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Chapter 2: You Are a Good Man

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

It was Gao Yang’s birthday on Friday, so he invited the dorm brothers to dinner.

Wen Yu thought it was okay so he decided to go. He went back to his apartment first, put down his schoolbag, changed his clothes, and then went to the south gate to have a few rounds with Gao Yang. Unexpectedly, there were three girls at the gate. At a glance, he saw the outstanding Ji TianTian.

“Wen Yu is here.” Gao Yang’s eyes were sharp. Seeing Wen Yu from afar, he waved. When Wen Yu walked over, Gao Yang introduced everyone, “This is Ji TianTian and her friends, Wang Jing and Xu Weiwei. I just happened to meet them so I invited them. I didn’t expect that the beauties would give me face.”

Behind him, the other two brothers made a scene. Under the dim street light, Ji TianTian’s face was slightly red as she looked up at Wen Yu.

Wen Yu had just changed into a long dark blue down jacket without buttons along with a loose white T-shirt and jeans, his curly hair making waves on his head. Standing there, he looked young and handsome and was very attractive.

Ji TianTian and her two friends couldn’t move their eyes away. They secretly said that he was handsome.

“I’ve booked a table. Let’s eat first, then sing.” Gao Yang looked at his brothers. Since the Chinese language class was going to start soon, it was natural to have more fun.

“Mn, it’s Yang-zi’s treat today. You’re welcome.”

“But it’ll be too late to come back through the entrance.” The short-haired Wang Jing hesitated.

Gao Yang reached out to stop the taxi and said, “I promised to see all the beauties arrive safely before the entrance guard gets back.”

One taxi couldn’t fit all of them. Ji TianTian, who hadn’t opened her mouth, looked at Wen Yu, who hadn’t moved, and said, “Let’s go in the same car.”

Since Ji TianTian said so, Gao Yang naturally wanted to accompany her, so the two brothers in the dormitory and Wang Jingxu left together. The second car stopped stably. Wen Yu got in the front seat quickly. Gao Yang secretly rejoiced. What a good brother! So righteous! So he sat in the back, side by side with Ji TianTian.

They were going to go eat Quanjude’s roast duck 1 and had reserved a table in advance.

When Wen Yu arrived, the first four were already seated. Gao Yang took the lead in helping Ji TianTian pull out a chair. “TianTian, you sit here.”

Wen Yu didn’t notice his behavior and sat next to the eldest brother. Ji TianTian saw it and sat next to Gao Yang silently.

All the dishes were served, and the food and drinks were scattered over the table as the group of the same age chatted quickly.

“Isn’t Wen Yu mixed?” Wang Jing wanted to ask.

Seeing Ji TianTian look up, Gao Yang saw that she, too, was curious. He said, “No, he’s a real Yuncheng 2 man. We were all curious when we first met him in freshman year. His hair naturally curls up.”

“Mn.” Wen Yu didn’t want to talk about this topic. He often guessed that his hair color was yellowish-brown and pupil color was lighter due to his incomplete body.

Ji TianTian saw Wen Yu’s indifference to the topic and didn’t ask anymore. Turning around and talking about other things, Gao Yang was interested in chasing Ji TianTian again. The atmosphere at the dinner table was not too cold.

After dinner, they went to the neighborhood KTV to sing.

Wen Yu had discussed with the eldest and the second eldest brothers before, and the three decided to pay for a cake for Gao Yang. At the door of the KTV, Wen Yu deliberately lagged behind and said, “You go up first. I’ll buy something and come up later.”

“What do you need to buy?! Fine, come back as soon as possible. I’ll send you a WeChat with the box number later.” Seeing Ji TianTian look worried, Gao Yang said, “That man is stubborn. Let’s go first…”

Wen Yu looked at his watch. It was only half-past eight. He opened his cell phone and searched for the nearest cake shop. He ordered a cake and planned to walk over to get it. When the cold wind blew at night, Wen Yu shivered, pulled the zipper all the way up to his neck, and put on his hat, not caring about his image.

