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Gaze at the Scenes of Debauchery

Chapter 14

When they returned to the company, Wen Bai sat in Wen Qing’s car.

There was a traffic jam on the road. Wen Qing stopped and opened the car window. He lit a cigarette, turned his head to the side and asked Wen Bai, “You want one?”

Wen Bai shook his head and stared at Wen Qing.

Wen Qing took a drag on the cigarette and squinted his eyes, “You probably have a lot of questions you want to ask right? Go ahead.”

“What’s your relationship with Yan Han?”

“Our relationship is whatever you think our relationship is.”

“Mo Lin isn’t the only one.”

“I know, he’s not that good at hiding the truth.”

“It’s not that he’s not good at hiding it, it’s that he doesn’t hide it at all! Go and ask anyone in this line of business. Who doesn’t know about Yan Han’s pile of shit?!” Wen Bai felt agitated.

Wen Qing turned his head around and tapped off the cigarette ash outside the window, “I’ve been together with him for twelve years.” His tone was so calm it was like he was merely stating the truth.

“I know Yan Han had someone at home. In the past, I laughed at that person alongside others and said that he was living the fucking life of a good-for-nothing. But I never would have thought that you would be that good-for-nothing,” Wen Bai smiled, full of mockery.

“You don’t understand.”

“Break up with him. Be with me.”

Wen Qing felt like he had heard some kind of funny joke. He put out the cigarette and threw it outside the window before looking towards Wen Bai.

Wen Bai just gazed at Wen Qing silently. He was waiting for the answer he hoped for.

“Wen Bai, do you know?” An emotion known as affection gradually flooded into Wen Qing’s eyes, “You’re too similar to the old Yan Han in the past.”

Wen Qing slightly shifted his body sideways and held onto Wen Bai with great gentleness. Wen Bai stiffened his body and didn’t dare move, Wen Qing said, “If you weren’t so similar to him, perhaps I would have agreed.”

The traffic gradually started to move again. Wen Qing let go of Wen Bai and continued driving.

The entire journey was silent.

Wen Qing gave the file to Wen Bai and didn’t go inside.

When Wen Bai turned around and walked towards the building, Wen Qing suddenly called out and stopped Wen Bai. Wen Bai turned around and looked at him.

Wen Qing smiled and said, “Don’t contact me again in the future. I’ll get someone else to hand in my resignation tomorrow.”

Wen Bai furrowed his brows, “I won’t allow it.”

“I’ve already told Fang Qi about it. I won’t be able to work for long. He also agreed.”

“Why? You aren’t the type of person who is willing to stay at home and wait for another man to present to you the meaning of your entire life.”

“Did you see the contract we signed with Yan Han tonight?”

“Was there something wrong with the contract?”

“There’s nothing wrong now, but if I continue to work here, there will be. However, if I leave, it’ll be a lucrative project.”

“It won’t necessarily be losing battle if Enterprise Wen fought with the Yan’s. At the very least, we will have self insurance.”

Chapter 15

Wen Qing shook his head, “Company Yan is in Yan Han’s hands, but you’re just the heir to Enterprise Wen. Your dad can’t deal with Company Yan.”

“Yan Han doesn’t care about you that much anyways.”

Wen Qing softly laughed, full of self-mockery, “Some people just want to keep something to themselves to ruin, and they’ll never give it to someone else.”

Wen Bai wanted to say something else when Wen Qing averted his gaze, “You should head over now, I’m tired.”

Wen Bai stood there for a long time and still ended up asking, “What did that night mean to you?”

Wen Qing tilted his head, “Perhaps I wanted revenge?”

Wen Bai stubbornly wanted to prove something, “Why me?”

“It actually didn’t matter who it was. It was just to have sex.”

“So is there anyone else other than me?”

Wen Qing nodded, “Of course.”

Wen Bai became absent-minded for a moment and a hint of coldness gradually emerged in his eyes.

Wen Qing watched the leaving figure of Wen Bai from the behind and thought, ‘Kids were just like that. When they said they liked you, it was like they were willing to do anything for you. Yet, the bottom line of what they could tolerate was always so easily touched.’

A kid’s ‘like’ resembled that of a joke.

