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Chapter 152: Selection of fruit tree seedlings

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


At first, their fellow netizens didn’t realize how serious the problem was. They thought that palatial houses were palatial houses. So dignified, so gorgeous, and with beautiful scenery after completion, so what was there to cry and cry about? Did that group of players have a disease?

That was until the players posted the list of materials needed to build this mansion, as well as the list of materials used for the garden-style home to compare it with. There wasn’t a single person who saw it who didn’t draw a breath of cold air.

[Did I read that right? I remember that the people of Mushroom Village spent thirteen days building their mansion. Ten times that is one hundred and thirty days!]

[More than that. Don’t forget that these players have just entered the game.]

[The time allotted to collect materials is definitely less than the previous group, unless there are a few more liver emperors who can make the progress of the task a little faster.]

[No wonder they are crying like this. If I had to try, I would have cried even more. But look on the bright side, after spending so much effort to get the mansion completed, the reward they get should be even richer, right? Hey, I hope to have a few more ‘blind box demolition’ sessions then!]

The fellow netizens immediately felt great sympathy for those villages that finally decided to build the “palatial residence”, and felt that they were still miserable. They had to work for four or five months before they could be done!

At this time, someone had a flash of inspiration, and calmly raised a point of doubt, [It is impossible that all the villages made this choice at the same time. There are always those who choose early or late, but those villages that learned earlier that the construction of this house required a huge amount of materials, why didn’t they come to the game forum to tell others?] If someone had warned the group, a large part of the forum would have been less sad today. Yeah, why didn’t anyone come forward to remind them? This was really a good question.

All of a sudden, the “victims” who were still crying and sobbing put away their tears, and even choked on their tears, as their faces took on expressions of weakness.

Why…? It couldn’t even be that they thought that they were the only ones, and that they were an unlucky village…

Since there were 28 newbie villages that chose the “palatial residence,” nearly 140,000 players in the future desperately needed a liver player to help the situation. After that calculation, there was shock. That was too many people, right? 140,000 people just to excavate soil and stones, wouldn’t it pile up several large mountains, right?

But who was the cause of this? Wasn’t it themselves? Now that the matter had been finalized, they could only slap themselves on the mouth and curse, “deserved it.” Afterwards, one party, who wished to remain anonymous, said: [now is regret, very much regret.]

The only way to get a bad thing out of the conversation quickly was to find another interesting, fun thing to cover.

Interstellar people were never the self-pitying character type, and since there was no room for reversal, they would lift their chins and move on. However, while this mission thing was a long struggle, now it was time to show off the village they’d been assigned to!

It didn’t take long for another post to come out. It summoned players from other villages to come together to show fellow netizens the scenery of their respective villages. Soon it created a buzz  and immediately there were players who came out to brag about the beauty of their own villages.

Because their villages did not yet have names, for the time being, they could only call them by numbers.

[Look at our 166th newbie village! You can see the river everywhere! The water is clear and sweet, the fish inside are also very fat. I like our village too much. I want to live directly in the water ah!]

[Our 2nd newbie village is similar to Mushroom Village’s environment, but the forest outside the village has super fruit trees. A bunch of us rushed into it on the first day of the game to pick some. There were apples, pears, peaches, plums and other fruits, we almost ate until we threw up!]

[Oh, there are fruit trees? The village chief has a variety of fruit tree seedlings on the shelves. 100 gold coins to buy a tree, so each player can plant a tree in their own yard. On top of the ripe fruit for yourself, neighbors send each other a little to eat. That’s not as good as our 55th newbie village. The village hillsides rise and fall. People are living in the mountains, so every morning from high up we look down, and the mist stretches. We’re afraid that you people who live on flat land will never see the scenery…]

Just the text descriptions weren’t enough. Most people chose to use pictures as a way to let fellow netizens have a more intuitive understanding. Not to mention, the landscape of these villages didn’t repeat. Even if some parts of the structures were similar, the surrounding vegetation, and animal distribution had obvious differences.

There were even players who accidentally entered the depths of the forests. In the wet mud they found huge footprints, tigers, leopards, bears…There was also the shocking sight of huge feathered wings covering the sky. All those animals, no doubt, looked like the love pets of players’ dreams. Wild and domineering, full of power and beauty. So the conversation went wildly in the direction of how to capture those giant beasts.

Just as the conversation was heating up, someone suddenly let out an excited scream.

[Ahhhhh! You guys go check the game’s official website and Starblog! LiLi has sent out a new announcement! This time a little optimization of the game, and a notice to continue recruiting game anchors!]

