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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Kris


When General Abraham brought a team of people to join up with them on X-5, a hint of surprise flashed across Chen Bai’s gaze.

For the moment, Heinz used the excuse of being injured for him to stay in Fire Beacon, so Chen Bai only saw General Abraham one-sidedly from the inside, whereas the latter didn’t see him at all.

Actually, he hadn’t seen General Abraham in a long time. The last time… was probably before they started having full-scale battles against the Gars.

When he saw this face again, Chen Bai thought his emotions would fluctuate, either indignant or resentful. He had imagined countless times of controlling himself, but when he was actually faced with this scene… his mind was unexpectedly calm.

That was a nightmare.

He hadn’t had any parents since young and had grown up in an orphanage. The first time he had been adopted by someone, he’d been filled with hope. But after living for a whole month at his adoptive father’s house, Chen Bai had discovered that this man wasn’t going to be his father, only using that name to provide a house for him to live in. The person who had acted more like a father… had probably been Abraham.

In the beginning, Chen Bai had been slightly disheartened. But after some time, he had finally accepted this reality. At that time, Abraham had been just past middle age, carrying the air and confidence of someone who had planned strategies for the Alliance for decades. It had attracted young Chen Bai’s attention, and he had been the person he had looked up to the most when he was little.

Young Chen Bai had even thought, if he could live in Abraham’s image, then it would be his biggest achievement in this life.

He had been very young at that time and hadn’t seen or known many things. But this belief didn’t change, even after he had been in Berkeley for a long while.

He had believed everything Abraham told him, believing all his views on the Alliance’s current state of weak military, even firmly upholding that belief until he had discovered the inhuman experiment in Berkeley’s underground laboratory.

… That scene had been just like a sharp dagger, tearing across his entire chest from within and shattering all of Chen Bai’s beliefs and what he had pursued for the past thirty years.

For a secret agent such as Chen Bai who risked his life to go through hell and back, having his beliefs shattered was much more unbearable than having millions of cuts on his body.

Seeing the person called by the glorified name of General Abraham coming to X-5 because he was worried that Heinz hadn’t brought enough men, Chen Bai found that the waves in his heart were not as turbulent as those years ago.

“Did you guess it?” Chen Bai murmured carefully while leaning back in the chair.

They didn’t reveal the fact that he was still alive. The news that they spread was that nearly everyone apart from Heinz who had gone into the basement were all decimated. Heinz was an explosive controller, so he didn’t have the ability to control the flesh piece.

As Berkeley’s founder, Abraham must have known this.

With the arrow on the bow already, Berkeley would definitely choose to take a risky move after hearing this.

Since Berkeley was always so secretive, a sudden act of treason would make their foundation in the military and with the government higher ups unstable in the future. If they wanted to be stable, they would have to act quickly.

Thus, both Chen Bai and Heinz had deduced that they would come to X-5, and the first person to come uninvited… was General Abraham.

Seeing Heinz hold his own in front of General Abraham, Chen Bai lowered his eyelids, his long eyelashes hiding the emotions within his eyes.

Heinz knew everything.

At this moment, Chen Bai finally made this judgement after accumulating evidence for a long time.

He knew everything.

His thoughts ending here, Chen Bai took a deep breath, then reached out a hand to press a button on the control panel.

Heinz told him to press it if he discovered anything unusual, and he would try to get in contact with him.

Looking at the direct soldiers standing straight behind Heinz while protecting him, and then at the message Mani had sent him of Alan arriving at the location, the corners of his lips were tugged.


The instant Chen Bai pressed the button, the wristwatch on Heinz’ arm vibrated slightly at an unnoticeable frequency.

Heinz’ heart trembled, knowing that Chen Bai was calling for him.

He silently took a deep breath.

Actually, Heinz wasn’t completely confident in facing the fact that Abraham came to this planet. To be able to create something massive like Berkeley and run it for decades like a day, he would not be a fool.

Not to mention he was still in a qualified high-ranking position in the military. That was why the evidence Heinz had didn’t have any direct relation to Abraham.

