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Chapter 52: Owner (Part 3)

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Chu WuQing wanted to continue berating, but Su BeiCi’s expression darkened first. His gentle eyes revealed grievances and sorrows. He straightened his body and said mournfully, “Or, WuQing actually doesn’t like me at all?”

“In that case, I’ll go into Critical Secluded Cultivation so that you won’t be fed up with me if you see me. I won’t be participating in tomorrow’s banquet.” Su BeiCi bowed his head, covered his face with sleeves and sobbed. His previous strength was cleanly swept away, and he completely became a weak woman who was forsaken by her husband after having been dallied with.

“A’Qing, you are my Path. I don’t blame you if you don’t like me. If my Spiritual Resolve is destroyed, then so be it if I go into qi deviation.”

It did not have to be said that Chu WuQing somewhat pitied Su BeiCi. Just thinking that Lin Yi would appear tomorrow, how could he let go of any chance to make Lin Yi suffer? He could not let Su BeiCi go back.

That sentence that Su BeiCi said when he formed his core, that he changed his Path for him, also moved Chu WuQing emotionally.

“How can I not like A’Ci?” Chu WuQing disobeyed his heart and replied.

Just such a denial, without any sweet confession, made the woman’s tears suddenly stop. His sleeve moved partially away, her face was full of mottled tears, but her eyes flashed brightly, “Really?”

Chu WuQing nodded, “Of course, it is real. I’m true to A’Ci. It’s only because I cherish you that I said those words.”

Su BeiCi’s slender eyelashes that clung with water drops, blinked, “But WuQing never kisses or holds me.”

Chu WuQing’s body stiffened. He raised his hand and wanted to hold Su BeiCi. But just when he touched Su BeiCi’s finger, his hand was tightly held by the other party.

A strong force came from the two’s intense grip, and Chu WuQing was pulled into the embrace that had the fragrance of a spring breeze. The person who had just been sorrowful and miserable had turned grief into happiness. His chin was pressed against his forehead as he whispered, “It doesn’t matter. If WuQing is shy, I can hold WuQing too.” Chu WuQing wanted to struggle, but he was firmly held down with the hand clutching tenaciously around his waist.

Su BeiCi trailed his lips along Chu WuQing’s forehead in a series of kisses. Then he gently brushed past Chu WuQing’s earlobe, and breathed into his ear, “It’s all right as long as WuQing doesn’t reject me too much.”

When he said the word ‘reject’, his voice suddenly darkened, and even Chu WuQing felt his heart rapidly beating, as a kind of crisis filled him.

Chu WuQing wanted to say ‘how impudent’, but when he thought of Su BeiCi’s tearful appearance, he could not say it. It was impossible for a girl to take liberties with men.

What would he lose by being hugged or kissed by a girl?

It was just that Su BeiCi loved him too much.

After forcefully persuading himself, Chu WuQing abruptly changed the topic and said, “Didn’t A’Ci say to try your cooking? I haven’t eaten the other dishes yet.” He wanted to break away from this extremely tight and intimate embrace.

“Okay,” Su BeiCi let go of Chu WuQing’s waist, but his fingers entwined with Chu WuQing’s ten fingers. He then pulled Chu WuQing to the table before he suddenly turned around and said, “Can WuQing also hug and feed me?”

It was nothing much if Su BeiCi was dressed as a female. He could even forcefully do it if he was taller than him… It was totally impossible. He had never hugged DanTai ZiYan and fed him even in his last life.

“WuQing doesn’t want to hug me?” Su BeiCi suddenly sat down and gently pulled his arm. He took Chu WuQing into his arms and said, “Then I’ll hug WuQing and feed him.”

It was an all encompassing embrace from behind, just like holding a child.

Such a position only happened when he was held by Chu HuanZhi during his childhood. Chu HuanZhi had hugged him and fed him a precious spiritual medicine to regulate his constitution and unblock his meridians.

But now, he was held in this manner by a woman! He was even… made to sit in his lap, damn it.

The iciness on Chu WuQing’s face could no longer be maintained. He gritted his teeth and said, “A’Ci, let me go.”

Unfortunately, he could not call Chu You in with such a scene. He would have no prestige left if others saw him being hugged by a woman and sitting on her thigh.

