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Chapter 217: Going to sea (2)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The unexpected appearance of Gray Scales was not unexpected by everyone. Except for Give Me a Bowl of Rice, who had taken over driving the boat, everyone else gathered at the stern of the boat and strongly surrounded Gray Scales, who was sitting on a paper pig.

Four sets of stern eyes. Even if Gray Scales’s face was thick, this time he also felt some embarrassment. He was on pins and needles all of a sudden, and frantically recalled the growth of hair on top of his head. This shouldn’t make people feel a little bald, right?

It was simply a death stare.

“Gray Scales, why did you come over here too? And you came on your pig?” Bai Li asked curiously.

The boar was flattened out like a flying blanket, four flat feet and steady with the waves of the sea, so this was a never-ending “blanket.” As long as Gray Scales was willing, he could lay down and sleep on it. It didn’t matter. Anyway, the area was large enough.

Gray Scales answered honestly, as he revealed a bright silly smile. “Yeah, LiLi, I just rode my Iron Head over here. Well, I’m curious about how the sea is, so I secretly followed you guys here, so I can take care of you on the way, hehehe!”

“But…” Jiang Huaibi looked down at the fishing boat instructions. “This boat can only carry up to five people. One more than that will turn it over. You…” She was embarrassed to say it directly. Gray Scales couldn’t get on the boat. How to explain about taking care of it?

However, Gray Scales had long ago scouted everything. It seemed that he had made a detailed plan, even including the boat that could only hold five people. This thing he had also clearly inquired about. He waved his hand and said, “No, no. I don’t want to come up. Just let me follow your boat and think of it as…Just think of me as one of your supernumeraries? I have my Iron Head, and a lot of food and drink in my backpack. I’m not worried about not being able to survive at sea.”

He had said so. So, could the people on the boat still refuse to let him follow them? They acquiesced. Even the fishing duo of Bai Li and Wen XingYao changed their fishing position to the stern of the boat, and started chatting with Gray Scales after they casually threw their hooks in.

The audience in the live broadcast room, especially the players who were originally villagers of Mushroom Village, got sour all of a sudden. Slapping their thighs painfully. Had they known that there was this possibility, they would have found Gray Scales and rubbed his pig quota.

Who cared if they couldn’t get on the boat? There was a pig that could swim with it!

Halfway through and it was time for another person to drive the boat. Jiang Huaibi stood at the bow, held the steering wheel, made several poses, and asked the audience to please help her screenshot, then send them to her. She wanted to keep them as souvenirs.

So far, the boat had set off for more than an hour, and not to mention there were no pirates on the way, they hadn’t even seen an island! Jiang Huaibi thought that they should let the boat change direction as they continued to drive, so she turned back to ask the others their opinions. “We want to cast a net to play first, and see if there are big fish in the water, otherwise it’s too boring to just keep driving forward.”

This proposal was agreed to by all, Gray Scales also stood up and jumped on his pig. “Yes, yes! I am close to the water, I can help you observe which direction there are schools of fish swimming by!”

What Are You Playing? laughed. “That’s great. If we do get a big fish in the net, you’ll be a big help to us.”

Bai Li held up the advanced net in one hand and the super net in the other and asked the group which one they wanted him to use.

“Let’s use the advanced net first. The number of super nets is small, so it’s not suitable to use them indiscriminately without any experience, and it’s not too late to use them after we get a few more nets and have a feel for them.” Wen XingYao said.

The others nodded their heads in agreement.

“Okay, then let’s use the advanced fishing net first.” Bai Li put the super nets back and then cast the net with the help of Wen XingYao, Give Me a Bowl of Rice, What Are You Playing? and Gray Scales underneath.

By now the boat had stopped and Jiang Huaibi was holding the camera up at the railing, as she poked her head in the water, and when the nets were all in the water, she looked back and asked, “Is this enough? Do we have to do anything else?”

She felt that they were a bunch of novices. If so, the final fishing net would only have a little bit of fish, or they would simply not catch one.

As a “human plug-in,” Bai Li immediately suggested. “You can scatter a little bait near the net to attract the fish around, or drive the boat slowly forward.”

The crowd lit up when they got the hint. Now that they had a way, they would get to work.

Jiang Huaibi said, “I’m going to spread the bait, then continue to drive the boat!”

“I’m coming too. I’ve got a lot of bait here. Let me spread some out too!” Gray Scales already started to pull out the bait from his backpack.

The largest number of lures were ordinary lures, followed by advanced lures, and even a few big, round, golden-colored super lures were interspersed among them, which were cast by Wen XingYao.

The audience in the live broadcast followed the first sea fishing of the outgoing squad.

[LiLi, they finally gave up the fishing rods that could never catch fish and switched to fishing nets. Let’s hope there will be a huge harvest, open the door…]

[While they were casting their nets, I went to the Starnet to check what kind of fish were in the sea and which ones would taste better. Brothers, my mouth is already trickling. I hope LiLi and younger sister Huaibi get more power, I’m craving seafood!]