The reason he suspected this person, Heinz had to admit, was mostly due to his intuition as well as some reasoning and guessing that had no proof.

Therefore, when this person came to X-5, Heinz was still surprised internally. Since he didn’t interact with Berkeley for years like Chen Bai, he had many other impressions of Abraham.

“Marshal.” Abraham lowered his head and gave him a faint smile, “I heard you had some difficulties. Since you left so hurriedly, I thought you might not have enough preparations, so I brought some men with me for assistance. Marshal… you won’t mind, right?”

Heinz gave him a smile, “Why would I? Old General is so considerate; I didn’t even have time to thank you.”

Astonishment aside, from the moment Abraham appeared here, Heinz knew that his plans were half-completed. His appearance meant that Berkeley was affected, so Heinz’ plan to put a hole into Berkeley’s situation was naturally a success.

As for why Chen Bai pressed the warning signal, Heinz had guessed it as well.

They had backed Berkeley into a corner, but Berkeley hadn’t reached the level of desperation enough to have General Abraham step up. This person’s sudden appearance most likely had a backup plan.

Just as he and Chen Bai had expected, after Abraham heard about Heinz’ situation here, he would propose that he could bring his people here to take a look, his reasoning very dignified. The corner of Heinz’ lips twitched secretly, and he agreed to Abraham’s request, while seamlessly pressing his wristwatch.

At the same time, Abraham had also curled his lips into a cold smile from behind him.

Between the two of them, they had investigated each other equally and acted with a tacit mutual understanding while actually having their own plans in mind.


At the same time, on a hidden mech travelling to X-5, Dr. Einbergen had his eyes closed while he was locked in a glass room. He looked thinner, but he had a concentrated expression, ignoring the people who came to check on him from time to time.

The surrounding glass had really good sound-proofing qualities and was guarded at all times. On this mech about to quietly land on X-5, everyone had a serious expression, including Kureya who was hiding in a corner with her men.

“Lieutenant General, there’s a message from the marshal.” A communications soldier suddenly leaned close to her and quietly reached out to put something in front of Kureya.

Looking at the dispatch code on it, a gleam appeared in Kureya’s eyes.

“Are we… to continue waiting?” After waiting for a short while, the communications soldier asked quietly.

Kureya nodded, “No, prepare to leave in ten minutes. Let everyone outside get ready.”

“Ah?” The communications soldier was blank. Their only mission the entire journey was to keep an eye on Dr. Einbergen. But Lieutenant General’s meaning was… to not continue?

Although he felt doubtful, the communications officer could only suppress it and turn to arrange everything according to Kureya’s orders.

On the other side, from the moment they got near the basement, General Abraham’s gaze seemed stuck in the direction of the flesh piece, a gleam of madness even flashing across his eyes for a second.

After trying hundreds of ways to hint at it but having Heinz pretend to understand nothing, Abraham finally turned around impatiently, staring straight at Heinz.

“According to Marshal’s description, there shouldn’t be too much danger inside. On the condition that I don’t touch the metal ball… I want to go in and have a look.”


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September 23, 2021 5:00 pm

So at last the main culprit has appeared. So that’s why chen bai was so torn when he found out at first.

September 23, 2021 9:57 pm

Shocking😨😨😨didn’t expected gen. Abraham is berkeley people😫😫😫

September 23, 2021 10:40 pm

This cliff… I can feel something big coming. For gen. Abraham to be the bigwig of Berkeley, such a shame. I hope Chen Bai and Heinz will be able to control the situation, capture Abraham, recover Dr. Einbergen and take hold of this disgusting piece of flesh (an evidence to Berkeley’s heinous crimes).

Thank you for the chapter!!!

September 24, 2021 12:01 pm

How many people has this hideous Gem Abraham sacrificed, deceived and like Chen Bai, hurt.
I hope he’s mortally wounded by this.
Thank you for translating and editing.

September 25, 2021 5:58 pm

At last! We know who the culprit is! Must say I was not expecting it! No wonder CB was heartbroken in the past! But I’m glad he now confides in Heinz to protect him! So nervous for the following chapters! ❤️❤️

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