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Chapter 84: “Was this the place being bullied?

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Was this the place being bullied?” Chu HuanZhi’s expression became darker as he pressed heavily on the area.

The youngster’s eyes immediately overflowed with tears as he whispered in confusion, “N-no, don’t.”

“Don’t?” Chu HuanZhi’s voice was hoarse and low. There was no hint of his usual calmness, “QingQing, your cries are telling me yes. See? Your skin has even turned red.”

As he spoke, his fingers slipped into his collar and rubbed along the soft texture of his skin towards the beautiful protruding spot and ruthlessly rubbed them. When Chu HuanZhi’s fingers retreated, his body that had long been used to being caressed sent itself to the man’s embrace.

So much so that he shamelessly held onto his father’s finger.

“Wu,” Chu WuQing begged and looked at Chu HuanZhi, “Daddy,” the weak voice was slightly inaudible, “You can’t do this.”

“However, QingQing can’t bear to part with Daddy,” Chu HuanZhi’s voice became more and more gloomy, “Or everyone except Daddy can do this?”

The supreme Zhen Jun that had been free from worldly emotions, showed an undisguised heartache for the first time and was stained with the seven emotions and six desires of mortals. The dark eyes of Chu HuanZhi lost all the immortal Qi and there was even a surge of Demonic Qi. The entire AnYang middle realm began to shake!

Both Chu WuJuan and Gu Yu had asked this before, but Chu WuQing only felt thoroughly angry and disgusted when he heard it from them.

But at this moment, there was only confusion in his eyes. He couldn’t help acting like a spoiled child from his childhood, looping his hands around that youthful neck, rubbing his cheeks against the man’s slender and beautiful neck, “No, Daddy, QingQing, doesn’t want this.”

But Chu HuanZhi didn’t indulge him as he had in the past. He lifted the youngster’s face and forced the youngster to look at him, “QingQing, do you like Daddy?”

Yes, but it was definitely not that kind of like… What kind of like was it?

Was it a life and death interdependence? The like between bosom friends? Or the easy happiness when meeting?

“I don’t know.” His mind was dazed by desire, but the alarm in his heart kept pulling on his last string of reason, even if his body could not control itself and completely delivered him into the hands of men.

He was still making his last resistance, “This is wrong.”

“What if I say we are not biological father and son?”

Not biological father and son? This sentence was like a bolt from the blue. Chu WuQing was stunned stupid and even his surging desire retreated slightly.

After experiencing two lifetimes, he never doubted the blood relationship between them. At this moment, this absurd sentence from Chu HuanZhi caused Chu WuQing’s reason to return and brought to mind a lot of things.

For example, they looked completely different. Not just in terms of facial features, but also his silver hair. In the entire Chu Clan, there were more than ten thousand clan members including the branch members. Except him, no one else had silver hair!

Moreover, his father’s influence and power exceeded that of every generation of the clan heads from the Chu Clan, yet no one would acknowledge him as the Candidate Successor. Whether it was the patriarchs with higher cultivation or the Nascent Soul elders, their affection and nurturing was only directed to Chu WuJuan alone.

In addition, over his two lifetimes he had never heard anyone talk about his mother, or even heard that his father had any lovers.

Then, how on earth did he spring out? Was he really his father’s child?

Chu WuQing’s thoughts were whirling. He called out anxiously and feebly, “Daddy?” Wanting confirmation, yet being afraid to receive it.

“QingQing,” Chu HuanZhi stretched out his palm and stroked the young man’s smooth forehead. Though he had performed this action countless times, his action took on a completely different meaning this time. It was not like touching a child, but like touching a lover, “You will always be my darling and a treasure more important than my life.”

“Am I your child?” Chu WuQing persisted in asking, as the tip of his nose turned a faint red and tears pooled in his eyes.

Chu HuanZhi’s fingers slowly moved downwards, stroking the young man’s dark red lips, his exquisite Adam’s apple and his slender neck, and once again saw that the youngster could not help gasping. He picked up the youngster and with a possessive posture, placed him on his lap.

