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Chapter 81: Big Brother, Help Me Take Revenge?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, smokebrea~k


Ye Fei lowered his head and kissed him, “What are you staring at?”

Gu Ang returned to his senses, “I think you are really good to me.”

“You just realized that?” Ye Fei laughed lightly, his fingertips fiddled with the teeth on the pendant again, “It’s almost time, let’s get ready to go on.”

Wei Yangze packed all the small gifts on his side and turned his head when he heard the conversation, “Is it time to start?”

“Mn, back to the portal.” Ye Fei nodded.

The trio returned along the road to where they landed, Theis was still standing in place waiting for them, his tall figure stretched out by the setting sun. He was a little surprised, “Thought you guys had given up and were leaving now?”

Gu Ang smiled faintly, “Wait for news of our victory.”

Beaming down, Gu Ang looked left and right at the two, “Get on the mech, separate and keep communicator contact.”

Individual battles could only spread out for the battle to ensure that each person had higher points. And Theis had mentioned that the portal was unstable and would likely spread everyone out.

Ye Fei squeezed his wrist and gave a final instruction, “Be careful and call if something happens.”

“I know. You should be careful too.” Gu Ang gave him a fond look and withdrew his eyes.

The speed of light dispersed and the three disappeared into the portal. When Gu Ang’s vision re-lit, he saw the afterglow of the setting sun in the sky reflecting on the dilapidated modern urban complex. The city of Xuan, which was once filled with traffic, had now become the lair of the Zerg.

The original towering steel and concrete buildings have now been occupied by all kinds of strange-shaped Zerg, which had become a breeding ground for larvae. The streets were densely packed with Zerg intertwined, like a headache inducing nightmare. A white light suddenly lit up in a not-so-wide pedestrian plaza, and Gu Ang was successfully transported to his destination.

“This short distance portal ride experience was really poor.” Gu Ang complained and was the last one to walk out of the white light, casually moving his arms and legs a bit.

Immediately after the portal along with the light closed, together with the disappeared behind Gu Ang, as if it had never appeared. Gu Ang took a look at the dense swarm of Zerg around him and instinctively felt a touch of nausea. He didn’t want to use his hands to tear those Zerg that had theoretically not been bathed since birth, and hurriedly pulled out the shrunken mecha from his pocket.

Gu Ang weighed the mecha in his hand, “Finally, I can try the new thing built by Dean Jiang. This feel, this weight, it’s really something to look forward to.”

Although there was no difference between the shape and surface and the previous one, from the engine to the armor plate, from the weapon model to the power assembly, it has been completely changed from the inside out. If the previous Luminous was pvc material plastic, then the new Luminous mecha was made of super alloy heirloom.

With a toss of the hand, Luminous became bigger and landed heavily on the ground. The original crumbling floor tiles once again withstood the weight that should not be borne, and directly pressed the ground downward by two inches.


This inexplicable vibration attracted the attention of countless Zerg around, and they began to move in all directions towards the pedestrian plaza where Gu Ang was located. Not daring to delay, Gu Ang immediately jumped into the mecha control room, skillfully opened and carried out the final test.

Looking at the green buttons on the console, Gu Ang muttered, “I’m glad I test-drove it twice at school before coming here, this thing is too complicated.”

He put his hands on two special pheromone-absorbing pheromone collection rods, and a translucent semicircular helmet rose from behind the seat and fit snugly on Gu Ang’s head.

“Alpha pheromone and Omega pheromone injection complete.”

“Go Light.” Listening to the mecha’s current situation reported by Ye Fei’s low voice inside the mecha, Gu Ang couldn’t help but hook the corners of his mouth. Selfishly, he had asked Dean Jiang to change the built-in reporting voice of the mecha to Ye Fei’s voice, just so that he could feel that he was always by his side when driving the mecha.

As for the other reason… Of course, to secretly enjoy the feeling of having Ye Fei as his adjutant to report on the situation.

“Luminous activated.”

“Copy that! Luminous activated!”

Gu Ang just gave the command, the two Alpha and Omega pheromones from the same source began to converge, collide and annihilate in the pheromone engine at the same time. The huge energy vowed to distort everything was channeled out to drive the mech into operation.

