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Chapter 216: Going to sea (1)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The audience lamented for a while, and said that these two big guys look like true love. Those days, no one dared to fall in love online. There were more people who didn’t like each other in the game and met offline for a head-to-head.

“LiLi, Big Brother Demon Xing, you are finally online. I thought you were not coming.” Jiang Huaibi smilingly led the two in the direction of the fishing boat. Give Me a Bowl of Rice and What Are You Playing? quietly accompanied the two, and occasionally answered a few questions raised by Bai Li.

Long-winded, Scrupulous Son wasn’t in the group that boarded the boat together, but he was smart enough to run to the front of the crowd, and take advantage of the fact that the players had not yet reacted to occupy a good vantage point to watch the sea.

Hey, hey, hey. He was a credit to the two big guys. He carried them over, so if he got a closer look no one should say anything, right?

“Sorry, I went out to buy something before. I went a little beyond the time, and came online a bit late,” Bai Li explained quickly. Jiang Huaibi a few people waved their hands to express there was no problem, and he wasn’t late.

The five people in the sea team soon arrived at the heel of the fishing boat.

This was a small fishing boat about ten meters long, roughly composed of the cockpit, cabin, cargo, deck, fishing platform, mast, etc. Since it was in the game, many sophisticated parts were used, even for driving the boat, but it also had foolproof operation. Anyone could start sailing it.

A few people got on board in turn, while the others remained on the shore. The players had envious looks. Oooooh! They also wanted to follow along and conquer the starry sea, oh!

Jiang Huaibi waved her hand super happily towards the people on the shore. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep the live stream on with the God of Rice, so you won’t miss the details when we go out to sea. We’ll be leaving soon, so wait for our safe return!”

“God of Rice” was the nickname that Jiang Huaibi secretly gave to Give Me a Bowl of Rice in her heart, but she ended up saying it out loud in the moment, which led to a lot of laughter. Even Give Me a Bowl of Rice himself couldn’t hold back his laughter, and shook his head helplessly as he accepted the strange-sounding name. It felt like he’d gone from being a tech guru to being a lunch pail.

It was hard to stop laughing. What Are You Playing? stepped forward and said, “Let me drive the boat first. Can we take turns and change every half hour?”

No one objected to this proposal, so it was decided.

The brand-new fishing boat slowly sailed away from the shore under the eyes of everyone’s expectations, and headed for the vast ocean.

For the first ten minutes, Jiang Huaibi walked around the deck briskly, as she controlled the live camera to introduce the facilities on the fishing boat and its surroundings to the audience. However, the fishing boat was only so big, and the surrounding environment was more or less the same, so soon she wilted and felt some boredom.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao, because they both learned the “fishing” life skills, were sitting shoulder to shoulder on the fishing platform, fishing. However, the boat had been in a moving state, so the two hadn’t caught a single fish in ten minutes.

The audience in the live room also felt bored, and spoke out to express what they wanted to see.

[Younger sister Huaibi, go and talk to LiLi. Help us interview him. We want to know how LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing came to be together.]

[Go, go, go! You can all show us the items you brought with you.]

This really was a good proposal. The audience immediately came to life, and together they coaxed, and made begging sounds.

Jiang Huaibi was feeling bored, and after seeing the pop-ups, she was also interested. She did prepare a lot of items for this sea trip, but wondered what the others had brought. So she jumped up and ran over to Bai Li, expressed the audience’s request and asked for everyone’s opinion.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao looked at each other, smiled and said, “Yes, it’s okay. It was meant to be taken out.”

Give Me a Bowl of Rice also nodded. “Sure, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the usage of items before you encounter anything.”

What Are You Playing? waved his hand with his back to the few people and said, “You guys start first. I’ll listen while I power down, and then I’ll show you what I brought.”

Obviously, everyone was still very positive about the display of the outbound items.

Jiang Huaibi made a small poll with the live feature, and let the audience decide for themselves who they wanted to see first. The results came out quickly, Li Bai, Demon Xing, Give Me a Bowl of Rice, then What Are You Playing?

In this regard, the live audience also had their reasons, [Why? Now who does not know younger sister Huaibi, your backpack is connected to the interdimensional, the number of things you put in even as we watch you live every day the audience cannot count. We will want to see it all, and are afraid we’ll spend several hours on that, which would simply put an end to the adventure. That’s how much there is to see in it.]

Jiang Huaibi pretended to have an aggrieved look as she pouted, but in her heart, she was actually quite happy, it seemed that everyone knew her ability or was very convinced!

Bai Li also didn’t squirm. They would soon bring their own item over one by one, but also incidentally have to explain the usage of them, “Ten advanced fishing nets, three super fishing nets, all obtained by doing the fisherman’s task. They can be used to catch large and giant sea fish. Fishing rods, shovels, baskets and machetes. Whether you are fishing in the sea, find an isolated island or encounter a pirate, you can use them. I also prepared food and fresh water. Some were bought from the evening market, some were opened through the Food Basket and not yet eaten, so I’m not afraid to starve on the sea. By the way, I have a few ‘fish attraction lamps’ here. The effect is not obvious during the day, but at night when it is dark, it may have a miraculous effect. Also from the NPC Fisherman.”

