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Chapter 54: Angry and short-handed

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Song Xinran exited from the live stream and still had the feeling that he was dreaming. Just a few minutes ago, he finished his first live broadcast in the game alone. Without much fear and without thinking about the consequences of his screw-ups, the broadcast went smoothly and completely. The viewers in the live stream were very friendly and didn’t dislike his cooking because it was too simple, nor did they call him a rookie like in other virtual games. Instead they watched the whole thing with respect and gave him a lot of gifts. Even those few hardcore fans of his, this time also sent out more than several times more than ever Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.

…Every once in a while he had to thank them for their gifts.

It was a live experience like no other.

Song Xinran sat on a wooden chair with a backrest, lost all his strength, and subconsciously took half a cucumber from the table and gnawed on it silently. The refreshing juice of the cucumber rushed into his mouth, and his pounding heart finally quieted down.

When half of the cucumber was finished, Song Xinran finally remembered that he should check the earnings of this live broadcast. He skillfully found the earnings background and clicked on it. The amount of money column showed a long series of numbers, individual, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand. Eight numbers in total. 

Song Xinran’s eyes widened at once, his face full of disbelief. He was only on for an hour or so and he actually earned so much? Even with the deduction for the live company’s share, as well as his master’s 5%, he had earned a lot! This was more than he had earned in an entire month!

While feeling suffocated, Song Xinran began to pinch himself…

No, he had to hurry to find someone to share this exciting news! He needed to find his master for whom he didn’t bother to buy anything in the previous month. His master was able to drop so many Buddha Jumps Over the Wall on his live stream, he definitely caused him some pressure!

Song Xinran felt that his master was really good to him. Obviously he had no money, but he also gave him so much…

He threw down the cucumber butt and ran to the house in front of him without looking back.

Bai Li happened to be at home, and Song Xinran shared the good news with Bai Li at a fast pace, and managed to get encouragement from his master. It wasn’t until he was dizzy and went out from Bai Li’s house that he vaguely felt something strange. Why did his master look strange just now, as if he was forced to keep a smile off his face?

Moreover, even when he said he would return the gift money to him, he didn’t want it, and said that it was a congratulatory gift to celebrate his first start in the game. Also, how come Master also asked him if there were a total of four brothers and sisters in his family, and when he heard his affirmative answer, he laughed more and more profoundly?

It was a pity that his Master had already gone offline, so he couldn’t go back and confirm it again.

The joy was only half shared, Song Xinran was still in the midst of excitement, so he simply went offline and sent another video communication to his family.

“Dad! Mom! And brothers and sisters, my live broadcast is over, did you see it? I tell you, this time the live broadcast was a really biiiiiig success!” As soon as the video was connected, Song Xinran announced his battle results super loudly, a look that begged for praise.

The six members of the Song family had also just come out of their respective rooms and were regrettably discussing the raw corn kernels they had missed eating together when they received a video communication from their son/brother. They were all smiling as they watched the pink bun-faced child on the other side of the screen happily sharing the joy of the harvest with them. They offered words of encouragement and hinted at Song Xinran to tell them in advance what he was planning to broadcast tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the child who never says anything in front of his family had learned to keep it a secret this time, and no matter how many people asked, he gave the same answer, that is, “You will know tomorrow.” In desperation, the six members of the Song family could only give up.

“By the way, mom and dad, what is your username in the broadcast room, tell me so that I can recognize you!”

The Song family of six people were all silent, while Song Xinran did not pay attention to the rapid exchange of eyes.

What should we do? Should we tell our brother about our names?

–How can we tell him? He doesn’t know how long we have been squatting in his live studio. If he knew, I’m afraid he would be angry. Hadn’t we been hiding from him?

-But the child is asking us, so it isn’t a good idea not to tell…

-Well…The day after tomorrow they would meet and tell him face to face, so that they could calm the little one down.

So Father Song, as the spokesman of the whole family, refused Song Xinran’s request on behalf of everyone. “Well, son, we just want to support you silently in the live broadcast. You don’t have to pay attention to our presence or absence, and our usernames are all random. I don’t even remember them myself, so I can’t tell you yet, right?”

Song Xinran could never imagine that his dear family would hide such a trivial matter from him. When he heard Father Song say that, he really thought that they all forgot their usernames, puffed out his cheeks and said “okay, bah” and skipped the topic.

After that, the family chatted some more and determined a more specific time to meet the day after tomorrow before they ended the video communication.

After that, the Song family went to secretly create live studio trumpets. Well, as signs of encouragement, the trumpets would be responsible for blowing rainbow farts to their child!

After Song Xinran ended his live broadcast and not long after that, Mo Song’s second live broadcast began. This time the live broadcast was not long, he left the room and went straight to the forest, first collecting for most of an hour on the outskirts of the forest, and after successfully finding five flower seeds, he headed deeper into the mine.

