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Chapter 169: Tenth World (13)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

Bai Duan knew his partner very well and did not misjudge his ‘deep and hot’ future. At first, it was Bai Duan who was ‘young and vigorous’, but the physical impulse adhered to Bazel. However, the physical strength and energy of a mink and an eagle were totally different.

When Bai Duan felt that he had exhausted all his extra energy and just wanted to sleep in a warm quilt, Bazel was just warming up and getting better. Such hardware mismatch resulted in Bai Duan’s ‘sweet before bitter’ heat.

After so many years of holding it in, Bazel finally ate his meat. Bazel ate tofu and tasted Bai Duan. Since the first day of ‘breaking the precepts’, the ups and downs began, and finally grew into a little lover who was unable to get off the soft and spacious bed again.

Bai Duan was in love with his partner for many years, so he tried to cooperate with the other as much as possible. However, no amount of love was worth Bazel’s efforts. Later, Bai Duan, who had no energy and felt that he had been drained into a pool of dead minks, simply turned himself into a beast to escape his partner’s demands. 

Although he could not help being rubbed, he would not be inserted or brewed in sauce, which finally made Bai Duan find a way to live. More than three months of his heat, made Bai Duan feel like he had been there a year, but in Bazel’s eyes, time quickly flew by. When his heat finally ended, Bai Duan escaped with a long sigh of relief, and then… turned around and kicked his partner out of bed.

Waiting for his young lover to beg in the early morning, the happy Bazel sat below the bed he was forced off. After a long time, he showed an extremely lost expression, “Your heat is over?”

“Mn, it’s over.” Bai Duan ground his teeth and nodded heavily. The heat and itch that had been pestering him during his heat had finally disappeared. Bai Duan only felt comfortable and happy in body and mind. Looking at his partner’s reluctant face, he felt even happier.

Bazel stood up from the ground with a soft click. He looked at his little lover who had the mottled trace left by himself, smiled indulgently, raised his hand and rubbed his head, “What would you like to eat? I’ll find it for you.”

Bai Duan’s eyes were bright. These days, he had been eating the nutritious and digestible food that Bazel had stored up. Although it tasted good, he had been eating it for three months repeatedly, and felt it was a little boring.

A large list of names was unceremoniously announced. Bai Duan watched his partner unfold his wings and rise from the platform of the tree house. He rolled excitedly on the bed. A moment later, he climbed to the bedside table and opened the drawer.

Sure enough, the drawer that was full of ointment before his heat only had two or three boxes left now, which clearly showed how crazy his heat was.

Fortunately, the mink doctor was very skilled. The ointment with excellent lubrication and nourishing effect, plus Bazel’s rich experience and carefulness, made sure Bai Duan did not experience pain. And because of the use of too much ointment, Bai Duan’s skin and ‘that place’ became more moist and tender — of course, he was not happy at all.

It was hard to get a good sleep in bed alone. When Bazel returned to the tree house with Bai Duan’s order, Bai Duan was already in a good mood.

He sat cross legged on the bed and watched his partner take out the food material, that was about to become a delicacy, from his shoulder pocket. Unfortunately, the excited look suddenly solidified when he saw the last thing that had been taken out.

“You… What’s this for?!” Bai Duan’s eyes widened, only to feel his voice tremble slightly.

Bazel put more than ten small boxes into the empty nightstand drawer again. He filled the drawer half full. Then he straightened up and smiled, “The previous ones were used up, so of course, we should have more. There are only so many mink doctors. I asked them to make some more for me to take later.”

Bai Duan’s face was wooden, his mouth was open, and his tone was dry and weak, “Well, we won’t need so much…?”

“Why not? I don’t think so.” Bazel pitifully looked at his silly self-deceiving little lover with a soft and doting tone, but his words were not friendly at all. “Your heat is over, but mine is not yet here. In less than a month’s time, I’ll be in heat. This time, you can’t hurt me and make me continue to bear it.”

