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Chapter 52: Owner (Part 2)

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The attitude of the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect revived everyone’s motives again. According to their assumptions, since the Patriarch chose to depend on the XianLing Sect, why would he care about this disciple they robbed from the XianLing Sect, who was the source that destroyed the cordiality between the two sects?

But now, the Patriarch of QingLing Sect respected Lin Yi a lot. Lin Yi’s talent and speed of cultivation was more frightening than they expected. The Patriarch still appeared to treat Lin Yi like a beloved disciple. Would his decision change because of Lin Yi?

With Lin Yi here, why wouldn’t they be able to make a comeback after two hundred years?

How could Xuan Shan protect the XianLing Sect forever?

Unexpectedly, the Patriarch of QingLing Sect quickly said, “I am going to state my allegiance to the XianLing Sect. Do you want to go back with me?”

Even Lin Yi was unable to change the Patriarch’s mind?

The indifference in Lin Yi’s eyes did not change because of the Patriarch’s words. He raised his head and said indifferently, “I am lowly and weak, thus I will not accompany the Patriarch. I came out of seclusion this time to report that I will stay in secluded cultivation until I have reached the Peak of Foundation Establishment and am able to touch the gate of the Golden Core stage.”

Without strength, everything was just empty talk in that person’s eyes. That person who saved him, gave him hope, yet mercilessly abandoned him.

He was just a dispensable existence.

In terms of cultivation, his cultivation at the Qi Condensation stage was nothing in front of his Golden Core attendants. He could not even approach him according to his own ideas.

Even if he was a slave, he could not compare with that Runesmaster at the Qi Condensation stage.

In his past life, except for that injustice that led to the execution of his whole family, Lin Yi had been successful in every endeavour. Even though he looked modest, his arrogance had been engraved into his bones and could not bear the slightest infringement.

But when facing Chu WuQing, all of these were just so powerless. He had no choice but to admit the fact that he was really useless.

Don’t listen, don’t think, don’t smell. Lin Yi’s hand gripped a silk handkerchief that was extremely inconsistent with his image. He closed his eyes and gently sniffed it. It was Master’s smell.

No one noticed that the pupil beneath the eyelid was usually deep and bottomless. It was not like a resolute and upright sword cultivator, but akin to an ancient gigantic beast that could devour everything.

Master, Master. You regard me as a plaything, but I treat you as my everything.

You… are mine.

Lin Yi’s words were beyond everyone’s expectation. He actually chose to enter secluded cultivation at this time. Moreover, his words were exceedingly arrogant.

There was a gate between Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment. How many people have struggled at this gate and wasted their lives without touching the possibility of Foundation Establishment?

Foundation Establishment was a gate, but Golden Core could be said to be a heavenly moat!

No one could count the number of cultivators in the Small Realm. However, among the millions of cultivators, it was difficult to find a Golden Core that gained enlightenment on their own Path. Nowadays, there were hundreds of Golden Cores in the Cultivation World, and most of them were Pseudo Cores.

Those that could form a Golden Core with their Path had all gone through various experiences and hardships. They comprehended the heavens in the moment between life and death, and only managed to form a core with their supreme talent and Opportunities.

But the ‘touching the gate of Golden Core’ that Lin Yi mentioned was just by going into secluded cultivation once.

However, no one felt it was arrogant when Lin Yi said this. They only felt that it was natural and their hearts were filled with endless envy.

With Lin Yi’s talent, even the Patriarch had to show him some courtesy, so much so that his attitude could be said to be regarding him as a peer.

“Good.” The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect said, “You can use my abode for your seclusion. The spiritual energy there is the most abundant.”


Chu WuQing was meditating in his abode.

The rabbit squatted around him, as if it was there unintentionally as it ate grass. From time to time, it would pretend to be young and weak, and unable to control its body. With a turn of its front leg, it fell down.

Then it whimpered and cried as it accurately rolled straight to Chu WuQing’s thigh, deeply breathed in, before going off to play by itself.

