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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Kris


His plain and direct words seemed to carry hints of impatience. Heinz glanced at him, then looked at his wristwatch, muttering to himself for a bit, “I just came back from down there. It is indeed dangerous inside, and many people fell to it, evidence to how powerful that thing is. So if you go in…”

“It’s alright,” Abraham shook his head, “If Marshal is worried, I can go down by myself.”

In your dreams.

Heinz silently rolled his eyes internally, continued his mutual complimenting with Abraham, and finally insisted on sending two of his direct soldiers down.

“No matter what, General is still a person of virtue and prestige. If anything happens here, I won’t be able to provide a good explanation when I get back.” Heinz smiled while discreetly sending a meaningful glance towards the two direct soldiers he sent to follow him.

When Heinz said this, Abraham stopped arguing about the issue of going down alone and nodded in agreement.

Even though Abraham was old, his powers from his younger days were still there. If he wanted to do anything downstairs, even these two little boys wouldn’t be able to deal with him.

This was also something Heinz had thought about. According to Chen Bai’s judgement about the flesh piece down there, no one but Dr. Einbergen would possibly know how to control it, including General Abraham.

And just now, he received word from Kureya, who had followed Dr. Einbergen, saying that the doctor was about to arrive here.

Then, now, there were only two questions in front of him.

First, what methods did Abraham plan to use to bring Dr. Einbergen down to this basement?

Second, for him to go there in person, there must be something more than the one flesh piece.

From the moment he had controlled this planet, Berkeley was at a disadvantage. Some high-ranking officials under his control over the years were all flustered now. If Abraham still had any sense of survival, he would find that all those who could at one time help him had now become his burden.

For him to come to this place personally and risk exposing his identity rather than using others was understandable. But what was next?

How was he going to make his next move?

Heinz took two steps back, glancing at the soldiers Abraham brought, who all belonged to the General, and were staring right back at him. After a corner of his lips curled up, he tilted his head and said to the person beside him, “Watch this place. Don’t leave even if anything unusual happens.”

The colonel beside him nodded seriously, his eagle eyes full of seriousness.

Seeing that, Heinz nodded with satisfaction and turned to walk towards the Fire Beacon.

“Guess what trick this old guy is hiding up his sleeves?” Heinz asked the moment he walked into the Fire Beacon.

At that moment, he was standing between the cabin door and the door to the main control room, with the door to the main control room halfway open. As his words died down, the door opened fully, and Heinz turned blank from his musing of Abraham’s intentions.

He could only see Chen Bai sitting at the console, just being able to make out his side profile from where he was standing.

The messy hair from the previous battle was casually smoothed to the back of his head, a few strands falling to the side of his face. A hand supported his chin as he looked at the light screen above, his neck pulled into a beautiful arc. Heinz felt that he could even see pulsing veins underneath that pale skin.

His heart suddenly pounded wildly.

At the same time, Chen Bai seemed to have felt something, turning his head over and glancing at him with narrowed eyes, “Did you feel something wro…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Heinz walking over swiftly with a calm face. His eyes widened, and in the next second, his lips were pressed against Heinz’.

Chen Bai’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, subconsciously about to resist, but his mental energy seemed to creep into Heinz’ brain instinctively. When he felt the rolling inside, he turned slightly blank.

“Who else saw it?” It was after a long while that Heinz let go of a slightly panting Chen Bai. Seeing the slight confusion in his discontent eyes, he added, “This face of yours, who else saw it?”

Such a wonderful thing, he itched to hold it in his embrace, not letting anyone else see it.

Chen Bai pushed him with a furrowed brow, “We have business; stop playing around.”

His words sounded like he was coaxing a child, amusing Heinz. He sat down beside him, “Ok then, let’s talk business. I’ll ask you when we finish.”

Unable to take the other’s lack of seriousness, Chen Bai silently rolled his eyes and reached out to put a light screen in front of Heinz, “After you came to X-5, Venus had a reading that a force was trying to track down the whereabouts of President Ruble.”

“Mn.” Heinz was not surprised at all, “Vice-president’s men.”

Chen Bai nodded, clearly agreeing to his statement, then turned to lightly tap the light screen, “But after Abraham came, this force became much larger, nearly five divisions…”

Before Chen Bai finished his sentence, Heinz replied from his side, “That’s normal. Berkeley guards itself too strictly and committed treason, so the old guys have to find an alternate course of action themselves.”

