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Chapter 53: Song Xinran’s live broadcast (II)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Fortunately, Song Xinran didn’t see that scene of viewers falling below the lower limit, and was able to keep calm. After he broke all the kernels off a whole corn cob, he stopped and did not continue, moving a small step to the side to prepare something else. However, the viewers who had just had a good time with the corn kernels were not satisfied and couldn’t help but rush in with the pop-ups when Song Xinran stopped handling the other two corn cobs.

[Why don’t you continue? Brother, there are still two more corn cobs! Go ahead and break off the kernels!]

[That’s right, we haven’t eaten…Oh no, we haven’t seen enough!]

[Oooooh, why the heck is corn so divine and delicious? I’m forgetting the fact that this is only 30% taste sync!]

In the large living room, the six members of the Song family sat on the sofa and watched Song Xinran’s live broadcast together. After a few minutes of silence, the third sister finally couldn’t help but stand up and say to the other five people, “I, I suddenly remembered that I still have something to do, so I’ll go back to my room first. You guys don’t have to wait for me, I’ll just lie down in my gaming pod and watch it.”

The words just fell, when her twin sister quickly demolished her intention, “Sister, you really just want to use the gaming pod to watch live, why must you find a reason? It’s not like Mom and Dad won’t agree.” Then she swallowed her saliva.

Another use of the gaming pod not only allowed Interstellar People to travel in the world of virtual games, but it was also particularly convenient for watching those which had turned on the taste synchronization and smell synchronization of the live broadcast. In other words, if a viewer wanted to eat the food in the live room, smell the smell in the live room, they must use a gaming pod or a cheaper gaming helmet.

With Genetic Collapse Disorder rampant those days, gaming pods had become standard in every home. However, this did not mean that when a viewer wanted to watch something live the only way was through the gaming pod. Using an optical computer to cast the screen was also possible.

While the whole family was watching another member of the family live, Third Sister Song’s request to go back to the room was abrupt.

However, at this time, no one could say anything to stop it. Mother Song quietly pulled her husband’s hem, the couple exchanged a look, Father Song coughed twice. He gave an ‘I really can’t do anything about you guys’ look and said, “If you want to go back, go back. Watching in the living room is really not as comfortable as lying in the gaming pod. How about we also break up this side, each go back to our rooms to watch it?”

“That’s fine!”

“In that case I’ll go back first!”

“Wait for me, sister…!”

Obviously, this proposal was approved by all hands. Within two minutes, there was no one in the living room, and they all went back to their rooms to lie in their gaming pods.

Song Xinran shook his head and explained, “This many corn kernels is enough. The other two cobs I plan to boil. Cooked corn will be softer and more chewy so it is also very delicious.”

Hearing about the food, the audience soon gave up and waited patiently.

Song Xinran seemed to let go. He held up the plate and showed the peeled corn kernels, then picked up a small jar from the seasoning pile. He opened the lid and poured some into his hand for everyone to see carefully.

“This is white sugar bought from the village chief. It’s crystal clear and is also the most important seasoning I need to use today. It has a sweet taste, not bitter at all.”

Sugar existed in reality, but the color was black, not to mention that the taste was bitter. Since it was not delicious, sales on Amoy were always at the tail end.

[I testify! It’s really not bitter, sweet and silky…]

[Good guy, I’m a big man, but actually quietly licked a bite …]

[Eh… The first two, you guys take it easy. Eat secretly, just don’t say it.]

Song Xinran, “?” He felt that this group of viewers were doing strange things behind his back!

This time he chose to pretend not to see the contents of the pop-ups, lowered his head and ignited the coal stove. He poured a little water into the iron pot, set it up on the coal stove and waited for the water to boil.

“What is the anchor going to do here? Is he planning to boil a pot of water first?”

“No.” Song Xinran smiled, rejected this talk and began to give the viewers a precaution. “I said before I started the live broadcast that the two dishes I’m going to learn to make today are very simple dishes with a very simple approach. They only have one or two steps each, so when you see it later, I hope you won’t be too disappointed.”

[Haha! Don’t worry it won’t be. I can see, there is nothing difficult to eat in this game, even if you don’t do well this time, I believe it will be better than the outside taste!]

[Yes, yes! No matter what you make, we all love to eat…]

Song Xinran was encouraged and continued to move. He poured all the corn kernels originally placed in a shallow plate into the pot and slowly stirred them with a spatula, stirring while carefully observing the changes in the pot.

