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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

He didn’t know if it was because Chu HuanZhi’s soul had been split and wandering in the cosmos for too long, but his now gathered soul shards couldn’t fully come back together. Never mind merging together, they resented and hated each other, wanting nothing more than to kill each other.

In the end, Chu HuanZhi had to use the source of divine power to create extra bodies for himself, and split the other six souls into their respective bodies.

Most interestingly, the consciousness of Chu YunShu and Chu YunZhi had been merged for too long, and even the soul separation technique couldn’t separate their consciousness. In the end, they had to be recombined in one body again.

This led to a hard-to-believe sight. The immortals often saw the Xianjun of Divine Sound, who held sway over all music in the world, fighting himself for the control of his own body.

Whenever he fought himself, immortal law and spiritual intent raged through the nine heavens, and countless mysterious spells and runes flowed through the sky, forming an ethereal aura more holy and sacred than anyone could hope to create.

In every fight, countless immortals gathered after hearing word and came to observe, hoping to garner insights they could use for their own breakthrough from the fights.

Most of these people who managed to glean something from the fight and achieve a breakthrough in cultivation decided to become followers of the Xianjun of Divine Sound, and gradually formed a powerful faction in the heavens.

But the Xianjun of Divine Sound was Chu YunZhi, and Chu YunShu cultivated the Demonic Greater Path of Heaven. Since the deity regained his memory and cultivation, he also immediately regained the power of the Demonic Emperor. Since the collapse of the divine realm in the ancient wars, the demonic race has almost disappeared. After tens of thousands of years, they had finally managed to regain some of their power, but they still weren’t comparable to the power of the divine immortals.

In the entire universe, immortals and immortal adjacent races occupied 70 percent, and the demons only lived in the remaining three tenths with the beast clans and undead.

When Chu YunShu was ascending to the sky, the entire Demon Realm felt it. In these years, in order to fight against the immortals, the beasts and undead had formed an alliance with the demons, practically becoming their servants.

Everyone in the demonic realms bowed towards the place where Chu YunShu was ascending, and the ten great demon monarchs who were in secluded cultivation came out together to head to the immortal realm to welcome their new emperor.

Despite the Xianjun of Divine Sound and Demon Emperor obviously being the same person, this led to not only the two clans not ending their disputes, but also the Demon Race and the followers of Xianjun fighting constantly with the two as they grappled for control over the body.

There would be a big war almost every other month.

In the beginning, Chu WuQing often tried to dissuade them out of a sense of responsibility he brought with him from his previous life, especially when Chu YunZhi widened his eyes innocently and called him ‘Father’, asking him to help… He couldn’t help but soften his heart, reprimanding Chu YunShu for instigating a dispute between immortals and demons.

Besides, Chu YunShu, as an older brother, should be going easy on his younger brother.

But later, Chu WuQing discovered that while the hatred between these two people was real, it wasn’t the reason the demons and immortals were at war! It was just a means to deceive him into letting his guard down around them, tricking and cajoling him into dual cultivation. And so Chu WuQing no longer bothered with it anymore.

The immortals often criticised him for this. Chu WuQing was nothing but a third heaven true immortal in terms of cultivation, yet, not only did he use the backing of the divine emperor to commandeer the position of the Xianjun of Slaughter, but he was also a seductress who was nothing but trouble, making the immortals and demons fight endlessly.

The shame of the immortals!

The demons were also enraged, a little immortal of the lowest cultivation, actually dared to refuse their Demon Emperor. Who gave him the right, who gave him the face!

For this reason, many people tried to assassinate Chu WuQing, but they all failed. Almost no one came back. Even if they managed, they came back completely changed. They would become absorbed in fascination with Chu WuQing and forget their own faith, their own race.

They would even go after whoever dared say anything bad about Chu WuQing in front of them like mad dogs, losing all rationality like the Divine Monarch and Demon Emperor.

This aroused further public outrage.

The Xianjun of Hundred Blossoms, Ling Yue was not only at xianjun level in cultivation, but also the number one beauty in the immortal world. She never got involved with any of these mundane affairs, and only cultivated in her own immortal palace. She was someone practically the entire immortal realm admired. The only thing that could move her heart was Chu HuanZhi, who has yet to recover his immortal emperor level cultivation, and was a disciple of a Xianjun.

But who could have expected that Chu HuanZhi would take a trip to the mortal realm, and everything would change.

In response, all the Xianjun of Hundred Blossoms did was extinguish her remaining mortal desire and focus even more on cultivation. Yet how could anyone have expected that Chu WuQing would be such a menace to them? Eventually she had to leave seclusion and involve herself once more to kill him personally.