Wen Yu was standing on the sidewalk and when he saw the green light, he walked forward.

He walked very fast but suddenly heard the roar of a speeding vehicle. Wen Yu, wearing a hat, turned his head and looked up. Suddenly, a sports car rushed out from the opposite side and was about to hit him directly. The dazzling light made him squint, turning his mind blank and making him unable to move.


The ground and tires made a harsh friction sound, and there was a burning smell of tires. The front of the sports car was less than half a meter away from him. The lights suddenly turned off. The instant light change made Wen Yu blink. In the blur of the lights, it looked like there was a tall man beside the sports car staring at him, but in a second, the man was gone.

“Can’t you cross the road right?” The driver of the sports car put out his head and shouted fiercely.

Wen Yu looked at the sidewalk and saw that it had been a green light for more than ten seconds. “You ran the red light.”

The driver scolded him, closed his window, and restarted the car, leaving the scene.

Wen Yu stood at the same place, his face was angry, but he was shocked when he saw a row of black fingerprints on the back of the sports car. The fingerprints were strange and made him feel cold. With the green light flashing, Wen Yu hurriedly crossed the road and went to the cake shop to pick up the cake.

Outside the KTV box, through the door, it sounded like there was a howling ghost inside.

Wen Yu went in with the cake, and Gao Yang jumped over to him when he saw it. He was moved and asked for a hug. Wen Yu pushed him away without politeness. Gao Yang pretended to be sad, and said with special attention, “You’ll change your mind, little Wen.”

The girl on the sofa covered her mouth and laughed as she saw Gao Yang playing around.

“Come on, this cake is from the three of us.” Wen Yu said with a smile. Gao Yang went to play again and held up a glass of wine, saying, “Good brothers, let’s have a drink, long live our friendship.”

Wen Yu smiled and held up his glass for the two drinks to clack.

After sharing the cake, Gao Yang howled like a coyote. Wen Yu was hurt by the noise and got up to go to the bathroom. Soon Ji TianTian followed him out with her purse.

As soon as he came out of the bathroom, he saw Ji TianTian standing beside the flower pot in the corridor. “What’s the matter?”

Ji TianTian shook her head and said with a smile, “It’s too stuffy inside. I needed to come out and breathe.”

“Oh.” Wen Yu nodded and raised his feet to walk past.

“Wen Yu

“?” Wen Yu turned to look at Ji TianTian. Ji TianTian took two steps forward. When she stood in front of Wen Yu, she clenched the strap of her purse and asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Even though Wen Yu was a little slow, he could still react. He looked at Ji TianTian and didn’t know how to speak for a while. His body was not made to fall in love and get married, so he said decisively, “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Ji TianTian took a breath of relief first and wanted to continue. But Wen Yu continued, “I have no intention of falling in love at present.”

“When then” Ji TianTian was a little anxious, but when she said it, she thought it would be too shameful to ask again, so she pretended to be calm and said, “I have no other meaning, just chatting.”

Wen Yu also knew to save face for the girl, smiled and didn’t say anything more.

They returned to the room one before and one after. Before long, Wang Jing suggested that it was almost time for the guard to be at the gate. Gao Yang still wanted to play, but Wen Yu didn’t. He said, “It’s too late. I’m going to go back.”

He went directly back to his apartment. The cold outside faded and the interior was warm and comfortable. Wen Yu took off his down jacket, sat on the sofa, and lost his mind. The little curly hair on his head exploded.

“I’d love to be in love, too. But I can’t. My body

Wen Yu fell down on the sofa frowning. Where he could not see, the tall and cold man was looking at him, listening to his words, and his cold eyes were thoughtful.

The physical defects often made Wen Yu depressed and resentful, but it wasn’t long before he was able to comfort himself.

It was dark and suitable for sleeping in on a Saturday. The curtains were drawn, making the room dark and dim. When Wen Yu woke up, it was half-past one in the afternoon. He saw the time and was startled before he jumped out of bed to wash quickly.

