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Chapter 8: Friends with Benefits

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

The last class on Wednesday morning is PE. The physical education of senior year was just for show, so they were dissolved after warm-up exercise.  

“Are you going to play basketball?” Shen Yu and some boys came over with a basketball in their arms.  

Hu Yu shook the mobile phone in his hand, and his eyes were a little dodgy, “No, I’m a little sleepy. I’ll find a place to sleep.”  

“Okay.” Shen Yu was eager to play basketball, so he didn’t notice the unnatural look on Hu Yu’s face. “Let’s go.”  

When Hu Yu saw that the man had gone far away, he sneaked back to the teaching building. His face turned red, and his forehead was covered with sweat. Now everyone is in class, so the whole building is very quiet. There is only one class on the first floor, so there are only a few people around the classroom.  

Hu Yu went down to the ground floor and into the men’s room. As soon as the bell rang, Hu Yu noticed his rise in temperature, so he immediately sent a message to Fu Anli. He was told to go to the men’s room on the ground floor. However,a roll call was held after each PE class, so Hu Yu had to stay for a while and didn’t go to Fu Anli until he was out of class.  

As soon as he entered the toilet, Hu Yu was dragged into the cubicle and pressed against the door panel. Hu Yu’s body trembled slightly, and the words he said could not help feeling a little sweet and greasy, “It won’t matter if you skip class this time?” 

Fu Anli licked his lips and bit Hu Yu on the back of his neck, “It’s English class, so it’s okay.”  

“Mn…” After being bitten, Hu Yu’s ears and tail came out in an instant.  

Looking at the pair of fluffy ears shaking in front of his eyes, Fu Anli felt himself go hard. He reached out to his tail, which was trapped in his pants, and pulled it out. It felt smooth and fluffy.  

“Mmm… Gently…” Hu Yu felt as if there was an electric current running from the tip of his tail to his brain.  

“Do you like it when I touch your tail?”  

Hu Yu blushed, “I like it.”  

The corner of Fu Anli’s mouth rose a little, “Is it nice to be touched by me?”  

Now that the strength was just right. Hu Yu was so comfortable that his brain went blank, “Mmm… Good.”  

“Only I can touch it in the future?” Fu Anli lowered his voice, and his usually cold tone seemed to be bewitching.  

Hu Yu turned his head and rubbed his nose against Fu Anli’s neck, “Mmm…”  

Fu Anli squeezed the fluffy tail under the pressure of his heart. During the heat phase, the tail was particularly sensitive, and Hu Yu almost came by the unexpected stimulus.  

“You…” Hu Yu collapsed in the arms of the man behind him, his heart beating fast.  

Fu Anli holds the man and takes off his  pants, including the underwear. After all, he still has to wear them later and they can’t get dirty. Exposed to the cold air, Hu Yu’s skin trembled slightly, and his penis had been raised for so long ago stimulated so much that  it was already emitting pre-cum.  

Fu Anli presses Hu Yu’s upper body against the door panel, his buttocks raised, and his back forming a beautiful curve. He takes out his pained penis and pushes it against the soft buttocks. He bends down and moves slowly.  

The back hole spits out liquid, which makes the buttocks wet. Fu Anli reached out and held Hu Yu’s penis, soon his hands were full of pre-cum.  

“Mn…” Hu Yu was so hot.

Fu Anli chuckled, “I haven’t put it in yet.”  

Hearing the words, Hu Yu’s face turned red again. The soft and slippery buttock ate the whole cock. Fu Anli’s eyes were red. He thought that the big butt was like a peach, and that the meat was fresh. He wanted to take a bite.  

Fu Anli’s hands and lower body movements become faster, and before long, they both ejaculated one after another. Fu Anli’s cum was sprayed all over Hu Yu’s round buttocks and dripped down to his groin. Fu Anli reached out and wiped his semen all over Hu Yu’s buttocks, as if marking them as his own.  

Hu Yu was panting against the chilly door, his tail resting on Fu Anli’s shoulder and rubbing back and forth, “Come in quickly.”  

Fu Anli squeezed his still soft penis into Hu Yu’s buttocks. As soon as he aimed his glans at the mouth, which was spitting obscene liquid, the whole tip was eaten.  

“Ah!” Hu Yu called out. The mouth of the cave was opened by the large glans, and even the small folds were flattened. The head went in and out with bad intentions, and the pink tender meat around the hole was grounded bright red, however, the whole piece was not allowed to go in.  

“You… Don’t play…” Hu Yu’s eyes were red, and he turned to look at him with tears. The emptiness and itching in the back acupoint made Hu Yu feel anxious and aggrieved.  

