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Gaze at the Scenes of Debauchery

Chapter 11

Wen Bai continued to smile, “Can you still get off the bed and walk?”

Wen Qing’s suddenly looked slightly awkward, “None of your business.”

Wen Bai released Wen Qing and nodded with a smile, “You’re quite fuckable.”

After Wen Bai left, Wen Qing lay back down again for a while. He propped up his body, and stood to make his way to the living room where he ate the takeaway Wen Bai had bought for him.

Wen Qing was drinking congee when he suddenly thought: What was the point of all of this?

Boring, revengeful actions like that of a primary school kid?

Ha. Wen Qing lifted the corners of his mouth and laughed.

This was the first time in the past twelve years that he had slept with someone else in their relationship. There was a tad less remorse than what he had imagined. As for the pleasure of revenge?

It was nowhere near as intense as last night’s sensual activities.

Perhaps, he really was tired of it all.

Indeed, Wen Bai didn’t disturb him these days. It was just that he would sometimes use a faint smiling gaze to look at him, one that carried a kind of young and vigorous certainty for success.

Wen Qing couldn’t restrain himself and went to find Fang Qi, “Didn’t I discuss with you to let someone else take care of Wen Bai?”

Fang Qi placed the files down, “I can’t deal with him.”

Wen Qing massaged his brow ridge.

Fang Qi looked up and glanced at Wen Qing, “There’s a case I need you to take for me.”

Wen Qing took the file and had a look. He furrowed his brows when he read that it was to do with Company S. Company S’s plan wasn’t that good, since they were always collaboration partners with Company W. The possibility of taking down this case wasn’t big.

Fang Qi laughed upon seeing Wen Qing’s reaction, “Company S has a big financial group behind their back. If you take down this case then we don’t have to worry about our funds for next season’s campaigns. Of course it’s nothing serious if the meeting isn’t a success. Our main goal is to make friends.”

When they were discussing the case, Wen Qing took Wen Bai with him. Only a small figure came from the other party. It was a long time before the person in charge turned up late and walked in slowly in a womanly manner. The person in charge was a boy who had a delicate appearance. His name was Mo Lin and his expression was subtly flirtatious. Wen Qing knit his brows together. He didn’t have any good feelings towards the other party’s representative, but he still displayed a small smile as he analysed the advantages and disadvantages of the case with him.

At the end of the discussion, the representative drank a mouthful of coffee, lifted his brows and asked, “I heard that you guys came this time to make friends?”

Wen Qing smiled, “Of course.”

“Since you’re making friends, why don’t we go hang out together in YinDu tonight?”

Wen Qing slightly hesitated but still nodded and agreed.

Chapter 12

When they arrived at YinDu that night, the attendants at the entrance led them into the elevator onto the fourth floor. They passed through the hallway and stopped at a private VIP room.

Wen Bai gave the attendant a tip before he pushed the door open and went inside with Wen Qing.

Mo Lin poured a glass of alcohol for Wen Qing, “Wen Ge[1], have a drink first.”

Wen Qing smiled, “Drinks can be saved for a later time. Why don’t we talk about the conditions first?”

“Okay then. Since Wen Ge is a straightforward person, then we’ll finish discussing business before we have fun.” He then proposed the results they needed from this case.

Wen Qing lifted the corner of his lips, “XiaoMo[2], isn’t your idea too ideal?”

Mo Lin also smiled, “Company W can’t do it, but I believe your company definitely can.”

Wen Qing didn’t speak and the scene turned momentarily cold.

Wen Bai looked towards Mo Lin, “If our company achieves the results your company wants, what’s in it for us?”

Mo Lin smiled, “I can put in a few good words for your company in front of President Yan. Is that enough?”

Wen Qing’s pupils dilated as Wen Bai continued, “If you have such power, then why don’t you use tonight as an opportunity to let us make friends with President Yan as well?”

Mo Lin squinted his eyes and raised an eyebrow, “You don’t believe me?”

Wen Bai smiled peacefully, yet his eyes were dyed in contemptuous colours, “If I didn’t believe you then how could I dare let you introduce President Yan to us?”

Mo Lin’s anger was triggered momentarily by Wen Bai’s attitude. In the end, he was still a young boy. Mo Lin then called Yan Han’s number with a red face and angry breaths as he pushed the door open to leave.

