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Chapter 8: S and T

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


“This handsome adventurer, welcome to my place of rest.” There were layers of purple gauze in the tent, and a red haired woman sat at a low table dressed like a vagrant witch.

“Well, my companion and I were separated.” The White Dragon Snow Moxibustion was now a young half-elf. He walked in carefully and did not touch any of the tent’s furnishings. This is what Ren Yun once taught him repeatedly, because he was not used to moving in a narrow place after being shaped, so he always easily knocked the interior decorations.

Ren Yun and Xue Qiu had just arrived in a big and prosperous city. Ren Yun went to the temple to meet an old friend. His name is Xue Qi. He told Xue Qiu that he can stay in the hostel or move in the street in front of the hotel. As a result, Xue Qiu went further and further. When he wanted to go back, he went in the wrong direction. After several rounds in the city, he couldn’t find his original position.

He thought that if he could become a dragon, he would find the hostel quicker from the air, but he could not help doing so.

He inadvertently walked into a market, the tent with the sweet smell attracted him involuntarily.

The vagrant witch said she was willing to help Xue Qiu find the way, but Xue Qiu couldn’t remember the name of the hotel. When the witch asked him about the characteristics of his “companion”, Xue Qiu said, “He is very handsome, beautiful and brave. His hair is particularly beautiful, his eyes are charming, his body is cool and his scales are also.. no! He has no scales…”

The witch kept her mysterious smile, but her eyes twitched when she heard it. “Is he a half-elf, too?” She asked.

“No, he looks like an elf.” Xue Qiu said.

“Are you all new adventurers here? What color is his hair and eyes?”

“Yes. His hair is silver, which glows warm in the sun. His eyes are golden brown, he is tall and his skin is very white.”

The witch nodded: “It sounds like a Tree Sea elf. Elves are very rare in this city, let alone a Tree Sea elf. I have to remind you that some mercenaries and thieves are very unfriendly to elves. Your companion is in danger by himself. In fact, you are the same… “

When she said this, Xue Qiu chuckled: “Ha, stupid human…”

“…… What? “

“No, it’s nothing. I mean the bad guys are stupid.”

The witch then said, “I’m not trying to scare you. It’s true. Those people may not dare to move the elf nobles who look gorgeous and have a group of followers, but they are more interested in the elf dressed by tourists. Frivolous… “

She felt that the half-elf in front of her was not very old, and she didn’t know whether to say it so directly. But she turned to think about it. It seemed that some teenagers were actually over 20 years old, so she said directly: “Some people often harass elves who walk alone, they may even be brutalized. “

“Ha ha ha…” Xue Qiu didn’t really understand the last sentence. What he understood was violence, “Don’t worry, ma’am. My companion is very good. He could have beaten me, a few humans- no, a few thieves, what is it to him? “

Xue Qiu didn’t realize that his current image of a slender teenager had no reference value in terms of “he can beat me.”.

The witch looked at him puzzled and finally asked, “Young man, what should I call you? And what’s the name of your companion

“I am Snow Moxibustion. His name is Ren Yun. ” Xue Qiu replied uncertainly. Ren Yun told him he couldn’t reveal his real identity, just his name should be OK.

“With all due respect, I am an experienced wizard, and I can see that you are not half-elf.”

“I should be a half-elf.” Xue Qiu said with a serious tilt of his head.

“Are you a freak?”

“I am not! How could I be such a disgusting thing? “

“And what are you?”

“It’s a secret.”

The witch was about to ask again when the thick curtain of the tent was suddenly lifted. Ren Yun crept in and hurried behind Xue Qiu.

“How did you find it this far?”

Seeing Ren Yun, Xue Qiu was happy and a little surprised. Ren Yun’s hair was slightly disordered. The leather rope used to tie his hair was torn off, and the hood of his cloak was torn off too.

The witch stared at Ren Yun, who just nodded politely to her and continued to ask Xue Qiu, “Are you in no trouble?”

“No, I just can’t find my way back,” Xue Qiu said. “Ren Yun, how did you find me?”

“Just asked someone else on the way. You are very conspicuous. What are you doing here? ” When asked, Ren Yun looked at the witch again.

With a confident smile, Xue Qiu replied, “I just talked to this lady for a while. Don’t worry, I didn’t reveal our secret.”

Ren Yun kneaded his brow in pain and told Xue Qiu to wait outside the tent for a while. He stood still and did not walk around.

After Xue Qiu went out, the witch finally let go of her hand, which had been covering her mouth. She had just laughed and trembled.

“The silver dragon Shervas Jolin Yalifeld Lesville,” she said in Elven, raising her eyebrows. “I didn’t expect it to be you. I thought you were someone else… “

“Red Dragon, Charlotte Talaham Rasangli Fleetter,” Ren Yun also replied in Elven, “how did you come here? Didn’t you settle down in a mountain on the edge of a plain? “

“It was getting boring for me,” the red haired witch held her chin and looked up and down at Ren Yun. “Ha, Ren Yun, is this your secular name? You look a little embarrassed. Who did you meet just now? You look like you’re the favorite type of gangster in the city. How many people were there just now? It seems that there should be a large number of people. How many did you knock out? “

Ren Yun doesn’t like being called his secular name by a red dragon. He didn’t know why. It was probably the instinct of the silver dragon. “Then I’ll call you Ms. Liguang. It was a little bit of an episode. The details have nothing to do with you. By the way, you broke up with Mr. Smelting? “

The witch incarnated by the red dragon waved: “Forget it, you dragon really can’t chat. The silver dragon is much smaller than you. “

“He’s a white dragon…”

“What? Well, no wonder he’s stupid. “

“Only I can say he is stupid. What’s more, the advantages of your red dragon are strength and physique, not wisdom. “

“Damn it!” The witch glared at him, “If I didn’t want to spend more years in this city, I would have beaten you up now! Is there a red dragon with a better temper than me? Go away!”