Gu Ang closed his eyes and entered the driving state completely. His nerves and Luminous linked up and through Luminous’ eyes, he could see three hundred and sixty degrees without a dead angle around. He simply raised his right fist, retracted it, and blasted out!

A blast of wind visible to the naked eye instantly formed, directly strangling the bottom of a building covered with Zerg two hundred meters away in front of him.


The building collapsed, stirring up countless Zerg that instantly covered the entire sky, flying in all directions and fleeing in haste. Gu Ang still had his eyes closed, and the mech surprisingly projected the enemy’s situation directly in his mind.

Level 1 Zerg: 133,042

Level 2 Zerg: 9142


Level 5 Zerg: 893

Within the field of vision, the number of Zerg, level could be observed through Luminous’ eyes with the sensor to “see” clearly, hiding nothing. Different levels of Zerg were marked with different colors, and even some Zerg in extraordinarily tricky locations would be marked with an asterisk, pointed out by Ye Fei’s voice one by one.

This was a wonderful feeling, as if Ye Fei was behind him, hugging him, gently commanding. Gu Ang rubbed his somewhat hot ears, somewhat amused, “Not one level seven? Not even qualified for the test.”

Level one Zerg, basically were in a state of eggs, completely didn’t have the ability to attack so even if the number was outrageous, it could be directly ignored. Second-level Zerg had weak combat power, according to the different races, there were distinctions in combat power. But in the final analysis, these second-level Zerg were also the size of ordinary bugs that could be seen every day, like the impact of mosquito bites. The third level Zerg, fourth level Zerg gradually became larger, becoming a threat to humans, but for mecha, they couldn’t break its defense.

Until the fifth level, some Zerg could self-destruct, so that the very corrosive nature of the body fluid on the mecha would be destroyed.

The Zerg that could really fight with the mech head-on, even because of the different races, were basically above the sixth level. And the new version of the special nature of Luminous, directly immune to any attack of the Zerg below the sixth level.

Killed for no points, and even the test didn’t help. He thought he could get some of the points first by spreading out and fighting violently, but the start was a little too easy. After Gu Ang finished confirming, he sped straight ahead and started searching for traces left by Ye Fei and Wei YangZe.

Although it was an individual battle and the points were calculated according to individuals, rendezvousing with teammates from the same school before moving together could effectively prevent being eliminated by people from other schools.

Especially in this game, there was a godly madman — Lu ChangBai.

Gu Ang was marching fast while trying to transmit and receive signals outward all at once. Hoping to get a reply from Ye Fei or Wei YangZe. Although he might expose himself, he didn’t care.

God will kill God, Buddha will kill Buddha. Gu Ang was confident that he was the strongest one here. However, all the signals sent out were destroyed and dissipated when he left the radius of ten meters.

Gu Ang raised his eyes and looked at the sun above his head, which was still emitting its dark orange color, and suddenly had an epiphany. It wasn’t a celestial body in the usual sense, but a sun disguised by the famous class 8 Zerg sun bug. This kind of Zerg, the body size was incomparably large, and an adult could reach the level of eight.

Although it had almost no combat power, it had a special skill, it could isolate and shield all the signals within a range.

Gu Ang licked his lips, Really, right now I can only rely on the oldest method to be safe ah.

He could only search carefully, within the range of his eyes, whether there were symbols left by the same team of two. All means of communication and location means were blocked, Gu Ang and Ye Fei were naturally using the more common ones.

After all, Sun Zerg were also considered more famous Zerg species, so it had long been noticed.

Before crossing over, a report from the think tank group around him speculated that the Sun Zerg swarm was too powerful because of its role against humans, and the Zerg’s supreme would even take the initiative to suppress the entire Sun Zerg swarm, not allowing the emergence of sacrificial populations as a way to make an individual evolve into a ninth level Zerg.

All as early as after learning that this time’s opponent was that Zerg, he and Ye Fei agreed to follow the previous hint symbols, and at the same time told Wei YangZe how this set of symbols for message transmission was inscribed, to avoid getting lost. However, the symbols along the way were a mess, with agreed upon and some extra strange marks that contradicted each other. It was clear that only the front instructed one to go forward, and the next symbol prompted one to go back.