“Call me.” Fu Anli remembers that when he did this last time, the fox didn’t call out to him once, and Fu Anli felt a little uncomfortable.  

Hu Yu looked up, wronged and confused, “Fu Anli.”  

Fu Anli narrowed his eyes, and a small black feeling crept out of his heart, “No.”

The head of his penis was still shallowly aimed in the mouth of the cave, blocking the obscene liquid trying to flow out. Fu Anli felt that his penis head was soaking in a hot spring, and he would like to stick it to the base.  

“What should I be called?” Fu Anli tapped Hu Yu’s shaky hip, trying to control his breathing.  

Hu Yu twisted his buttocks and tried to move the thick cock, but was stopped by Fu Anli, who read his mind.  

“I don’t know… What do you want me to call you?” Hu Yu’s tears fell. Why didn’t he notice that Fu Anli was so bad before? Or did he just want to humiliate him and watch him make a fool of himself?  

Fu Anli licked his lips, his throat moved up and down and his voice was hoarse, “Call me husband.”  

Hu Yu suddenly opened his eyes with embarrassment, “No! I don’t want to… call…”  

Fu Anli’s face sank, “If you don’t call me this, you won’t be fucked.”  

Hearing this, Hu Yu was both aggrieved and angry. The rebellious psychology of a young man was born, “You don’t like me. Why should I call you husband…”  

Hu Yu burst into tears and picked his pants up to put them on. But he cried so much that his hands shook and could not put his legs in.  

Fu Anli was also angry and threw Hu Yu’s pants aside, “You’re still in heat. Where do you want to go?”  

Hu Yu wiped his face and said in a trembling voice, “I don’t believe it’ll be too hard to find someone else to fuck.”  

After hearing him say he wanted to find someone else, Fu Anli felt a string in his head snap. He spreads apart Hu Yu’s buttocks and thrusts in.  

“Look for someone else? Look for whom?” Fu Anli’s voice was very calm, with a faint chill. “Look for your deskmate? Can he satisfy you?”  

Hu Yu’s animal instincts gave him a sense of danger, so even though his back acupoint was in pain, he did not make any sounds and only occasionally let out a nasally grunt.  

Fu Anli held Hu Yu’s wasit and continued thrusting in, quickly filling his hole. Every thrust would bump  into Hu Yu’s sensitive spot, making him shake his body. The soft flesh in the hole involuntarily entangled around his cock.

“Can he find this spot? Will you feel good? Listen, that’s the sound of your asshole, and my big cock can’t block it. Where do you want to go? Go out and let everyone see you like this? Or do you want all the boys in the school to fuck you? Why are you so promiscuous? You are not a fox demon, but a coquettish fox spirit.”  

Hu Yu listened to Fu Anli’s foul language and felt the insertion of the object in his hole. His body was very warm, but his heart felt  cold.  

Hu Yu bit his lips and didn’t want to scream, but his tears wouldn’t stop.  

The flesh of his hole was bright red from being fucked thoroughly. The pleasure from the friction of the thick cock quickly thrusting back and forth caused water to leak from the hole onto the floor tiles, , forming a pool of transparent liquid. Fu Anli’s balls hit Hu Yu’s buttocks, making a slapping sound which reverberated in the small area of ​​the men’s toilet.  

“You… You slow down…” Hu Yu finally couldn’t help but call out, and then he couldn’t help crying, “Wuwu… Wuwu…”  

Fu Anli was so upset by the cry that he couldn’t help but hold Hu Yu’s nipple and knead it with increased strength.  

Hu Yu was in pain, crying even more.  

“Why are you crying?” After that burst of anger had passed, Fu Anli began to feel heartache, “Don’t cry.”  

Hu Yu ignored him and sobbed. Fu Anli simply moved his head and kissed him. The moment his lips touched Hu Yu’s, he stopped crying. Hu Yu could only watch in surprise and stupor as Fu Anli’s handsome face enlarged in his vision.

“You…” Hu Yu looked at him stupidly, “why do you want to kiss me?”  

Fu Anli looked away from Hu Yu’s gaze and turned a little red. “You’re too noisy.”  

Hu Yu looked at him for a moment, and his white ears trembled, “Oh.”  

Fu Anli, somewhat sheepishly, adds to the force of the lower body impact, quickly diverting Hu Yu’s attention, leaving him with only a few broken groans.  

“Mm-hmm… ah… It’s so good… Quick… Ah…” Hu Yu’s lower body spits out white turbidity intermittently, splashing on the bright and clean door panel.  

Fu Anli was breathing heavily, he focused on speeding up his movements of pulling and inserting, and soon came into Hu Yu’s body.  

