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Chapter 120: You’re not right

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


On the way over to What Are You Playing?’s house, the two gamers didn’t talk too much, instead it was the viewers in the live stream that began to wildly speculate on the pop-ups about what the big man’s room looked like. After careful discussion, they all felt that the big man’s room would be just like him as a person, serious, rigorous, and full of convenient signs of life everywhere. To be more specific, the furniture in the room should make concessions for the big man’s “liver degree” and should not affect or hinder the big man’s desire to work hard, only then could it be called the liver emperor’s home.

However, the result was unexpected.

What Are You Playing? was live in the game at the beginning of the first gift package which sent a small hut, and inside as many as seven rooms had been opened by him; living room, master bedroom, study, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, closet. According to him, the next goal was to get a work room for himself.

The furniture in his rooms wasn’t as exaggerated as in Long-winded, Scrupulous Son’s home, everything was based on comfort. In the words of What Are You Playing? he was already working very hard on his games and life skills, so in his private space, he just wanted to rest and relax.

When he said this, his whole body lazily leaned back on a leather sofa. The weight of his body made the sofa sink slightly, with a kind of heartwarming elasticity. His appearance was completely different from how everyone saw him in other places.

When they saw the comfortable and enjoyable expression on What Are You Playing?’s face, the audience was silent for a few seconds and had to admit that he had a point. For the game, well, the time to play seriously was the time to play seriously, and when it was time to rest, naturally, that was also to be fully engaged in.

This was worthy of the big brother. His game awareness was high, ah! thumbsup.jpg

After visiting What Are You Playing?’s home, Mo Song, together with Long-winded, Scrupulous Son, took the audience to Give Me a Bowl of Rice, Old Dream of Stars, Gray Scales, Broken Cocoon, Small Butterfly, Easy Victory Life and many others, each time bringing the audience a new experience, and even garnered a lot of memorable moments in the process of visiting.

For example, Gray Scales’ boar boss with his minions lined up in two lines at the entrance of the yard to welcome guests with loud howls, while when Mo Song and Long-winded, Scrupulous Son arrived at Small Butterfly’s house, the flowers she planted in her yard just happened to bloom at the same time. Easy Victory was too lazy to take care of his ordinary chicks and gave them to his pets to take care of, but because of this the chicks were running around, free to make his field a mess. Even Broken Cocoon, with a cabin specifically for his Ore Fairy in a walled playground, received a lot of praise.

With the passage of time, the audience’s restless heart slowly calmed down. However this calm was only a temporary dormancy, the moment was coming when they would be rapids in the water; re-boisterous.

After they left the home of the last player, Mo Song just glanced at Long-winded, Scrupulous Son, and the two smiled in unison.

Mo Song gently breathed a sigh of relief and asked the live audience with a bit of coaxing, “The next thing we’re going to show you is the homes of the last two players of this broadcast. The two of them are neighbors and also the first people to get into the game. These two have left a lot of legends in the game and the forums for everyone to enjoy. I’ve made it so clear that you should all know who they are, right?”

Many viewers were so excited that their faces turned red. [Finally, I’ve waited! Big Brother Li Bai and Big Brother Demon Xing! I can finally see what the inside of their house looks like, and I’m sure these two will never let us down!]

Mo Song “Haha’d” then smiled, “Since you all guessed it, we won’t delay. Let’s go now!”

Bai Li and Wen XingYao’s houses were located on the other side of the village. Unlike previously when Mo Song and Long-winded, Scrupulous Son rode on the shrimp and scurried around the player’s settlement, this time they rode the shrimp on one of the main roads of the village. They even passed a few players practicing on their bicycles on the way, as they sped along. They arrived at the doorstep of Bai Li’s house.

The two people from the conversation were sitting under the vine stand at Bai Li’s house drinking tea at the moment, and when they saw the camera leaning over, they leisurely greeted the viewers in the live stream.

The audience returned with even more enthusiasm. [Big Brother Li Bai! Ahhhhh, this is the first time I’ve been this close to the two big brothers! Your relationship is really as good as the rumors! You are close friends, right?]

Bai Li blinked and felt that the screen was right, so he simply admitted it, [Yes, we are very good friends.]

Wen XingYao just squeezed his hand tightly and slowly relaxed it.

After they exchanged pleasantries, Mo Song asked the two of them whose house they would show first. Wen XingYao stepped forward and said he could go to his house first.

“Hahaha, I get it, I get it. The heavyweights always come last, right?” Mo Song couldn’t help but show his very own smile and squeeze his eyebrows towards Wen XingYao and Bai Li. “Both of you are the finale of our live broadcast, whoever comes first and whoever comes second is the same, but I still want to interview Big Brother Li Bai. This ‘close friend’ of yours is so modest.”