Bai Duan, “……”

Bai Duan, “……!!!!!!!! QAQ”

Bai Duan, who had been stunned for a long time to digest this fact, almost cried. Even his favorite food could not cure his injured heart at this moment. He turned into a beast and went into the bedding. He would not cry again.

So, it was true that different races shouldn’t fall in love. Once they did, it would cause one of them to die! Not to mention that body shape and energy did not match, nor could children be born. Even with different heats, no matter how deep the feelings were, it would be over!

I’ll go into heat after you’ve finished. Then we will have been doing it for the first half of the year. Who could stand it?! At the very least, Bai Duan felt the despair of the sky.

I can’t deal with Bazel’s demands when I am in heat. Sob, when Bazel is in heat, won’t it be more terrifying? I’m going to die in bed, right?! 

——Burying himself in the quilt, Bai Duan began to seriously think about the possibility of breaking up with the other.

However, in retrospect, Bai Duan never put it into action. He just looked at the bedside table drawer every few days and replenished it. Soon, he was back to his full shape and felt that his whole heart would be broken.

——I can’t really do it. As expected, I’m still a beast? Although he wronged Bazel, but ‘love is precious, but life is higher’! Without life, how could one love?

So silently comforting himself, Bai Duan watched as Bazel’s heat grew closer and the other side became more restless, and his heart was burning with fire.

Fortunately, Bazel also knew his little lover’s uneasy mood, and tried not to stick to the other before the beginning of his heat, which finally gave Bai Duan some opportunities to relax and breathe out.

On this day, Bazel left the nest again to look for food to prepare for the coming heat. Bai Duan turned into an animal, lazily basking in the sun on the platform — probably in a few days, he would not have such a chance for leisure.

The warm sunshine made Bai Duan sleepy. However, the quiet time was quickly broken by unexpected visitors.

Bai Duan moved his ears, raised his head, looked at the dark shadow hovering above his head, which blocked his sunshine. His original relaxed and happy mood suddenly sank.

The dark shadow in the air saw that Bai Duan noticed them, and they gathered their wings to fall. However, they did not dare to set foot in Bazel’s nest, but stopped on the tree opposite the nest.

The oily female purple golden eagle squatted steadily on the branch. She looked at Bai Duan, then turned into a woman, and raised her chin to Bai Duan proudly, “Where is Bazel? Is he out?”

This female Purple Gold Eagle was the one Bai Duan had seen it before. She had accidentally entered Bazel’s territory and wanted to ask Bazel to be her mate, which made Bai Duan drink a lot of vinegar. His memory was fresh. Bai Duan remembered her name as Nina Jia.

The human Nina Jia was still wild and beautiful. She should also be on the verge of her heat as her whole body exuded the smell of female courtship, which made her more charming. The only regret was that her bare right arm was crisscrossed with terrible scars — this was what Bazel left on her the last time. Even if she recovered later, the scars could not be removed.

However, these scars didn’t seem to make Nina Jia give up her love for Bazel, and now she even ran to look for Bazel before her heat. The meaning was self-evident.

Realizing that Nina Jia didn’t want to kill him, Bai Duan didn’t bother to listen to his rival’s inquiry, turned around and buried his head under his big tail, leaving Nina Jia with a cold white butt.

Nina Jia choked at Bai Duan’s reaction, and she was not happy. As a purple golden eagle, where had she been slighted by her ‘prey’? It was a pity that she was close to her heat, but she didn’t dare to do anything to Bai Duan seriously — after all, she still clearly remembered the rage and the merciless claw of Bazel’s after her last attack on Bai Duan, and didn’t want to annoy his sweetheart again.

Of course, Nina Jia thought that Bazel was protecting Bai Duan as a pet and his belonging, but she never thought about the deeper relationship between them. Purple golden eagles had a common sense of smell. Even though she could vaguely smell Bazel from Bai Duan, she just thought it was because they were often together.

