, then turned away, thinking that everything was fine. But, just as he turned his head, the door suddenly closed!

Chen Bai’s eyes widened. He was a hundred percent sure that there were only the two of them in the room, so why did the door…

Just when Chen Bai was thinking about his life choices, a few words appeared on the electronic door. [Please enjoy a wonderful night. Current weight on the bed: 170 jin (102 kg), another 146 jin (87.6kg) is required to reach the goal.]

“Remaining time, 10 seconds. If task is unfulfilled, it will be reported to the Divine Realm.”




What’s happening? He didn’t know this! Where would he get 146 jin?

Chen Bai glared, a feeling of unease gradually rising within him. Quickly, he turned and sat on the other side of the bed.

Just as he laid down, another screen appeared. [Task completed. Both parties should remain here for the next eight hours. Hope that the newlywed couple have a pleasant marriage and happily ever after. End.]

… The signal point for this screen was somewhere Chen Bai could reach, so it must have been set with an auto-detection program. He could touch it with just a lift of his hand. After he opened it, he could see a lot of detailed explanations…

According to this, he had to apply for leave even if he had to go to the bathroom, and the limit was only three minutes. If he applied for special leave it would be ten minutes, but the furthest distance is still only as far as the master bedroom’s attached bathroom.

What kind of… genius design was this?

While Chen Bai was sitting on the bed, still recovering from the shocking revelation, a soundly sleeping Heinz suddenly flipped around, one hand coming to rest on Chen Bai’s waist, scooting ever closer.

The first blow that came down was quite heavy. Chen Bai suspected that if he hadn’t reached his hand out to intercept it, that area on his waist would have had bruises the next day.

“Hmm… wife.” As though confirming, Heinz mumbled in his sleep, the force of his hand lessening. Then, he hugged the other person tighter.


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July 5, 2021 1:42 pm

The system is hilarious! He had to run to the bed lol I like Mike and Kureya, their personalities are cool lol the hand on the waist by Heinz was just something else lpl

July 5, 2021 2:26 pm

Omg, just thinking about this scene makes me want to go to the bathroom!! And for 10 minutes at the maximum!? I guess their first night isn’t going to involve any enemas… 😅🤔🤷‍♀️😏

July 5, 2021 9:57 pm

Is Heinz really fainted or pretending faint🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂

July 6, 2021 4:21 am

For some reason, this system reminds me of what Cyno and Gu Yu had to go through after the wedding. This is hilarious, it’s like “hey, it chose you/me for me/you and we’ve just met, let’s spend the night together”. LOL

Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 6, 2021 1:27 pm

I understand Chen Bai not liking physical contact, but poor Heinz is out cold, for goodness sake!
Nothing seems to quite be going CB’s way though… genius system indeed, ‘wife’ 😊 Seems he’s trapped until morning; what if Heinz wakes up before then?
Thank you for translating and looking forward to the next chapter.

March 22, 2022 2:11 am

Okaayy I am becoming more confused. So Ellie know Bai and Heinz from 13 years back at least! Wow. And what? The fact that Bai get into Berkeley is because he took it in the stead of Heinz? Did I get this right? This makes me more curious about Berkeley. Like, what exactly is Berkeley on the surface? It sounded like illegal institute but Heinz and Ellie (the elites) seems to have knowledge of this instituted since early on. What is Berkeley ultimate purpose? Hmm. That contented murmur of Marshal~

April 13, 2022 4:22 pm

What the F kind of system is that 😂 lucky there’s no movement detection or force detection 😂

November 6, 2022 1:01 am

what the hell is with that bed system🤣🤣🤣 it even has a countdown

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