Hu Yu trembled, “You came inside…”  

Fu Anli’s hot breath fell onto Hu Yu’s ear, “Clamp your butt, don’t let it flow out. Give your husband a fox baby.”  

Hu Yu trembled with shame and retorted that he was a male fox and could not bear a baby. However, his buttocks were conditionally clamped to prevent a drop of semen from flowing out. Fu Anli looked at his present appearance. His bad mood when he refused to call him ‘husband’ had been swept away and his eyes softened.  

After a while, the heat continued. Hu Yu took the initiative to turn around and rub against Fu Anli. The two penises were stuck together and rubbed against each other. Hu Yu experienced another kind of pleasure.  

“Little coquettish fox…” Fu Anli let him rub around his body, with both hands touching Hu Yu’s back and pinching his fleshy buttocks.  

At this time, the bell rang, and soon someone came into the toilet. They were in the nearest compartment to the door, and everyone who came into the bathroom passed them.  

Hu Yu held his mouth tightly to stop himself from making  a strange noise for fear that others might hear.  

Seeing his cautious appearance, Fu Anli’s dark side came out again.  

He kept rubbing the two fat and tender buttocks with two hands, and scratched the fleshy cheeks until it was deformed. A pair of red fingerprints were left on his white and tender skin. With all this scratching and rubbing, the back acupoint also made a squelching sound.  

Hu Yu looked up into Fu Anli’s dark eyes and shook his head pleadingly. Fu Anli had a cruel smile at the corner of his mouth, and his two fingers stuck into the cave, making a sound.  

“Mn…” Hu Yu’s legs softened and he fell into Fu Anli’s arms.  

“Huh? Did you hear something?” a boy came to the door where Hu Yu was.  

Hu Yu suddenly became nervous, and the flesh wall in the back hole tightly twisted around Fu Anli’s fingers, Fu Anli  imagined that if his cock was inserted in it, his hips would be stiff and painful.  

“What’s the noise? Is someone peeing?” Another boy asked

“Maybe I heard it wrong,” the boy hesitated.  

“Are you confused by the math problems? You’ve thought of too many things.”  

“Go away, mathematics abuses me a thousand times, I treat mathematics like a first love!”  

 “… what a wonderful child, but a fool.”  

The sound of the conversation between the two boys faded  farther and farther away. Hu Yu was relieved and his back acupoint also relaxed.  

Fu Anli nibbled Hu Yu’s earlobe, “Hold on. Don’t make any noise. I’m going to come in.”  

Hu Yu couldn’t help biting Fu Anli’s shoulder, and his mouth filled with the taste of blood.  

Fu Anli snorted, thinking that he really was like a wild animal. It hurts to be bitten.

“I’m going to move.”  

With that, Fu Anli pushed it in. Hu Yu’s hands were hanging on his shoulders, his back against the door, and his body bumped up and down with each thrust.  

“Mn… I can’t hold it in…” Hu Yu whispered, clenching his teeth.  

“No, there’s someone out there,” Fu Anli said, taking off his tie from his school uniform and tucking it into Hu Yu’s mouth  

“Mnnn-” Hu Yu grunted intermittently, his shirt half off and hanging on his body, showing an obscene posture.  

Fu Anli buries his head in Hu Yu’s chest and eats the two swollen, crimson nipples, sucking and biting as if he was tasting the most delicious thing in the world Hu Yu’s eyes swelled with tears, making him turn into a vulnerable beast.  

Fu Anli continued to fuck the small hole with his crotch until it was warm. This exercise lasted for more than two hours. They missed lunch and lunch break, and returned to their respective classrooms before the first class in the afternoon.  

“What the fuck! What are you… You’re hot again?” Shen Yu saw Hu Yu’s ravaged appearance. “Where did you go to sleep in PE class? You didn’t eat lunch, and didn’t go back to the bedroom at noon…”  

Hu Yu was so ashamed that he only showed his red ears on his desk.  

“Hey, man, how’s Fu Anli’s weapon?” Shen Yu asked in a low voice.  

“Shut up.” Hu Yu wanted to cry. Fu Anli shot a lot of semen in his body and he had no time to clean it up. In the end, he blocked the hole with his underpants… He still had the semen inside of him whilst in class, in class!  

Seeing his appearance, Shen Yu already knew the answer, so he didn’t tease him, “Okay, Okay, you forget your friends when you see that guy, I was the one who encouraged you to go after him in the beginning, but now that you have him, you discard the matchmaker…”  

“Why do you think I have him? He doesn’t like me…” Hu Yu murmured in a low voice.  

Shen Yu was surprised, “What’s the relationship between you now?”  

In Hu Yu’s heart, he knows-friends with benefits. 

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