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Chapter 206: April update announcement

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

[Geez, LiLi are you a god? Give me the game quota! LiLi, wait for me! I’ll be with you in the game soon!]

[Suck it, suck it, suck it! I don’t know what items can be opened in the newbie package, but I think with LiLi’s generosity, it will not let us down.]

[Brothers and sisters, I say LiLi is the most spoiling game developer in history. No one should object, right? I’m so happy to be a player of Carefree Farmstead!]

[LiLi, sorry. I was the one who said you were a pigeon, QAQ, I want to retract the idea of stewing and frying you and steaming you, you are the cutest pigeon in the whole empire, the whole Interstellar. Must be happy and healthy to live, ah…]

[I believe that this time I will succeed in grabbing a place in the game!]

The crisis of confidence in the joint efforts of both sides was quickly resolved, and Bai Li sped up in the virtual reality game builder for the pre-upgrade, as he waited for April 3rd, the day the content would be ready to release to everyone. At the same time, he also didn’t forget his promise to the players. He set it so after the upgrade that the first time the new and old players came online for the first time, their backpacks would automatically get a “newcomer / veteran gift package.”

After a few days of busy preparation, on April 2nd at 12:00, Bai Li announced that month’s update on both the game’s official website and the Carefree FarmsteadV starblog.

Carefree FarmsteadV, [Good afternoon. Carefree Farmstead will be upgraded on April 3rd, and will be down for maintenance from 6:00 to 18:00 on that day. Do not miss it. The following is the content of the update:

  1. In the village, on the basis of the original, there will be a new boundless sea, rich seafood, mysterious islands, and vicious pirates, so quickly set sail and open your own seafaring adventure. Supporting facilities are updated at the same time, please feel free to explore.
  2. New game mall item types, prices vary, we recommend players to act according to their abilities.
  3. New “village upgrade” game, when the village reaches a certain “prosperity,” it will open the village upgrade. Players can submit various materials to the Village Chief to contribute to the village upgrade. From village to town, from town to city-state, until the top of the game, you are welcome to enjoy building…
  4. New “culinary delicacy” column in “icon collection system.” Players are invited to explore freely.
  5. New entertainment skills “play music” and “dance.” Each player can only learn one at most.
  6. New rewards after completing NPC tasks, please feel free to explore.
  7. Tentatively scheduled for April 15th, this month’s event, “Duck Catching Competition.” This event will be linked with game developer Lu Hui’s “Cosmic Wanderer” and game developer Yu Xiao’s “Soundwave.” Please stay tuned.
  8. According to the 5,000 people for a village divide, before the village was not officially named, and all went by a number. After new players enter the game, if you have live broadcast ideas, you can register on the game’s official website. On April 5th the whole network will open for voting, and on April 7th in each village the top five players who get the most votes can become a Carefree Farmstead game anchor.]

A large number of fellow netizens and players had been squatting on Bai Li’s update announcement for a long time, and they were the first to check it as soon as it was sent out. When they saw that it stated that twenty-four million game slots would be released at once, the former breathed a huge sigh of relief before they had the heart to check the rest of the content.

[Wow! I always thought I could only pick up shells and catch prawns on the beach. Seafood, islands, pirates, this element is too rich, right, I want to go to sea now!]

[As a cloud player who always watches live, I am aware of the ability to go to sea. In Give Me a Bowl of Rice live broadcast last month, he had a live production of a big project that not long ago began to take shape. It was a fishing boat. Hey, sneak a teaser, the owner of the fishing boat is younger sister Huaibi. She has managed to invite LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing to go to sea with them, oh…]

[Really? I am really looking forward to it. If there are actually pirates, this should be an official monster in the game, right? Will they be able to find the treasure hidden by them?]

[LiLi! Sea adventures are here. Should we add another underwater adventure, ah? Hahaha, I have drifted, I want to go to the sea to touch the fish!]

[Fuck, you all did not pay attention to the last sentence of the first point? What are the supporting facilities? In addition to the Mushroom Village Heart’s Jade, are there other people who got fishing boat designs? It always feels like we want to go to sea, and the first step is stopped…]

[…You seem to be right. Kneeling for the game upgrade after the luck explosion, directly to the fishing boat drawings!]

The first update content alone had led to a lot of discussion. The game had not even been upgraded yet, and already some people say they want to pick up the boat driving skills and swimming ability, and strive to become the prettiest boat on the sea.

