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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


For the immortal’s abode opportunity, Chu WuQing set everything down and, after setting up layers of barriers around his immortal’s abode to prevent any accidents, began to meditate.

With ink coloured hair and elegant white robes, Chu WuQing sat primly upon his putuan. His eyes were closed, and his expression was calm and relaxed. Yet his trembling eyelashes were like the fluttering wings of a butterfly, brushing against one’s heart. He looked beautiful beyond belief, sitting there peacefully, yet he emitted a dangerous aura. Suffocating, like a blade at one’s throat.

Tens of thousands of high-grade spirit stones formed an immense Spirit Gathering Array. Even leylines, gathered from the essence of the heavens and earth itself, couldn’t compare. If any other cultivator could see this, they would be awestruck, and think it was some kind of divine miracle. Yet, for Chu WuQing, this was nothing.

And this was the power Chu WuQing had, far above even the greatest prodigies of the cultivation realm.

Three years passed in the blink of an eye. Eventually, the day Chu WuQing’s secluded cultivation would end arrived. And this was also when the Immortal’s Abode, housing the Opportunity of this realm, would open.

Spiritual energy suddenly swelled in the lower realm’s originally rather barren lands. In that moment, fog covered the entirety of the realm. Then, a divine bird soared through the clouds, with the front of a Qilin and the behind of a deer, a snake’s head and a fish’s tail, a dragon’s scales and a turtle’s back, the jaw of a swallow and the beak of a chicken 1.

Auspicious holy flames lit up the clouds, their divine aura and ancient presence had the weaker cultivators falling to their knees, unable to put up a fight.

“The Vermillion Bird!” A cultivator called out the divine bird’s name with uncontainable excitement.

One of the four spirits of heaven and earth, the Vermillion Bird of the South. It was a legendary bird who was said to guide people on their divine paths to immortality. Only those who had ascended were worthy of gazing upon it.

All of a sudden, all the cultivators who had seen the shade of the Vermillion felt their legs tremble and were forced to kneel in the direction of where the spiritual energy was heaviest. At the same time, a cold, emotionless voice was heard from above, like a voice from the heavens. “It has been thousands of years since I ascended. I have slain countless powerful foes, divine and demonic alike, yet this is where I had fallen, where my legacy ended. Today, I shall open my Immortal’s Abode and choose one person as my disciple. All those below Golden Core stage may enter.”

This voice wasn’t just heard in the lower realm, but in the entire cultivation world. It even created a map to guide others towards the lower realm.

The prodigies of the three thousand worlds swarmed towards the lower realm for this divine Opportunity.

ChenHuang Realm, QingXu Sect.

The sect leader’s eldest disciple, Yan YiChen was currently in secluded cultivation. As the most talented and chief disciple of the fifth generation of the QingXu Sect and the only single root prodigy, Yan YiChen was considered the hope of his sect, and he never disappointed them or let them down.

He had claimed the place of champion at the triannual XianFu Competition. Though he was only a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, he had used his unparalleled spellwork and cunning strategy to win against Golden Core stage powerhouses. In the battle against demons, he had once struck off the heads of three enemies with one strike, and countless demons fell to his blade.

As for the yearly battle against the demon beast tides, his headcount was never low. Thus, many elite cultivators all predicted that he would, one day, become the Number One of the ChenHuang Realm.

Right now, Yan YiChen was in secluded cultivation to try and advance to Golden Core. He had prepared for this for over two years. Today, he was finally at peak Foundation Establishment stage and he planned to use this chance to directly push his way into Golden Core.

The ambient spiritual energy inside his immortal’s abode for secluded cultivation was very dense, and Yan YiChen’s own cultivational technique was being pushed to its limits. Inside his dantian, the spiritual energy had congealed from its liquid form, slowly gathering under the control of Yan YiChen’s divine consciousness. It was so close to forming a core.

Outside the immortal’s abode stood a few cultivators who were guarding Yan YiChen’s abode. They watched the entrance to the immortal’s abode nervously, expressions solemn.

Currently, they were eager to see Yan YiChen succeed at his core formation, because if he did, Yan YiChen would become the ChenHuang Realm’s youngest Golden Core cultivator in a century.

The power gap between Golden Core and Foundation Establishment was immense.

An oppressive aura leaked out from within, and the guards struggled to remain standing under it. Yet, joy spread across their expressions.

