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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


On the flying spiritual boat, DanTai ZiYan was strumming the Qin. Mysterious runes appeared on his fingers after every note was plucked out, and the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth rushed towards him continuously, entering the Qin though the runes.

This scene surprised the people around.

After the spiritual energy gathered to the peak, it turned into fog beneath the spiritual boat of the ShangYuan Sect, forming the shape of propitious clouds, surrounding and protecting the spiritual boat like a fairyland.

“Who is he?” For a time, people from all walks of life were energetically discussing this, and even the attention of many of the unparalleled geniuses from the top sects in the higher realm were drawn by this.

“He is DanTai ZiYan, the succeeding disciple of the Artificer Line of the ShangYuan Sect.” A Nascent Soul Elder frowned slightly and said to his disciples, “Don’t look down on him just because he’s only at Foundation Establishment. He’s the only disciple of Patriarch TianYuan. Even I would have to respectfully address him as Senior shishu when I see him.”

The TianYuan Patriarch, an almighty existence at the Peak of Void Comprehension, and also the number one Master Artificer in the Cultivation World!

Those who heard this were stunned. It existed beyond their imagination and was even farther than the boundary of heaven to them. The Foundation Establishment cultivator before their eyes was actually the disciple of that omniscient existence.

“That’s not all. He’s only twenty-one years old but he’s already at the Peak of Foundation Establishment, and has refined first-rate magic artifacts. Even in the ShangYuan Sect, where many evildoers spring forth, such talents are unprecedented. I’ve heard from the Patriarch that the Divine Heavens have decreed that ShangYuan Sect should devote all their efforts to cultivate this person. They even spent a lot of money to open a channel for him to inherit the skills of Artificers from the higher realm. If I am right, he’s refining the Qin. Once it’s completed, it will be an intermediate grade magic artifact.”

If everyone had just been sighing with envy and admiration before, but the following words of the Nascent Soul cultivator blew everyone’s mind. What kind of talent was this that it made the higher realm spare no cost to develop? No wonder the TianYuan Patriarch accepted him as a disciple.

DanTai ZiYan played so elegantly, but he was actually refining. He was infusing runes through the act of playing the Qin, and mobilizing the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth to refine the magic artifact.

This method of refining artifacts was unheard of. How old was he? He could easily produce a medium-grade magic artifact that a high ranking Artificer could only refine after several months of secluded cultivation.

Even such a person came to compete for Opportunities. What were the odds of success of ordinary folks like them?

Many people even thought of retreating.

The Nascent Soul Elder smiled and said to his disciples, “You don’t have to be afraid of him. The core disciples of the ShangYuan sect inherits itself. His Path is not formed by the way of spiritual energy and Immortal techniques, but by way of refining artifacts. He doesn’t need the Opportunity from this Immortal Abode.”

“Then why did he come?” The disciple asked, “Just to experience and enjoy the pleasure of fighting with other geniuses?” This was too terrifying!

“That’s not true. The ShangYuan Sect in QingBo Realm is divided into two fractions: one is focused on Artificing, and the other on immortal cultivation and battle to raise themselves. The successor of the ShangYuan Sect’s immortal cultivation is not inferior to DanTai ZiYan. Xiao Yan, the son of the ShangYuan Sect’s Sect Leader, is at the Peak of Foundation Establishment. When he was at middle-stage Foundation Establishment, he killed hundreds of Golden Core cultivators. Among them were geniuses who were ranked high up on the WenXian Rankings. It was because of this that Xiao Yan could enter the WenXian Rankings when he was only at Foundation Establishment. DanTai ZiYan should be here to help Xiao Yan fight for Opportunities. Xiao Yan must be meditating on the spiritual boat.”

Standing on the spiritual boat, the disciples of the ShangYuan Sect couldn’t help sneering upon hearing their discussion, “What do these people know? Dantai-shizu went to the small realm for his beloved fiancée that he was longing for.

It’s just a pity that the only thing DanTai-shizu will see on his trip is the body of his fiancée. Maybe his body would have rotted away by now. A person from a small clan in the middle realm was not even qualified to be a DanTai-shizu’s concubine and he even dared to break off the engagement? It’s simply absurd to the utmost. Unfortunately DanTai-shizu with his illustrious reputation fell for such a…“ After a pause, the man found that he couldn’t find any words to express his evaluation of Chu WuQing. Even the lowest and most inferior words were too high of a praise when used on Chu WuQing.

