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Chapter 3: An Uncle Out of Nowhere

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Under the umbrella, the two people stood side by side. The rain gradually increased as they took a few steps, except that the rain was really quiet. It was a bit awkward. Wen Yu smiled and began to introduce himself, “My name is Wen Yu.”

The man hummed but did not speak.

The topic ended again, and Wen Yu didn’t want to find any other topic. He thought that this gentleman should be cold and warm-hearted, and he didn’t like talking. He just shut up. Fortunately, he arrived at the gate of the community within two minutes.

“Thank you for sending me. I’ll go first.”

The man held the umbrella and walked Wen Yu to a taxi. Wen Yu sat in the car and breathed a sigh of relief. The other side was too aggressive. If he stayed with him again, he felt like he would suffocate. He gave his address to the driver and watched the man close his umbrella and hand it to him.

“Hold on to it. It’s raining hard.” Before Wen Yu finished speaking, there was a black umbrella at his feet. The door closed. He peeped out through the glass. In the rainy night, there was only the back of the fuzzy man and soon it too disappeared.

Wen Yu stared at the black umbrella under his feet, heart warm, and said in a low voice, “He’s really a nice guy.”

It was already eight o’clock when he got back to his apartment. He had been in a traffic jam for over half an hour on this rainy day. When he got back home, he was hungry. Wen Yu grabbed the umbrella handle in his hand and put it away. Thinking of the cold and serious man, his lips bent upwards.

In fact, the man was not very scary.

It was raining heavily outside, and Wen Yu didn’t bother to order takeout. He cooked a pot of noodles himself. Any eggs and ham he had left in the refrigerator were thrown in and it ended up being a big pot. After eating it, he burped. Sitting on the sofa lazily, he turned over his book and fell asleep.

A man suddenly appeared beside the empty sofa, tall and cold. If Wen Yu opened his eyes, he would find that this was the same man who had just sent him his umbrella. But now Wen Yu was sleeping soundly, and his curly hair was rubbing against the couch.

When the man saw him, he sat at the end of the sofa. He saw the blanket on the ground, reached for it, covered Wen Yu, and watched him sleep. The figure of the man faded slowly as if he had never appeared before.

Wen Yu rolled off the sofa and sat on the ground, kneaded his neck, and went to the bedroom in slippers. He fell asleep wrapped in a quilt on the bed.

The next day, Wen Yu woke up with a dry throat, filled two glasses of water, and when he was brushing his teeth, he still felt sick and vomited. He didn’t have much appetite at noon and ordered a vegetable congee and small soup buns. 1 His head was also dizzy and hurt even after he had had a nap. He couldn’t carry on. Wen Yu, wrapped in a down jacket, was going to go downstairs to buy some cold medicine. When he went out, he saw the black umbrella by the door.

“I don’t know if that gentleman lives in that neighborhood.”

But even if he did live there, he probably wouldn’t have a chance to meet him again.

He came back to take the cold medicine, slept all afternoon, and got up feeling a little better in the evening, but was lazy and had no appetite. After drinking two glasses of water, he fell asleep again.

Monday morning, he had classes. Wen Yu struggled to get out of his quilt. After washing up, it took a lot of energy to go out in the cold wind.

This was a small class. The eldest and the second brothers were sitting in the front. He and Gao Yang were in the back row. He took out his textbooks and sneezed twice. Gao Yang took a tissue and handed it to Wen Yu. “You have a cold?”

“A little. I took some medicine.” Wen Yu’s nose was a little blocked and his speech was soft.

Gao Yang took out another piece of tissue and stuffed it into his hand. “If you don’t feel well, go to the hospital. You’re not a child and shouldn’t be afraid to go to the hospital.” After that, he grabbed Wen Yu’s arm. “Tell me honestly, do you like Ji TianTian?”

“I don’t like her.” We Yu affirmed.

“I know that Ji Tiantian is a little interested in you, but if you are not interested in her, I will chase her.”

Wen Yu had a headache and was not interested in this topic. After a morning’s class, he developed a sore throat. After class, he packed up his schoolbag and said to Gao Yang dryly, “I don’t think I can go to class in the afternoon, help me deal with it.”