Wen Qing looked at the scene unfold with interest. Yan Han had always liked this boy. The boy would always find him and act like a spoiled child when he was being bullied. He would also cling to him like a small wild cat. Yan Han would use this opportunity and demonstrate his male chauvinism. He could even bear with this boy’s unreasonably troublesome acts. Oh, of course it was short-term enduring.

When Mo Lin was calling the other person and throwing a tantrum, Wen Qing glanced at Wen Bai and laughed as he softly said, “He’ll come, so why did you get him all riled up?”

“You mean Yan Han?”


“I know he’ll come, but how many times will Yan Han come for a kid like that?”

Wen Qing looked at Wen Bai with a forced smile, “You call him a kid yet how old could you possibly be?”

“At least I won’t cause trouble for no reason like him, nor will I be on cloud nine about relying on a bit of physical relationship.” Wen Bai paused for a while, moved closer to Wen Qing’s ear and said, “Did I ask you any favours just because I did it with you for one night?”


[1] 哥 (Ge) Means brother, used as a title to address your actual brother, as well as another male who is slightly older than you (i.e not that old to be your grandpa).

[2] 小莫 (XiaoMo) The ‘Xiao’ means little and is used to address someone who is younger than you.

Chapter 13

Wen Qing laughed, “So what favour do you want from me?”

Wen Bai shook his head, “There are too many things I want but none of them are urgent. Our relationship isn’t purely physical.”

“Do you know what other characteristic children have?”


“They always believe that there will always come a day when someone else will give them what they want.”

“You won’t give it to me?”

“I won’t,” Wen Qing simply said.

Wen Bai laughed and drank a mouthful of beer. He changed the topic, “Are you acquainted with Yan Han?”


“I was just thinking whether you were going to have love at first sight if he came.”

Wen Qing lifted the corners of his lips, “Are you regretting riling Mo Lin up to get Yan Han to come?”

“That’s right.” Wen Bai stuck closer to Wen Qing’s ear, “What will I do if your heart was to run away with him?”

Before Wen Qing had the chance to speak, he saw Mo Lin push the door and walk in as he held Yan Han’s hand.

Thus, he clearly saw Yan Han’s expression stiffen. The other person’s eyebrows knit tightly together and the colours of anger flashed in his eyes. Wen Qing suddenly realised that Wen Bai was still very close to him, and so he greatened the distance between them whilst maintaining his composure. He faced Yan Han and gave the other a familiar smile.

Mo Lin felt that the atmosphere wasn’t quite right. He gently shook Yan Han’s arm but Yan Han impatiently shook Mo Lin’s hand off and walked over to Wen Qing with great strides, “Why did you come to such a place?”

Wen Qing smiled with a good temper, “If you can come then why can’t I?”

Yan Han obviously wasn’t satisfied with Wen Qing’s reply, but at the same time he was slightly afraid of letting the cat out of the bag and so merely said, “I’m just here to engage in social activities.”

Wen Qing nodded with a smile, “I know. Me too.”

Yan Han stood in front of Wen Qing. The surrounding atmospheric pressure dropped.

Wen Qing patted the spot next to him, “Sit, aren’t you here to discuss business?”

Yan Han gazed at how Wen Qing looked like he was coaxing a child and suddenly, like a deflated rubber ball, sat extremely close to Wen Qing like it was the obvious thing to do. Then, as if he finally remembered there was someone he had forgotten by the entrance, he spoke to Mo Lin in a cold tone, “Come sit, why are you standing there.”

They finished negotiating the ‘business’ real quick. The results Company S wanted out of this case became much easier to accomplish. Yan Han and Wen Bai’s company also came to an agreement on the project.

When the negotiation was finished and they were about to leave, Yan Han naturally held onto Wen Qing’s hand out of habit and got ready to go home together. Wen Qing slightly struggled.

Yan Han lifted an eyebrow and Wen Qing explained with a smile, “I’ll go back to the company with Xiao Wen to hand in the case first. I’ll go back immediately after I hand things in.”

Yan Han didn’t let go. Wen Qing continued in a gentle manner, “Respect my work a bit, okay?”

It was only then that Yan Han let go. His brows were furrowed together so tightly they could pinch a mosquito to death. “I’ll wait for you to come back and eat dinner.”

Wen Qing nodded. On the side, Mo Lin awkwardly laughed along like a clown whose makeup was ruined.

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