Today, it had also taken a lot of advantages. The rabbit’s white fur trembled. Every strand of fur was filled with QingQing’s smell, just like being wrapped up.

Its red eyes narrowed. It would be even better if it could steal a piece of clothes.

What excuse could it use to let a pet steal its owner’s clothes? If he was still a first-grade rabbit with an intellectual disability, he did not even need to find an excuse at all. However, he just had to have gained intelligence and could not pretend to be completely ignorant. For a while, the rabbit was somewhat regretful in its heart.

After having used the sect’s matters as a justification to send Chu You away with much difficulty, Su BeiCi came to the entrance of Chu WuQing’s abode and saw such a scene as soon as he came in. His eyes darkened, but he did not do anything and just watched quietly.

When Chu WuQing finished circulating and refining the last round of spiritual energy, he saw Su BeiCi standing at the entrance with a food box in his hand.

While Chu WuQing was slightly stunned, Su BeiCi had already entered the abode. He tried to kick the rabbit towards the wall in passing as he walked in. Naturally, he did not succeed.

Su BeiCi even acted like it was an accident, as if he was astonished about why the rabbit would stay here.

Seeing his appearance, the rabbit was filled with so much hatred that he was itching to pounce on him and bite him to death.

After that, Su BeiCi ignored the rabbit and came to Chu WuQing’s side. He opened the food box and the aroma of delicacies filled with spiritual energy that tempted one’s appetite gushed out.

“WuQing, come and taste my cooking.” Su BeiCi gave a slight smile. It was as if the snow on the mountain melted and the flowers burst into bloom.

Chu WuQing felt muddled, what was Su BeiCi up to? Although the refreshments on this table were more delicious than those he had eaten in TianXiang Pavilion in the Middle Realm, he always felt it was pervaded with the scent of a conspiracy.

The rabbit’s eyes narrowed. Although he didn’t know the names of these dishes, he had eaten all sorts of spiritual food as the succeeding disciple of the Immortal Path of ShangYuan Sect, and he could at least distinguish the ingredients.

All the food on this table consisted of spiritual plants that were third grade or higher. The delicacies created could not only replenish spiritual power. They also had the function of harmonizing and stabilizing. It was most suitable for people who had just broken through and whose cultivation had not yet completely stabilized.

To put it simply, the food on the table would greatly benefit Chu WuQing if he ate it. Even though he wanted to pretend to innocently knock down this table of food, he had no choice but to endure it.

Xiao Yan’s claws dug deeply into the soil and ferociously dug out the grass roots to vent.

Slut, isn’t it just cooking one or two dishes? What was the big deal with that… He… All right, he could neither refine magic items nor pills. He also could not make this so-called spiritual food.

So what about that? With his wealth, what kind of delicious food could not be bought, humph!

Under Su BeiCi’s tender gaze, Chu WuQing could only brace himself and hold up the bowl, “A’Ci, you just formed your Golden Core the day before yesterday. This spiritual food is precious, and you need it more than me.”

Su BeiCi bowed his head and laughed. The distance between them was suddenly shortened. The cold and gorgeous face was almost within reach and Chu WuQing could practically feel Su BeiCi’s breath.

“WuQing doesn’t need to feel distressed for me. I’ve been meditating for two days and have consolidated my cultivation.” Su BeiCi’s arm was on the wall behind Chu WuQing’s back and he was practically enveloping Chu WuQing’s whole body tightly. He blinked and shyly said, “Or do you want me to feed you?”

No, absolutely not!

Before Chu WuQing could answer, Su BeiCi quickly got up, grabbed the bowl and chopsticks from Chu WuQing’s hand, and said with a smile, “It’s my duty to serve my husband during meals.”

Chu WuQing had been pampered and spoiled as a child. It was not that he had never been served by others. Those from famous cultivator clans also had beauties serving them during meals. However, when he was treated like this by Su BeiCi, he felt a strange feeling and even felt ashamed in front of the rabbit for some unknown reason.

Su BeiCi picked up a slice of fish with the chopsticks and removed all the bones with spiritual energy, before feeding it to Chu WuQing’s mouth.