The game store had also attracted tens of millions of people to speculate together about what kinds of items have been added.

[Costume appearance! This is definitely there. So many new players, according to the number of players who have a piece of clothing, it is easy to clash. I still like to wear the most special one.  Lie flat.jpg]

[LiLi can you not add some pet eggs or mount eggs, ah? I am a game black hole. My hand speed is not fast, I just fear that in this life I cannot touch the shell of the eggs. Let me play a banknote ability, bah!]

[drool begs to ask, if the culinary delicacy icon and the mall Food Basket have no linkage, will that not increase the new culinary delicacy varieties? Why, it seems that I still float more powerful, I actually feel that I have been tired of eating the culinary delicacy opened from the Food Basket, should not, should not, ah! culinary delicacy, yyds!] 1

[Are there fewer gift packs? I’m not satisfied with the ‘First Charge Pack’, ‘Dress Surprise Box’ and ‘Food Basket’ items anymore, there are not many opportunities to open packs for events and missions. LiLi, please add some more fun packs in the game store.]

The richness of the fellow netizen’s brains and the variety of their ideas took Bai Li’s breath away, and he couldn’t wait to hand over his virtual reality game builder and let the group of players take turns adding their ideas to it.

Everyone was a mediocre little money-spinner. He kept scrolling down to see what the fellow netizens had to say about the other updates.

[What is ‘play music’ and ‘dance’? It just sounds soft. To be honest, I don’t think I want to learn either one…]

[Probably singing and dancing? But we are a farming game, we face the soil, back to the sky, and leisure time we are also busy engaging in life skills. There’s nothing to sing. What song? What dance, ah? Forget it, I’ll choose one at random. LiLi should have his own plans, we have to trust him.]

[The rewards of NPC quests have actually increased again? I don’t know if it’s just my bad luck, I haven’t gotten any special rewards from those NPCs, and I’m afraid I’ll have to do it all to the end of the earth.]

[Friends, have you noticed a new round of material collection tasks are coming again? Look at the situation or several sets of the kind, everyone remember to prepare liver tablets, ah. I hope that after the village upgrade, everyone’s liver is still normal.]

[This month’s event is ‘Catching Ducks.’ Hey, it feels like it will be very lively then. But what is the meaning of the latter words? How can it also be linked with other games? I don’t understand…]

[I am also wondering, Cosmic Wanderer and Soundwave are two games I have played. When I was playing them, they were really quite good for stress relief, but felt a little boring after playing for a long time. Once I grabbed a spot on Carefree Farmstead, I never opened them again. It’s kind of hard to imagine what it would be like to have all three games linked together.]

At the end of March, the officials of the Holographic Game Design Competition announced to all fellow netizens that they intended to end the competition early, and the end date was set at the end of May. In other words, as long as two months passed, the competition, which would have taken a year to determine the winner, would be able to decide the first place then.

The netizens were surprised, but it wasn’t impossible to understand. With the mountain of Carefree Farmstead, who could cross it?

After that, a number of contestants openly said that this was their unanimous decision, and that they weren’t unhappy with the arrangement. There were even a few contestants who had a lot of respect for Bai Li between their words, so they were old cloud players.

The notice to end the competition early was done without a hitch, and the competition management was relieved to discuss with Bai Li the way to tell the fellow netizens that they had a backhand.

Bai Li said, “Let’s say it directly, and come to them as a surprise.”

So the current situation was created. The netizens had no idea about the virtual reality game linkage, and their brains were full of question marks. At the same time, the anticipation of the “Duck Catching Contest” was also immediately high. Before the event started, they couldn’t control their own brains and they were already thinking about it.

Bai Li looked at the guesses of his fellow netizens for a while, and couldn’t help but laugh. After laughing and rubbing his belly which hurt, he quit the starblog with super self-control. It was true that if he looked at it again, a whole day’s time would be wasted on it.

Brushing the starblog comments was addictive.

Just at this time, Wen XingYao found him, so it was convenient for Bai Li to get out of his previous state.

Wen XingYao abruptly opened his mouth and said, “By the way, I’m almost done with the military affairs, so I plan to come back to you in a few days.” 

The dark golden gaze was clear and lingering as he looked seriously at Bai Li, with a faint thoughtfulness in between his brows. Although the two could meet every day in the game, it was still no match for face-to-face contact in reality.

