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Chapter 234: Touring the Ancient City

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The sky was red from the brilliant evening sun, and the flat land seemed to be tinted with a golden color, while the sky got darker as a carriage sped along the wide road with a golden shine.

It was different from the point of time when the last players went to the Ancient City. This time the sky didn’t have a sun like a poached egg hanging overhead, but a shallow curved moon that carried starlight was rising slowly in the east. The moonlight and the evening sun reflected each other, and there was a quiet, silent beauty.

Leaf sat in the carriage, lifted the curtain and watched for a short while. Then he moved skillfully to take screenshots and upload them to the forum, and also wrote down his own feelings.

[The passing animation to the Ancient City will change with the time of day, and those who have ideas for collecting in this area may consider changing a few more tokens and going at different times.]

His fellow netizen. Laughing dead. We can’t even get the first piece yet, and the owner is already arranging a second and third trip.

The carriage traveled for about five minutes, then slowly stopped. Leaf was about to lift the curtain to look out, when he heard the Old King calling his name.

“Leaf, the place is here. You should get down quickly. A token will allow you to stay in the city for two hours. Once the time is up you will be sent out by the city, so hurry up and go touring. I will be here to pick you up and take you back when the time comes.”

“Nnnn, okay. Thank you, Uncle King…” Leaf thanked sweetly then watched the other party leave.

Still, he didn’t cross the city gates at the first opportunity, but instead strolled around outside the city gates.

The whole of the city gate was not that big and could be seen to the end in one glance. Leaf found that, in addition to the winding path, there was a living spring in the corner. The spring was covered by a dense shade of trees, and without a close look a person couldn’t really find a water source there.

As he stood at the spring and looked into the distance, he couldn’t see the end of the water.

Leaf stood at the edge of the spring and its tall trees and took a photo. He also quite thoughtfully adjusted the filter, so the whole picture looked peaceful and remote, complete as an isolated paradise.

As usual, the picture was posted on the forum in the form of a picture and text.

[This is outside the city gates of the Ancient City. The last time I looked at the activity live broadcast no one seemed to have found this place. I do not know if it is only that it hasn’t been recently updated, but the scenery is very beautiful. The water also has growing lotus flowers and large water plants. I saw a small frog sitting on the lotus leaves and croaking, but unfortunately it was frightened and jumped into the water when I was taking pictures.]

HIs fellow netizens. Damn you hurry up and go in. Do you not know that this behavior is called ‘drama’? It’s too much!

 He seemed to have aroused public anger. Leaf touched his nose in embarrassment, but didn’t intend to stop because of that. He had long noticed that those people would say no, but their bodies were actually very honest. Otherwise why would they stay in the post and not leave?

He walked under the city gate, which was wide open, with two NPC guards standing at the door. These were more characters that hadn’t appeared in the last live broadcast.

Leaf took a few glances at the guards’ looks, only to feel that they were filled with a stern aura that should also have been exercised on the battlefield. He smiled at them and took a picture as well, but got a serious stare. The atmosphere was a bit awkward, so he stopped making fun of himself and raised his feet to go into the city.

The guards’ weapons in their hands crossed in front of him. As a result of the clang, Leaf jumped back, as he raised his hands to show his innocence, and pathetically asked, “Two brothers, what are you doing? I am a good citizen, ah!?”

The words “good people,” he learned from the Village Chief, hey!

Seeing that Leaf didn’t barge in, the two guards put back their weapons. Guard A gave Leaf a cross look and said, “Where is your pass? You can only enter this city with it. Where is your pass, take it out and let me see!”

So it was time to show the order, ah, Leaf suddenly realized. He hurriedly took it out with both hands and held it up. “Yes, yes, this is my pass order. Two big brothers, please look at it.”

The guard looked at it, confirmed that the pass order was genuine and gave it back to Leaf, then signaled that he could go in. As for redundant words, there wasn’t a word. Even if Leaf wanted to talk to them, he couldn’t disregard their faces, full of high cold.

It wasn’t until he was twenty meters away from the two guards, that Leaf retracted his gaze and silently updated his “Ancient City travelog.”

[There are guards at the entrance of the city. To enter the city you need to first show them the Ancient City Pass, otherwise it is forbidden to enter. If you don’t want to be thrown out, it is recommended that first-time Players comply with what they say. The NPC guards are a little aggressive.]