[Advanced fishing nets, advanced bait, super bait, tsk tsk. This is also considered to be the blood money of fishing. Now I want to see what rich seafood will come from this rich method?]

[Should soon be able to see. Here in the game, it will not be like in reality where you have to wait for several hours, right?]

Indeed, it was not necessary to wait for such a long time. They just waited for Jiang Huaibi to slowly put the boat forward, the huge fishing nets dragging in the stern. Gray Scales was on the right side of the boat to control the boar, while Iron Head swam forward, and after just about half an hour, Bai Li said that the net could be raised.

“You go to the side to rest. I’ll start bringing in the net.” Wen XingYao drove Bai Li to the side where there was a small bench to sit, but also stuffed his hand full of popcorn.

Jiang Huaibi got the same treatment as Bai Li, and she was not allowed to go forward simply because she felt she was weak and could not help much.

Bai Li, “…”

Jiang Huaibi, “…”

Two people stared at each other with big eyes.

After a few seconds, Bai Li handed the popcorn jar over. “Heart’s Jade, want to eat snacks together?”

Jiang Huaibi made a crying face, but her hand honestly reached over, “Yes!”

So the two of them happily hid in the corner, and ate and cheered on the busy people while doing some live commentary in the live room.

The tools made by Give Me a Bowl of Rice were of great use at this time. In addition, the process of four people pulling the fishing net up was much easier. With little effort, the things wrapped in the fishing net began to show a bit.

At first sight, the silver light was shining. The ribbon fish 1 in the net were intertwined with each other and squeezed against each other. Because of the pressure, they had more air out and less air in. The scales on the ribbon fish would be as bright as silver when they were still alive, and as soft as ribbons woven by moonlight. However, once they died, the luster would quickly fade away.

The audience was first shocked at the beauty of the freshly caught ribbon fish, but were quickly introduced to the deliciousness of braised ribbon fish, pan-fried ribbon fish, sweet and sour ribbon fish, and pepper and salt ribbon fish with tears flowing down the corners of their mouths due to the loss of life, as they frantically posted pop-ups and loudly said “well done” to the people in the game!

This was a very successful fishing trip, with most of the nets containing striped bass 2 and a small number of crabs, each one as big as a face plate. Since no one noticed that there were crabs in the net at first, the very energetic crabs happily escaped from jail while they were putting the ribbon fish into the fish hold.

By the time Bai Li found them, they were already crawling all over the deck, and gave them a big headache.

The audience in the live room didn’t feel sorry for them, they only felt sorry for the crabs.

[Younger sister Huaibi, pay attention! A large crab is hidden under a bundle of rope at the bow. Be careful when grabbing. Do not touch their pincers, to save the taste when eating!]

[Ahhhhhhh! There are also a few tools over there, the axe seems ready to fall. Someone hurry over to hold it, ah, but do not hit these large crabs! Dead crab meat will stick together!]

[Ooh! This crab crawls so fast, I declare it the champion of this jailbreak! I wonder if the meat on its pincers will be chewier and more elastic after getting a full workout before it goes in the pot?]

[I counted. There are only 36 crabs in total, and it just so happens that there are six of you. Why don’t you cook them all in one pot and eat them slowly so we can try them too? Suck it up.jpg]

The 36 crabs weren’t too many, and after a few people searched the deck carefully, all of them were arrested and brought to justice.

Jiang Huaibi then had time to look at her live stream, just in time to see a pop-up from the audience asking them to cook all the crabs and eat them together. She read it out and asked everyone for their thoughts. In terms of food, everyone was in an unprecedented consensus, just eat it. How can you keep it for the Spring Festival?

It just took a lot of effort to catch them. They can use the opportunity to replenish their physical strength.

The crab wasn’t enough. Wen XingYao and What Are You Playing? went to the fish hold to choose a few big and fat ribbon fish, ready to cook it in four different ways and eat it according to the audience vote.

Audience, [This is God! Big brother, love love love!]

As the black hole of cooking, Bai Li took over the job of driving the boat, as he controlled the fishing boat in a certain direction and slowly drove over.

At this time, Gray Scales felt that he was more or less miserable, not only could he not help with advice, but he also could only keep his head dry while waiting for food to eat. How embarrassing! So he let Iron Head swim forward, ready to run to the bow side and chat with Bai Li. However, at that moment, he felt under his seat that something was up, and Iron Head also issued a discomforted grunting sound. He curiously looked into the water to probe, and his face “swish” went white.

“The water! There is something in the water! I looked, and it seems to be a large octopus, tentacle monster!” Even as Gray Scales’ stammering words fell, bright red tentacles with dense suction cups came out of the water towards the fishing boat, thrown like a vicious whip.

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Translator Notes:

  1. These suckers have a mouthful of sharp teeth too.


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