Then what about himself? A joke that had been going on for twelve years?

Where was his own bottom line?

Wen Qing lifted the corners of his mouth and smiled in silence.

He opened the car door and got in. He drove towards the place where he lived together with Yan Han.

When he was changing his shoes at the entrance, Yan Han walked over and wrapped his arms around his chest.

YanHan stood on the stairs. There was a slight feeling that he was looking down upon him, “You’re back?”

“Mhm.” Wen Qing nodded.

“Didn’t I tell you to quit your job?”

Wen Qing was a bit too tired to talk. He walked towards the living room and sat on the sofa without replying.

“Wen Qing,” Yan Han followed him and hugged Wen Qing before he started rubbing against his ear, “Quit your job, okay?”

“Why do you want me to quit my job?”

Yan Han frowned, “The guy next to you looks at you weirdly.”

“How could there possibly be anything wrong with him? He’s just a kid, why do you care so much?”

“The way you look at him is also weird.”

Wen Qing lost his smile, “Your gaze is the weird one. I should take you to see the optometrist some day.”

“I’m serious.” Yan Han held onto Wen Qing tightly, “You look at him in the same way you used to look at me.”

Wen Qing sneered and grabbed the remote to turn on the television with a slightly disapproving attitude.

Yan Han closed the television. His right hand grabbed onto Wen Qing’s chin to make the other person look at him. There was quite a bit of strength in his hands, causing Wen Qing to frown.

Yan Han only released his right hand after he saw his own reflection in Wen Qing’s eyes.

He held Wen Qing in his embrace.

It was just like the affection that emanated in the air after the many love sessions they had together in the past.

This was the best way for them to feel safe.

“Wen Qing, I always feel like you’re thinking of leaving me.”

Wen Qing gently patted Yan Han’s back and sighed, “Why would I want to leave you, I’ve already given you half my life.”

“Wen Qing,” said Yan Han, “Don’t think about working anymore. Stay by my side, I’ll support you.”

Wen Qing squinted his eyes and once again gently patted Yan Han’s back. He nodded his head, “Okay.”

Chapter 16

Yan Han wasn’t joking. He truly felt as though Wen Qing wanted to leave him.

It seemed like little by little, Wen Qing would retreat from this relationship of theirs.

However, every time he felt unsettled at such thoughts, he would gaze at Wen Qing and feel as though the other person hadn’t changed at all.

Wen Qing would still meet his gaze with the same gentleness as before. His eyes would be full of love, and even pamper. He liked to look Wen Qing in the eye because they didn’t need to express their feelings with words a lot of the time. They were able to decipher each other’s emotions through a glimpse of their eyes. It was also more because he could see Wen Qing’s love for him in his eyes.

Wen Qing wasn’t someone who liked to say ‘I love you’ a lot. Other than the few instances when they were first together, the only other times he ever said it was when he was forced by Yan Han on the bed.

He liked watching Wen Qing say that he loved him. It made his heart swell, and at times a bit sour, but above all he felt happy and content. He also liked it when people other than Wen Qing said that they loved him, just like those young boys, even if they couldn’t compare to Wen Qing.

Just like a woman’s vanity, a man’s desire for dominance also needed to be satisfied.

Sometimes as he gazed at Wen Qing, Yan Han would even think how nice it would be if the other could say that they loved him a few more times. Perhaps that way, he wouldn’t screw around with those young boys.

The man who accompanied Wen Qing to the social gathering tonight seemed to be President Wen’s son. He seemed slightly familiar, he had seen him at a meeting before. Yan Han didn’t like him. He was too similar to his younger self. He could feel the other’s vigorously wild heart. Like ones always repelled each other. Yet, Wen Qing liked such qualities. He was the one dead set on staying together with him back then. The way Wen Qing looked at the other person certainly made himself feel a bit scared.

What he saw in Wen Qing’s eyes as he looked at Wen Bai was an emotion he was familiar with: a sense of doting love.

Yan Han hugged Wen Qing tightly.

Perhaps it was his hallucination, maybe Wen Qing really did just see Wen Bai as a kid.