His fellow netizens had given up the struggle. The owner liked to say things so let him continue to say them. They would silently watch, and by the way, make a perfect “Ancient City travel strategy,” so when they had the opportunity to enter the Ancient City, they could follow the strategy to plan their play time.

They just weren’t sure if only two short hours was enough for them to play.

After he updated the post, Leaf left a message that now was the time he wanted to play seriously, so during that period he wouldn’t come out to update the content. When he was on the way back, he would give them a detailed account of the experience along the way.

It was not easy for his fellow netizens to accept this text in a live broadcast. “!!!”

Leaf made no effort to pay attention to the ghostly wailing in the forum. His mind was completely captured by the scene in front of him.

In the Ancient City at night, the lights were bright, and people came and went. The road was lined with stalls set up by NPCs. They were selling everything. Hairpins, jade pendants, incense pouches, garments, paintings, books, vases, ornaments…They sold anything that anyone could imagine.

With just a light sweeping glance, Leaf’s gaze couldn’t move. When he came back to his senses, he was already standing in front of the stall closest to the city gate, and he was facing the NPC vendor’s warm greeting, as he buried his head in picking out the object of his choice.

This magnolia-shaped hairpin was quite beautiful. The lady who lived next door to him should like it. That rabbit jade pendant felt good to the touch, he wondered if he would get a larger reward for taking it to the naughty boy. And those galloping horse ornaments, when they were placed in his home, they would be very dominant.

The key was, these things were actually unexpectedly cheap!

On average, each item was only a few or a dozen silver, and when he brought his money, he brought hundreds of gold coins!

Leaf suddenly realized that what he had been doing wasn’t the best method. He had so much money, why should he spend time picking and choosing? Just buy everything, anything that caught his eye.

In addition to giving them away, he could take the rest and sell them at a stall, and while there were still only a few people coming to the Ancient City, he might even make a profit!

According to his understanding, his village had very few people who were doing the Old King’s tasks. He had an impression of those few people, and he felt that their progress brushing goodwill wasn’t much compared to his. 

Those people wanted to brush the target’s goodwill, if not in ten days or even half a month might pass, which meant that before then, he would be the wholesale source of goods from the Ancient City, however he still hesitated.

He could not be 100% guaranteed to make sales. Maybe the players wouldn’t like the gadgets. Then he would lose a lot of money.

After he thought about it, Leaf took a few deep breaths, slowly exhaled, and finally decided to do it. How bold he was! It had taken so much production from his land to make up his several hundred gold coins of capital, but he could still afford to lose! Even if there was a big deal of blood loss, later on he could just do more serious planting for a period of time, QAQ!

So at the next opportunity, Leaf spent like crazy. Buying, buying, buying.

Hairpin, first a dozen! Jade pendant, the twelve zodiac signs to a few sets, and then some peace buckles: pine, bamboo and plum or something to make a whole group! Incense pouches and handkerchiefs, a dozen gold could cover the entire stall, so of course, they could not be spared! Paintings, books, vases…That was simply a pretentious piece, pick a few to look elegant and artistic in the bag…

Leaf wandered from the beginning of the street to the end, then looked at the last few minutes left of the two-hour entry time. He was a little anxious to see the last few stalls, and packed twenty Yangchun noodles and twenty small wontons in his pack before finishing.

It was a pity that he couldn’t go to the street next door that day, since he heard from the NPCs that it was a street of snacks!

The next time he came, he should bring more money and eat on that street until he felt full! Leaf thought without regret.

Sure enough, when the time came, he felt a slight feeling of rejection and a blur before his eyes. He closed his eyes in discomfort and when he opened them again he found himself outside the city gates.

Two familiar-looking guards looked at him intently, as they refused to allow him to enter again.

Leaf didn’t make a fool of himself. He happily waved his hand towards the two men and said goodbye, then turned towards the place he had agreed to meet the Old King at the entrance.

However, at that moment, he heard a movement from the pond at the side as something crossed the surface of the water. When he followed the sound, he looked over and found a man who was lying on top of a small raft that had been sent in by the current. This discovery caused Leaf’s eyes to widen in surprise.

What the hell? How come there was someone who had come to the Ancient City on a raft? Where was the NPC that sent him here? How come he didn’t see it?

However, without waiting for Leaf to go forward and ask, he saw the player suddenly sit up with a jolt, as he faced him with an expression full of dismay. The strange player’s figure didn’t stay for long before it disappeared with a swish from in front of him.

The situation seemed to be an “illegal arrival”, and so the game map kicked the player out.

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