Bai Li’s item was more practical than interesting. Although they weren’t particularly interesting, they were necessary sea adventure items.

The next was Wen XingYao, and he followed Bai Li’s example, as he took out the items and explained them with a few words, “Ten bait packs, can open 1000 advanced bait. In addition I have 300 super bait in hand. If you want to fish, you can ask me to get them for you. General aquatic life feed, this isn’t expensive. After the sea fish we caught are put into the cargo hold, we can feed them with these feeds. All kinds of seasonings for cooking, as well as a simple stove for making food. When we catch the fish, we can pick the freshest ones to taste. I heard that the flavor is excellent when you eat it raw.”

At this time, something was brought out from the backpack by Wen XingYao. The crowd fixed their eyes on it and found that it was two sets of men’s clothing with similar styles and colors. But with so many viewers and players in the live room, no one could name the two sets of men’s clothing, and the pop-ups were a little quiet for a while.

Bai Li squinted over, and he couldn’t guess what Wen XingYao’s intention was when he “accidentally” brought out these two sets of men’s clothing. It’s as if…It was as if he was waiting for someone to ask.

Jiang Huaibi, under great pressure, asked weakly, “Big Brother Demon Xing, these two sets of clothes…Are they for something?”

A heavenly ladder was sent by Jiang Huaibi to the feet of Wen XingYao, who picked up the steps and said in a tone that was four parts calm, three parts dejected, and three parts shy, “These are the new clothes I just opened from the ‘Dress Surprise Gift Box.’ If I’m lucky enough to find an island with a nice view on the way, I’d like to take some pictures with Li Bai wearing the clothes.”

Bai Li, “…”

Jiang Huaibi and the others on the boat, “…”

Audience, “…???”

Big Brother, what’s wrong with you Big Brother? Do you remember your wildly dominant, cool and dark identity? What’s wrong with this fall into a hot love rash frame? You actually even have your couples clothes all picked out? I really did not expect it, ah! You actually have such a young boy’s heart!

The audience also blew up after a short shock.

[I thought that the clothes were used by the big man to wear outside to pretend. After all, he is a star warrior as well. Even wearing a set, to throw a set, would also be justified, but I never thought that these two sets of clothes would actually be used to abuse the dog! It is really too much, brothers! I’m the first off the powder for a minute, ah!]

[Hahahahaha! I laugh into a 200 pound dog. You guys look at LiLi! He has covered his face and shrunk to the corner. It seems that the behavior of Big Brother Demon Xing has him also very speechless. Poof! Hahahaha!]

[What overbearing game developer and star general warrior? This is a little dutiful husband in the unfolding, ah. Did not expect you to actually be such a person, Demon Xing. Ha!]

[But there is one thing to say. These two sets of clothes are still very good-looking. It seems that no one else has ever opened them from the box. Big Brother Demon Xing’s home has an ore hammer. Then look at the things that Big Brother brought out. In addition to cooking tools, all bought with real money, they are to contract the whole ship’s consumables rhythm ah…Envy.]

“Uh…That. Big Brother Demon Xing your idea is so chic, oh,” Jiang Huaibi said that dog food even though her titanium alloy dog teeth were a little sore.

“They are great ideas.” Give Me a Bowl of Rice also rushed Wen XingYao and Bai Li with a thumbs up. “I will help you on the road together and pay attention to whether there is a deserted island. It wasn’t easy to come out on a trip, it’s best not to leave regrets.”

“The boat seems to be going a little slow, I’ll speed it up.” What Are You Playing? showed his support with practical actions.

Bai Li also came out of his initial embarrassment and speechless emotions, with the principle of “As long as I’m not embarrassed, it’s others who are embarrassed,” and went to Wen XingYao’s side, excited to pick out which set of clothes was more suitable for him.

Since the protagonists were so calm, the audience couldn’t be much more coaxing. Hehe! Haha! This piece will pass. After that, Give Me a Bowl of Rice, What Are You Playing? and Heart’s Jade, those three also took out their prepared items in order. In addition to the necessary supplies, the three still had different tendencies in what they brought.

Give Me a Bowl of Rice brought a few homemade tools to facilitate the catching of large fish and that could easily lift them from the water. What Are You Playing? brought a large number of life skills semi-finished products, as in the entire game he was currently the only full life skills player, he had the dream of taking care of everyone along the way.

As for Jiang Huaibi, she had a variety of things, with a variety of uses, and the players even played the “guess what this thing was for” game at the end, and the road was full of laughter.

At this point, Wen XingYao seemed to notice something. He walked to the stern of the boat, looked down and found a certain paper pig and his master had been following them all the way for some time.

His gaze was high as he locked eyes with Gray Scales, whose face stiffened as he awkwardly raised his hand in greeting, “Oh, big guy, what a coincidence.”


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