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Chapter 213: Paper Pig

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Life, ah, had such ups and downs.

In the process of chasing the runaway boar, Gray Scales had gotten a deep understanding of the above statement. Last night, he told everyone on the forum in a trolling tone that his male boar was unexpectedly pregnant. Because of the previous use of the pet evolution liquid, everyone connected the two things together. Since it was a magical item, it didn’t seem to be such an unacceptable thing to have a boar carry piglets after using it.

After that, he also regained his strength under the comfort of his fellow netizens and actively prepared for the delivery of the piglets. Everything was ready, just waiting for his Iron Head to start.

He deliberately bought a large pile of pet snacks and fed them to Iron Head little by little while waiting. In order to reduce the physical exertion of Iron Head, he didn’t ride it around, but left it in the yard to its own occasional activities.

However, what did Iron Head give him in return?

The fat on his soft belly, the big fart left after eating all the pet snacks, and the relentless mockery of all the affection he had given!

Full of anger, Gray Scales chased the huge boar all over the village, attracting all the surrounding players to come to see the fun. These players were also very thoughtful to make way for a raceway for one man and a pig to escape and chase, as they waved colorful handkerchiefs outside the cordon to cheer.

“Iron Head, run! Your master will soon catch up with you!”

“Run! Run hard! Brave piggy, not afraid of miscarriage! Hahahahahaha!”

“Gray Scales, you aren’t full of rice, how can you not catch up to a pig? You can’t-“

“It ran, he chased, they are hard to fly. Wait, why is there a man behind?”

Mo Song struggled to follow behind the man and the pig, as he controlled the live camera to closely follow their backs to shoot. When he was stopped by others and asked why he was running along, he hurriedly threw down the phrase “I’m still live,” and continued on without looking back.

If it wasn’t for the single anchor’s live camera setting that automatically shut down the live broadcast after getting a certain distance from the anchor, he would have stopped and watched the action with the rest of the village players.

As a matter of fact, Mo Song was invited by Gray Scales to do the male boar delivery live, and since the male boar’s pregnancy was fake and he was faked out, he could have called it a day and gone home.

However, this did not prompt him to stop the live broadcast. Even if he wanted to interrupt it, he’d have to see if the audience in the live broadcast agreed.

[Oh no! I never thought I could get a bite of rancid melon. Now even the boar’s acting skills are so powerful! Love it, love it!]

[I am not really pregnant! This was so silly. I feel heartache for those in the forum who guessed for most of the night. Brothers, this is so useless.]

[The “wild boar” escapes! The main anchor rushes, ah. We want to see the accident live. In the end, victory goes to the boar, or Gray Scales must counterattack it! Hahaha!]

[There are only endless melons, no tired badgers. Carefree Farmstead is simply a source of joy for me! The brothers who watched the live broadcast together, there are still a few questions that have not been clarified. First of all, why did the boar suddenly become fat? Secondly, after becoming fat it would have more ability? These are what we do not know for the time being. I hope that when the live broadcast is over, Gray Scales and the anchor can give us the group of viewers a statement…]

[Anchor don’t turn off the live! We have to continue watching!]

With these pop-ups coming out and the enthusiastic audience casting a large number of gifts, which were much more than squatting to see the male boar give birth, Mo Song’s eyes directly turned into the shape of coins. For star coins, and in order to enjoy kryptonite in the game, he rushed forward!

Gray Scales, who shared 50-50 with him, should also agree, right?

And so on around the village they ran a full three laps, whether it was a person or boar, there was a lot of consumption of physical strength, they were looking to run. The most exciting moment came when the spectators and the audience in the live room all held their breath and waited for Gray Scales to pounce on the boar to control it.

Gray Scales didn’t let them down, as he yelled out and rushed towards the boar. However, the boar also seemed to realize that he was in imminent danger. He wailed to the sky, and his feet suddenly turned towards the lake not far away and sped up past them. It ran to the northwest of the village, near a huge natural lake that was one of the largest fishing spots around the village.

Seeing Iron Head in the frame, the players and audience estimated that he was trying to throw himself into the river, ah!

Gray Scales chased the boar to the point of numbness, and hadn’t noticed this, the scope of his vision was only Iron Head, the rest were unimportant. However, the authorities, the observers, and the scene audience could see clearly that the boar, Iron Head’s, “pig” ambition. He actually wanted to take his master to jump into the river together. A really evil heart!

“Stop! Don’t run forward! There’s a lake that way! You’ll fall!” Some people were shouting next to each other, trying to call off the crazy one pig one person chase.

However, the scene was too noisy, and the onlookers’ voices went right through Gray Scales’ ears. His front foot had stepped into the water, and then wanted to brake, but couldn’t brake. The body’s inertia had him continue to move forward, and then with a plop, he fell into the water.