Bai Li looked up, and thought hard before he said, “I don’t think it’s humility, it’s just an appropriate result after careful consideration. As you said, we have a good relationship, so what difference does it make who comes first or who comes second?”

“Mn, Li Bai is right.” Wen XingYao also nodded his head to express his attitude.

After hearing their answers, Mo Song, Long-winded, Scrupulous Son, and the audience in the live stream were silent in unison. It took several seconds before something new appeared on the pop-ups.

[Hmm…Why does it feel like there’s a weird atmosphere between the two big guys? There is somehow a sense of husband and wife singing together! Naive face.jpg]

[So I’m not the only one who feels this way, I’m relieved.]

[It doesn’t matter who’s in front or who’s behind, who’s top or who’s bottom still needs to be discussed first…]

[The front, I suspect that you are driving and have sufficient evidence. Hurry up and go with me!]

[What are you all talking about, we are not here to see the renovation of the big brother’s house, do not pull some of the nonsense, ah!]

Bai Li saw what the viewers were saying, but thought they were just joking and didn’t take it to heart, as he laughed it off. As for Wen XingYao, although he knew that the audience was just making a casual remark, he couldn’t help but feel nervous and could only tense up his face so hard that his inner emotions didn’t leak out.

Mo Song smiled dryly, didn’t answer, and followed Wen XingYao’s lead as they walked towards the courtyard of his house.

When he entered the courtyard, he found that the courtyard layout gave people a sense of fascination and familiarity. To the right side of the house was the chick cottage and duck cottage, the left side had a shelf made of another kind of vine winding, under the shelf there was a table and a few stools. A familiar tree stump was cleaned and placed in the corner. Ignoring the messy field, it was axisymmetric with the next yard!

The audience also noticed this, excitedly “oohed and aahed,” and let out a laugh that all understood.

Wen XingYao was baffled by the laughter. Poor students consciously learned from the good students. Was this not a very normal thing? What a fuss! With a long arm stretched forward, he pushed open the door of the small hut. Wen XingYao’s room in general was full of a cold restrained style. The shapes were more modern, with a variety of low-key luxury furniture. It had  luxury and atmosphere, although the number of pieces wasn’t much, it seemed that each was from a boutique.

In the process of showing people around, there were enthusiastic viewers throughout the live show on the pop-ups. The price of these furnishings in the game store, with no little accident, were more expensive. Even the crystal drinking cup placed in the living room was 100 star coins.

Plus there was such a lot. There were a few rooms to go past, no less than ten.

The living room was directly opposite a room where there was a large unused fish tank. Mo Song noticed, and asked a question about it in passing.

Wen XingYao thought about it, and simply summoned the original owner of the fish tank from his pet space. As soon as the golden koi with the “Fu” pattern on its back was released, it spat out a big bubble of water that surrounded itself, then floated in the air with a pair of black fish eyes that looked wonderingly at the others besides its owner. It even rubbed its tail against Bai Li’s hand, whom it knew.

Bai Li smiled and stroked it with a gentle push of his fingers, and nudged it in the direction of Wen XingYao.

The few people present were all wearing darker colors, and combined with the light-colored furniture in the room, the golden koi actually became the only bright presence in the warm white light.

Wen XingYao explained, “The fish tank was originally prepared for this koi, after all, its color was relatively rare. Taking with me on tasks felt a little wasteful, but just then I saw the game store shelves had fish tanks, so I bought one to raise it. However, the result was that within a few days, it was taken on as a pet, so the fish tank was left idle. When I have the chance later, I’ll go to the river to see what fish I can catch.”

When the audience heard this, some immediately said that they believed in Big Brother Demon Xing’s luck. Maybe the next time he went fishing on the river, he would catch a different being!

A few rooms down, the audience became keenly aware that the largest room in the house was actually not the living room, but the kitchen. At the same time, the kitchen was also home. There were all kinds of decorations and it was also completely equipped. They were exposed to the sight of dinner plate dishes, more than a dozen sets of every kind of color, so that they didn’t know whether to think Wen XingYao was specializing in a tableware business.

[What’s going on? Why is the kitchen area so large? Big brother is very fond of cooking his own food? But doesn’t cooking only need a few essential items for it? As long as there is a stove and pot, isn’t it possible to do anything anywhere?]

[Holy shit, the table against the wall over there isn’t all the spices. There’s also a long row of them. Are there really so many spices in the game?]

[Why, not to mention seasonings, do you see in the corner, that familiar pink? That should be strawberry jam undoubtedly!]

[Tsk, I never thought Big Brother Demon Xing would have such a little-known side. He’s actually a good family man who loves to cook! Love it, love it!!]

All in all, a thousand words merged into one sentence that everyone wants to say to Wen XingYao: Big Brother, you’re not right!


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