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Chapter 205: The number of places was postponed

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The Holographic Game Design Competition rankings were based on, most importantly, the “Spiritual Pacification Estimate,” plus the number of players, activity level, popularity value, and per player spending.

In early March, the Imperial Research Institute released a test report ranking the “Spiritual Pacification Estimate” of the new virtual reality games launched that year. The top ten games were all registered in the Holographic Game Design Competition. The “Spiritual Pacification Estimate” of the game that surpassed other games almost decided the ranking of the competition, and now these ten participants gathered in the same chat group.

“LiLi, LiLi?” Lu Hui was so nervous that he couldn’t even type out the words, and sent a stuttering voice message instead.

[Mn, it’s me.] Bai Li typed back.

This time, the others also came back from their shock, and one by one, they bubbled with excitement as they greeted Bai Li.

[I’m a fan of yours, it’s great to meet you in this group! You don’t know, we’ve been trying to get you into this group for a long time, but unfortunately no one had your contact information. Hehehe!]

[LiLi is a real LiLi! A real LiLi! No, I must tell my family about this, let them envy me!]

[Who dragged LiLi in? Great job! By the way, LiLi, you came into our group because of that incident…]

Bai Li was indeed here because of the game linkage, and after he greeted people one by one and got to know them initially, he quickly expressed his thoughts in the form of text for the other nine people in the group to see.

His idea was simple: he could incorporate parts of other people’s games into the events each month after that, and the players would be able to learn about other games’ gameplay while attending the events, and might run off to play one they were curious about.

Except for Carefree Farmstead, almost all the virtual reality games were combat games. Bai Li believed that the combat instinct of Interstellar People was engraved in their genes and bones, so even though they were currently “returning to the field” the desire to fight well was still deeply buried in their hearts.

Plus Bai Li wanted to help other game developers to find the game’s most attractive place, so that the game could grab more vitality and vitality.

However before the official start, Bai Li was still kind enough to voice a caveat, [I only have the experience of making Carefree Farmstead. I don’t know much about other games, so if I have suggestions that you don’t agree with, you must say it, and we will discuss it. We can learn from each other, and maybe I can also develop new ways to play Carefree Farmstead from your discussion.]

When Bai Li was talking about their games, the mood of these people did not fluctuate much, but after mentioning Carefree Farmstead, these people were all energized.

They all patted their chests and promised “I’ll do it”, “No problem, I’ll do it”, “I’ll try to give my opinion”, and some even got ready and asked Bai Li want to start now?

Start what? To start a discussion on how to make Carefree Farmstead more fun? That wasn’t the focus of the day, so Bai Li hurriedly brought the topic back, and analyzed the mechanics of their games and other details that could be improved with the crowd.

For example, “Cosmic Wanderer,” produced by Lu Hui which had a “Spiritual Pacification Estimate” of 61% and ranked second, was a virtual reality game with various cosmic monsters as monsters to kill and a time-based combat system. In the game, the player, as the guardian of the universe, each time opened a new map to usher in dozens of battles. Although those cosmic monsters were as easy as chopping and slaughtering, the sense of killing was also very strong. When they were first playing, they weren’t aware, but after playing for a long time it was easy to cause “aesthetic fatigue.” It was easy to play when it was quite fresh, but after playing for a few days it was easy to get tired of the game.

In a word, the gameplay was too simple.

Bai Li put forward his own views on Cosmic Wanderer. He suggested that Lu Hui add other modes in addition to the time mode, such as endless mode, three-player, two-player or even five-player challenge mode, Smash mode too. And in the course of the game, it was best if the player’s weapons and the monster killing difficulty didn’t stay the same. As the game time lengthened, let both slowly upgrade to stimulate the player’s desire for challenge. As for the kryptonite way, the unlocking of special monsters, the appearance of equipment and weapons, increase the number of times the game “resurrection potions” could be used, or even to accelerate the game for a short time, plus power, and a variety of special effects potion could also add up. The bigger the brain, the more ways of creating kryptonite.

The more Lu Hui listened, the more light was in his eyes. He couldn’t switch the chat group out, so he just found a pen and paper. Every time Bai Li proposed a suggestion he religiously wrote it on the paper, with a stroke, his handwriting very neat.

He could imagine how many new players would be attracted to his game after modifying it according to Bai Li’s suggestions. He previously only knew to make the monsters scary, to kill them in a way that made it real. As for the game, it only left the words “kill, kill, kill.” In his perception, all virtual reality games had the same routine. He also felt that the universe monsters who were simply and brutally pulled out for the players to cut, was already a brilliant idea.