“These guys, they are really hard to deal with as always.” Gu Ang’s heart became clear after seeing the fourth squad’s agreement mark. Among those guys who crossed over like themselves, someone must be carving symbols everywhere haphazardly as a way to mislead everyone.

The anti-reconnaissance tactics were all perfect, and no one would make anyone feel better.

Gu Ang while groping, also hand-carved some strange symbols seen before to mislead. The good thing was that the mechas were hard enough, and although there were all kinds of level three and level four Zerg constantly rushing out along the way, Luminous didn’t move at all and was unharmed.

“Level seven Zerg appeared, prepare to attack!” Ye Fei’s beep in his ear suddenly sounded, Gu Ang’s body naturally tensed into the battle state. He raised his eyes to look directly in front of him, a giant bamboo worm fell ten meters away from the mech with open teeth and claws.

Ten meters was basically a step away for a Zerg of level seven or higher.

The opponent was very aggressive and even deliberately provocative. Gu Ang calculated in his heart that the negative ion dagger with a sky crystal as its handle was the most suitable for this kind of sudden and very short distance encounter. He didn’t panic, backhandedly holding the grip to pull the dagger out of the inside of the mech, following the force directly in front of him to raise a string of light blue blood.

Squeak—” A strange growling sound emanated continuously from the wounded giant bamboo insect’s mouthparts. Circle after circle of vibrating ripples were scattering continuously.

It was like a fury or a plea for help from…! If it was before, Gu Ang hunting level seven might still need to use some weapons and waste a lot of time. But at this moment, the mecha would take all the steps and simplify them.

The mecha legs were slightly bent after the direct force, Luminous’s red light was enough to cut through the sky. With the help of the negative ion dagger, it directly pierced through the bamboo worm from head to tail. And with that, points were awarded.

“It seems that I was really overthinking, thanks to I was worried that you didn’t have the ability to properly manage the new mecha,so I didn’t stop to gather points, looking around for you.” Ye Fei’s voice came from the communicator.

Gu Ang looked up, staring at the familiar mech suspended in mid-air, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, “I told you that Luminous is very powerful.”

“So do you need a little follower?” Ye Fei looked around for a moment to see that there was no danger and teased.

Gu Ang raised his chin and proudly replied, “Little follower, follow good.”

“Excuse me, am I interrupting you two flirting?” Before Ye Fei could continue speaking, a discordant voice came through.

“Yin WenXuan.” After glancing at the visitor, Gu Ang gently spat out the name of the visitor.

Ye Fei regained his indifference, his expression was light, “Just you alone, you dare to stand in front of the two of us now?”

He was ready to fight, and as long as the other party dared to move, he would definitely usher in his unforgiving deadly attack. In this world of enemies, he didn’t dare to let Gu Ang take any more risks. What was more, there was still a fragile little life in the belly that couldn’t afford a heavy blow.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” As soon as the words fell, the blue and white mech instantly popped out its light grain feathers and rushed towards Ye Fei, who was suspended in mid-air.

Boom… A huge tremor spread outward at the point of their encounter, and both sides firmly resisted and maintained at a distance.

“You really are… too.”

“That’s right.”

The two exchanged only one round before tacitly stopping their hands and not clashing again. This punch, for both sides, was with a deep layer of testing. Test whether the other side really crossed over, and… if the other party’s combat power was affected by the crossing. Only if the strength was similar, you were qualified to sit down and talk about it.

The weak could only be crushed to death, the strong had the qualifications to negotiate.

Gu Ang gathered on the sidelines, his heart instantly clear of the strength of everyone. Not only did they travel back from the future, and their strength compared to before crossing, in this half year they improved their strength in the golden period and had a more substantial increase.

“Yin WenXuan, with the Sun Zerg here, we won’t be monitored by anyone. Say what you have to say.”

Ye Fei stood back next to Gu Ang’s mech and spoke in a low voice.

“This environment is just interesting, eliminating all possibility of being interfered with and listened to, still in Zerg’s territory. To be able to bring a bunch of us former admiral travelers together here, this person behind it, tsk, has great skill.”

Seeing Ye Fei descend, Yin WenXuan also followed and piloted the mecha on the ground, his tone gloomy.

Ye Fei didn’t deny it and took over, “According to this projection, the black hand behind the curtain also let us all have our once most smooth mechs within six months. In other words, the mastermind behind the curtain wanted all of us to reach the peak of our strength in the shortest possible time.”

