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Chapter 233: Ancient City Passing Order

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The image of Xiong Pili eating several mouthfuls of honey one after the other was so shocking that all the players looked at him in awe, as they wondered how he could have thought of doing that. Bai Li, on the other hand, was reminded of the black hairy ears on Xiong Pili’s head that he couldn’t retract when they first met. Xiong Pili’s animal type seemed to be a bear?

Then it was only natural that he would like honey.

Bai Li’s guess was correct. Xiong Pili drank half of the bottle of honey in one gulp, and to the players who were staring at him, he said with a smile, “I’m a black bear and honey is inscribed in our genes as a favorite. It’s my Therian blood!” After that, he couldn’t help but lick his lips. He closed his eyes to feel carefully, and said with a little doubt, “Why do I feel that after eating this honey, my mood has become better than before? As if…I’ve been planting for hours, and I’m feeling so happy and relaxed that my Genetic Collapse Disorder is recovering faster!”

Could that small bottle of honey actually play such a huge role? Xiong Pili’s eyes erupted with a burning light and he put the remaining half a bottle of honey into his backpack, and intended to save it for later, unlike before. He actually ate half of the bottle in one breath! Wasteful, it was too wasteful!

This wasn’t enough. He took advantage of the others being in shock, went to Overturn the Mythical Beast’s side, and expressed the idea of wanting to order five more bottles, while he also put half of the deposit into Overturn the Mythical Beast’s hand.

“Ah? Five bottles…Oh, oh. I see.” Through the whole process of the transaction, Overturn the Mythical Beast was in a trance state. She still couldn’t believe that the honey she produced had such an effect. Then should she reduce the number of external sales, and keep more for herself? She should keep a little, ah…

Then she looked at the others. Their expressions were obviously a bit hot and crazy.

“Ahem, listen to me, everyone.” Bai Li stood up in time. “Carefree Farmstead’s 90% ‘Spiritual Pacification Estimate’, is reflected in all aspects of the game, so don’t focus too much on a certain item. The changes in King Pili, I think…I think the change in King Pili is because he likes the taste of honey, right? If a player who has a general feeling about honey, or even doesn’t like it, consumes it, it could have the opposite effect. In short, it is advisable to spend rationally. 50 gold coins are not easy to save up.”

He was so gentle in trying to discourage them, that the play not only had the desired effect, it also provoked good-natured laughter. Not only the players present, but also the audience in the live broadcast room heard Bai Li’s words.

[Hahaha! Li Li is so cute that he has to come out and remind others of the reason.]

[Oooh! I’m inexplicably a little moved. What is going on? At this moment, LiLi is like an old man who is diligently farming, then telling his juniors not to blindly pursue things that are not suitable for them…But one also not too harshly imprisoned by their ideas, so gentle, oh!]

[Mm-hmm, yeah. Saving up 50 gold is too much to ask for. It’s only a dozen or twenty rounds of planting. I’m done in a day! If I were a Mushroom Village person, I’d damn well want to spend rationally like that!]

[The front stop, you are not rational, ah, you are wild! It’s almost like saying that you have a lot of money and want to corner all the honey, right? I’ve seen through everything!]


Bai Li was speechless. It seemed like the people had listened to him, but hadn’t completely listened. However, the burning eagerness on their faces subsided, so he lined up to go to Overturn the Mythical Beast and ask for a reservation.

Still, this thing was something she didn’t need to worry about. She had started with the two small bees, but as long as they kept on giving birth to more, the bees would naturally build a new hive, and every ten days she could get honey.

All in all, Overturn the Mythical Beast’s honey was completely open to the market. Her customers weren’t only the players present that day and other people in Mushroom Village. In the future when players reached level 30 and could travel freely from village to village, her honey would be sold as a village specialty to other villagers!

It was true that there would certainly be other players who would get a bee pet, but the number of people certainly wouldn’t be that many, and even if they had a pet bee, they still needed a proper grasp of the wealth code, ah! The players were talking and chatting when a breeze blew and brought the sweet smell of meat. Without turning around, they knew it was Song Xinran and Wen Chen’s honey barbecue that had been finished.

After they gave a large portion to Overturn the Mythical Beast as a gift in return for the honey, all the players shared the rest of the meal together. After that, the two chefs did not forget what they promised the audience, and fried a large pot of crispy lard drippings, this time in large portions so everyone got a small plate. The audience, in the process, secretly ate from the players’ hands. It was also considered a happy ending to that day’s live broadcast.

