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Chapter 214: Faint Moment

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“You! You, you, you! How did you get in my brother’s room?!!!” Zhu MoLing, who had grown another year older, pointed at Wen XingYao with a trembling hand, his face full of shock and confusion. He had played the game alone until midnight yesterday, not even collecting the materials needed for the Village Chief’s Residence task, just planted and harvested vegetables in the yard. In order to let the crops grow quickly, he used a lot of magical spring water. Since his land was deliberately opened to 200 squares, he was so tired he was about to collapse.

It was all in order to be able to quickly rise to level 30, and take the carriage outside e to go to his brother’s Mushroom Village. What he never expected was that while he was making an effort for the two brothers to meet in the game, his brother was carried into the den by the big lion head, and as he looked at the other’s face full of satisfaction, he was afraid that he had already eaten it all.

That beast! His brother was still a child!

Fortunately, he came out early today, so that he caught him on the spot. That brother was already rolling up his sleeves, as he vowed to keep the two far apart for the rest of the day, so that they didn’t have any chance of intimacy!

Wen XingYao had just opened the door to see Zhu MoLing, that little bean. He also received a big shock. He was unable to refute the other party’s accusation, and was frozen in place for a while.

Once his body calmed down, the senses in the body were infinitely magnified. Some locations at his neck covered by his collar still seem to carry a faint burning heat, and those subtle traces on the back were prickly and itchy, like sweet nectar was flowing from them, which made him uncomfortable, but felt beautiful in his heart.

Wen XingYao’s mind inexorably showed him some images from last night, and his face slowly burned up. He never thought that he would fall completely because of a look from Bai Li, and with a few special words of encouragement, then he…

When he ran into Bai Li, he was simply blushing all the time.

“I…” Wen XingYao’s lips mumbled. He wanted to try and let Zhu MoLing calm down first, but from behind him a hand suddenly climbed up.

Bai Li put his arm around Wen XingYao’s shoulders to lie on his body as he emerged. He smiled and greeted Zhu MoLing, “Good morning, Brother. What do you want to see me in my room for?”

His face was more telling than Wen XingYao’s. It was heavy with satisfaction, like a demon spirit that had sucked up the essence.

Wen XingYao, whose body was wrapped in tension, suddenly remembered that what happened last night seemed to be Bai Li’s initiative the whole time…He had decently pushed away a few times, but the other lost patience and directly pounced on him. Everything that happened after that became logical. They had a great night.

Zhu MoLing, was in the midst of anger, but after a short daze, his anger instantly subsided, and he thoughtfully glanced at Wen XingYao, as his eyes slowly grew smug. He became aware, he really became aware, as he looked at his brother, that clearly Wen XingYao was the one who was being led around.

His brother didn’t suffer at all, so it was okay.

In Zhu MoLing’s opinion, if it was Wen XingYao who forced his brother, he would definitely be very angry and lose his mind, that he was not in a good relationship, so there would be a chance to persuade his brother to split up. However if the relationship between the active and passive was reversed, he would only say to his brother, “good job.” If his brother had any idea he wanted to implement, he would become his brother’s strongest backer.

Well, that was the double standard.

After he thought about it clearly, he took a serious step forward and patted Wen XingYao’s upper arm with difficulty and said, “Young people should remember to go outside more often.” He had to save face in the critical moment without physical harm.

Wen XingYao, “?”

The matter actually passed by quietly just like that.

Although he didn’t really understand what Zhu MoLing meant, after they ate breakfast, Bai Li and Wen XingYao really went out, as they intended to physically go shopping.

Wen XingYao also deliberately found a hat and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses without degrees to put on the bridge of his nose, so as not to be less easily recognized and to enjoy the world with Bai Li.

In the past, when Bai Li was out and about, the number of people he could meet could be counted on one hand, but recently, the situation had obviously changed. Since about the 25th of last month, with the launch of the new Tasty Foods nutrition solution, Interstellar people, who couldn’t buy it online, came out of their homes and flocked to the major supermarkets near their homes.

Since there were so many people buying it, the supermarkets instituted a limit on the number of units for sale. The amount of nutrient solution a person could buy was enough for a family of three to eat for three days, then they had to keep buying it after eating it, so they continued to go out. They had gradually formed a habit of not going out for two or three days then feeling bad about it.

The two bumped into a lot of people along the way, but they did not know each other, so there was no need to say hello. Instead, their excellent looks attracted attention and got a lot of turnovers. One was silver haired and white, while the other had a pure black hair color, it couldn’t be more eye-catching. Some people stared at Wen XingYao’s face quietly several times, and felt as if they had seen him somewhere, but couldn’t remember. So it was only while they were walking and remembering, that they finally realized why the silver hair was so familiar, but the person could not be found.

That person seems to be Wen XingYao, Admiral Wen!

Some people were slow to react, but others recognized Wen XingYao’s identity after just a quick glance, so it didn’t take long for Wen XingYao and Bai Li to make it to the starblogs together.