“Will you call me husband? I will be pleased if you do so.” This was not a question that could be simply answered by yes or no, instead it garnered an extremely clear-cut answer!

“Shameless!” Chu WuQing indignantly denounced, “In your dreams… Wu, no, no, not so hard.” Before he could finish speaking, his denunciation became a soft and tender cry under the actions of Chu HuanZhi.

Because of shame and anger, more tears were gathered in Chu WuQing’s eyes. A teardrop hung lovingly on his eyelashes and his face was blushing. It gave one the urge to bully him more and stirred a desire to see him break down in tears.

Chu HuanZhi’s actions became more unscrupulous. Chu WuQing was ashamed and angry. He wanted to speak out and berate him, but at the next moment, he felt a force splitting the surface of his body open and diving deep into his soul’s sea of consciousness.

“QingQing, do you know what spiritual intercourse is?” Chu HuanZhi’s magnetic voice indistinctly sounded in his sea of consciousness, “This is the true coupling, which is even more inseparable than one witnessed by heaven. It is the gift exclusive to immortals who have been bound through dual cultivation.”

“Wu.” Chu WuWing’s eyes were slightly red and he angrily wanted to gather his divine consciousness to resist the man’s tyrannical invasion. But to the Zhen Jun of the Murderous Sword, his resistance could not even compare with being bitten by an ant. In an instant, he broke through Chu WuQing’s defense and entangled his soul with Chu WuQing’s primordial spirit.

At the next moment, Chu WuQing felt that his primordial spirit had condensed into food, and was slowly swallowed up by a foreign body, carrying bursts of numbness. An electric current seemed to flow through his whole body, and this numbness softened all his limbs and bones. His whole person seemed to have fallen into a cloud and was being caressed.

At this moment, Chu WuQing finally knew the true meaning of “being as happy as an immortal” that the mortals always mentioned.

Spiritual intercourse was really like an immortal flying through clouds. Even his body that was unable to control his emotions due to drugs had been completely satisfied with spiritual intercourse.

It was even better than any coupling he experienced before.

When Chu WuQing’s primordial spirit was completely possessed by Chu HuanZhi and they had joined into one entity, a white light flashed in front of him, and a flood of memories broke through the binds of reincarnation and surfaced in Chu WuQing’s mind.

“Teacher.” Chu WuQing looked at the familiar but strange youthful face of the man in front of him and shouted out the title as if it was a lifetime ago.

The memories in his mind became clearer and clearer, and he finally remembered everything.

He was not from the bloodline of the Chu Clan, nor was he a mortal from this world. He was the only disciple of the Immortal Emperor from the primordial Immortal World, the Xian Jun of the Pure Soul.

Chu HuanZhi was his Teacher. The God born from primal chaos, the Immortal Emperor who created the primordial Immortal world, and gave him unlimited honor.

It had been ten million years since the four-way war between immortals, demons, yao and ghosts that caused the collapse of the Immortal world.

At that time, he clearly remembered that his soul had shattered while protecting the Immortal world. In order to prevent his revival, that group of demons and ghosts had even used space-time techniques to completely obliterate his scattered soul shards.

How did he survive and was even able to see his Teacher?

He could not imagine the price Chu HuanZhi paid to overcome the heavenly law of annihilation and revive him from the endless river of time and space.

Spiritual intercourse meant that both sides would have no secrets. Without waiting for Chu HuanZhi’s reply, Chu WuQing’s divine sense immediately reached into Chu HuanZhi’s memory.

Did Teacher’s soul shatter too?

In order to keep his disciple alive, Teacher took his place. After thousands of years, these soul shards gradually gained their own wills and transformed into a completed soul.

The soul from the immortal world was the only trace of the origin of the primordial spirit left after the main soul had been shattered . After countless years, it slowly regained consciousness and began to cultivate.

The Chu HuanZhi from this time had not regained his memories. He just thought he was a genius from the Immortal world and the direct disciple of the Immortal Emperor who had been reincarnated to the mortal world to comprehend the Path, in order to break through to the real Immortal realm.