Even before the players who came to watch left, each of them also accepted a small jar of lard as a handout…

Bai Li and Wen XingYao went back to their respective yards to harvest their ripe crops and plant new seeds before they went offline together.

In reality, the resentful fox brother, Zhu MoLing, lifted his chin and said to Wen XingYao, “Today, you ate a few dishes in the live broadcast. Give me a few of those dishes to eat!”

One of his reasons was to make things difficult for Wen XingYao, another reason was that he was really affected by the live broadcast and had an appetite for those dishes. Wen XingYao, of course, wouldn’t refuse, and was happy to see it as a manifestation of Bai Li’s brother’s gradual acceptance of him, and so he leisurely agreed.

The three of them had the most cozy dinner since Bai Li’s memory had been restored, with both brothers being respectful, so there was a relaxed atmosphere during the dinner.

At the same time, a player in the game finally got the goodwill of the NPC Old King of his village to “best friend” after constantly doing tasks, so before the player turned to leave, the Old King called out to him.

“Leaf, you wait,” the Old King shouted. “These last years I’ve traveled north and south, and I’ve been to many places. Now I’ve semi-settled in this village some things I have aren’t useful any more. You usually help me a lot, so I will give you this piece of the Ancient City Pass Order! The Ancient City is a prosperous city, where you can enjoy attentive service and buy rare goods. If you want to go, you can bring this pass order to me, and I will send you there.”

“Leaf” was an ordinary player from the 2nd Newbie Village, who didn’t have any big ambition in the game. Except for farming, he usually spent his time running around the map, exploring and discovering places he’d never been before.

Last month, the panoramic view of the mysterious Ancient City was shown to all players for the first time, but unfortunately only the players who made it to the finals in the event could go there. However, since it was the NPC Old King of the village who sent these players there, the rumor spread among players that this NPC had the way to the Ancient City.

As a result, many players went to the Old King to get quests, with the intention of getting his goodwill and obtaining a pass to go to the Ancient City. However, that pass was unexpectedly difficult to obtain. Too many players gradually gave up during the process. Leaf was one of the rare players who persevered.

And today, the god of luck finally favored him.

The Old King handed it over. Leaf looked down at the Ancient City Pass Order that had been placed in his hands, and checked its introduction.

When the Old King’s goodwill reached “best friend” he would give out a free item. After that, you could exchange it for 10 Strange Horse Coins with that NPC. The Strange Horse Coin item was still quite good to get. Every time you completed a task given by the Old King in the village, you would get one which was used as a travel fee to go to other villages.

However, Leaf hadn’t yet reached level 30, so he temporarily couldn’t use his horse coins, but after he went to the Ancient City if he still wanted to go, he could exchange a few tokens.

Leaf went crazy, groundhog screaming, and was so excited that the hand holding the token began to tremble. He wasn’t an anchor in his village, but that didn’t stop him from running to the forum to share his joy at being qualified to go to the Ancient City.

His fellow netizens caught wind of the news, and ran out one by one, to comment under the post.

[What? The owner actually can go to the mysterious Ancient City? How did this happen? Asking for a strategy, I am willing to spend star coins to buy! QAQ!]

[Oh, I also want to go to the mysterious Ancient City, but have not been able to find a specific method. I did a period of the Old King’s tasks and got a whole lot of Strange Horse Coins, but the Ancient City was something I never heard a word about, ah!]

Leaf didn’t hide anything, and posted the introduction of the token. The top said that it was hard to obtain the conditions. The questioner took a look and went a little bald on the spot. They never thought that in order to obtain the Ancient City Pass Order, they actually had to submit tasks to the NPC Old King until his goodwill reached the highest level of friendship.

God only knew that this NPC’s goodwill was, in addition to The Fortune Teller’s, the most difficult to raise. The tasks he gave were simple but tedious, and also each time it only raised 1 point of goodwill. If you wanted to reach “best friends”, it would require doing tasks for months and years, Woooo!

Another group of people knew why Leaf got the token before they did. It was really that the sky wasn’t to blame for those who didn’t have the will to do things after all, ah! Leaf’s perseverance was hard for them to match. However, it was no use regretting having given up now, the only way to get the Ancient City Pass Order they had been longing for was to honestly start the tasks all over again.

As for Leaf, the first player to get the token, it was to bring his entire fortune, so fully loaded and ready to go, he submitted the token he’d just recently received to Old King of his village, and was ready to go to explore it…

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