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Chapter 10: There was only one place for Wen Yu’s family.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: Sulo
After the final exam, Wen Yu could not help but let out a sigh of relief and looked at Gao Yang who was next to him. They looked at each other and laughed.
“Second brother is indeed the top student. I managed to complete the test!” Gao Yang was very happy. When he takes his report card home, he could double his New Year’s money.
As they were talking, second brother, who went to the toilet, came back. Gao Yang put his arm around the neck of second brother. Wen Yu said with a smile, “Thanks for your help with the exam. I’ll treat you to dinner.”
“Count me in.” Gao Yang said.
Second brother wanted to say something, but his words were rejected by Wen Yu and Gao Yang. The two of them would be treating eldest brother and second brother to dinner. It was also the last dormitory dinner of this semester.
Wen Yu called the villa and asked the butler to inform Meng Jiang that he would not go back today, and explained that he would have dinner with his dorm mates.
“Uncle Zhao is very strict with you.” Gao Yang tsked.
“He’s just worried about me.” Wen Yu knew Gao Yang didn’t like his parents’ restraint, but it was an important gesture to him.
Nightfall came faster in winter and it was already dark when the four of them went back to the dormitory and put down their school bags. Gao Yang complained that he was hungry. Wen Yu stuffed his mouth with an apple. He bit into it and said, “It’s quite sweet. Let’s go.”
When they got to the store, there were no seats. All of the customers were students from nearby universities. They had to queue up if they wanted to eat there. Wen Yu looked at the three people and knew they didn’t want to wait. He said decisively, “Let’s go to another place to eat.”
He checked the nearby barbecue shop on his mobile phone. It was a bit of a walk so the four people took a taxi and went straight there. Fortunately, there were seats this time. When the dishes and meat arrived, Gao Yang ordered some cold beer and poured them each a glass. Wen Yu waved his hands, rejecting.
“Have a drink. You won’t get drunk.”
Eldest brother and second brother also advised, “Yes, just one drink will not make you drunk.”
Wen Yu never drank outside, but he was afraid of something happening which would make him expose his secret. In fact, his tolerance for alcohol was not that bad, so he nodded after thinking about it, and said in advance, “Only two sips.”
“Don’t worry, what kind of people are we to intentionally intoxicate you?” Gao Yang poured Wen Yu half a glass of beer.
The four clinked cups, grilled the meat on the iron plate and chatted freely. Eldest brother and second brother were from the same village. They had bought tickets for tomorrow’s train so they would be going home directly. Gao Yang had planned to stay back in the dormitory for two more days, but somehow, his mother found out about the last day of their exams and ordered him to go home tomorrow as well.
It was Wen Yu’s turn. Wen Yu remembered that he hadn’t bought a plane ticket yet.
“It’s astonishing that you forgot to buy a plane ticket this year when you go home every summer and winter break” Eldest brother joked.
Gao Yang took a sip of beer and said, “I know. It must be Uncle Zhao who was too warm. You’re too happy to be homesick.”
“It’s not that. I haven’t even packed yet so it’d be the same if I bought the ticket tomorrow.” Wen Yu took another sip of beer and did not want to admit that Gao Yang was right.
The four people were eating barbecue and drinking beer. Wen Yu only drank half a cup, which had no effect at all. Gao Yang and the other two drank a lot. Although they weren’t drunk, they started slurring. Wen Yu paid the bill and said,