“Not letting go,” Su BeiCi saw that Chu WuQing was on the verge of his patience. In fact, he himself was on the edge of restraint. Even with the QingXin Mantra, he was almost on the verge of revealing his gender.

When Chu WuQing felt the hard object poking his butt, he would still be able to realise it no matter how slow he was, and would not believe the excuse that he was sitting on a sword.

Finally, the force confining him was slightly relaxed.

Su BeiCi picked up a fish slice with the chopsticks, “Letting me hug and feed you, or kissing me. Choose one.”

Shameless! Chu WuQing felt that his face was boiling hot, and was both ashamed and angry in his heart. However, he had no choice but to compromise. He could not call people in, and if he retreated, Su BeiCi would cry and say that he did not love him and he would go into qi deviation.

He could only raise his head and gently brush his lips on Su BeiCi’s face.

Even if it was just a gentle touch, Su BeiCi felt a numbing electric current running through his face, accompanied by countless petals swirling in the air. His entire world was infused with a sexual tinge.

The spiritual energy in his body was trembling. He touched the place where he had been kissed by Chu WuQing in disbelief. He repeatedly touched and touched it as he looked at Chu WuQing while in a slight trance, and said, “WuQing kissed me.” This sentence was spoken so slowly, so gently, so preciously.

Only until his fingers had repeatedly rubbed the skin of his cheek that had been kissed several times, did he bow his head and giggle foolishly. Then he kissed the fingertip that had been touching his cheek, like he was kissing a loved one.

Like he was indirectly sucking on Chu WuQing’s lips.

That coldness and indifference.

The skin of Chu WuQing’s face was stinging. He tried his best to make his expression serious. Then he jumped down from Su BeiCi and said, “I’m going to see how the progress of Gu Yu’s research on the Restriction Array.”

Yet, he did not know how dangerous it was to leave his abode to a man who had the intention of peeping on him.

When Chu WuQing walked out of the abode, he saw the rabbit’s legs pitifully pushing on the door.

The eyes of the salted fish rabbit that was laying on its belly brightened. His ears perked up and he immediately came to life, jumping towards Chu WuQing’s arms with an ‘ao-wu’.

Chu WuQing subconsciously raised his hands to catch the rabbit. As soon as he stretched out his hand, he felt a gust of Yin wind 1 brushing past him, as if something invisible had touched him.

There was a sense of coldness and gloom for no reason.

Almost at the same time, the rabbit fell out of the air as if it had been stopped by something and landed flat to the ground on all fours.

He wanted to look up, but he could not make a sound.

A wild gust of wind came from Chu WuQing’s abode. An immense pressure came off the rabbit, but he was still unable to resist this gust full of killing intent and was pushed back by ten steps.

Xiao Yan, who always had the upper hand, felt the invasion of evil things in his throat, which made him unable to move.

Xiao Yan was full of disbelief. He didn’t notice the other’s approach during the first blow even with his cultivation. This was absolutely impossible.

This was the peak of the mountain. Other than Chu WuQing, there was only him and Su BeiCi here.

He clearly knew Su BeiCi’s strength. However, it was absolutely impossible for him to cause such harm. This type of suppression, could it be that during the two days he went into secluded cultivation, he actually went to search for Magic Items of demonic cultivators?

“A’Ci,” Chu WuQing frowned slightly and sighed, “I will go into secluded cultivation for three years after the sect’s affairs tomorrow.” With that, he then ignored this man and beast, and walked off to Gu Yu’s abode.

In a dark and unknown place, Chu YunShu spread out his hand incredulously.

When did he become so… so unreasonable that he would do such a thing?

Chu YunShu closed his eyes and wanted to adjust his internal breathing.

But what appeared before his eyes was the scene he had witnessed in great detail.

He hated the Chu Clan and every one of them. He even swore on his Spiritual Resolve that he would destroy the whole Chu Clan even if he went into qi deviation.

Chu WuQing, the son of the Chu Clan Head, a peerless genius, was a person he should kill at all costs.

He had clearly vowed to destroy this generation’s core disciples from the Chu Clan during this trip to the secret realm, and cut off all descendants for the Chu Clan in this generation, and make every elite member of the Chu Clan suffer.

