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This is a Working list of translations from Japanese Yaoi manga SFX. They may not all be right, and you may find an onomatopoeia that fits the situation better, however this is the list we have created to make our scanlations more consistent when it comes to typesetting SFX.

If you are looking for normal SFX, please try here first:


For other referenced Onomatopoeia Lists, try here:

List of SFX as translated by Addis of ExR Scans:

つ – ngh
ズッ or ズ or ず ずぷ – thrust
きゅ- squeeze or clench
ギツ- creak
や(if in a speech bubble it is usually the beginning to やめだ or stop so put “st-”)
はあ ( can be panting or sighing depending on situation) or ハア (usually is panting or gasping)
ガラ- push/open depends on where. But usually sound of a door
ん- can be mn or n. Usually designates moaning.
ぐぷ-pop, squelch (aka sound of asshole squeezing a dick)
ぐ-lean (like sitting up or moving)
ひくん- twitch could also use tremble (never jolt, not sexy xD)
ひく- twitch
びく-more dramatic twitch so like shudder
ピク-tug or light yank
ズルン – slip or slide
ぐら- sound of falling/stagger,
ちゅ- (if used in a sex scene, it means suck)
びた -catch, stop
ぶちゅ- sloppy kiss
にゅぐ- squirt, splash
ぷっ- (if with a shirt, snap or slide)
ぎゅぷう- messy type of squeeze, almost a combo of squelch and squeeze. Like squish.
ぼん- pat
どさ- thud
ガタ- clack (typing, walking, door opening/closing, etc.)
きょろ- glance (looking around)
しょぼん- scratch
むぐっ- mmph
コク- nod
すう- pass or slip
ピローン/ピコンーding (or ping) like the sound a phone makes when getting a message
ピンポンー good old ding ding
しょ もーん – fidget, twiddle, squirm

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We are a group of Fujoshi that translates Japanese Yaoi manga and translates Chinese BL novels. We strive to do our best while still having a fun time.

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Is it just me… or is reading the list of SFX turning other people on too?


😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t even read it with people around me


thank you so much!
yeah the sfx is turning me too…


Oddly, yes it is also turning me on… ❤️ Oh well, thank you for sharing!


Lol … damn it’s all too graphic ( no it isn’t but I can’t help picturing everything on my mind) xD

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