“Then kill each other and select the strongest player to become the comp.” Gu Ang added at the side.

“Then if we don’t think about those underhanded means…”

“What about… having a tangential gentleman’s fight?”

The other two almost unanimous voices, one after the other, came out as a complete sentence.

The twins, Qi MingFeng and Qi MingYu, showed their faces one after another.

“What gentleman’s fight? You two brothers look down on women?”

It seemed that people had arrived.

Ye Fei looked at Yin WenXuan and also understood that the other party’s punch wasn’t just a single attempt to confirm strength with him. That pair of punches with big sound and little power was still a hidden signal. Let the person who has reached a certain level of strength and can sense the punch notice then rush over. It was only here that all could discuss the next response without fear.

“Since we’re all here, let’s sit down and talk, shall we?” Yin WenXuan waved his mech arm and posed a “please” gesture to several people.

Several people landed with their mechs, and the six of them formed a circle.

“There’s one thing that I have to tell everyone beforehand.” The big-hearted Jiang HeYi was the first to speak. “As you all know I was the first one to come in, and I don’t know how you guys are doing, but I’ve been here for almost a full day. Only ever encountered a level seven Zerg when I first entered and never found my way over.” She shook her pillowy head with a look of regret, “No matter how much I make sounds, flashes, or even pheromones, there aren’t any bugs over level six shining through.”

When this statement was made, everyone in the room felt the thorns in their backs and they were displeased.

Zerg base camp, ten level seven Zerg to count one point of the great background, but not able to find any?

“Could it be that Sister Jiang your pheromones are too pungent, so those Zerg are avoiding you?” Qi MingFeng coughed dryly twice and opened his mouth in a very straightforward manner.

Everyone in the room, choked by this statement to collective silence.

“No, I just saw the atmosphere is rather awkward now, and wanted to ease the atmosphere. What are all locking me with mechs for? Are you guys trying to be the first to remove the dissidents?”

“Idiot.” Qi MingYu muttered in a small voice.

“Alright everyone, let’s talk about business.” Yin WenXuan spoke up and brought the topic back.

Ye Fei picked out the key simply and plainly, “The situation’s now clear, either there really isn’t anything above level seven Zerg in this place, or all that’s being done up there was to make it harder to get points.”

“And we’ll naturally go all out for points and to advance, just in time for the other side to play dirty tricks.” Jiang HeYi added through gritted teeth.

“If that’s true, then I’m afraid…” Gu Ang, who wanted to continue the analysis, but instantly stopped his words.

Originally filled with all kinds of noisy insect sounds, everything disappeared, along with the sound of Gu Ang’s words. The silence was deafening, like the calm quiet before the storm. The warrior’s natural keen sense of crisis suddenly surged to the hearts of all present. Someone was coming, and it was, well, the enemy.

“I was hoping to see you guys fight, but I didn’t expect you all to just sit down and chat about your parents? How meaningless.” Instantly, hundreds of shadows of various shapes surrounded everyone firmly, and a dozen figures with extremely powerful auras arced into an arc, escorting a bewitching woman with an aura so powerful that it exploded and a mech that appeared in the brilliant evening sun.

Gu Ang coldly snorted, “Lu ChangBai, what tricks are you playing again?”

He didn’t see the person in the mech, but there wasn’t a second person with this yin and yang tone.

“Is he the one you must kill this time?” The demonic Zerg woman whose body size was as big as the mecha half leaned on Lu ChangBai’s mecha, and her delicate fingers pointed at Gu Ang.

“Them.” With a twist of the mecha’s finger, it circled everyone present. “All are the must-kill people needed this time.”

“Alas, all of them are young and vigorous toys then. Was it possible to defect to us Zerg like you?” The Zerg woman sighed, as if in a sigh.

Lu ChangBai revealed a gloomy whitened side face and laughed lightly, “Then you can ask them.”

“Are any of you, like ChangBai, willing to join my holy clan?”

There was a long silence, and… contempt. Unlike Lu ChangBai, everyone present was a deeply rooted soldier, and it was instinctive to respect the Empire. A soldier would never surrender to an alien race at any moment.

“Is this what you call personally going down? To surrender to the Zerg?”