However, even if that wasn’t the case it wouldn’t matter. The contract he signed with Wen Bai tonight…. allowed him to take Wen Qing back anytime he wanted. The only way out was if Wen Bai discarded his company, but Enterprise Wen didn’t solely belong to WenBai, there was also President Wen.

Yan Han lifted the corners of his lips and laughed. Lucky. He was lucky that he was powerful enough. No one else should even think about having Wen Qing.

As Yan Han thought about this, a sense of contentment and security rose in his heart. His hand sentimentally carrassed Wen Qing’s toned abdomen. As his breaths fluctuated, his hand slowly slid downwards. Yan Han nibbled on Wen Qing’s neck, it was very clear that he wanted to do it.

Wen Qing’s breathing tempo slightly changed as he suppressed the sound of his breaths that were faintly hurried and hot.

Chapter 17

When they did it, Yan Han ruthlessly thrusted at Wen Qing’s sweet spot in a slightly punishing manner. Wen Qing couldn’t bear it as his fingers helplessly scratched at Yan Han’s back, leaving behind lines and lines of red.

Yan Han asked, “Are you still going to work tomorrow?”

Wen Qing’s replied intermittently, “I’m not going.”

“What about in the future?”

Wen Qing replied with undecipherable mumbles.

Yan Han understood him, Wen Qing said that he had already quit his job. Yan Han contently smiled and changed to a rhythm that was more comfortable and enjoyable for Wen Qing.

As he reached his climax, Yan Han suddenly thought: ‘Wen Qing gave up so much for him, perhaps he could also try and control himself?’

Thus, Yan Han hugged Wen Qing, whose body was tired and eyes were unfocused as he said, “Wen Qing, I won’t find anyone else anymore.”

Wen Qing laughed as he thought he was hallucinating. He had fought with Yan Han many times to get him to say this sentence, yet the other person never did. He just wanted psychological comfort, but Yan Han wasn’t even willing to give him a verbal promise.

Yan Han thought Wen Qing didn’t hear him and so he repeated himself.

It was only then that Wen Qing realised he wasn’t hallucinating. He felt bewildered. Perhaps… he could trust him?

This was his last chance. The last chance he was giving Yan Han and himself.

Wen Qing gently nodded his head with tears in the corners of his eyes.

After his act of speaking, Yan Han continued in his act of doing.

Yan Han cut ties with the young boys beside him and gave them a break up fee as a means of comfort. Everyone felt surprised and they all asked, “What’s this? You found true love with one of your new lovers?”

Yan Han laughed, “What new lover? I’ve been with him for twelve years.”

Everyone timely expressed their sympathy. Someone even said, “Why is your partner suddenly so strict? Why don’t you just break up with him?”

Yan Han thought it was kind of funny. Why was staying together with one person only something worth feeling sympathy for when it came to him?

After people heard that he had abandoned the depraved way of life and returned to the path of virtue, they showered him with blessings for the two of them to grow old together. However, hints of disapproval were hidden behind their wishes of happiness.

What man hadn’t experienced such an awakening of awareness? Yet how many could actually keep their promises in the end?

You say Yan Han? Ha, what a joke.

Yan Han didn’t say anything as he rejected the young boy who threw himself at him with a forced smile.

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July 30, 2018 10:10 am

Think it’ll last?
Thanks for the chapter!

July 30, 2018 10:35 am

Thanks for the chapter !!!
I hope the BE/HE would be that the original CP Yan han and Wen Qing would break up … though it seems highly unlikely *sigh* I usually try to love the original CP no matter what they do since its kinda fiction , but reading these updates really pains my heart . So if Yan Han is not willing to change himself or if WQ is not willing to abandon him , then i at least hope they don’t suffer together for their entire life >.<'

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I hate YH’s attitude, but I also hate the passivity of WQ, I’d like to shake it so that, I do not really know what to do, but I think it would be better just to value it a bit more
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June 11, 2020 3:04 am

i dunno but i dont believe HY…once a cheater…always a cheater 😒😒

December 13, 2020 4:00 pm

Yan Han is despicable. He only cares for himself, has cheated not once but countless times. He’ll go back to it. Not because people never change or don’t deserve a second chance, but because ultimately what he likes in the other’s eyes is his own reflection…

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