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This is why I HATE mangago admins. They don’t give a shit about anyone but their views and try to lie their way through it to cover their ass. This is not the first time they have used mangarock to hide behind. And it also shows how RUDE they are and how DISRESPECTFUL fans are by uploading our chapter after it was only up for an hour to another site. Passwords begin again with next release. I am seriously disappointed.

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There whole reply is just ridiculous. “We totally respect the 12 hours limit policy, but…” There should be no “but” if they truly respected it. It doesn’t matter if someone else did it first; Since when was that a good excuse be so blatantly disrespectful?


Well.. maybe this is one of the reason why mangago is blocked in my country 😂😂 never open it ever since. Never open any manga sites too. Scanlation groups are more than enough for me.