Being in the game, the cooking speed of the ingredients had become faster, and in a short while, the corn kernels in the iron pot had changed significantly. The original golden corn kernels had expanded a bit because they had absorbed water, and they were round and golden, which made them a bit more lovely.

Song Xinran nodded in satisfaction, scooped out a small spoonful of white sugar from the sugar jar, sprinkled it evenly into the pot, and continued to stir it with the spatula, trying to melt the sugar in it, so that each corn kernel was coated with its sweetness. He didn’t let the corn stay in the pot for long, and quickly took the pot and drained the kernels into an empty prepared dish.

After doing so, Song Xinran did not rush to respond to the audience’s questions, re-started the pot of boiling water, dropped in the two corn cobs that had been stripped of their outer husks, covered the pot and left them alone for the time being.

“Okay, the first course, boiled sweet corn kernels is done.” He picked up a spoon and scooped himself a spoonful, blowing it before placing it into his mouth, nodding in satisfaction, “This dish is seasoned with just a little sugar, but it tastes thicker with the sweet aroma of the corn itself. With one spoonful at a time, you can feel the pleasure of the corn kernels bursting in your mouth, the juice is still a little hot, well…I’ll eat a few more bites later.”

Song Xinran had already said this, but the audience naturally could not wait, and waved the gift in their hands to send pop-ups.

[Quick! I want you to feed me, I can’t wait!]

[I also want to experience the feeling of a juice explosion!]

[QAQ, I was going to think that the anchor was trying to fool us by making such a dish, but it turns out I was wrong.]

[Oooh, the anchor is so good. Really scoop up a spoonful and stay motionless waiting for us to eat. I want to have a brother like the anchor, oh!]

[Don’t think about this. The anchor has many brothers and sisters so there is no place for you!]

As said before, the food in the live room could only be eaten once, and after eating the food, it would disappear from their sight. So, the viewers who did not hold back and ate all the raw corn kernels in one gulp were dumbfounded, within their sight, the plate in front of Song Xinran was completely empty, there was nothing. The discussion on the screen about the boiled sweet corn kernels told them the bloody truth, that there was actually food on the plate, only it was eaten by them at the beginning. They had eaten it all.

This part of the audience reacted with a cry of ‘ahhhh’ and felt regret.

But at this time, no one had time to pay attention to their regrets.

Those who were lucky enough to have restrained themselves while eating the raw corn kernels, and those who were still part of the audience who had tasted the sweetness this time, were still not satisfied. After eating one bite of corn kernels, they were thinking of the next, and while eating, they urged Song Xinran to give them another bite in the pop-ups.

Song Xinran was in a panic, so he fished out another bowl, put the ‘eaten’ corn kernels into the bowl, and then went back to the plate to scoop up a spoonful. The same action was repeated; he didn’t know how many times until all the corn kernels in the plate were transferred to the bowl and then had to stop.

Looking at the corn kernels emerging from the bowl, Song Xinran couldn’t help but be a little thankful that he didn’t choose to eat the corn kernels just now, otherwise with the speed at which the audience was eating, he was afraid he would have to hold up until he burped.

[Burp ~ so satisfied, corn kernels are delicious!]

[Yummy, it’s so delicious! Anchor, I have not eaten enough!! What about the two corn cobs that were just thrown in the pot, can I eat it?]

Among them were also mixed with vague cries, [woo woo woo! I’m so stupid! How could I forget it at that time? If I had eaten a few bites less, I would be able to follow along! Woo woo woo woo!]

Such crying content was directly covered by a thick pop-up screen.

If it wasn’t for the viewers’ reminder, Song Xinran was so dizzy that he would have forgotten the existence of the other two corn cobs. He hurriedly lifted the lid of the pot to pinch them out with long chopsticks. Seeing that the audience looked interested, Song Xinran poked his chopsticks into their cobs and managed to make the two corn kernels stand upright, inviting the audience to help themselves. However, what he didn’t know was that at least half of the corn had already been eaten by the audience while he was trying to figure out how to do it…

Song Xinran hurriedly brought out another ingredient. “Let me make a simpler dish next, it will take about…I can do it in about five minutes!”

In fact, he thought that to make that dish, one minute would be enough, so he said five minutes just to be on the safe side.

[Hahaha! let me taste a simpler dish!]

[I’m going to die laughing. The anchor’s dish is really the same as he said, super simple. Any type of hands could still make this taste good…My tears are flowing down from the corner of my mouth.]

[Can the anchor do this many times?]