Chu WuQing could only open his mouth and keep the fish there, but under Su BeiCi’s tender gaze, he felt a feeling of being peeped at by a wild beast. He even felt that all his clothes could not block this kind of peeping.

Chu WuQing, of course, did not know that there was a kind of rape called Eye Raping.

He opened his mouth slightly, showing his delicate white teeth. His dark red tongue stretched out between his teeth to suck on the fish slice.

Su BeiCi’s breathing was sluggish and he felt that the body was extremely hot and parched. But there was no change in his expression and he still had a virtuous and gentle appearance.

Chu WuQing chewed the fish slice and felt uncomfortable all over. He clearly had food in his mouth. However, he had the feeling that it was not a slice of fish, but… the feeling of a tongue stirring in his mouth.

It was not that he was eating a slice of fish, it was the slice of fish that was eating him.

He was so ashamed that he could only cover it with an icy manner. His face became more and more serious, but there was a faint redness around his eyes.

Su BeiCi felt that his nostrils became hot and his nose almost started bleeding. He only managed to suppress it after using his all on a Heart and Qi calming spell, and then clamped up another slice.

The fish slices were lifted to Chu WuQing’s lips, but Chu WuQing refused to eat any more.

Su BeiCi’s lips hooked in a smile, then he bit into the fish slice that had touched Chu WuQing’s lips, and the area he bit into was the side that had been touched by Chu WuQing’s lips.

Chu WuQing’s earlobes reddened. He wanted to say that Su BeiCi’s behavior was not appropriate. However, they were originally an unmarried couple in name, there was nothing inappropriate that could be said. What’s more, Su BeiCi did not know that the rabbit was a transformed human cultivator.

Chu WuQing felt a pressure and the air around him heat up.

Xiao Yan was furious but he couldn’t do anything. He hatefully glared at the fish slice in Su BeiCi’s mouth and wanted to take it away. However, the fish slice had been stained by the smell of the person he hated the most.

It was better if Xiao Yan did not move.

Once he moved, Chu WuQing was reminded that he was able to conceal this with his cultivation and self-restraint when there were many people. If he was like this in private, wouldn’t this rabbit think he was incompetent?

Chu WuQing then had the intention to drive the rabbit out.

“WuQing doesn’t pay attention when eating, and even has the inclination to tease your pet,” Su BeiCi spoke with his divine sense. “You’re not willing to eat when being fed with the chopsticks, could it be that you want me to feed you with my mouth?”

Su BeiCi leaned down after saying that. When Chu WuQing opened his mouth and wanted to refute it, he took the opportunity to stuff the fish slice into Chu WuQing’s mouth, and even stretched his tongue in.

This time, he was not as eager and rude as he was when they first met and just took a little dip in. However, he also entangled Chu WuQing’s tongue with his once again. When he took it back, he even gently licked that soft lip.

He also let out a ‘pop’ that made Chu WuQing feel ashamed and angry at the same time.

It was as if he had become a piece of extremely delicious food.

Chu WuQing indignantly denounced, “A’Ci, as a woman, how can you be so unrestrained?”

This voice was cold and arrogant, but it was a little breathy and panting, especially the corner of the lips that had a sparkling and translucent wet spot.

Su BeiCi was not ashamed at all and stuck himself closer instead. He held a lock of Chu WuQing’s long hair in his hand, put it under his lip and kissed it, “Because I like WuQing. I like WuQing, and WuQing also likes me. We are cultivators of immortality. Why should we abide by the secular rules? If you like someone, don’t you want to be close? Don’t you just want to stay by each other’s side and touch each other all the time?”

Su BeiCi’s slender fingers followed Chu WuQing’s hair downward, seeming like he was carding his fingers through, but his fingertips stopped on Chu WuQing’s chest.


Chu WuQing was so frightened that he started to tidy his clothes. It had always been him bullying others till they couldn’t speak. When did it become him who was unable to refute it? Even the chastity of his clothes had to be defended.


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