Clearly, the gifted and extraordinary Chu WuQing was the one he should kill at all cost. His hands should be dyed red with the blood of the son of the Chu Clan Head.

After the trial ended three years later, he could imagine how big a stir the deaths of this group of people would make in the Chu Clan, especially Chu WuQing’s.

An unprecedented genius who broke the limit of Qi Condensation to establish a foundation, whom even the heavens envied and tried to kill!

The Chu Clan would know what they would lose.

Every elite member of the Chu Clan would no longer be able to hold onto their pretentious expressions, and this would cause a crack in the Spiritual Resolve of the Clan Head of the Chu Clan because he went mad.

This was the great gift he gave to Chu Clan before he betrayed them, the start of his gift of so much pain that they wished they were dead.

But… What he was doing? He had already made up his mind to kill Chu WuQing in one fell swoop when the secret realm was absolutely safe.

However, he could not control his body and followed behind him senselessly again and again, turning his calm and resolute Spiritual Resolve into a pool of muddy water.

“Those who disturb my heart can never be tolerated.” He could not wait for three years. Chu WuQing must die at once.

Xuan Shan was in secluded cultivation, Chu You was sent away. This was the best opportunity.

But what did he see in Chu WuQing’s abode?

The youngster, who had always been aloof, arrogant and bossy, was pressed against the wall and imprisoned in a person’s arms…

His delicate white teeth bit his lower lip in silent endurement, and his usually arrogant and cold eyes were all □□ filled with feelings at this time. 2

His mind was clearly rational, cold and cruel, but his attention couldn’t help but be drawn to every expression of Chu WuQing.

That sobbing □□ sound leaked out from between his teeth 3 immediately shot into his eardrums, disturbing his mind.

He really wanted to tear the person on the youngster away, and lick the dewdrops on the youngster’s eyelashes. That proud youngster in his arms would probably be bullied till he really cried.

That beautiful and alluring body trembling and undulating, as his tears continuously rolled down. Yet he refused to submit and refused to show his weakness.

He wanted to pry open his teeth, force himself into his mouth, take and seize him… When they separate, they would be joined by a silver strand, and he would probably get a breathy ‘scram’.

The most scornful, yet the most attractive.

The usual dignity…

Was now replaced with a weeping quavering voice and the struggles of a cub, urging one to make him…

Chu YunShu could not help but move his gaze from Chu WuQing’s face to his slender neck. That slightly protruding Adam’s apple that seduced one to lick and bite at it, the outer garment that would be torn open in the struggle, revealing half of his clavicle that was wrapped in jade-like skin to air… That slender waistline that was tightly bound by his belt…


His heartbeat intensified tremendously in his chest.

And his murderous intent completely collapsed.

For no reason at all, he was filled with rage at the people and things that he had never taken notice of.

Why… why could others do it, but he could not…

That was just a Qi Condensation cultivator that was proficient in talismans and spells, that was just a rabbit, that was just a boorish female cultivator from a Small Realm. On what basis… on what basis could they openly stay beside Chu WuQing?

When he regained his senses from the confusion, the Demonic Qi that he shot out had already sealed Xiao Yan’s divine senses.

The Demonic Qi completely avoided Chu WuQing, who was only an inch away from Xiao Yan, and did not hurt him at all.

This was a frame up, an extremely ridiculous and childish one, to the woman who had licked and kissed Chu WuQing in the cave.

He actually did such a thing?

It was unbelievable, but the truth was right in front of his eyes.

Chu YunShu’s hand trembled uncontrollably.

This was a pair of hands that belonged to a cultivator, a pair of hands that could play the Qin. The music that was played by these hands made all creatures submit to the harmony of heaven, and these hands had killed thousands of cultivators.

But now, they were ridiculously jealous of a rival in love affairs, and was even jealous over an enemy who must be killed.

The five slender fingers trembled uncontrollably and the blue veins on the back of the white hand protruded as it weakly trembled together with his heartbeat.


“It can’t be, it can’t be.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 阴风 – evil wind
  2. Author originally wrote those symbols.
  3. Here too. Author originally wrote those symbols.


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