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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


When Chu WuQing raised his head, he saw that Chu YunZhi’s eyes were dull and lifeless. His pure and limpid silver pupils were filled with Chu WuQing’s reflection.

Chu YunZhi foolishly stood there, looking innocent and docile, as if all the spikes on his body had been smoothed down, dumbly showing his soft belly to the most dangerous enemy.

He was like a little hedgehog, and was so easy to bully.

After quite a long while, Chu YunZhi recovered from this foolish daze, and his ears were so red that blood could drip out.

He awkwardly twisted his head a little, but still grabbed Chu WuQing’s sleeve in a death grip, “Then, then I’ll forgive Father. Just this time, humph.”

Chu WuQing smiled and combed the fur of the small animal, stroking the silver hair which felt very silky.

“Master.” Gu Yu silently endured before calling out. He wanted to remind Chu WuQing, and his voice became slightly angry. He really could not restrain himself anymore.

He wanted to kill all the people who snatched away his Master’s attention from him in front of his Master.

He wanted to abuse them in the most miserable way.

He wanted to… wanted to see his Master scared.

“Leave us.” Chu WuQing indifferently ordered.

Chu YunZhi suddenly realized that there was another person here. He eventually stood up and moved extremely close to Chu WuQing and asked, “Father, who is he? I… I don’t like everyone except for Father.” Gu Yu was completely ignored.

“It’s just a servant,” Chu WuQing placated, “You don’t have to be nervous. He’s just a servant and is totally different from you.”

“Is that so?” Chu YunZhi softly asked. He grabbed a lock of Chu WuQing’s hair like a playful child. It was different from his ice-cold silver-coloured hair. Chu WuQing’s long hair glowed with a moonlight-like softness, which made everyone want to play with it.

Even the darkest creatures could not escape the temptation of light that gave them the urge to tarnish this extremely pure color.

Chu YunZhi grabbed the lock of hair, brought it to the tip of his nose and sniffed it. Then he licked it and said, “But, since Father has me, it’s my duty to be filial to Father. You don’t need any servants. No one can do it better than me.”

“Such impudence, how dare you offer your opinion in the presence of Master?” Gu Yu stepped forward.

The youngster kneeled devoutly in front of Chu WuQing and looked up at him hopefully.

“All right, don’t quarrel,” Chu WuQing then spoke to Gu Yu in a cold voice, “Leave us, you are no match for him.” This time, it was completely unquestionable, “Do know your place.” 

“Master,” Gu Yu’s voice was so faint that it was almost inaudible, just like a drowning man’s last call for help before he stopped breathing.

The whirlpool would eventually drown him into endless darkness.

There was no answer, no rescue.

Sure enough, sure enough, it was better to let them die.

“Master, we are trapped in this array. The longer we are trapped, the worse it will be for us. It’s better to break the array now. You and the Young Master can talk about this again after you get out of here.” Gu Yu raised his head. The sharpness from before was completely swept away and his eyes were full of worry, as he started acting alongside Chu WuQing.

Not even the trial could make him reveal anything.

Looking at Gu Yu, who refined and courteously retreated to a distance and began to unravel the array, Chu WuQing felt a chill rising from the bottom of his heart. He felt that something had changed in Gu Yu.

But Chu WuQing had never paid any attention to Gu Yu’s emotions. He soon swept this kind of surprise away and focused on Chu YunZhi.

Chu YunZhi said, “Father, I can also unravel the array.” He looked expectantly at Chu WuQing and nervously asked, “Father, can you kiss me again and encourage me? I’ll definitely, definitely do it better than this servant. Your son is the most outstanding.”

Your son.

Chu YunShu’s majestic physical body was claiming to be his son, and in such a respectful and reluctant manner.

For the attention of his parents, he quarreled with a servant and felt jealous.

“All right,” Of course, Chu WuQing was willing to use the free labor that sent itself to his door. Crushing his enemy and letting them happily put in their all on his behalf. Was there anything more interesting than that?

Chu WuQing looked up at… his tall son, and was somewhat speechless, “A’Zhi you grew too tall in the years that I wasn’t there.”

If he flew up to kiss, it was too disgraceful. Where was his dignity as a father? When Chu YunShu woke up, he would definitely be immensely furious and ridicule him at the same time.

“Then let me kiss you,” Chu YunZhi’s voice suddenly sounded in his ear. Before he could react, his face was suddenly cupped in two hands.

In the next moment, an arm suddenly circled his waist, and instantly lifted him up to a height where he could look straight at Chu YunZhi. It was neither too high nor too low.

Slender and powerful fingers pinched his chin, and lifted his head slightly up without giving him a chance to resist. This was the best angle to reveal his lips.

The youngster’s kiss that carried a faint aura of water was suddenly pressed on Chu WuQing’s lips, and immediately he pried open the closed lips, and drove his tongue straight in.

It was clearly so overbearing, yet it was just like a small animal, delicately sucking every corner of the mouth.

Lapping up the body fluids of Chu WuQing.

With his own means, to achieve the purpose of feeding his parents.

Chu YunZhi had clearly done the dirtiest and most despicable action, but he let Chu WuQing go with an innocent expression, and licked the body fluid left at the corner of his lips, refusing to let a single drop go to waste. It was just like a child who got his favorite toy, as he excitedly said, “Sure, sure enough, the feeling of feeding my parent is the best. No wonder I’m always so envious.”

“Chu YunZhi,” Chu WuQing was kissed till he was slightly panting, and he was somewhat furious. But he suddenly heard Chu YunZhi’s words, and the spark of anger and nausea in his heart were immediately suppressed.

Even now, Chu YunZhi was still thinking about feeding his parent, and the more he tried to stop it, the more he wanted it.

He was really so innocent and pure that he was like an animal.

It was too funny.

He actually even ate his own saliva with such relish.

“Father,” Chu YunZhi put Chu WuQing down. The feeling when he touched Chu WuQing just now was still lingering in his fingertips. He wondered slightly, were all fathers’ waists so flexible?

Why did he feel like he wanted to hug him again, wanted to tear open his belt, wanted to…

It was really strange.

But he liked this strange feeling, and even wanted more.

“If you are angry, punish me. It’s all because I’m naughty and don’t understand the rules.” Chu YunZhi knelt down on one knee and took Chu WuQing’s hand.

The bones of the youngster’s fingers were slender and beautiful, wrapped in delicate white skin, showing the ultimate temptation of beauty.

It made one want to lick each of his fingers, and suck the tiny white fingernail into their mouth, and trace the shape with their tongue.

Even the seam of his fingers were not spared.

“Please hold and bind me.” Chu YunZhi grabbed Chu WuQing’s hand and covered his five fingers with his lips, “Please instruct me.”

Chu WuQing’s pupil contracted slightly, slap, slap Chu YunShu’s mouth!? 


Chu YunZhi was so blindly devoted that it made one… reluctant to let him go.


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