He originally wanted to take the opportunity to collect another wave of ore and other materials, but due to the darkness, the interior of the mine was invisible, and he did not have lighting tools. He could only regretfully trust the viewers of the live room to recognize the way and began to walk back.

The game’s sky did not become dark at night, as in reality, but maintained the dim feeling of the evening. Although it did not affect the players’ actions, everyone was used to not going out after the sky became dark.

While passing by the river, Mo Song took a look at a nearby fishing spot and after seeing a familiar figure, he gave a “hey” smile and passed by with his camera at the spot.

“Haha, have I seen the players fishing over there? Only Demon Xing goes there. Yes, you’re right, he is the most famous star warrior in the forum…I’m not going to talk to him until I can ask him if he can be interviewed.” Mo Song answered the audience’s questions as he walked towards the village entrance.

Time passed quickly with joking and laughing, and in a short while, he reached the village chief. After handing over the six flower seeds he had managed to get to the village head, Mo Song couldn’t help but smile with the vicissitudes of a working man. “Well, I’ve contributed my share to the village head’s house, and with so many materials, I don’t know if it will be next month when the house is finished. If the game is still issued next month, we must work harder. Good luck can still see the house completed…”

Before the words were finished, the angry and short-handed audience threw out a large pile of the cheapest stinky tofu gifts.

[I know, I know, is there any end to it? Is it because I don’t want to grab a spot in the game? It’s because I can’t grab it at all!]

[Speaking of which I’m angry, I suspect that the day of the grab, someone stopped us, but unfortunately there is no evidence. QAQ!]

[Ba, ba! I also want to plant, I also want to gather, I also want to mine, more importantly, I want to eat delicious food! Hurry up and give the builder an upgrade!]

Mo Song couldn’t help but sweat for Bai Li. The virtual game builder had only been upgraded for a few days, how could it be rushed so quickly? The designer’s money was probably not yet in place…

After thinking for a while, he hurriedly changed the subject, “Ah, I remember the game update also added a ‘livestock’ part to the game, I have not tried it, and first I need to find the village chief’s advice!”

One conversation down, the village chief as usual gave three choices. Mo Song himself had not yet read all of them when the audience on the pop-up screen began to clamor.

[The selection difficulties are starting to be painful again. Why don’t you just choose one?]

[How can you choose randomly? Ask the village head, which material is the most difficult to build a chicken coop! Let’s choose that one!]

[Haha! I think straw is fine. Bricks and boards, I can’t imagine what a chicken coop made of them would look like.]

[No, we have to choose the hardest one!]

In the end, Mo Song was confused and listened to most of the audience’s advice, and chose the most difficult material to build, which was wooden planks.

When he returned home with the materials and put them in the corner of the yard, Mo Song woke up as if from a dream. Regret came over him, and having forgotten that he was still on air, suddenly hit his hand hard.

I told you to pick up the materials! Now, how could he make a wooden chicken coop? Can you just nail them together?

Mo Song fiddled with pieces of wooden boards for most of the day, still hadn’t come up with any solution, so he sheepishly told the live viewers that the chicken coop would be built tomorrow. When tomorrow morning came, he would first go to other players to get a little experience.

[I already foresee other players’ strange chicken coops. Such an interesting thing, anchor you must not leave us behind, go to see it together then!]

[Hahaha! I hope someone can make a normal chicken coop! Don’t be as dumb as the anchor, after half a day, he can only stare at a bunch of wooden boards.]

[What’s wrong with you guys? Can you not see our anchor is good? Anchor, I tell you, after you get off the air, go to Starnet to find out if there are pictures of chicken coops. Maybe there will be photos saved from the Ancient Blue Star period, then you will build according to those, so that you will not be called stupid, little fool.]

Mo Song, “…???”

Stupid and fool again, I’m afraid you guys are really black fans!

It was almost time to end the live broadcast, and after hastily agreeing with the audience to go to someone to learn the experience of building a chicken coop the next day, Mo Song hurriedly went off the air. He was afraid that if he didn’t go off air, the good temper he had developed over time would be broken.

After the broadcast, Mo Song left the pile of wooden boards behind him and ran straight out of the yard in the direction of Bai Li’s house. He hadn’t had a chance to thank Bai Li in person yet!

Bai Li wasn’t home, or rather he wasn’t online. Mo Song hung his head in frustration and was about to go home to harvest his ripe crops when he saw his brother and his two friends walking up to him.

“Hey, brother, what are you doing in front of Li Bai’s house if you’re live?” Mo Zhu came up and put his arm around his brother’s shoulder and asked curiously.


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