Bai Li took Wen XingYao to the biggest shopping mall near his home and immediately ran to the supermarket to buy some nutritional liquid, with the beautiful excuse of taking care of the business of the cooperation first. The new flavors of nutritional fluid tasted good, and were good for the stomach when they didn’t have time to eat.

After that, he dragged Wen XingYao to the floor dedicated to selling home robots and electrical appliances. He bought a housekeeping robot, as well as some machines and equipment that he felt could be useful. These were big-ticket items, and the two handled the delivery service to their home before they continued their shopping.

The Interstellar era mall seemed to Bai Li to have very little to offer. As the two wandered aimlessly, they were always hearing Carefree Farmstead-related chatter from other passersby as they met them, making Bai Li proud that the game he had created was so popular.

Bai Li’s eyes lit up as he thought of how he hadn’t primped himself in the past few months, and most of the clothes he was wearing he’d bought at That didn’t fit his Heavenly Fox clan young master persona at all, so he couldn’t help himself, and he dragged Wen XingYao straight in.

It seemed that when a child came to the candy house, a mouse entered the honey jar. Bai Li bought a cool outfit on one floor. A set of matching clothes was carefully picked and put aside. Wen XingYao saw that Bai Li had no intention of putting them away and was still trying them on with enthusiasm. He couldn’t help smiling and put them into his own space button.

Fortunately, his spatial button was big enough to hold the robots from before, along with the clothes.

At this time, Bai Li leapt out from a corner, pulled Wen XingYao’s wrist and led him to the middle of the rows of hangers. While he was running, he also said, “What are you standing around for? Come and buy some clothes. It’s a rare opportunity, so why don’t I help you match a few?”

After he said that, he didn’t wait for Wen XingYao to state his position, and took it upon himself to pick out clothes he felt were suitable for Wen XingYao to wear and compared them in front of his body.

Wen XingYao immediately felt like a fitting machine; the real clothes rack. Bai Li found a new joy when buying clothes and ended up selecting more clothes for Wen XingYao than he bought himself, and before Wen XingYao could react, he took the lead in swiping his optical computer over the charge machine, and a huge sum of money was pulled out.

When he saw that Wen XingYao was surprised, Bai Li turned his head and showed him a bright smile. “I want to buy clothes for you. I’ll pay for it. You don’t mind, right?”

The money for the robots was paid by Wen XingYao, and Bai Li had remembered that. It wasn’t easy to find an opportunity, of course, to take advantage of people’s inattention to also pay a sum of money.

Anyway, he was not short of money…

Since Bai Li said so, Wen XingYao couldn’t say that he actually did mind. He could only nod with difficulty, and put that little strange association in the back of his mind.

Wen XingYao and a fellow teenager went shopping together in the supermarket.

Wen XingYao and a fellow teenager purchased housekeeping robots and various household appliances.

Wen XingYao and a fellow teenager were crazily buying clothes…

These scenes were all captured by enthusiastic Interstellar people uploaded to the Starblog. The picture quality was clearer than the one on the ship, and even Bai Li’s face was clearly exposed.

South Mirror, [Well, although it’s a bit out of place, I still want to ask: Admiral and that handsome little brother, what is your relationship? They look very close, and should not be relatives, right? Scared.jpg]

Night dawn, [Don’t lie to yourself, didn’t you notice those photos? The Admiral has been pictured holding that little brother’s hand five times. Three times lifting his hand to rub his head. Two times chasing after him to organize his clothes, and once his palm was directly on the little brother’s back. See the technique in the message? With my years of experience in eating dog food, these two must be a pair! Oooooo! I lost my love! QAQ!]

Wen Wen Er Ya, [This little brother also looks very good. His skin is so white, like the carefully stewed creamy fish soup from the Food Basket. His lips are so red, just like the biggest and reddest strawberry growing in the ground. Wow, he has dimples when he smiles, his smile is so healing, I love it!]

rathcesia93, [Your descriptions have made me hungry, Carefree Farmstead veteran player. However, you must not be Admiral see this. Be careful of being killed! I feel like Admiral spoils that little brother, oh. The whole time he cared not to say, even his eyes did not look elsewhere, he was always stuck to the little brother! Is it possible that the Admiral came to the Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs star because of this little brother?]

Star Rhyme, [In three minutes, I want to know all the information about this little brother!]

Meow Gongzi, [Damn, I looked at the photos one by one all the way down. The front is quite normal, two people buying a lot of clothes can also be accepted, but why, in the end, the clothes are actually paid for by the little brother. Did the Admiral go bankrupt after buying the Carefree Farmstead game quotas?]

Tang Ying was surfing on StarNet, as he looked at his fellow netizens’ unbelievable messages, he laughed out loud on the spot, and almost left a comment at the bottom. Yes yes, your male god was adopted by another male god! I’m sure he left me behind to fly over first, but now he’s done it. His persona was falling apart…

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