Because they knew that this meant that Yan YiChen was at the final stage. Just the last step, and he would become a Golden Core stage elite cultivator.

That was when everything changed. The sharp cry of a divine bird pierced through the clouds, and then they all heard the words of that heavenly voice.

The stone door to the immortal’s abode began to tremble violently and then suddenly explode. A tall, powerful figure slowly walked out from inside. 

Just a bit… and he would become a Golden Core stage elite cultivator, but Yan YiChen gave up on this chance. Yet the most surprising part of all this was the aura he exuded. Though his cultivation was still at Foundation Establishment, yet there was something ancient to it… just like the heavenly voice just now.

But the most shocking and intimidating thing was the fire dragon that coiled around him. Even the divine sword behind him had completely changed.

Wh-why? How?

The guards looked at each other, at a complete loss. Yet Yan YiChen simply kowtowed thrice towards the sect’s Great Hall, smiling.

At the same time, light broke through the darkened skies, and the voice of the QingXu Sect Patriarch, who had been in secluded cultivation for a thousand years, rang out. “YiChen. No need to waste any time with meaningless explanations, I already know of the situation. Hurry to the Lower Realm to claim the Divine Opportunity.”

“I shall,” Yan YiChen replied before he headed towards the place he had been told to go to, riding the winds on his sword. An ancient opportunity like this was beyond rare. He would grasp this chance tightly in his fist even if it meant going against the prodigies of the realms.

In the QingBo Higher Realm’s ShangYuan Sect, DanTai ZiYan’s cultivation was already at Peak Foundation Establishment stage.

Originally, DanTai ZiYan’s attitude towards cultivation was to go with the flow, but after parting with Chu WuQing, he had completely changed, taking everything far more seriously.

When people had desires, their greed would grow too.

And what DanTai ZiYan wanted most was Chu WuQing. So, he needed power, absolute power, and only then would he be able to have Chu WuQing to himself.

As artifact after artifact formed under his hands, deep and unfathomable energies surrounded DanTai ZiYan, flowing across his body, and his cultivation was also rapidly rising. Getting to Golden Core was just a matter of time.

That was when the voice from the divine immortal’s abode was heard, and DanTai ZiYan paused abruptly. The runes that drifted around him disappeared, and all the disciples who were aiding him snapped back to reality, staring at DanTai ZiYan in surprise.

DanTai ZiYan never stopped in the middle of artificing. No matter what the disturbance, nothing could get him to pause in the midst of artificing.

There was one time in the LingYue hidden place, DanTai ZiYan had suddenly gotten inspiration and started artificing right then and there. But the auspicious light that signalled the impending appearance of a powerful artifact had drawn the attention of ruffians who planned to take the artifact for themselves.

When an array of chains had been placed around him, trapping him, DanTai ZiYan didn’t even try to fight back. He didn’t even budge when he was struck with a blade. Instead, when it had pierced through his body, his artificing had reached completion, and with a soft nudge, his wounds healed and his attacker was slain by the counterattack.

Word of this event had spread across the QingBo Higher Realm, and everyone in the ShangYuan Sect knew of it. Thus, everyone knew to never disturb DanTai ZiYan while he was in the middle of artificing. Yet today, this had changed.

DanTai ZiYan’s supporting artificers exchanged looks, uncertain as to what was going on.

“WuQing…” DanTai ZiYan murmured, his expression filled with infinite warmth and gentleness. Yet the darkness in his eyes couldn’t be hidden.

After a long pause, DanTai ZiYan slowly got up, heading towards the Great Hall of the sect. When his artificing had been disrupted just now, he had gleaned the location that voice had sent, and a plan began to form in his mind.

He was going to inform his ShiZun that after he was done with his artificing, he was going to head to the Lower Realm.

However, DanTai ZiYan wasn’t heading there for the Opportunity, but for Chu WuQing.


The Artificer linage of the ShangYuan Sect had its own cultivation technique. They didn’t rely on spells and divine cultivation techniques, but instead found their own Path through artificing, and drawing power into themselves through the act of artificing. So, though he was heading to the Lower Realm to hunt for precious treasures like everyone else, the only priceless treasure he was after was Chu WuQing.


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Translator Notes:

  1. This is actually one of many descriptions for the Chinese Fenghuang.


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