“So, it’s like that,” Chen Bai nodded. “Then for Abraham to come, it means that he plans to give up on his agents that were already here?”

“I forgot to ask about this.” Hearing this, Heinz seemed as though he suddenly remembered something and tilted his neck at an angle, “You always knew that he was Berkeley’s mastermind behind the scenes?”

Chen Bai glanced at him indifferently, as though dissatisfied with his way of interrupting the other in an impatient manner, “Isn’t Marshal the same?”

The change in the form of address made the corners of Heinz’ lips curl up, knowing that this guy was angry. He was originally quite curious about Chen Bai’s childhood, but after hearing this, an idea suddenly popped into his head.

Originally, he had wanted to capture Abraham. It didn’t matter if he was given a death sentence immediately. Since there were so many people on Venus, there must be a lot of evidence. But now that he thought about it… he should put this old guy in jail and pluck out all of Chen Bai’s stories from when he was younger. Hmm…

Ever since their brain regions connected, Chen Bai was unusually sensitive to some of Heinz’ thoughts and suppressed his desire to roll his eyes. He tapped the electronic light screen again, “So, what do you think about his behaviour?”

Hearing the impatience laced in the words, Heinz immediately sat upright and still, his face earnestly asking for praise as he said, “I think there must be a trick.”

Chen Bai couldn’t hold himself back and glared at the other, “Do you need to say it? Abraham is naturally distrustful, and he doesn’t trust anyone easily. He definitely found out about the commotion on Venus. Now that he has moved on his own, it must mean he plans to give up that place. This is bad news.”

“Mn.” Their conversation getting here, Heinz also stopped joking around, nodding seriously.

They had disrupted Berkeley’s footsteps, exposing their purpose before Berkeley was sure it had Dr. Einbergen and the flesh piece in its grasp, making those who had supported Berkeley shakily lose the edge they had before. At the same time, they had very much delayed the speed of Berkeley taking away the flesh piece. In this situation, it was not too much to say that Berkeley was driven to desperation.

With how he saw it, Abraham was definitely not someone who would easily give up or negotiate. The fact that he came here at this time testified to that.

“I have a very bad idea.” Heinz said, “I’ve sent someone to apply for the job. If my estimation is correct, there will be news very soon.”

“Hm?” Chen Bai turned to look at him.

“You know, since a long time ago, the Alliance has been trying to artificially make a planet.” Heinz thought for a bit and said, “Since we couldn’t expand outwards, and we couldn’t even control Omega’s constricted areas, this proposal was approved very early on. X-5 is a man-made planet.”

Chen Bai knew this. In the Alliance, the planets birthed by the universe were given names like Venus, Cage and such. Man-made planets were mostly arranged by serial numbers.

For the Alliance with abundant resources, this thing wasn’t strange. But for Heinz to suddenly bring it up…

“This technology was developed in a very early period. To this day, I can say that with the Lyon family’s capabilities, it wouldn’t be strange for me to make a planet if I so wish, and it is also highly possible for me to hide its existence.”

Chen Bai’s eyes widened, as though something was on the verge of coming out of his mind.

In the next second, Heinz’ communicator lit up, with Kureya’s name floating on top. At the same time, a loud noise sounded from outside the mech, as though something had exploded, the whole floor quaking with it.


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September 25, 2021 11:46 am

My brain is drowning on the complicated issues regard Berkeley motif😣😣😣

September 25, 2021 7:24 pm

What happened!!??? The suspense is killing me!? Heinz is just adorable! I like how they both are in sync with one another! ❤️❤️

September 25, 2021 10:51 pm

Heinz is not only a powerful individual but a snicky fox, too. He and Chen Bai are really compatible in that aspect. So the commotion started, let’s see what will this old general do.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

September 26, 2021 12:08 am

A cornered rat is an unpredictable thing.
Has Heinz just made CB a planet?… like an entire planet? 🤪🌎 or is it purely business? I so hope it’s the former, that would just be too romantic in the midst of all this 😁
Thank you for translating and editing.

March 26, 2022 5:45 am

Oh, so Abraham actually tried to use Berkeley as a mean to become president with full control? And now he is cornered, he didn’t care about Berkeley anymore and maybe will self destruct X-5 to open escape path with the brain patches? Even in desoeratiom he coveted that piece? Sick.

November 7, 2022 6:12 pm

forget private island. we’re gonba talk about a private planet. now that’s sure rich!

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