However, today Bai Li’s words, let Lu Hui know that one mountain was higher than another mountain, and they were still on the surface. Bai Li had reached the atmosphere. He was really worthy of being able to design Carefree Farmstead, ah. Ghost ideas…Oh no, inspiration was really super!

Others in the group also gave enthusiastic feedback to Bai Li’s feedback.

[@LuHui, you heard that HuiZi, when it’s over you think about it again and try to give your game a big makeover, ah. It makes me want to play your game, provided that you add those play methods that LiLi discussed. Haha!]

[Hey, after seeing the cute little animals in Carefree Farmstead, I’d like to say that the cosmic monsters designed by HuiZi are really ugly. I suggest that HuiZi design a few more cute cosmic monsters. Although they’ll end up being killed, at least it can be considered visual enjoyment!]

[Good guys, how come I feel that according to LiLi, this game is likely to make people stay, ah? I also have a suggestion for you. Do you want to make a leaderboard to rank the highest scores of players in each game to see who can get a higher score?]

[How about sending players a little item every day they go online? How many days in a row and then give a better item, this should increase the stickiness of the players?]


The crowd chatted, and one after another put forward a number of bright suggestions. When he saw that the discussion had already aroused the desire of others, Bai Li acted as a qualified spectator and listener, only occasionally echoing a few words to show that he was still involved.

While some people were eager to help with ideas, one person took advantage of the others’ inattention and grabbed the right to help Bai Li with his next idea.

[LiLi, can you help me see how my game should be optimized?] Lu Hui’s best friend, Yu Xiao, suddenly spoke up.

When everyone heard this, they immediately reacted to what this kid was playing for, and they all slapped their thighs and regretted it. Hey, they were so focused on discussing Lu Hui’s game that they forgot about their own. Now, the opportunity was snatched away before anyone else.

They were depressed, but the group prided itself on being poised to leave a good impression on Bai Li, so it didn’t act on impulse to cut in line. After they deliberately stabbed Yu Xiao with a few words, they waited for Bai Li’s answer.

Bai Li quickly answered “yes,” and then recalled which game Yu Xiao had made.

“Soundwave,” ranked tenth in the “Spiritual Pacification Estimate” and was also a combat game. However, compared with the other combat games, the gameplay of this game was more special. Players could buy various “voice” items in the game, such as gold voice, silver voice, diamond voice and so on, with selling prices from 100 to 10,000. This was also the only way to use kryptonite in the game. After equipping the item, when facing the attacking monsters, the player needed to deal damage to the monsters through the sound wave attack issued by the “voice.”

In short, this was a game where the output depended on the roar. The louder you roared, the higher the damage caused to the monster, the more monsters defeated, and the higher your score would be.

This was also a game with a single style of play. Although in the holographic world roaring all the time won’t hurt the throat, the players weren’t happy to do so. After roaring for ten minutes or half an hour, it felt uncomfortable to people, and they would just go offline. There was no intelligent beast who could roar all the time.

Bai Li gave his opinion. He retained the essence of the game play, but also made a huge change.

What was the point of output just by roaring? Wasn’t it more fun and elegant to kill monsters with singing?

It was the same as a sound wave attack. Players just had to sing the right beat and find the right rhythm, then you could give the monsters damage. It was much easier and simpler than relying on a roar. Also players can sing different songs, so the fun level also went up. When it came to those players who had collection fetishes and OCD, as long as the song library was updated regularly, he didn’t believe that those players wouldn’t take the bait.

The game could also give players a score for each lyric they sing, just like how the virtual reality game builder had SABCDEF levels. The game could also add “average,” “good,” “perfect,” “heavenly voice,” and so on. Each comment could also be turned into a certain amount of attack power, causing secondary damage to the monster. Wouldn’t that raise the winning spirit?

Yu Xiao listened until he felt he was going silly, so this was the right way to play his own game. Was this going to be a calming game?

The people in the group issued a chorus of envy and jealousy.

[LiLi is simply a point gold hand, a sentence, a wealth code, ah! Later on, none of you are allowed to grab with me. I want to have an intimate exchange with LiLi!]

[LiLi’s advice is also too attentive, it feels like optimizing my game in this way will be several times more fun than the original, @ YuXiao @ LuHui, you two hurry to take notes, we all help to keep an eye on it, must be early to make the new way to play, ah!]

[LiLi, look at me! My “Mountain and Sea Wonderland” also needs your help QAQ!]