While they were in the military department, thanks to Tang Ying’s big mouth, many people already knew about Wen XingYao’s successful relationship. Especially the other top brass of the military department, and those older than Wen XingYao could be a handful. When they would meet him it was inevitable for the elders to say a few suggestive words, and they wouldn’t rest until Wen XingYao had a big red face.

After so many years of knowing each other, Wen XingYao really hadn’t expected those people to have such narrow-minded characters. However, everyone’s reaction was also a way to facilitate his leave of absence. When he expressed his intention to leave the military temporarily to go back to see his partner, no one jumped out to stop him, they just laughingly said that he had the opportunity to bring his partner to the military to show off, and so that they also could get to know him.

Tang Ying acted extraordinarily positively about this matter, and when only the two of them were left in the room, he impulsively said that he would also go along with him. Tang Ying said it with a serious face, but at the end, he accidentally swallowed hard, “I am your adjutant, the most basic duty is to take care of your life. XingYao, you can’t go and leave me alone, ah!” 

Nowadays, the new nutrition solution of Tasty Foods was no longer like when it was first launched, it could only be grabbed by skill, and the nutrition solution that couldn’t be easily supplied had become the favorite of the soldiers in the military department. Although there were still people who drank it while muttering that the culinary delicacies in the game were more popular among them. Still, at eating times they were more active than anyone else.

After they lived in Bai Li’s house for so long, their appetites were spoiled from eating the natural ingredients and various food products Bai Li had prepared for them, so they went into a state of emptiness. Originally, their supplies shouldn’t have been consumed by the two so quickly, but once, when the two were cooking hot pot in the dormitory, they were caught red-handed by the others…Then the ingredients went into a rapid consumption phase.

Tang Ying still remembered the scene where the group almost fought over a small piece of meat and lost one of their shoes.

After the ingredients were finished, those people did not have enough to eat, and recently they had been hanging around the “vegetable test field” of the military headquarters every day, not only urging the soldiers in charge of the test field to work hard, but also working themselves, hoping that the vegetables grown from Bai Li’s seeds could be harvested soon.

Tang Ying immediately saw through the group’s intentions, and those days, every day he regretted not being more vigilant, otherwise how could they still eat a few more days of their packaged food, ah!

When Wen XingYao decided to run to Bai Li, he immediately regained his spirit, and he was the first to make the arrangements. His reason was also very good, so Wen XingYao had no room for refusal. While Wen XingYao could still do it, he had to pinch his nose, and admit this big light bulb.

“Really? That’s pretty quick.” Bai Li was quite happy. “When will you come? I will pick you up.”

“April 7th.” Wen XingYao reported the exact date, and then hesitated for a few seconds, and discussed another matter with Bai Li. “By the way, I told you before that the old men of the Imperial Research Institute were very curious about you, and wanted to invite you to the Imperial Research Institute to visit. We were almost done discussing that, then the Immortal Flower appeared in the game. The Immortal Flower function is similar to the ‘Ancient Seeds’ and the old masters gathered together to brush up on all the videos related to Immortal Flower. They  have become extremely interested in it. They are already a bit overwhelmed, and want to fly directly over to discuss with you…”

Such a high regard made Bai Li a little embarrassed.

“The masters should only want to talk about that, they won’t come here on purpose…But I should be the one to visit them,” Bai Li said. “I also thought that when you came back this time, and then the next time you leave, I would go out with you, to complete the previously agreed agreement, and also to visit Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star and while I’m there I can see them.”

Wen XingYao smiled helplessly and shrugged, “I can’t really guarantee it. Those old men are capricious sometimes.”

The two stared at each other, and then laughed in unison. If they really followed Wen XingYao, then he would treat them well.

The next day at 6:00 sharp, Carefree Farmstead kicked all the players offline and went into downtime for maintenance. The players had already gotten used to this operation, so they dutifully went offline, replenished their strength for the whole day (drinking nutrient solution), and flung themselves into bed to sleep.

Hey, it was a full twelve hours, and after they woke up, they were able to enter the game again with full energy.

By 10:00, Xiong Pili, Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi arrived at Bai Li’s home with a few other strange staff members.

“Hello again, Mr. Bai. You’re looking good. Haha!” Xiong Pili helped Bai Li and the staff members who had come from afar to introduce themselves to each other.

“Hello.” Bai Li shook hands with the people in turn and introduced them to the living room. “I think you all must be tired from the journey. Sit down and have some fruit and tea before we start.”

