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Chapter 151: People are worse than pigs series

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Wen XingYao was confused by the whole thought process of this group of players, and was about to ask what was there to see about a little piglet, and thus refuse their request, when the other continued with a greedy expression.

“You guys still remember, right?” The player, named ‘White Jiao Belly’, turned his head to his companions and said, “Last month at the end of the event, I didn’t have enough points and could only tearfully exchange for two tables of Full Han Chinese banquet, then I invited you to eat together. There was a dish called ‘sliced skin suckling pig’, wrapped in pancakes and eaten together with scallions and sweet sauce. The taste is thick, and it has a long aftertaste. After eating that dish I dreamed of its fragrance. I have carefully studied it and this sliced skin suckling pig requires a piglet as the main ingredient. For now eating it is impossible, but when I thought about it, I had to look twice at the piglet. I see the pig and think about the dish, hehe.” White Jiao Belly turned a pleading face to Wen XingYao, “Big Brother Demon Xing, you can meet me with this small request. I promise, I will only look, and absolutely not use my hands or mouth…”

At the same time accompanied by the action of the fly rubbing his hands, making it difficult to believe the credibility of this statement.

Without the need for Wen XingYao to take a stand, his companions couldn’t help but curse.

“Well, dude, we just wanted to see what the piglets look like. What is the difference between them and the previous group of small boar cubs? You are good, but actually gave in to gluttony. Even while eating, can you still not stop your mouth?”

“Yes, yes! Originally I wouldn’t have said this, and Big Brother Demon Xing might have agreed to come down, but now that you said that, I have to guard against you guys!”

For a bite to eat, they may be able to do anything!

However, these two were not serious players, and after sounding off, they all made the same action, that was, they swallowed heavily a few times. Obviously, through the White Jiao Belly’s description, they also remembered the wonderful taste of that day when they ate the whole table  full of a Han Chinese dinner.

It was a pity that the good days were very short. Even with two tables worth of dishes, they ate all of them, after only a week. Now they were hoping that they could redeem them for points in this month’s event.

Wen XingYao felt his eyebrows jump, and almost couldn’t control the expression on his face. He  forced himself to suppress the emotions in his voice so he sounded calm when he agreed, “Then you can go back with me, and when I put the piglets in the pig pen, you can see for yourself.”

“Okay, thank you, Big Brother!” the three said in unison, as they smiled stupidly at Wen XingYao.

“…” What else was he expecting? These players just couldn’t use normal thinking to understand! Wen XingYao thought that three players who were curious about everything at once would be the limit, however as he walked from the village chief’s house back to his own home he realized that it wasn’t that just these players who were too curious, the fact that he had succeeded in meeting the conditions for raising pigs that was so sensational that all the players who had heard about it wanted to watch. The idea of watching the event was on their minds.

“What? Big Brother Demon Xing can actually raise pigs? How can I miss such a monumental event? Big Brother take me!”

Wen XingYao, “Come on.”

“Where’s the piglet? Where are the little piggies? I’ve only seen their white and chubby appearance on the small icon, but I haven’t seen the real thing yet, I have to take a good look at it!”

Wen XingYao, “Come see.”

“Haha! I heard that Big Brother Demon Xing is going to start raising pigs, so I couldn’t miss it. I came over on my iron head. If you have any questions about raising pigs, you can ask me, I still have some experience to share!” That was Gray Scales, the owner of the first wild boar, who always cherished the big boar and kept it in a very fine condition, with its bristles a healthy color.

Wen XingYao, “…I’ll trouble you?”

Along the way, Wen XingYao felt that his inner world was sublimated; he wouldn’t be happy with things, he wouldn’t be sad for himself, and he would no longer feel twisted and depressed by the players’ attention to the little piglet.

If you want to see it, you can see it, and you will lose a piece of meat.

It didn’t take long for him to reach his destination with the small tail behind him. His eyes swept the line to estimate the number of people, and the open space in the courtyard could just barely fit them, so he simply let them all in.

Not just to see the little piglet, but to see it up close!

After he brought people in, he didn’t care how they reacted. He just went to the pigpen and put the ten piglets he bought inside, five boars and five sows, into the two equally divided compartments.

So at that time, the real appearance of the piglets were shown to the players.

With white and pink skin, there was a kind of delicate and brittle sense. The light layer of fluff on the skin was almost translucent, and in the warm light it made the piglets look more and more lively and lovely.

Maybe they feared being in a new place, because they grunted, shrunk down, and huddled into a ball, head against head, only with their buttocks to the crowd of spectators.

The players took on a more serious stance, instead of just looking at the beautiful and handsome piglets, each of their eyes were like X-rays, as if to shoot the little piglets through. With such burning eyes, even creatures that were strings of data creatures were also keenly aware of those gaze. Wouldn’t they feel like they were on the fire?