“Stop drinking. We’re going back.”
“Yes, yes, w-we are going back. We have to catch a train tomorrow.” Eldest brother tried to leave, but as he got up, he fell back on the chair.
Seeing this, Gao Yang laughed, “You call this ‘able to handle your alcohol’? Let me help you up.”
When Wen Yu saw that Gao Yang was still sober, he asked Gao Yang to help eldest brother. He asked second brother how he was doing. Second brother responded slowly, but he could walk well, so he put on his coat and went out.
“I’ll get a taxi.” Wen Yu stood at the roadside to get a taxi. Suddenly he heard someone shouting behind him. He looked back and saw eldest brother apologizing, “Ah, I’m sorry.”
Gao Yang was also beside him saying “I’m sorry”. They were apologizing to a yellow haired youngster 1, who was followed by five other young men with colorful hair. Someone said, “You’re sorry for bumping into my big brother, but you want to leave? At least compensate us.”
“Yes, yes, ah, how much is it, brother?”
“About one or two thousand for my brothers and I to drink.” The yellow hair responded.
Wen Yu came over and looked at the yellow haired man. Only then did he realize that the other party had too much to drink too. He did not want to cause a scene, nor was he going to let them scam his brothers. He said, “Sir, where have you been hurt? If necessary, I’ll call the police. We’ll go settle this matter at the police station.” He took out his mobile phone.
“That’s right. You ran into our eldest brother.” Gao Yang raised his voice, “Do you want to give money to us?”
Wen Yu didn’t want to make a scene and there was no use talking to these drunks. Seeing that the other person had stopped talking, he pulled Gao Yang asideand said, “Okay, let’s get in the car and go back to school first.”
They had barely walked two steps when someone behind said, “So you guys are just students? We’ll let this slide after a beating. Since you dared to talk to our elder brother like that.”
Wen Yu turned around and shouted, “What do you want to do? I called the police.”
He had just taken out the phone when he suddenly heard a familiar cold voice say, “Young master, this kind of thing doesn’t need the police, you and your friends get in the car first.”
“Meng Jiang!” Wen Yu looked back and saw that it was indeed Meng Jiang. There was a car parked on the side of the road and he was a little uneasy about Meng Jiang dealing with this by himself. He saw that the six people had rushed over.
Wen Yu wanted to go up to help, but found that he was not needed at all. Within two minutes, the six people had fallen to the ground with loud thuds and cries.
Meng Jiang brushed off his sleeve, turned around and said, “It’s been a while since I moved these muscles. Please get in the car, young master.”
“Fuck, Meng Jiang, your skills are so fucking cool.” Gao Yang, who was drunk, instantly sprung sober. Staring at Meng Jiang, he looked at him with a thief’s eyes and said to Wen Yu, “I call shotgun. Don’t fight me.”
Gao Yang tagged alongside Meng Jiang and got into the passenger seat beside him. Eldest brother sat behind Meng Jiang with Wen Yu in the middle and second brother behind Gao Yang. Gao Yang kept calling him Brother Meng and Master Meng. 2.
Hearing Gao Yang say this, General Meng raised his eyebrows, looked at Gao Yang carefully, and said, “It’s a martial arts form, but it’s a pity —”
“What’s a pity?” Gao Yang sternly questioned.
“It’s a pity as I don’t accept disciples.” Meng Jiang decided with a cold face.
Wen Yu listened to Gao Yang’s grinding all the way in the car, and they arrived at the school gate. Gao Yang got out of the car, and asked, “Brother Meng, please leave me your phone number.”
“No, get out.” Meng Jiang said coldly.
After Gao Yang reluctantly got out of the car, he waved and said, “See you next time, Brother Meng.”
Wen Yu held his face in his hands and looked at Gao Yang with great interest. Out of the window, Gao Yang waved again with a wink. The car started and Wen Yu looked down at his mobile phone. Sure enough, Gao Yang had sent a WeChat message to ask him to get Meng Jiang’s number.
But Meng Jiang really didn’t have a phone. Gao Yang was doomed to work hard in vain.
Since Ji TianTian was removed from the list, this was the first time Wen Yu had seen Gao Yang have any enthusiasm while asking for a phone number, even though it was a man.
“Brother Meng, are you really not going to accept an apprentice? Gao Yang is a person with a very strong sense of justice…” Wen Yu was trying to help out his friend.