The face of their ShangYuan Sect that was admired by all of them whom they itched to praise to the skies, DanTai-shizu, was bewitched by such a person, it was such a great humiliation! For the first time, he discarded the pride of a disciple from a Great Sect and even spit in contempt three times. He wished that he hadn’t mentioned that slut.

“Xiao-shizu is wise and insightful. As early as three years ago, he went into the small realm to kill the people in the lower world who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth, and snatched the Opportunity. Unlike these people, who have to wait outside for the teleport formation to be repaired like fools. Being one step slower leads to their defeat!”

“All those so-called first-rate talents from all walks of life don’t deserve to be compared with Xiao-shizu. In this world, only Xiao-shizu is worthy of DanTai-shizu.”

“When we enter the small world, we will immediately meet up with Master Xiao and help him seize the Divine Opportunity at all costs. With the two patriarchs here, the Divine Opportunity would definitely belong to my ShangYuan Sect! Everyone else can only be the foil to my ShangYuan Sect.”


With the repairs of the teleportation array completed, more and more talents madly rushed into the small realm. When they entered, a voice suddenly rang in their mind.

The voice was so ethereal that it seems to have penetrated the gap between thousands of years of time and space, yet it had clearly and incomparably touched on their divine sense, forming an immense shock.

“Those ordinary and mediocre ones are not allowed to enter This Lord’s cave. The first trial for you is to compete for the qualification to enter the abode.”

“There are one hundred tokens hidden in this small world. You need to find the tokens in a month. Only those who hold a token can enter!”

All the cultivators who heard this were shocked and their eyes were gleaming.

The abode of an Immortal! Even if they did not get the Opportunity, there were countless treasures hidden inside. Even a brick would have been infused with immortal Qi for many years. If they could get one, it would be of great help to understand the Immortal Path.

It could be imagined that what kind of bloodbath would be set off in the small realm in the next month because of the competition for tokens… It was not the one who found the token who had the qualification to enter, but the final holder of the token!

Yan YiChen’s long eyebrow raised slightly as he gave a small smile, “Fighting over tokens?”

His smile was extremely gentle and elegant, but the followers from his sect who saw him with such a smile took three steps back one after another and were extremely afraid.

An area of one li had been cleared around him. Other than the people from his sect, it had become a forbidden area.

“You don’t have to be afraid. It’s just three tokens. I’ll definitely help you get them.” Yan YiChen indifferently stated to his three followers. The fire dragon leaped forward, and he stood on the fire dragon as it flew towards the small realm.

There was a fluctuation from the transportation array, and another girl in white came out of it. With her every step, lotuses blossomed beneath her feet, and her whole body was surrounded by an extremely dense aura of water.

When anyone saw her, there was an inexplicable joy filling their hearts, and also a feeling of shame, thus they didn’t dare to approach and were frozen in place.

Even the world seemed to stop because of such strange silence.

It was only until her lips raised a smile, and she took a step forward after gently brushing her hair aside, that everyone abruptly awoke from this strange state.

“How interesting. One hundred tokens. There are three hundred and twenty eight cultivators from the higher realm, six thousand from the middle realm and innumerable cultivators from the small world. All the geniuses that came here, even if they were the most talented people in their world, are just an ordinary person among the throng. To start fighting like this and only accept one hundred, it’s really too interesting.” The maiden spoke without regard for others, then she looked around, “All the xiao-geges here, do you know what happened to all the people who have seen me in the ChaoHua Realm?”

The young maiden’s smile was bashful and gentle, showing a natural shyness. The cultivators only felt that they were swept away by a spring wind, before they all felt limp.

The next moment, however, the sharp pain of the broken bones came from their necks, and their heads fell to the ground.

When they came to their senses, because they were still barely alive, they saw their headless corpses that were drenched in blood fall down to the ground with a bang, turning into a pool of blood.

“They’re dead, hee hee,” The girl’s voice was as mellow as a black-naped oriole, with a little nudge of her foot, she flew towards the small realm, “The Immortal is right. Such ants don’t deserve to compete for the Opportunity. Your very breath is a stain on the Opportunity.”