“White sugar mixed with cucumbers.” Song Xinran directly reported the name of the dish. “Hearing the name of this dish, you should be able to think how simple the dish is, right? This dish is refreshing to eat, and if you can, refrigerate it for better flavor.”

With that, he picked up the kitchen knife and sliced the cucumber. The audience didn’t know that he had practiced secretly in private, and his knife work was actually good. Although his cucumber slices were not equally thin and even, with the rhythmic sound of the chopping falling on the cutting board, the live viewers slowly recovered their wits.

[dbq, I shouldn’t say the anchor is a cute little brother. He cut the cucumber and looks so handsome!]

[Ahhhhh, brother kill me! I want to be the knife in your hand!]

[???? The nymphomaniac in front, stop for a moment. But the anchor’s knife skills are so good ah!]

The viewers posted pop-ups for a while, then noticed that the sound of cutting cucumbers stopped and hurriedly gathered their attention back. The cucumber slices were already neatly arranged by Song Xinran on an empty plate, and then he picked up the jar of white sugar and sprinkled a lot of it as if he didn’t care about money, covering the upper part of the cucumber slices, which made the viewers feel painful and greedy.

[Enough is enough, do not pour more! Did your home get blown by a sugar wind?]

[Can we eat it? Can we eat it? I can’t wait!]

[Oh my God! What an extravagant dish! Who can tell me whether to eat the sugar or cucumber first…]

Song Xinran almost died laughing at the audience’s genuine discussion, as he put away the sugar jar and used the chopsticks to pick up a slice of cucumber. He allowed a large part of the cucumber slice to be covered with sugar before holding it up to the audience to try it.

“No need to divide the order of eating it. A cucumber dipped in sugar will be better. A cucumber is crisp and has a slightly astringent taste. With the sweetness of the sugar, there is a very nice synthesis. Try it and tell me what you think.”

[Yes! I like it! It’s really good! I can still feel the white sugar granularity. Oooooh! Why does even the white sugar in the game taste so delicious!]

[Eat up, anchor I want, another bite!]

[And that leftover cucumber, can’t you also cook it for us to eat like corn?] Some viewers had a bright idea.

Song Xinran thought that he had shaken his head more times today than he had all week. “No, no. Cucumbers are a vegetable that can be eaten raw…Actually, corn can also be eaten raw, but I prefer the taste of cooked corn. Wait for me, I’ll get you two cucumbers.”

He grabbed an uncut cucumber and used his two hands to snap it in half. With a ‘click’ sound, the cucumber broke, revealing the light green flesh inside.

Seeing this action with their own eyes, many viewers didn’t dare to eat it.

[Um… How to say it, when I saw the cucumber break, I felt people bounce in their gaming pods…]

[What’s going on? I felt a pain in my body somewhere…]

[What’s wrong with you men? So pretentious. Hurry up and eat! Your gibbering is really annoying! Delaying me eating that cucumber!]

Although the audience had a quarrel, they did not really quarrel out into a fire. Generally, they just cursed a few sentences, ate a mouthful of cucumber, and their mood calmed down a bit, only to continue to curse. They actually experienced the taste of enjoyment.

Time was spent in this joking and laughing manner, and soon, it was time to go off air.

Song Xinran finally thanked them once again, “Thank you Bai Li, Worsch Mud, Horizontal Niema, Burping Spicy, Children’s Songs, Three Sections Of Pencil, and The World Touched The Head for the Buddha Jumps Over the Walls. Thank you for the gifts sent by everyone in the live room. I will work harder to make more complex and better tasting food. Tomorrow at 11:00, I’ll be on the air!”

Bai Li, who watched the live broadcast of his young apprentice, “Pfft!”


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Makes me want to get up off my comfy recliner chair and start cooking 🤤😁😁😁

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“I felt a pain in my body somewhere” HELP 😭

May 24, 2023 4:49 am

Thanks for the chapter! The kid is sweet & doing his best. The audience is so silly, lol. On my side of the world, we add salt to boiled corn, it’s the contrast between the almost sweet corn & the salt that’s fun. If being fancy, mix corn with a little butter and lemon juice.

I’ve also never seen cucumber with sugar. Doesn’t sound tasty at all. Some relatives use salt on cucumbers & tomatoes, my close family doesn’t, unless it’s a salad (with salt, olive oil, lemon juice, herbs).

May 25, 2023 4:24 pm

Sugar on cucumber?! Never heard of that, but don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I like mine sprinkled with dill; pickled baby cucumbers (gherkins) are a favourite!
The audience are so into it. Boiled corn causing such a sensation 😆
Thanks for translating and editing.

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