The afternoon lesson was easy to deal with.

Gao Yang said, “Do you want me to accompany you to the hospital?”

“I’ll go myself.” Wen Yu went out with his school bag on his back. He went to the office of the school doctor who told him he had a cold and a fever. After getting an IV, he was even more tired. His stomach was empty, but he had no appetite. He just wanted to go home and fall asleep in bed.

As he walked back, he spotted a familiar back in the crowd.

The main road of the school was full of students, but the man was really eye-catching. Many passers-by surreptitiously looked at his stature and appearance, but no one dared to approach.

“Sir—” Wen Yu panted in front of the man. His cheeks were red and hot. His eyes were bright. “You helped me with your umbrella on Saturday evening.”

“Yes.” The man’s voice was cold and concise. He looked down at Wen Yu, which meant something.

After the other party left the umbrella to him, and he was caught in the rain, Wen Yu didn’t think the man was terrible now, so he smiled and said, “Your umbrella is still in my house. If you don’t mind, can you leave your contact information? I took the umbrella and need to give it back to you.”

“No need.” The man said in a cold voice.

Wen Yu was disappointed until he heard the man continue to say, “Lead the way.”

Wen Yu had a question mark on his head. He didn’t understand what the other side meant. Then he heard the man say, “I’ll get it myself.”

He didn’t know if it was a delusion, but Wen Yu felt that the man’s cold aura had faded.

Maybe it was because it had been raining that night and was dark, the other side seemed tall and majestic. Wen Yu unconsciously thought of many ‘horror’ stories. Now in the daytime, he looked like a man with a handsome appearance and special temperament. He didn’t look like a villain.

“Okay, if it’s convenient for you, I’d like to invite you to dinner.” Wen Yu’s voice was vague, and he couldn’t help sneezing two more times.

The man’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly. “Cold?”

Wen Yu took a long time to remember that he was asking if he had a cold. He nodded, “The temperature has changed a lot recently. My immunity is not very good. It’s easy to catch a cold when it changes.” Even if he paid attention to wearing more clothes, it would be the same, but before he could take some medicine he had fallen asleep without the cover from the quilt. He didn’t know how long the cold would last this time.

When the two arrived at his apartment, Wen Yu opened the door. The last two days he had been in a cold-induced coma. He was too lazy to clean up the house. The blankets on the sofa were hanging everywhere. The dishes and chopsticks on the tea table were still placed haphazardly. The bedroom door was not closed. It was a mess.

Wen Yu was suddenly embarrassed. The man was dressed properly and neatly, without any wrinkles. He was obviously a person with a high quality of life.

He hurriedly picked things up and said, “Usually it’s not so messy.” Then began to busily pour water for the man.

The man took Wen Yu’s arm and decided, “No, you sit down and rest.”

Wen Yu found that the man was really domineering, but not offensive. When he was pressed on the sofa, he saw that the man’s vision suddenly swept over him, his scalp was numb, and he said nervously, “I’m sitting down.”

“Mn.” The man smiled and fixed his eyes on Wen Yu’s stomach. “You are hungry,” he said.

After that, Wen Yu’s belly cried out. The sound was very low and Wen Yu was embarrassed. This man could hear it, his ears were very good. “I’m a little hungry. Just in time, since I invited you to dinner.”

The man nodded his head. Wen Yu put down his school bag and went out with the man.

There were many small restaurants near the school. It was cheap and delicious, but the environment was not so good. Wen Yu looked at the clean and spotless leather shoes of the man and suspected that the man may be cleaner than him. Finally, they went a little further. The restaurant was clean, hygienic and delicious, but it was a little expensive. Usually, the four people in their dormitory came to have one dinner here together. But most of the time Wen Yu would eat his own meal in a small restaurant, or the next one.

At this time, it was only four o’clock and there were few people in the restaurant. The waiter came out to receive him and was shocked to see the man. The owner’s wife, who was at the drinks counter, went up to greet him personally.

Wen Yu spit his tongue out, and after waiting for his seat, he whispered to the man and laughed, “You are too imposing, and they do not know if you are coming to make complaints about them.”