Everyone thought that the immortal world would return to calm at last, but the next day there came news that the Xianjun of Hundred Blossoms was so taken by Chu WuQing’s character and talent that she was willing to become his maid!

It was said that Chu WuQing valued carefreeness. In addition, the immortal emperor and the Xianjun were reluctant to have such a beautiful maid around, but the Xianjun of Hundred Blossoms was shameless enough to announce the news to everyone, and even changed into the uniform the maids in Chu WuQing’s Master’s palace wore.

Everyday, she was willing to wait outside Chu WuQing ‘s immortal’s abode for orders and didn’t even hesitate to offer a trace of her soul to show her loyalty.

The Xianjun wanted to kill her, but Chu WuQing was moved by the Xianjun of Hundred Blossoms’ sincerity and accepted the maid.

What the hell was all this!?

In the teahouse, everyone who listened to the latest gossip was dumbfounded, giving sharp inhales of disbelief. They couldn’t believe that the exquisite, lofty, untouchable goddess in their hearts, who never involved herself with mundane affairs, had become like this.

How was this possible!?

Bang! That was when a tea cup fell to the ground, shattering, before there was a sharp cry from a sword, breaking the silence.

Everyone looked towards the source of the sound, and saw an immortal in plain robes sitting there with a sword half out of its sheath, full of killing intent.

When they registered the appearance of the immortal in plain robes, everyone gasped again.

It was hard to believe that someone so handsome existed. No, rather than handsome, it was more of a bewitching beauty. His features were so exquisite that it went beyond any sort of gender boundaries. If it wasn’t for the fact that his presence was so intense, they would all assume he was a beauty trying to pass for a man.

“I wonder how Chu WuQing’s face compares to this fellow cultivator.”

“He is so good-looking, unlike Chu WuQing who never comes out. It is impossible for him to not have a name for himself in the heavens. Did he just ascend?”

Everyone wanted to take a closer look, but found that they couldn’t figure out the cultivation of the immortal in plain robes, but the unstable movement of his divine power was a clear indicator that he had, indeed, only ascended recently.

Someone wanted to try him, but after taking only a single step forward, sword intent sent a shock through them, making them cough up blood on the spot.

“You!” The person backed away in fear, and wanted to find someone to back him up. After all, the owner of this teahouse had a cultivation level of a Tianxian of the Fifth Heaven. No one dared to cause trouble here, let alone some little guy who had just ascended.

But then he realised that from beginning to end, no one in the teahouse dared come forward. Has this person’s cultivation surpassed even the owner of the teahouse?! It hadn’t been long since he ascended… Terrifying, another inhuman genius.

The immortal in plain robes was very satisfied with the silence. He sheathed his sword and smiled softly: “You just said that the Xianjun of Slaughter was called Chu WuQing?”

“Yes, yes,” everyone swallowed, and someone boldly asked, “Are you here to assassinate him too?” Suddenly, everyone felt a sense of sympathy and friendliness for this unknown immortal.

“No,” the immortal shook his head, “I knew him when I was in the mortal world. He stole what’s most precious to me, and now I’m going to ask him to give it back.” At this part, the young man gritted his teeth.

“What did he steal from you?” The owner of the teahouse suddenly appeared, curious.

If what the immortal said was true, it wouldn’t just be an assassination, but this guy had chased Chu WuQing all the way to the heavens, putting everything on the line!? Everyone’s thoughts went wild. Did Chu WuQing steal the opportunity for this young man to ascend, making it so that the young man only managed to ascend thousands of years later?

This was a bone-deep grudge! No wonder when he heard Chu WuQing’s name, he was so enraged that he smashed his bowl and his sword came out of its sheath!

“No, he stole my heart.”


In Luo NingChuan’s palace, Chu WuQing didn’t know that an old friend was about to come and visit him. He was playing chess with his so-called master.

Despite being the master in this relationship, Luo NingChuan kept hesitating, uncertain. He could sense two forces destroying the defensive barrier of his immortal abode’s array!

And he couldn’t be more familiar with these two forces; it was Lin Yi and Xiao Yan.

He couldn’t help but look towards his disciple pitifully. Originally, he had just wanted to take advantage of having a talented disciple, he didn’t really want to mentor anyone!

Ever since Chu WuQing returned to the immortal realm, the Divine Emperor and Xianjun also returned to their places here, and his immortal palace array was basically only there for show. He often had to spend immense amounts of time and money to rebuild it.

His heart was tired, filled with a sort of exhaustion that wouldn’t resolve even if they all had to call him ‘Master’.

He was so stupid, he regretted everything.