For the next half hour, Bai Li helped everyone analyze their games one by one. When the analysis came to the end, the others seemed to understand a little bit of the tips and tricks, and they didn’t even need Bai Li to say it anymore, they all talked about it in the right way. At the end, everyone had written down thick notes.

The time flew by as they discussed the issues with care. Midway through the day Bai Li received a reminder from Zhuo Rui, and told the others about the news he had received, [My official contact told me that the tournament has decided to end this year’s official tournament at the end of May, and we’ll be able to link up for seven months after that starting next month.]

[Ehhh, I got the notification too. I can’t believe I have to wait for another two months. But they also gave the fellow netizens time to accept it, considering that a rash end would have a bad impact, I guess.]

[So what do we say now? Should we wait until June to start again, or should we start now?] Someone asked tentatively.

The moment the question was asked, the group was instantly silent. Across the net, everyone except Bai Li was sending out waves of attack light at the competitors. If they were in the same space at this time, they would have fought on the spot to compete for the right to be the first to work with Bai Li.

[LiLi, choose me. My game had a vast land, the most suitable for farming, monsters are also very tall and very strong, I can modify their data so that they learn to farm, and Carefree Farmstead is a perfect match!]

[Bah! Don’t think I don’t know about what you aren’t saying! I know that your game is all swamp, in the above farming is not too big a lie, oh? My game is more matching, the whole space is green oil, like the Carefree Farmstead’ environment as fresh and natural!]

[The premise of that ‘green’ has to be light green, light green, not miserable green, ghost green, quickly back a little, not to your horror game gold! My game is also good, LiLi consider it…]

Whenever someone recommended a game they made, another person would jump out and loudly refute it and recommend their own game later on, each feeling that their game was superb and super appropriate for a fantasy link-up with Bai Li. The atmosphere, which had appeared to be a happy one because of brainstorming together, quickly became tense, and made Bai Li wonder if he was in some kind of petting ring.

He quickly stepped forward and said that everyone should stop arguing. Everyone had a chance, and they shouldn’t affect each other’s feelings by arguing successively. After that, he also confirmed the first cooperation with Lu Hui and Yu Xiao, and the time of cooperation, just next month.

The two were already very close good brothers who could work together, and as the first batch of people to work with Bai Li they were as happy as can be, and immediately in the group blew rainbow farts to Bai Li. Others, although disappointed and quietly planting lemon trees, still gave heartfelt wishes and secretly comforted themselves. Although they did not have a turn in the first batch, the previous people would leave them rich experience in cooperation, and when it was their turn, the cooperation would be more successful than the previous ones!

After all of them agreed, Bai Li pulled out another small group to facilitate the discussion of the details of the cooperation afterwards.

It was getting late, so Bai Li said good night and was ready to leave, but was pulled by the others and asked a question they had been holding in all night.

[That…LiLi, ah. Next month’s game quota. Do we have a chance to grab it?]

Right now, only one of them, Yu Xiao, had managed to grab the game quota during March and was sharing his happy time in the game with them every day. They also wanted to have such happiness…Wuuu.

Bai Li didn’t sell himself short and told them the answer directly, [You should be able to get it, right? The total number of game places to be released this time is 24 million. I don’t intend to keep some in hand, they will all be released, so let everyone grab a slot.]

This was a great joy! Lu Hui and others originally thought that the maximum number of game slots would be four million, that would be if the builder upgraded from C to B level, but they didn’t expect Bai Li to be so brave and give everyone a big surprise without saying a word, the game builder jumped two levels in a row, and the number of game slots was six times the number they expected!

Now, as long as they were fast enough, they should have be able to grab it, right?

[Wow! Great, thanks LiLi. I finally get to play my dream game!]

[Carefree Farmstead, here I come!]

[Twenty-four million, there must be one for me! I’m going to read the newbie guide again overnight!]

The same game developer, into the ecstasy of several people but coincidentally overlooked a very important thing, but no matter. On the last day of the month at noon, they saw the relevant announcement issued by Bai Li on the Starblog.

Carefree FarmsteadV, [Sorry to inform you that the game quota for April will be postponed for two days. That is, it will be distributed on April 3rd, so don’t remember the wrong time…]

Lu Hui and other people took a few seconds to understand the reason why it would become like this, and their emotions were barely calm. However, for the fellow netizens who didn’t have much contact with virtual reality game production, when they heard the news they became lost in thought.

Give me a lollipop, [Postponed…Two days…? No! This must not be true, I absolutely don’t believe it! I’ve been looking forward to this since January, but it’s actually going to take April 3rd to open up the number grabbing, this is too much for me, wuu!]