“Am I?” The man took a sip of tea, put down his cup, looked at Wen Yu, and said, “Zhao Zheng.”


Wen Yu quickly responded, smiling happily and introducing his name again, “I thought you didn’t want to tell me.” He didn’t notice that the address changed from you to you. 2

Zhao Zheng didn’t speak, but his aura was much gentler.

When the dishes arrived, Wen Yu ate and found that the meal with Zhao Zheng was really pleasant. He was not slow but seemed very polite. He had a big appetite and Zhao Zheng offered him his soup as well.

“This ham soup is good.”

Zhao Zheng took a drink with a bowl and nodded his head. “It’s good.”

Wen Yu succeeded, smiled, and said, “I always drink this when I come here. This ham is made by the owner himself. It’s very strong.”

After chatting, Wen Yu found that Zhao Zheng was not very cold. If he said something, the other would answer, that is, he didn’t say much, but he was concise and comprehensive. The atmosphere at the dining table was better than the rainy day.

After eating, Wen Yu was going to pay the bill. The owner’s mother told him that Zhao Zheng had already paid for it.

“When did you pay it?” Wen Yu was surprised.

Zhao Zheng felt pleased when he saw Wen Yu’s wide eyes. He couldn’t help but reach out and touch Wen Yu’s head. 

“Please come back again!”

The first time he was touched by a man’s hand, Wen Yu felt a little strange. He looked at Zhao Zheng, and the other side had already taken away his hand. His eyes were wide open as he thought about it.

“Then I’ll treat you next time.”

After dinner, Zhao Zheng answered the phone and left for a temporary job. When Wen Yu got home, he saw the black umbrella and realized he forgot to ask Zhao Zheng for his contact information and return the umbrella.

I happened to meet you this time. I don’t know when I’ll meet you next time.

Wen Yu was a little distracted by the black umbrella.


Around noon the next day, he went to the place where he met Zhao Zheng yesterday, but naturally, he didn’t meet him. When his cell phone rang, Wen Yu saw that it was his mother. Since he couldn’t see Zhao Zheng for the moment, he answered the phone first.

The two exchanged greetings over the phone.

“Yesterday, I was contacted by a relative. According to the relationship, you need to call him uncle. If you don’t have class, stop by.”

“Mom, I don’t know him. Besides, who is this uncle who has such a long relationship ” Wen Yu was really not sociable and wanted to put it off.

“It’s just a matter of etiquette. People know that you are studying in Beijing, and they warmly invited you to come over in the past…”

Wen Yu couldn’t do anything, he could only promise his mother.

His cell phone received a text message, and his mother sent an address and also told him not to be lazy and that he must go.

This uncle came out of nowhere!

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Translator Notes:

  1. Congee and Xiaolongbao
  2. 您 (nín) the courteous was to say you as opposed to the informal version, (你 ni)


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May 23, 2020 1:42 pm

The last phrase sums it up nicely – this stranger literally appears out of thin air. I wonder what sort of connection Wen Yu has with that man.
Thank you for the chapter ❤

May 23, 2020 6:59 pm

Zhao Zheng is the uncle, I bet. Buuuuut then he’s not a ghost. Or can he manipulate others’ minds? Hmmm, let’s see.

Thanks for the chapter!

May 23, 2020 11:30 pm

I like this sense of mystery. Zhao Zheng is slowly approaching Wen Yu, the purpose still unknown. He is the uncle, that is for sure. I can’t stop wondering how Zhao Zheng is able to appear in a place out of nowhere or turn invisible.

Thank you for the chapter!!! <3

May 24, 2020 1:10 pm

Yeah, Zhao Zheng is definitely the uncle. He loves Wen Yu so much his soul can travel to see him. I’ve read it in a yaoi manga before, but forget the title. The manga is very hot! 😊

May 30, 2020 7:53 am

Quite interesting enjoying already. Thank you for the chapter 🥰

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Thank you for the update
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I’m here after GDC, and I was honestly afraid nothing could live up to GDC. But this story has sucked me in!

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