“Do you still have the dignity of being born as a human being? Lu ChangBai!” Gu Ang’s face was full of disdain, gnashing his teeth in mockery.

“Alas, I don’t want to show my face so early either, hero. The real big bosses are supposed to hide behind the curtain to watch the big show properly, and it’s just me, the chess manipulator who failed to plan, who had to come down in person.” The mech spread his hands, indicating that he was also helpless. He inflected a strange tone, continued, “The only one to blame is brother Gu Ang’s sense of smell, which is really too sharp, ruining my plan. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have revealed so quickly that I had joined the Holy Clan.”

Seemingly satisfied that Lu ChangBai used the Saint Clan to call his side, the demonic Zerg woman stuck closer to Lu ChangBai. “Plan? What’s your plan?”

Gu Ang’s heart emerged with great unease, feeling that he and Ye Fei have long been coopted into this so-called plan.

“There’s no harm in telling you, after all, it was a plan that has been aborted.” Lu ChangBai had a winning look. He pointed to Ye Fei and Gu Ang, laughing, “I’m not lying to you when I say I’m a fan of your CP, I want you two together more than anyone else, preferably in a life and death kind of beautiful love, oh.”

Under everyone’s attention, Lu ChangBai laughed for a full minute of nervousness before gradually stopping.

Gu Ang rolled his eyes, Damn, retarded.

Lu ChangBai continued his one-man show, “Seriously, this whole double-A combination thing of yours has given me very many interesting ideas. Double A exposure, stimulating your respective parents, Ye Fei’s side would be extinct as a result, and he would only have to slowly surrender the family’s power along with his stupid old father, and eventually be slowly alienated from the family, and even the core power circle of the Empire.”

“The patriarchs in the various families are all the way to the top, you gain power and can bring them benefits, so they all come to bend to you. If they lose their power and damage their interests, they will jump out one by one to ride on your face. At that time, even without my hand, they will help me to make you taste the sweet and sour in human feelings.”

Ye Fei was silent, after the divorce in the last life there was no follow-up. But he could imagine that indeed the future would be more difficult after signing the pledge of renunciation of inheritance. Only, all this was expected of him. Giving up everything for the one you love was just a matter of gain and loss.

“So my revenge focuses on big brother Ye Fei’s favorite person, Gu Ang.” Lu ChangBai smiled faintly and bowed slightly to Gu Ang with courtesy, “Given the situation of our two families, I have specially arranged a very good script for you.”

Gu Ang’s face changed slightly, could it be that Lu ChangBai was also involved in this matter of cheating? Although he didn’t know when his father was really with Lu Yan in the real sense of the word, but breaking it down, it seemed that the first time they got the most direct evidence, was after the death of Lu ChangBai’s elder brother, Lu ChangQing.

“Related to my father?” Gu Ang asked with a cold scowl.

“You see, you really see through it, worthy of being my future half-brother.”

Lu ChangBai nodded his head and continued, “Although our fathers started out in a partnership, I used some insignificant tricks to set them up. The two people are originally all the way good, but with a little push, it was easy to get them together.”

“It’s funny to say that my father thought your father was voluntarily handing over the Qin family fortune to my Lu family with both hands, and was so happy that he couldn’t keep his legs together. Your father was also a fool to think that my father needed him to hand over the Qin family’s business empire as a vote of confidence, it really made me laugh.”

“So, it’s all about you making a mess out of it, right?” Gu Ang looked at Lu ChangBai, who had an excited face, and his expression turned a little more icy.

Lu ChangBai laughed again, his long hair blocking most of his face, revealing only the corners of his sorrowful mouth.

“Of course. In this way, your father cheated plus you and big brother Ye Fei double A desperate love, if my estimate for your mother wasn’t wrong, she should not be able to resist such a major blow. Gu Ang, you, like me, don’t have much affection for your father. I could see that last time I went to the Moon River House for dinner, so all this calculation should be on your mother.”

He slightly raised the corners of his mouth, and slightly regretfully added, “She’s strong on the outside, but inside is soft and very concerned about the gaze of others. She would have killed herself after so many things had happened to disgrace her.”