In fact, it was because within the unseen world of spirits, Chu HuanZhi felt that he was about to be born, but could not grasp the specific time. He only knew that it was within the next five thousand years.

After three thousand years of reincarnation in the human realm, a baby’s cry was heard in the house of a servant in the Chu family.

He finally found the reincarnation of his disciple.

The son of a servant whose parents died.

The clan leader of the Chu Clan took the child away and declared that he was his own son. He named him WuQing, the name from his previous life.

Although many people were very confused, Chu HuanZhi had always been cold and ruthless and had no interest in things other than cultivation. He was an expert at the Soul Transformation stage and the clan head of the Chu Clan. He was an existence that was almost equivalent to a Lord of the realm, but there had never been any □□ rumors.

He did not even have a female maid.

Where did this biological child spring out from?! Did he split it from his Nascent Soul?

However, Chu HuanZhi’s words were like the law, and no one dared to object. From then on, it was announced that the child was the only legitimate son of Chu HuanZhi.

He thought his last life was just a long dream from his experience in the turbulence of time and space, resulting in his mind and memories being confused.

Their spiritual intercourse not only awakened his memory, but also the memory of Chu HuanZhi, and summoned the soul shards wandering outside to the main body.

Chu HuanZhi’s cultivation had also been restored to the level it was from the primordial Immortal world!

Those soul shards had been involuntarily attracted to him and gradually gathered around him. No matter how many thousands of years they had experienced, or had gone through generations of reincarnation, the fatal attraction and natural heart palpitations could not be changed.

For Chu HuanZhi, this was QingQing, the only QingQing in the entire world.

“Teacher!” After regaining his memory, Chu WuQing could not help shouting again. This shout contained tens of thousands of years of feelings, which was extremely strong. The tears in his eyes could not help flowing down and he wanted to touch Chu HuanZhi’s cheek.

But Chu HuanZhi didn’t call him ‘QingQing’ the way he did in his memories. Instead, he nefariously opened his eyes and tyrannically lifted Chu WuQing’s and kissed him, “There is only Teacher in Master’s eyes. I’m so sad.”

“Lin Yi?” Chu WuQing frowned slightly and gasped in astonishment, didn’t they combine into one body? Why did Lin Yi’s manner of speaking jump out?

“Get out of here, you scumbag. Owner wouldn’t like someone like you.” At the next moment, not just the tone, Chu HuanZhi’s body turned into that of a handsome young man with Xiao Yan’s appearance. He suddenly enveloped Chu WuQing in his arms and said coquettishly, “Owner likes me most, right?”

“Right what right?! I’m the only one who had an engagement with QingQing in this world. You should all scram to one side. Living in the same body as you guys is so disgusting.” With this, the handsome young body began to grow taller, taking on DanTai ZiYan’s appearance.

In the next moment, more and more voices sounded in Chu WuQing’s ears, “My Lord, my Lord, what kind of array do you want? Gu Yu will research it for you.”

“Chu YunZhi, although I hate your despicable and shady ways, compared with these disgusting people, let’s cooperate together. We’ll eliminate these remnant souls together.”

“Humph, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Father, A’Zhi misses father very much.”

Chu WuQing completely turned lifeless! What the hell? Teacher’s cultivation had been restored. Yet these residual souls hadn’t disappeared?

Did he have to live with Teacher’s seven different personalities in the future?

That was too much! Chu WuQing’s feelings of being touched were replaced by fear. With a wave of a hand, he pulled out a long sword and flew above the Ninth Heaven. Although his cultivation had not returned to his former level of Xian Jun, he was still able to fly on his own.

Above the Ninth Heaven resided the teacher he acknowledged in his life. When he saw his appearance, he must have recognized himself and deliberately wanted to take advantage of it.

Now that he gained such courage, he would have to take responsibility, “Ha, husband?” Why not let this new teacher deal with this disciple’s seven husbands?


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