“WuQing, are you really not going to take a look? The immortals and the demons are fighting again.” Luo NingChuan wanted to beg the source of trouble to leave. There was no master more humble than he, acting and speaking in accordance to his disciples moods.

“Master, you need to be focused when playing chess,” Chu WuQing frowned with disapproval, and made his move.

LingYue poured out the fine wine, the beautiful lady accompanying them. It was the wine that Luo NingChuan had stashed away for a hundred thousand years and never had the heart to drink. She praised him, enamoured, “The young master is so amazing! All it took was a single move to destroy the formation your enemy had spent three months coming up with, and soon you’ll be able to take the land.”

Luo NingChuan: “…” The hell, isn’t this just chess? What does any of that have anything to do with this?

“Master.” There was a soft, weak cry and Luo NingChuan saw a white object pounce on Chu WuQing’s chest.

Surprisingly, it was a small, cute rabbit.

The rabbit looked frail, and as if afraid of the cold world around it, wriggled its way into Chu WuQing’s collar, before popping out its head, “Master, I’m hungry QWQ.”

Shameless! You were the JiuXuan Xianjun who controlled yin and yang and the cycle of reincarnation! Why do you want to become a measly rabbit just to fight for favor?! Do you have any dignity and pride as an immortal?

In this moment, Luo Ningchuan and LingYue’s thoughts synchronised for once.

The jealousy in her eyes was almost palpable. If she knew that Chu WuQing liked these kinds of cute little animals, she wouldn’t have volunteered herself to be a maid, she could’ve become a kitten.

She’d definitely be a hundred times cuter than this rabbit!

You have to be shameless, shameless, and obviously a person has to become a rabbit and pretend to be stupid. You are a dignified fairy, a higher cultivation than me, afraid of light and cold? And he actually got into Qingqing’s collar… Rub~ And wanted QingQing to feed him!

This damn pervert!

The Xianjun of Hundred Blossoms thought bitterly. When she became a maid, she really did become just a maid, and could only serve tea and water; she couldn’t even touch QingQing’s finger.

LingYue wanted to take Xiao Yan out of Chu WuQing’s arms, but she wasn’t allowed to do anything that overstepped her boundaries to her master.

Because once she did, she couldn’t even continue to be a maid. She’d have to go back to her palace and continue to be the Xianjun of Hundred Blossoms.

“Master,” Lin Yi had appeared, standing quietly behind Chu WuQing without the others realising. He hugged Chu WuQing from behind, moving just the right way to make Chu WuQing lean so that the pet in his arms fell out. He held Chu WuQing’s hand, placing down a piece for him, “How about this?”

Chu WuQing’s entire chess board came to life.

“What do you want?” Chu WuQing gently stroked the rabbit on his lap. The white fur felt amazing against his fingers.

Lin Yi smiled lightly, “I have found a way to separate Chu YunZhi and Chu YunShu. Might I ask Master to dismiss the others?”

Before coming to QingQing, he had already made Chu YunZhi start a fight over control of their body, and the immortals once again clashed with the demons, and Chu HuanZhi, as the Divine Emperor, had to leave to stop them.

Meanwhile, QingQing had already banned DanTai ZiYan from approaching him for a hundred years.

Gu Yu, that idiot, really believed that QingQing wanted a new set of arrays to protect Luo NingChuan’s immortal’s abode, and went into secluded study.

As for Chu WuJuan, DanTai ZiYan thought that his ban was caused by Chu WuQing framing him, and he went to seek out Chu WuJuan for a fight.

Only Xiao Yan managed to slip past his guard and lurked as an animal for many years. He couldn’t find any way to properly get rid of him.

Heh, do you like to pretend to be a pet? Lin Yi narrowed his eyes slightly and said to Chu WuQing: “Master, I heard the King of the Beast race said that it is best to neuter pets, otherwise, they’ll go into heat and it’ll negatively affect their own health, or even endanger their owner.”

As expected, Chu WuQing’s expression changed and he tossed Xiao Yan away.

He suddenly recalled that on two occasions, Xiao Yan turned into a white tiger for some stupid reason, and then tried to do the unspeakable to him.

Another time, he had wanted to take a demon dragon as a mount, and that demon dragon turned out to be Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan had also said shamelessly, “Why is QingQing looking for a mount? None of those demon dragons are as mighty as I!”

Chu WuQing calmed himself and said to the other two people: “Master, this disciple must leave for now. LingYue, please take care of Master for me.”

Luo NingChuan: “…” I-I dare not! That’s the Xianjun of Hundred Blossoms!

He wanted to object, but seeing the smile in Lin Yi’s eyes, his entire body felt like it was submerged in ice, so he said, terrified, “Very well, don’t worry about me and do what you must.”

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