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Chu YunZhi really was an idiot. Chu WuQing felt like he had been struck by lightning but seeing the sincerity and humbleness in Chu YunZhi’s gaze, he couldn’t quite manage to say anything harsh to the other.

It somehow felt like he would be doing something unbelievably cruel, and it had him a little uneasy.

If he really completely refused, Chu YunZhi would think he was once again abandoning him, not wanting to fulfil his obligations as a “father”, and it would cause this innocent and naïve second personality to lose control.

Chu WuQing could only reply, “Those are all behaviours that animals engage in. Cultivators don’t show their intimacy through such ways. It’s my fault for never being there for you before, but from now on, I’ll do everything I can to compensate you and teach you how to be a good person.” His gaze seemed to belie some hidden pain, as if he was blaming himself.

Chu YunZhi’s gaze flashed, seeming to be contemplating Chu WuQing’s words. Yet, after a few moments, he only tightened his grip. He was like a drowning man clinging to driftwood; if he let go, he would sink under the water and lose his very life.

“Father,” his voice softened, speaking gently, “Do you want to abandon me again? It’s because you don’t love me that you… would say that. I’m not stupid, you don’t want to be close with me at all.”

What? Of course, he did. He wanted to take advantage of Chu YunShu and use this chance with his second personality to humiliate him.

That’s right, he should be humiliating him.

Wouldn’t it be oh-so-amusing to destroy that proud Chu YunShu’s second personality this way? To lead him down the wrong path and have him live a barely human life…

Chu YunShu would go crazy once he came back to himself.

But by then, the second personality’s habits would be ingrained, soul-deep, and nigh impossible to change.

Could such a Chu YunShu still manage to become that powerful, lofty Demonic Lord? Could he still stay true to his Path?

Malice flashed through Chu WuQing’s eyes, yet his expression grew more and more gentle, red lips curling into a resplendent smile, so bright and beautiful.

Chu YunZhi’s heart pounded in his chest, almost making him feel like he was suffocating. He felt like his entire soul was being taken over by that smile. His body burned.

Why would he feel something like this towards his father? What was wrong with him?

He dragged his gaze away, his ears red. Yet as he looked down, he saw that pale, slender neck and the delicate bump of the other’s Adam’s apple.

Why did he have the urge to suck on it?

He blinked ever so innocently and licked the corner of his lips, tugging on Chu WuQing’s wide robes and asking, “Why do I want to suck on father’s Adam’s apple?”

Gu Yu’s eyes went wide. His hands, always skilled and confident when it came to commanding troops and setting up arrays, clenched so tight his veins popped out.

He didn’t believe that guy had lost his memory. This was all just a scheme. He was just good at acting, that’s why he managed to trick Master.

Yet Master seemed to take so much joy in this farce.

Gu Yu hanged his head, eyes losing focus. 

What should he do? He wanted… he wanted to disobey his Master’s orders.

But he had decided to cultivate for his Master, he had decided he would never disobey a single order from his Master.

All he had wanted was praise from his Master, a pat on the head.

All he wanted was to be able to touch where his Master had slept and sat, that was enough to satisfy. It was what encouraged him to go and break through all those difficult arrays and runes.

He could do anything, even breakdown for that… but it was too hard, yet when he thought of the admiring gaze he could garner from his Master, he was fearless.

Because it was then that Master would see him and only him.

He hated training those useless XianLing Sect members, but for Master, he could do anything, even what he hated.

Why could even a shameless charlatan steal what belonged to him!?

He hated…


He wasn’t satisfied to have Master’s gaze, the warmth of his Master’s palm, praise from his Master.

He wanted to kiss his Master’s brow, trace his features with his tongue, then lick away his tears from his eyes.

He wanted to press their lips together roughly, making his Master’s lips swollen and red. He wanted to invade his Master’s mouth with his tongue, devour his Master’s tongue, making it so that he could only whimper and moan.

But what he wanted most was still his Master’s body.

He wanted his Master to look only at him, even if it was in loathing. That would be better than this nonchalance. He was so insignificant that anyone could steal away his only happiness.

Master, you tell me that this disgusting white-haired charlatan is powerful beyond what we can fight.

But, Master, I’m powerful too, far beyond what you think.

Gu Yu hugged his shoulders, trembling slightly, but no one noticed him or the infinite loneliness that was consuming him.

Or the laws of the world under his feet start changing darkly.

The power that was the source of runes and arrays was seeping into the land here.

Even Chu YunZhi didn’t notice at all due to all his attention being focused on Chu WuQing.

It was just an invisible force, sealed in the earth, being slowly changed by this source power, slowly unravelling the seal.

Everyone who tries to steal away Master’s attention deserves death!

Everything was their fault. If it wasn’t for them, why would Master’s attention be diverted like this over and over again and be unable to see me.

Die, all of you, it’s all your fault!

Master, I used to be afraid that this uncontrollable power would hurt you, but now… I-I think…

Gu Yu raised his head, movements mechanical like a puppet on strings. There was no more attentive loyalty in his gaze, only whirlpools of darkness.

Like black holes, anything drawn inside would be torn asunder.

“Hah…” Gu Yu chuckled softly, the stiffness in his body fading. The life returned to his face, light returning to his eyes. All the darkness was swallowed up by his smile.

Yet the laws of the world began to change more and more rapidly, even the trials set down by the true immortal seemed to come alive. It moved bit by little bit, imperceptibly.

Chu WuQing hadn’t even managed to deal with Chu YunZhi’s first question before being struck dumb by Chu YunZhi’s second question. However, with the buffer from the first question, he managed to react quickly.

Hearing this question, the emotions that rose inside him first were naturally anger and humiliation.

But, thinking of it in another way, this was a Chu YunZhi who didn’t know anything, and he was going to humiliate him and establish incorrect worldviews. Chu WuQing began to bullshit. “Probably because you’ve never had a mother, so you have the urge to suckle even when seeing a man’s Adam’s apple.”

“I-is that so?” Chu YunZhi asked innocently.


“Of course, and just now, when I refused to lick your fur and feed you, I wasn’t intending to abandon you, you should know…” Chu WuQing paused, his gaze growing gentle. “You’re my only son, I’ve lost you for sixteen years. I’m far more hurt and sadder. You don’t understand, so I can teach you. I shouldn’t be so impatient and expect you to immediately understand the etiquette between cultivators, child.” Chu WuQing patted Chu YunZhi’s forehead, tucking his hair behind his ears and planting a kiss there. “Your father loves you.”


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April 8, 2021 7:33 pm

I’m loving the bs CWQ is coming up with lol! How’s he going to get out of this one..

April 8, 2021 7:45 pm

Ooh- When Chu YunShu finds this out he’ll be elated! Poor Gu Zi though, he was a nice guy.
Thanks for the chapter! ^^

April 11, 2021 11:40 am

Its annoying how Cwq just disregarded Gu yu’s pressence =_= and i cant help but laugh at Chu yunzhi’s though of sucking Cwq’s addams apple … *cough* *cough*

April 11, 2021 11:42 am

And how could an innocent-know nothing-baby Chu Yunzhi know about adams apple? 0>0

April 12, 2021 12:35 pm

im sooo excited for the next chapter *Wide smile* i didnt even bother to do any of my tasks and modules just to wait for this one hehe~

Soooo what will happen to Gu Yu now??? Wahhhhh im so excited

April 17, 2022 8:20 pm

Chu wuqing vc esta cavando sua própria cova

December 15, 2022 11:31 am

As of now only SBC and Chu YunZhi get a voluntary kiss

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