After walking out of the tent, Ren Yun saw Xue Qiu standing on the side obediently, making a bodyguard-like posture, holding his head and arms high, staring at the furtive figures in the distance of the city center. Ren Yun saw a few that he had just beaten up.

“Ren Yun, you see,” Xue Qiu said solemnly, “those people are suspicious. I suspect they want to rape us.”

“…… Who told you that? “

“The lady just now.”

Ren Yun touched Xue Qiu’s hair helplessly: “Sometimes, I really don’t want you to talk to others.”

“Why?” Xue Qiu tilted his head. “I really didn’t reveal any of our secrets!”

“The more you say, the more wrong, but that’s not the main thing. I told you to stay on that street just now. Why did you go so far? “

Xue Qiu lowered his head and pouted his lips to peep at Ren Yun.

Ren Yun put his arm around his shoulder and took him away from the market path.

“Well, when we go to places where there are few people, I’ll forgive you if you beat some people up for me.”

“Yes, but didn’t you beat it?”

“I’m used to being very light on people, and it’s hard to get rid of that habit. You beat people hard.”



The temperature at night in early autumn was much lower than that in the daytime. The soldiers were sweating after a fight with a ferocious bear during the day, and had to raise a fire to keep warm at night.

Xue Qiu and Ren Yun were on the same path for a while with four human adventurers who all thought they were brothers.

The tall and stout female ranger caught several fish, while the petite female warrior in leather armor was responsible for cooking them. The young mage nearby took out a bag of brown powder from his pocket and said that it would be a very delicious drink when boiled in hot water. Another younger mage had been guiding the female soldiers to cook, he thought the raw fish was too fishy and would not do it himself.

Xue Qiu hated the heat. He was uncomfortable sitting by the fire and kept away from him. Ren Yun helped people divide the steaming fish and hot drinks. The girls took over the wooden bowl and the wooden cup and looked at the beautiful and gentle elf with great appreciation.

The two male mages looked at each other and hung their heads gloomily. Since the two beautiful elves turned up on their temporary road, the girls’ eyes have never returned to them.

“Hey, Ellie, in my opinion, they are not brothers at all,” whispered the younger mage to the woman warrior. “Their relationship must be different.”

“How do you know?” asked the girl.

The mage pointed to the depths of the woods – Ren Yun and Xue Qiu did not eat with them. They went to the woods together and said they were going to pray for elbes, and never came back.

The older mage also said, “In my opinion, they are not brothers. Even if it is a half brother, their pupil colors are too different. Also, look at the elf with long hair, his temperament and appearance… he absolutely doesn’t like women. “

“How do you know?” said the ranger, not very happy.

“Just guessing. I’m afraid you put too much expectations on them. In case of disappointment in the end, what to do… Of course, they are all warm and kind people. I just-”

“You just feel inferior?”

“I don’t!”

Across the jungle, Xue Qiu and Ren Yun could still hear the human conversation.

Ren Yun was laughing, while Xue Qiu was busy exhaling, freezing the grilled fish in front of him and eating it happily.

White dragons hate hot things. Their favorite food is frozen food. If it’s a fish at room temperature, Xue Qiu can tolerate it a little, but he can’t eat anything steaming hot.

After eating the fish, he froze the hot drink into an ice lump. The ice lump and the wooden cup were tightly together. He ground the ice and ate it.

Looking at Ren Yun, who was slowly drinking a hot drink, Xue Qiu chewed an ice cube and said, “I really admire you. Obviously, you like cool things, but you can tolerate them.”

“The silver dragon is generally very good at integrating with humans and elves, and we seem to be naturally good at getting used to their lifestyle,” Ren Yun said with a smile.

“Those people seem to be talking about us,” Xu Qiu nodded when he heard what they were still saying, “Well, it’s really private. I can’t let them see me freeze my food. But, they say, Ren Yun, you don’t like women. Do you like female dragons? “

Ren Yun was stunned for a moment, made a serious expression and said, “What they said is one side of the face, on the other hand, it’s not right.”

“Ah? What do you mean?”

“In fact, I also like women or female dragons, but my favorite one is not female or a female dragon,” said Ren Yun. “For example, do you remember the old red dragon woman of Shuangyuan volcano? I liked her very much. She is an old dragon full of protective instincts for her descendants. Last time we went to the underground ruins, the elven female mage who fought with us side by side, she was very smart and interesting. You said you liked her very much, so do I. And the pianists and waitresses in the garden pub, I like them very much. 

At this point, Ren Yun pokes Xue Qiu in the face, and Xue Qiu crunched the ice in his mouth.

“But, so far, my favorite is you,” Ren Yun continued, “and you are a male white dragon, turning into a male half-elf. So, I really don’t like women the most. “

Xue Qiu thought it made sense, and he’s happy to hear it.

“Can you give me a kiss?” Although his mouth was full of ice, after he spoke, Xue Qiu felt a little hot on his cheek. He’s seen it on his travels, and people who like each other do it.

“Yes.” Ren Yun took his shoulder and pulled his hair behind his ear.

Xue Qiu sped up the chewing of ice, after all, teeth in half-elf form are not very sharp. In the sound of ‘gabagaba’, Ren Yun’s cool lips stuck to Xue Qiu’s mouth.

In the shrubbery dozens of feet away, the mage who had used the art of invisibility whispered to the female rangers around him: “You see, I’m not wrong?”

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