Stay gold years, [This morning I got up and opened the window. There was a red bird skimming past my window, and I thought this was a sign that I could successfully grab a game slot, but now LiLi is telling us that the slot will actually be delayed for two days before it can be issued? Now I suspect I misread it in the morning and it was actually a crow?]

Aegis, [@Bai Li. LiLi, see this pigeon? It’s fat, big, fragrant and tender, whether it’s stewed or fried. I think it’s top notch, you don’t want to have the same downfall as it, hmmm? You get it, right? Put a knife to your own neck for threats.jpg]

[LiLi when to catch the bad habits of a well-known green color / website greatly, at this critical moment how can pigeons, we all wait for it! The sheep rolled around and asked for a hug.jpg]

The year for scales, [Upstairs, know why we pigeon? It’s because LiLi’s game is so fun, I can’t even get out of the game! (PS: The 199th newbie village villagers sent their condolences)]

The fellow netizens, who had been waiting for the next opportunity to grab a number, were completely panicked, and didn’t wait for Bai Li’s explanation about the two-day delay, so they took the lead in imagining things.

LiLi did not have enough money to upgrade the virtual reality game builder, and had to postpone these two days to find someone to raise money. What were the players in the game doing? It’s such a fun game, why not spend more kryptonite?!

Or did LiLi get injured and need to recuperate, so he had to postpone the upgrade for two days? But according to the players of Mushroom Village, LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing were both very good fighters, so it was unlikely that LiLi would get hurt, right?

Or maybe LiLi was addicted to the sweetness of love that could not be extricated. “Demon Xing” that demon concubine seduced the king all morning, so that he was even lazy when it came time to upgrade the game? If it was really like that, the session made fellow netizens want to carry a knife to find Demon Xing to educate him properly.

The speculations of the fellow netizens was getting more and more outrageous, so when Bai Li and Zhu MoLing, who had grown to almost five years old, finished lunch with just the two of them and then went to pay attention to the news on the starblog, the number of @’s and private chats had already exploded. After a cursory glance at the speculations and demands of his fellow netizens, Bai Li was in tears. However, it was true that he didn’t consider the matter well, and forgot to anticipate the reaction of fellow netizens, which caused the current situation.

He hurriedly re-edited an explanation of the incident and said that new players who enter the game next month will get an extra “newbie pack,” which was his apology for delaying the distribution of game quotas for two days and making fellow netizens wait.

After he edited it, he was about to send it out when he suddenly thought of the one million players already in the game. Well…How to say it? If only the new players got something but the old players didn’t get gifts, he felt that the latter would create acid water to drown him in. The thought of such a consequence made Bai Li shiver coldly and he hurriedly modified the content.

Yes yes, everyone would get something. He would be a good developer.

For veteran players, it was called “Veteran’s Gift,” bah!

However, Bai Li’s starblog reply was a step too late after all, and by the time he modified the content of the starblog, a fellow netizen guessed the real reason for the two-day delay and published his analysis.

[Everyone calm down first. Have you ever thought that the reason why the game quotas are delayed for two days is not because of LiLi, but for force majeure factors? Everyone knows that the virtual reality game builder has a total of seven levels, SABCDEF, but you may not know that to upgrade to A and S level, the process is much more troublesome than the other ones. You have to submit an application to the Imperial Research Institute, and then wait for them to arrange someone to install it. It will take several days of time. As far as I know, it takes five days at the latest from the time the report is typed to the time the upgrade is completed.]

Now, everyone understood. Everyone’s expression went from crying to grinning to sending out maniacal smiles, and going halfway to pick up the money. Hey, hey. An A-class virtual reality game builder could accommodate 25 million players. So on April 3rd, the number of game slots they could grab would be more than expected.

Difficulty of game quota – reduced.

The probability of entering the game – increased.

At this time, another fellow netizen found Bai Li’s new explanation blog, and after understanding what it said, he burst out laughing, [Hahahaha! Luckily LiLi forgot to explain, otherwise how can we get a free ‘newbie pack’ to receive it (dog head)!]

Yes, yes, after learning the number of game slots to be distributed, that fellow netizen was instantly confident that he could enter Carefree Farmstead.

If they couldn’t grab one of the twenty-four million places, they did not deserve hands.

Addis Notes:

E: $5,000, 500 players, 12 hour play time a day

D: $100,000, 5,000 players, 12 hour play time a day 

C: $5 Million, 1 million players, 18 hours play time a day

B: $25 Million, 5 million players, 18 hours play time a day

A: $100 Million, 25 million players, 18 hours play time a day

S: $10 Billion, xxx amount of players, 18 hours play time a day

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