Speeding up, Meng Jiang said lightly, “Master is a little upset.”
Wen Yu immediately switched the topic, “Why is Uncle angry? What happened?”
Meng Jiang had stopped talking. Wen Yu sat in the car and thought about it the entire way. He reached the villa obediently. He handed his coat to the butler and saw Uncle Zhao sitting in the living room reading a book.
Wen Yu coaxed, “Uncle.”
Zhao Zheng got up from the sofa, walked to Wen Yu, and sniffed him. Wen Yu felt a little hot, so he listened to Uncle Zhao as he asked, “You drank?”
“Not a lot.” Wen Yu thought Uncle Zhao was angry because of this.
Zhao Zheng raised his head and ruffled Wen Yu’s curly hair, saying, “It’s normal for boys to drink some wine. Go to bed early today, and I’ll go back to Yuncheng with you tomorrow.”
“Uncle will go back with me, too?” Wen Yu looked up, his eyes were bright and his face was happy.
Seeing Wen Yu’s smiling face, Zhao Zheng’s cold aura also dissipated a little and said, “Yes, together. I’ll go back to see your parents.” The last sentence sounded down.
“Great. I’ll take you to eat delicious food when we’re at Yuncheng.” Wen Yu couldn’t be happier.
He was patted on the head by Zhao Zheng, “Go to sleep. The plane will leave at eight tomorrow morning.” 3
Wen Yu nodded, “So early? Then I’ll go sleep, good night Uncle.”
“Mn.” Zhao Zheng saw Wen Yu go up the stairs, his cold eyes narrowed slightly, and said, “The earlier we go back, the earlier we can solve the problem.”
The butler lowered his head beside him and pretended he did not hear anything. When the young master didn’t come back just now, the master reverted to his frightening self as before.
The next morning, Wen Yu woke up and when packing, he found that all the things he often used in his apartment had been moved here and it was the same as being at home. Zhao Zheng pushed the door open and saw Wen Yu packing his bags. He intoned, “Come downstairs and have breakfast when you’re done”
“I don’t have anything important to pack, I have everything I need at home.” Wen Yu put the charger in his backpack and his key, “Okay.”
After having breakfast downstairs, they set out. Wen Yu only carried a backpack. He found that Uncle Zhao didn’t bring anything with him. He couldn’t help looking at him curiously. Zhao Zheng said lightly, “It’s just a short trip anyways.”
“Ah?” Wen Yu was a little depressed. He thought Uncle Zhao would stay with him for winter vacation.
Zhao Zheng said nothing.
Yuncheng was located in the middle of the north and the south. It had a pleasant temperature all year round and was suitable for living. In recent years, Yuncheng had developed into a second tier city. Wen Yu and Zhao Zheng arrived at the airport at ten-thirty am. As soon as they left the building, they found a thick layer of snow on the ground.
“It’s snowed heavily this year. It hasn’t snowed so much for several years.” Wen Yu happily stepped on the snow.
Zhao Zheng reached out to put on the scarf for Wen Yu. Wen Yu moved his head and was told not to move by the cold voice. His eyes swept around and whispered, “Everyone is looking at us.”
“So?” Zhao Zheng didn’t care. He reached for Wen Yu’s hand and said, “You wore too little.”
Wen Yu’s ears were a little red.

Fortunately, the car arrived, avoiding the curiosity and speculation of passers-by. He felt a little relieved, but at the same time, he felt a little sweet.
What did passers-by think of him and Uncle Zhao? Did they think they were——
Wen Yu was shocked by the idea in his brain. He stopped thinking and didn’t dare to look at Uncle Zhao again.
Zhao Zheng didn’t care about Wen Yu being quiet all the way. He leaned back in his seat, closed his eyes, and thought about how his plan would become a reality. He was a little happy.
There would only be one home for Wen Yu.
The author has something to say:
In the previous chapter, the father-son relationship of the two Mongolian drivers was changed to brothers.
The seme is not a good man.

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Translator Notes:

  1. 黄毛 (huang mao) yellow hair is usually used to describe someone who has not grown up yet. In this case, it could also describe that he has yellow hair.
  2. Master as in the martial master way.
  3. I was interested in the flight time for this. So from Beijing to Yuncheng, it is a 1 hour and 40 minute flight or a 9 hour drive. So it’s roughly the same distance between Portland, Oregon and Sacramento, California.


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