Sitting in front of the array put up by Gu Yu, Ke Yun looked at the image of the girl flying away in the Projection Array and said excitedly, “Eldest Shixiong, another genius has taken the bait!”

The rapid operation of the Projection Array created an ethereal and frightening sound, which was the voice transmitted through divine sense that was heard by every genius!

“This female cultivator is the most powerful and the cruelest one I have seen since today! It was so frightening, I didn’t see her move at all before thirty-five Foundation Establishment cultivators were dead. Is she really at Foundation Establishment? She’s even more powerful than the Golden Core cultivator from the TaYue Sect!” Another Foundation Establishment disciple from the XianLing Sect excitedly rubbed his hands. There was no hint of the fear that he had just proclaimed.

If he met such people in the past, he could only die. Without Eldest Shixiong, he could imagine what kind of catastrophe they would experience when the Immortal Abode was revealed to the three thousand realms in the Cultivation World. No one could survive such a catastrophe.

But now, those geniuses whom they could never imagine, that could kill a Golden Core cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage, and call the wind and summon the rain, were now being toyed in the palm of Eldest shixiong’s hand.

The voice was an array developed by Gu Yu-daren after three years of research. It would ensure that anyone who entered the small world could hear such a transmission and encourage them to throw themselves into the fight for the token immediately.

But where was there such a thing as a token? These tokens were all magic items buried in every corner of the world as part of a three-year long plan of the XianLing Sect.

When each token was found, there would be an unusual change in the heavens and earth erupting. These stunning and divine unusual changes were all created by Gu Yu with great effort and money, which could fully satisfy their imagination of an item belonging to an Immortal.

It was to let all those who wanted to fight know that the token had appeared, and make it impossible for the one who discovered to hide for a month.

Before the last day, whoever got the token would be attacked on all sides.

A gifted cultivator could fight against a hundred alone. But could they still fight alone against ten thousand, and could they escape the constant pursuit of thousands of cultivators that were just as talented as them?

However, for the ultimate Opportunity, no one was willing to give up the token they found.

The most malicious thing was that the cultivator who had survived for a month and thought that they could finally reach the Immortal abode, would be transported to an underground karst cave, and everything they see would be an illusion.

All the trials in the illusion were carefully designed by Eldest shixiong, and could definitely change their body and soul. They would face an internecine strife that was more cruel than the fight over the tokens.

When these people finally realised that everything was a scam, Eldest shixiong would be far ahead.

Thinking of this, the Foundation Establishment cultivator could not help but feel a little sympathy for these people. This feeling of disregarding man or animal and instead watching the fires burning across the river while pitying these people was too good.

“Eldest shixiong,” he ran to Chu WuQing to kiss up to him and squatted down. If he had a tail, he even wanted to shake it, “You are so wise, even the True Immortal can’t beat you.”

“Enough,” Chu WuQing, whose eyes were closed as he meditated, suddenly opened his eyes and stood up and said, “Don’t try to butter me up. Gu Yu has finally established access to the true Immortal Abode.”

With the memory of his last life and the understanding of the original text before his death, Chu WuQing transported everyone deep beneath the XianLing Sect’s Ancestral Peak at the moment when Immortal Abode appeared.

In the last life, Gu Yu came here by chance, and then successfully entered the Immortal Abode by a lucky stroke.

At the moment when Chu WuQing’s words emerged, a dazzling light suddenly broke through the endless darkness underground.

The door opened slowly, and the light became brighter and brighter, gradually revealing the world behind.

There were countless pavilions and kiosks shrouded in clouds. On the verdant meadow, there were thousands or even tens of thousands of spiritual plants.

When a thousand year spiritual plant was put on auction, the transaction would be done in high grade spirit stones. The alchemists would frantically try to buy, yet there was a price but no supply.

Spiritual plants that were more than ten thousand years old were bartered over by cultivators above Nascent Soul with something of great value. 

No one knew how much the cultivators paid for each transaction.

But in the Immortal Abode, they grew on this meadow like weeds, and were of no interest to anyone.

Everyone took a deep breath.

But Chu WuQing knew that danger lurked on every side in this auspicious and peaceful Temple in Heaven.


In his last life, except for Chu YunShu, no one truly took away the first layer of ten thousand year old spiritual plants. The body of the cultivators became their best nutrient.


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