Seeing Bai Duan ignore her, Nina Jia couldn’t kill him, and couldn’t allow herself to breathe the same air as a mink, so she just threw Bai Duan aside and waited quietly for Bazel to come back. Anyway, Bazel’s nest was here, and he would come back.

As Nina Jia expected, Bazel soon flew back. After all, he didn’t want to leave Bai Duan alone for too long — even if Bai Duan didn’t want it.

There was still a distance from the nest, so Bazel’s mental power noticed that there was a strange aura beside his home. Fearing that Bai Duan would be hurt, he hastened to speed up. It wasn’t until Bazel fell on the platform, turned into a human shape, and held his little lover in the palm of his hand to check carefully to make sure that there was nothing wrong with him, that Bazel turned his one eye to Nina Jia who sat on the branch of the tree not far away.

At first, Bazel didn’t remember who the female was. When he saw the scar on her right arm, he suddenly realized. However, even after recognizing Nina Jia, Bazel’s mood was not much better, but more dissatisfied. Last time, he let Nina Jia go because of his original kindness, but this kindness was not enough to allow him to indulge Nina Jia again and again.

——If the other party continued to get in the way of him and Bai Duan, it would be easier for him to kill them.

Bazel’s heart gradually filled with murderous intentions, but on the surface, he was still cold and clear.

Nina Jia’s indifferent eyes on Bazel shook inexplicably, but the heat of her heart did not fade. She subconsciously moved her body and tried to lean over, but she had to stop under Bazel’s cold gaze, and she said, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, how are you doing?”

“Very good.” Thinking of the three months of sex not long ago, Bazel looked down at the white ball in his arms, and his eyes were soft. But when he raised his head again, he still refused to let it be seen from thousands of miles away, and said, “What’s the matter with you?”

This kind of cold attitude really hit Nina Jia — it was going to be their heat soon. Other males were enthusiastic and attentive in front of the females. Why was he still like an iceberg, without any meaning of melting?

After licking her lips, Nina Jia didn’t directly put forward her ultimate goal, but tried to use other things to detour into the relationship between them. “You’re not hurt now, why not come back? Our King is old and ready to step back and give way to younger males. I believe that if it is you, you will surely be able to achieve the throne — I have never seen a more powerful male than you!”

The leaders of the weaker tribes were generally called “clan leaders”. Only fierce beasts such as tigers, wolves and purple golden eagles were entitled to be called “kings”.

It was a pity that even if Bazel had the power, he had been ignored many times, and had no interest in becoming the king of purple golden eagles. He frowned and interrupted Nina Jia’s eager words, “I’m not going to go back to the people. I’m very satisfied with my life now. I don’t need to change it.”

Bazel’s tone was firm, without hesitation. Nina Jia was shocked for a while, and realized that the other side would not change his mind. She was upset. In her eyes, Bazel was definitely the king of the purple golden eagles. Only such a powerful and high-ranking male could be worthy of such a beautiful and strong female such as her.

It was a pity that Bazel didn’t care about the throne, and Nina Jia’s dream of being “Queen” was broken, but even so, her affection for Bazel didn’t die.

Since it was almost impossible, Nina Jia sighed and regretfully put aside the “Queen dream” for the time being. Seeing that Bazel had begun to get impatient, she had to put forward her most important purpose straightforwardly. “It’s going to be our heat soon, did you choose the right partner?”

Bazel looked at Nina Jia, his cold and hard expression was soft for a moment, and his deep black eye was also filled with a little soft light. Nina Jia was shocked by Bazel’s eyes. She just wanted to be happy and rejoice that she finally achieved her wish, but saw Bazel hold up the white mink in his arms and lower his head to kiss him tenderly. “Of course, I’ve chosen one for a long time.”

Bai Duan’s chrysanthemum tightened and went cold, “QAQ”

Nina Jia, with a stiff expression and a suspicious face, said, “What do you mean?”

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