He had two tutoring jobs in the afternoon.

After some cleaning, Wen Yu got on the bus with his school bag. Before he arrived at his student’s home, he had time to settle his lunch along the way.

The student he was tutoring was a junior high school boy. There were two subjects he needed help with, chemistry and mathematics. The boy was a little slow. Every time he finished a question, he often forgot how to do the same type of question later. The boy was confused again. The book was almost scratched to shreds. He scratched his ears and looked at Wen Yu.

Wen Yu looked worried and said the solution again with patience, but the efficiency was too slow.

It took until five-thirty pm to finish the questions and the boy’s mother was embarrassed but offered a smile and asked Wen Yu to stay for a meal. Wen Yu refused. It was already six o’clock when he left the house.

It was raining outside and was dark.

The environment of the community was good, the trees were full and the landscaping was very good, but it was a little far from the gate of the community. Wen Yu was too lazy to go upstairs to borrow an umbrella. The mother was so enthusiastic that he didn’t want to deal with her. He ran out with his school bag over his head.

In order to get out quickly, Wen Yu’s shortcut was to go along a stone road. There was no one on the road and he could run fast in the pouring rain. So when he saw the figure in front of him, it was too late to stop.

His feet slipped, his body tilted, and his schoolbag was thrown away in an arc.

“Ah.” Wen Yu called out, and he was about to fall to the ground. Suddenly, there was an arm around his waist that tightened. In his ear was a cold male voice, “Stand up.”

Wen Yu reflected that he had grabbed the sleeve of others at random and quickly stood to look up. The other side was holding a long-handled black umbrella. He could not see his appearance clearly in the covered light, so he could only say that he was very tall, at least 1.9 meters. 3

“Thank you. I’m sorry.” Wen Yu apologized. Seeing that his school bag was still in the rain, he straightened out his legs to go pick it up. Unexpectedly, the man behind him held the umbrella for him. His heart was warm. There were still many good people in the world.

Picking up the bag, Wen Yu thanked the man again. This time, he could see the man’s appearance beneath the street lamp, which was surprising. The man’s appearance did not make him look like he was a person who was eager to help. His aura was very cold, he also looked harsh, and his lips were very dignified.

Wen Yu was a little afraid of the man and felt the drumming of his heart. “Thank you.” He thanked him again and was ready to leave.

The man was holding an umbrella, his tone was decisive and he directly ordered, “I’ll send you out.”

There was no room for negotiation at all.

Wen Yu wanted to say that it was too much trouble, but the man’s gaze shut him up. Wen Yu smiled twice as big and muttered, “You are a good man.”

“Good?” The man repeated it and suddenly laughed.

But the laughter was frightening.

Wen Yu was a little terrified and wanted to run.


The author has something to say:

The seme will give curly hair a lot of love.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Quanjude is a Chinese restaurant known for its Peking roast duck and its longstanding culinary heritage since its establishment in 1864 in Beijing, China.
  2. Yuncheng District is a district of the city of Yunfu, Guangdong Province, China.
  3. 1.9 meters = 6’2”


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May 21, 2020 8:39 pm

The seme has show up! Can’t wait for their interaction more. 😁

May 21, 2020 8:39 pm

It’s natural for Wen Yu to want to fall in love. It seems the mysterious man is willing to make his wishes come true.

Thanks for the chapter!

May 21, 2020 10:17 pm

Gao Yang likes the girl TianTian, but Tian Tian likes Wen Yu, and Wen Yu, although he would like to be in love, thinks he can’t because of his body. I hope this triangle won’t cause Gao Yang to hate the little curly cutie.
So our mysterious invisible man actually has a body. Tall and with frightening aura, hmmmm. First impression with mixed feelings, but I’ll wait for the love promissed by the author.
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I don’t know about y’all but if I met a strange man in a dark rain area and he laughed after I said he was nice, I’d run. Hell I would have sped walked the moment I saw him. If this ML he’s a bit creepy

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