Gu Ang’s body was chilled and cold sweat came out from his back, and even his fingertips became cold. Indeed he was right, the end of the last life, was Qin LeHe’s suicide. So those diffuse in the noisy people’s voice to incite the fire, gossip, must also be credited to him. If a person intends to vilify, Qin LeHe, who loved to save face, of course, couldn’t resist.

Gu Ang suddenly remembered, Ye Fei said Lu ChangQing was his arch enemy, and during a certain life and death duel on the mission, he personally ended him. It wasn’t that Lu ChangQing died, Ye Fei would have a life crisis, their life hanging in a balance to see who was more powerful. Just this life family mission was sped up and this result came faster, so the revenge was also faster. He finally understood why when he traveled back to eight years ago, everything seemed to speed up.

In the previous life, because Ye Fei only killed Lu ChangQing after graduation, so three years later a more stable Lu ChangBai stealthily behind the scenes, secretly calculating everything. No wonder he never found traces of his dad cheating when he was in school before, because it never happened. The cheating was driven by this monster that was confined in the Lu family room.

Ye Fei crossed back, not expecting to run into Lu ChangQing earlier on a family mission, and the two engaged in a duel to the death. It also led to this monster, much earlier, opening Pandora’s Box. Now Lu ChangBai, although not as good as three years later, knew more patience, was more old-fashioned, and even moved to sneak away from the news of his party to the Ice Blue Star, using the hands of the enemy Federation to eradicate him and Ye Fei, but finally came to this path he once walked.

Fate was the Möbius Ring, and there was no way for anyone to walk away from this destiny. Re-walking a life, sooner or later, eventually taking this trajectory. Gu Ang unraveled all the complicated knots in his heart, and the real murderer who broke his family in the last life was now standing in front of him.

They didn’t know at which moment of fate they became entangled with each other and were destined to stand on opposite sides. Layer upon layer of calculations. The control and use of the human heart. Powerful to the extreme execution with the imagination of the sky.

If they didn’t cross over, they would’ve never known the final outcome. Unfortunately, no matter how many times, it would be this monster hidden in the darkness, completely devouring them little by little!

Lu ChangBai sighed quietly and skimmed slightly, “Unfortunately, it’s surprising that the divorce wasn’t fun at all.”

Ye Fei spoke in a low voice through the internal communicator, “He set up the bureau step by step, and it seems that today, there’s finally a chance to completely destroy the creator of our tragedy from the root.”

Gu Ang hmmed and looked at Lu ChangBai, “As far as scheming and calculating is concerned, you are very impressive, Lu ChangBai. Indeed, you’re the toughest enemy I’ve ever encountered. Before the battle of life and death, I have one more thing to ask you.”

Lu ChangBai gestured, “Of course, you’re now my half-brother, and also provide me with the perfect material and imagination for this script, I will satisfy all your doubts.”

Gu Ang thought of Lu Yan who was also counted among them, “All things aside, Lu Yan’s your real father, you even calculated against him?”

“Real father? What kind of father is a father who raises his children without teaching them? He has never looked at me properly.” Lu ChangBai’s hands spread, a moment later, a trace of hideous voice came out from within Lu ChangBai’s mech, “What’s more, it was also him, who had to make my brother participate in some bullshit secret family mission. Do you think I would let go of any murderer who indirectly killed my elder brother?”

Gu Ang asked in a cold voice, “So the whole plan you made was for Lu ChangQing?”

“Of course, I love that stupid bastard more than anything.” Lu ChangBai laughed mockingly, “Unfortunately, he died so early, leaving an empty head.”

Gu Ang understood, he probably never loved anyone except Lu ChangQing. A wretch, but also a twisted devil. The battle between Lu ChangQing and Ye Fei was a life-and-death battle between them, and there was no one else to blame. The moment they signed up for the family mission was when they signed a life and death contract, everyone was ready to sacrifice their lives.

Lu ChangQing understood, Ye Fei also understood. But Lu ChangBai didn’t understand, involved in too many people who shouldn’t be involved, dragging in innocent people. Even at the risk of treason, defecting to the enemy, giving up their own. All the accounts, it was time to settle the score.

Gu Ang moved his finger and pressed the button to activate Luminous. His voice was soft, suppressing all the emotions that had not yet erupted, “Big brother, help me take revenge?”

Ye Fei didn’t hesitate and merged with the Luminous mech’s beep, “Ready, attack!”


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