Faster than Gray Scales going into the water, was the boar Iron Head. The pig didn’t swim at first. With its weight in front of it, it should have been the first to sink to the bottom but it slowly floated up. What really surprised everyone was that after the boar’s huge body entered the water, like a disposable compressed bath towel that had absorbed a lot of water, he quickly grew larger, and seemed to be flattened by something, so he became a large pig cake.

“Hmph!” The normal pig squeal came out of the mouth of the paper-shaped pig, directed to Gray Scales who fell into the water, as if inviting the other to climb up.

As for where to climb up on? Of course it was on its body!

Gray Scales froze, looked at what was happening in front of him, and couldn’t believe his eyes. His round and fat pet pig actually turned into a paper pig under his eyes!

What the hell? Why did Iron Head become like this? Was this Iron Head still his Iron Head? Would it…Would it change back?

In a few short breaths, Gray Scales thought a lot. The cool lake water doused his heart’s anger, and the usual warm picture with Iron Head together soon occupied his brain. Gray Scales remembered the good Iron Head.

He did not like to see Iron Head turned into a paper pig.

For now it was better to see the pig first, as soaking in the water was really quite uncomfortable.

Gray Scales’ posture was wretched as he crawled onto Iron Head, and sat his butt down. He found that the touch was very good, like he was sitting on a water bed. If it weren’t for his sanity reminding him that he was on his beloved pet, Gray Scales would almost love this feeling!

When Gray Scales sat down, Iron Head spread open his short limbs and slid them along in the water, as if it was walking on the ground, but also reminiscent of people who could rely on a slender float in the water.

Gray Scales was surprised at first, then frowned in contemplation. Soon his eyes grew brighter and brighter, and the corners of his mouth grinned more and more upward. He checked the pet description of Iron Head as an afterthought, and the second half of the original foggy layer was displayed.

His Iron Head had actually changed from a land mount to an amphibious mount!

After the use of the evolutionary fluid, Iron Head was fat, so he was mistakenly thought to be pregnant, but in fact, no, he just really became fat. In order to be able to move more freely in the water, his body had become quite fat, so that when he entered the water, he could spread open and become bigger, and allow more people to sit on it.

He saw Iron Head slide through the water, and he was really fast, ah, really worthy!

By this time, Gray Scales on Iron Head, had completely forgotten he was angry. He had pet snacks, spent money to buy his big baby but what went wrong? When they got back, he’d buy a bunch more and leave them all for Iron Head to eat!

The players on the shore and the viewers in the live streaming room all looked stunned.

“This…What the hell is going on? How did that boar transform? This does not make sense at all, right?”

“Laughing to death! What common sense do you need to play the game? I just want to know how in the end this is done! How do I feel? This boar is more flexible in the water than on land, right?”

“Crap, I’m friends with Gray Scales. I just asked him, and he said his boar is now an amphibious mount. Brothers you have a good taste, not only did it not fail to evolve, but it is a big profit, ah!”

“Mm-hmm? These days even pets and mounts are rolled into this? It’s obviously a land animal, but also goes into the water to grab work to do? I just want to say, really good job!”

“LiLi said in the upgrade announcement that you need a boat to go out to sea, so now the question is, can Gray Scales’ boar be used as a boat to carry him out to sea? And if so, how many people can fit on a pig at most?”

Players, “!!!”

Audience, “!!!”

If that idea was valid, the Gray Scales’ threshold would be broken soon, right? Which Interstellar people with an adventurous spirit in their heart could bear to miss it? Now in addition to the known Jiang Huaibi, who had a completed fishing boat in her hands, only Gray Scales with a wild boar, could take people to come and go freely on the water.

The villagers of Mushroom Village were burning with envy and expectation as they looked at Gray Scales who was riding on the water in his piggyback boat. They were waiting for the other to come back to the shore after the addiction wore off, as they flirted with plans to go sailing together.

Meanwhile, Bai Li, who had watched the whole thing through Mo Song’s live stream, nodded in satisfaction. Mm-hmm, that was how it should be. With his pet evolution liquid, how could there be an oops of getting a boar pregnant? It turned out to be just a misunderstanding. Now that the misunderstanding was cleared up and Gray Scales had gotten what he wanted, it was all good!

Tang Ying came to Wen XingYao’s house after Bai Li and Wen XingYao came back online, sat down and gave the two of them a sulky look, as he blamed Wen XingYao for leaving him and going to Bai Li’s house first, before finishing up business.

“The picture of you on the airship going to the Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs star was taken, and now the whole Starnet knows that you are still alive. How about it? Do you want me to get someone to contact that star blogger and get that photo removed?”

Wen XingYao thought about it for a moment and shook his head no. “Forget it. It will make a lot of people feel at ease.”

Only when everyone was at ease could they pay more attention to their own health.

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