On the coffee table in the living room, there was already a cut watermelon fruit plate, decorated sporadically with other fruits.It was a big plate full of fruit, enough for ten people to eat a good time. And next to the fruit plate, there was also a huge transparent kettle, and looking at the contents, it seemed to be a flower tea made from fresh flower petals.

Hearing the commotion, Zhu MoLing, Fox One and Fox Two also came out and helped Bai Li to entertain the people together.

Xiong Pili saw the three of them and searched around the area without a trace, but found no other people or small animals, and thought that every time they met Mr. Bai’s family, there were always changes.

There was no intention to think further, and soon several people’s attention was drawn away by the sweet smell emanating from the fruit plate. As veterans of Carefree Farmstead, Xiong Pili and the other two had been able to grow watermelon and had been holding half a watermelon in the game to dig and eat. But today was the first time they smelled the same scent as the watermelon in the game in reality.

They had had the pleasure of eating a cucumber at Bai Li’s house a few months ago, and the three of them couldn’t help but salivate in their mouths. Mr. Bai’s watermelon was definitely different from the ones sold outside, and the difference was huge!

On the other hand, the remaining few people, although they also looked a little impressed, in fact, they still had a little doubt. They were specially from the Imperial Research Institute located on Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star to come here, and were responsible for the A-class and S-class virtual reality game builder upgrade matters. They knew the identity of this time the service object, but hadn’t expected Bai Li to be so young, or so handsome. The first time they saw him, they froze for a few seconds.

After that, Bai Li invited them to have a bite to eat. But…The fruits in reality were the ones that had little taste, so it was better not to eat them than to eat a watermelon-flavored nutrient solution. Such were their thoughts, when the staff ate their first bite of watermelon, and like fragile ice crystals they shattered into pieces.

So sweet! So much juice! Was this really a watermelon, or was it a simulated watermelon made with watermelon-flavored nutrient solution?! Such texture and taste, was it real? These few people ate in a trance, full of dreams.

When they came back from a bite of watermelon, they found that Xiong Pili had already eaten several pieces. They immediately ceased to care about rudeness, and Bai Li gave a dry smile, while red-faced they speeded up their pace of grabbing up the watermelon and other fruits.

They found that not only the watermelon, but also other fruits tasted superb. It was a pity that there were not many of the latter, so it was good if each person could get one or two pieces. It was just one or two pieces, but it was enough for them to keep reminiscing for a long time afterwards.

Zhu MoLing took this scene in his eyes and felt immensely proud of his brother for coming up with such delicious food. As expected of his younger brother, he always brought surprises to people.

As for where his brother got these things from, that wasn’t in his consideration. His brother was all-powerful!

A large plate of watermelon was finished, but they refused Bai Li’s suggestion to have a little more, as the crowd was in a frenzy to start the virtual reality game builder upgrade. That time the upgrade was more special than before, from C level to B level, or the same process as before, but from B level to A level, the virtual reality game builder originally set up on the gaming pod was taken down by the new staff. After a series of complex operations, the huge machine quickly shrank under Bai Li’s eyes and eventually turned into a delicate ring. The material of the ring also did not look like common metal. The smooth curved surface reflected the ghostly light as if it could suck away a person’s soul.

“This is…” Bai Li couldn’t speak in awe.

“Mr. Bai, this is the A level form of the virtual reality game builder, which has been bound to your Imperial Citizen number. It can be automatically resized when worn on your hand. As for the reason that it will change its form and volume, it is in the process of manufacturing this apparatus. Every material is made from special metal, as long as it meets the conditions, it can get upgraded again and again… After upgrading to the bracelet style, the protection of data related to the game will also rise to the highest level. Mr. Bai, you do not have to worry about data theft or loss since the level of protection is also quite high.”

The staff spent some time helping Bai Li understand that this was a normal operation, after which he could make changes to the game anytime and anywhere, without being restricted to connecting to the gaming pod anymore.

Bai Li nodded and put the A level virtual reality game builder, which was only a little big, onto his right wrist, and it automatically adjusted the size of the circle. When he raised his hand and shook it, it was very solid. Here, the virtual reality game builder was even upgraded.

“Thank you. Thank you for your help,” Bai Li sincerely thanked them.

And when several people said goodbye and were ready to leave, Bai Li took out his long-prepared gifts. Each person got a big watermelon.

Xiong Pili and the others: !!!!

What a big deal!

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Translator Notes:

  1. yyds = greatest of all time, internet slang


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