Once the fellow netizens heard this, they couldn’t hold back. They immediately abandoned the hot post, and rushed to the game’s official website and blog. After reading it, their minds were full of “? I’d like to take out the person who tipped us off and have them explain this to me. You call these optimizations “minor optimizations”? Don’t! I’m afraid I don’t recognize the word “small”!]

According to the topographical characteristics of each village, the four types of dwellings in the Village Chief’s Dwelling task made corresponding adjustments. The basics of the four houses were the same, but say, for a village with more water, the bamboo forest under the cover of the countryside huts turned into bamboo houses floating on the water. The tile-covered spacious courtyard into a small, exquisite building built on the water, the small pond that had garden-style buildings become a curtain of water pouring down over a cave, and finally the palatial-style buildings, also become a cross on top of the water, where the flowers and fruits surrounded on the treasured land as if a fairyland.

If the landscape was rolling, with many high mountain peaks, rich in vegetation, and from time to time there were large beasts…All these villages were adjusted by Bai Li according to their own situation for the final appearance of the village chief residence. The style of the residences was very strange, and always challenged the imagination of the Interstellar people, but the common point was very clear. That was, they had been designed with care, and with details everywhere; very delicate.

Although they hadn’t yet seen the modified style of the residences, many of them already received a huge shock in their hearts and had only one thought in their minds: How in the world did their LiLi grow up, and why did he have so many ideas that moved them?

It was too good to be true! LiLi really did have them in his heart. QAQ!

Over time, the esteem for Bai Li on StarNet reached even greater heights. At the same time, on Bai Li’s side he also received an even stronger force of faith. Bai Li didn’t know what the reason for the situation was, until he saw the comments on Starnet. He smiled heartily and said that it was also because those people were cute, that he was happy to create bigger surprises for them all the time.

The return of affection was mutual.

In addition to the modifications made to the village chief’s residence, Bai Li added other means of transportation based on public transportation such as horse-drawn carts and ox carts. For example, in villages with many water sources, there would be a “boat” as a means of transportation. The driver of the boat was also the old king at the entrance of the village, so that hadn’t changed. As for the players’ own transport, it depended on whether they worked hard for that month’s event.

The fellow netizens and the players didn’t know that Bai Li had prepared for them nothing less than what was shown on the announcement, so after the big in-game optimization was celebrated, they put their attention on the last notice again.

[I thought something was missing after this game upgrade, but it turns out there are a lot of game anchors missing! Now there are 1 million players in the game, so the number of anchors is really not enough. It seems that LiLi knows that too. Now, each village is recruiting five anchors. I figure it’s first come first served!]

[Ahhhhh! The conditions for this recruitment seem to be a bit more relaxed than last time! It doesn’t matter if you have no previous live experience, LiLi said, as long as you have a suitable live idea, you may be selected! Anyway, I have already signed up! Brothers, you will wait to see my handsome face in the live broadcast!]

[Tch! Upstairs can have really thick skin! When you’re in Carefree Farmstead to do live, you also have to look at the face. This set out by Blunt Opinion to the first to disagree! But there is one thing to add, if the anchor feels quite interesting, it’s possible. I also signed up, hey!]

Mo Song, “????

[If you have ideas, players, hurry up! Registration time is short. The day after tomorrow at noon is the deadline. You can’t miss this chance! I can’t wait to see the others live on Carefree Farmstead, I’m tired of seeing those same five old faces…]

Five anchors, “????”

[At this point, a poor fellow netizen who hadn’t been able to grab a spot in the game for two months quietly passed by.]


The number of people who signed up to compete for anchor slots went up, with hundreds of players signing up for each village, so at that time, they had to worry about how to choose. Bai Li, however, also had some ideas about it, but wasn’t in a hurry.


Bai Li quit the virtual reality game builder design page and re-entered the game. Just after he came out of the house, he was summoned by Wen XingYao and invited by him to go and buy fruit saplings in front of the village chief’s house. Bai Li had the time. He thought that the past two days had been busy, and he actually forgot about it, so he readily agreed.

On the way over, he asked Wen XingYao what kind of fruit trees he wanted to buy.

Wen XingYao looked at him with a slightly strange gaze. Without waiting for Bai Li to ask what that was about, Wen XingYao said, “I plan to buy a pear tree. It’s said that its flowers are white, with a light floral fragrance, and its fruit is also fresh, sweet, crisp, juicy, and very good for the body. Although the fruit is ordinary and common, I think that it is also one of the indispensable fruits in life.”

When he heard Wen XingYao’s words, Bai Li couldn’t agree more and nodded in agreement. “You’re right, that’s the truth. Since you chose a pear tree, I’ll choose a different one. Apple or orange, which one do you think is better?”

If it was a peach, Xiao Song should choose it.

Wen XingYao, “…” I don’t really want to discuss the issue of what fruit to plant with you.


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