So they became even more fidgety, as they grunted and screamed.

“Wow! These little piggies…look so fresh and tender. You guys look at their skin! It’s white with powder, better than the skin on those individual female players!”

“Ho, you compare those fierce women with the little piglets. Are you after the little piglet’s consent? But this skin is really good, it also looks very clean, to eat it up…The taste would also be absolutely first-class ah! Suck, suck, suck…”

“Haha! These little piggies are indeed a bit eye-catching!”

“Look at the tails on their butts! They are so thin, they remind me of a dish from the Food Basket. Braised pig tail, soft and chewy, you want to eat it again!”

“These little piggies look so cute, they should be able to be taken as pets too, I’m a little tempted…It just so happens that I only have one pet now…”

“Wake up! These little piglets can only be raised at level 20. Don’t even look at your own level. If you want to take them as pets, take your time!”


Players exchanged words, and the variety was endless. As the owner of the little piglets, Wen XingYao had completely lost his sense of existence.

Fortunately, he didn’t find such a lack of existence exceptional, but instead felt quite relaxed. While he observed the process of the players watching the piglets, he bought dozens of bags of ‘Super Pig Feed’ in the game store and put them into the automatic feeder in the pig pen.

The feeder was replenished and made a slight “click” sound, then automatically ran. The two pig dormitory troughs were soon filled with richly shaped and nutritious pig feed.

From a distance, the players could smell a nice fragrance of grains, a smell that even humans find good, not to mention the piglets. They first froze, and then scrambled to the trough, each occupying an empty space, as they buried their heads and ate. While they ate, they also emitted a “snort snort” sound and movement, while the pig feed in the trough disappeared at the speed of light.

It was at this time that the players noticed that Big Brother Demon Xing’s pig pen seemed to have a billion points of sophistication. Not only was it built firmly, but it also had a good-sized rain shelter, so even when it rained, he wouldn’t have to worry about the piglets getting wet. Not to mention that the automatic feeding function, so the player wouldn’t have to be relied on.

A knowledgeable player immediately asked Wen XingYao for confirmation, “Big brother, this pig pen…Is it the one sold in the game store? The 500 star fully automatic pig pen?”

Wen XingYao nodded, “Mn, yes.”

In his opinion, for that kind of question, even if the players didn’t ask, they would certainly have some guesses in their hearts, and sooner or later they all would know the existence of the Prevent Escape, Fully Automatic Piggy Bank.

As for the price of the pig pen, although at first glance it was a little expensive, it did have the durability it claimed since it belonged to the design of the world, plus the fully automatic features could save him a lot of time and effort. Therefore in that calculation, 500 star coins wasn’t expensive at all.

That was Wen XingYao’s view.

The players, after they listened to the price of the item that they were so excited about, instead put on masks of pain. 500 star coins was something they couldn’t afford to spend. Then they thought of their own houses, setting aside the stone houses and tree houses, the most expensive was only 25 star coins a room, so there was a kind of “people are worse than pigs” sense of grief.

The 20 times difference in price was like a rift. They simply couldn’t look at that luxury pig pen, and thought that only Demon Xing, who was such a kryptonite, wouldn’t blink while spending that money. With a 500 star coin pig pen, and the 50 star coin bags of Super Pig Feed, which could only feed the pigs for a week, they no longer seemed to be an extraordinary existence.

“Oooh…” A player in the crowd let out a painful whimper. “If the big guy’s family is short of pigs one day, I will be the first to apply for the job!”

This treatment is too good, right! I don’t want to work hard, TAT!

Other, “No, no, no, no. It’s better to be happy. You have to be open-minded, brother!”

Fortunately, the voice of the speaker was small enough, and Wen XingYao wasn’t that close to them, so the two sides completed the conversation in peace. Even those players who secretly decided to wait for Wen XingYao’s piglets to grow up, when they could be taken to sell or simply killed to eat and then they could come around to watch, they also didn’t publicly declare that. They politely said goodbye to Wen XingYao, and the group retreated from his yard.

The players had a great desire to discuss the visit. Just the few people in front of them could no longer satisfy them, so they turned to the game forum, and set out to go and torment those players who hadn’t grabbed a place in the game, as well as the rookies from other villages.

Since they couldn’t get them for the time being (the little piggies), they want others to follow along with them…However, as soon as they entered the forum, they found that, ooh, it’s really lively! How long had it been since the game was upgraded? Where did all the noise come from?

The incident started with a mediocre post.

[Carefree Farmstead villagers. Has everyone opened the Village Chief’s Residence task, yet?]

That turned out to be a hornet’s nest. Immediately those players who made the choice of “palatial residence” cried out, and said that the designer was really too much! It was simply killing them!


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